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Writers' Cafe / Here is the update at night I promised
« on: May 10, 2016, 06:21:00 PM »
I have been back now for almost 1.5 years. After being out of country for 10 or a 11 years. Not the fairy tale update I had hoped for. Good or bad I will finally be on my own in a state park in a primitive camp ground which allows you to camp with a tent for 14 days then you have to leave the site. I will put the tent at a different location. The camp gets 236.00 plus for the 2 weeks that is with no water or electric hook up. The camp for that cost includes public showers and bathroom. Ants and bee's will be bad this time of year and as long as I lock up any food and keep the campsite clean the larger critters should not be a issue. Rat coons can tear your stuff up if you let them. I drank beer only 2 different time 1 time I had 3 beers at a small bar and a cheese burger and the second time I felt sorry for a 24 year old girl that asked me for a cigarette when ever she saw me. Temps were in the high 20's and she only had a sweater and had the same clothes on for 2 weeks. I spent 200 and bought her a coat and some clothes and we went to eat some chicken wings and I drank to many beers I did not want to drive so we got a cheap hotel room. I passed out and after 3 or 4 hours I woke up it was 30 outside she had the door open and she turned the a/c on. Then I knew she was on drugs, meth and sanex. I did not check my wallet until I dropped her off at where she was staying but when I slept she stole the last 40 I had. No sex and a lost of 240.00. That was the only time I ever went out with a girl.i love woman but I pick the wrong ones I guess. I have 2 credit cards that I pay the Minuim on and never late but 1 is maxed out for 2000 and the other for 800 and that puts my credit score at 599 or 600. You need a score of 640 plus to get an apartment around here and the few that were rented by the owners were in crack and meth areas. So that is where I am at. I just bought a tent, sleeping bag and pad for under the sleeping bag and a camp stove and a few led light and a head lamp. The tent sleeps 6 so I should be able to fit a queen size blow up mattress that goes under my sleeping bag. I smoke enough that if the mosquitos bite me they will probably die of lung cancer.

I wish I could say my life was lovely and I had a woman by my side that loved me and I loved her, not the case. I hope work picks up an we start getting over time I want to try and pay off my credit cards so i have a chance to improve my credit score. It will be tough and there are people making less then me who live in a nice place and have a happy life. I guess this is my payback from up above from all the wrongs I have done in my life. Not a success story and more like a crash and burn story. My high blood mess went from enlarphil melate 10 mg to 2- wo mg a day tablets and now I take cholesterol and prostrate med. Odell, I still walk upright and I have an appointment with the va in a few weeks to look at my feet and the sore on the bottom. That is it. Sorry for the slow time it took to update, I was waiting for a good story to tell about living in a nice apartment with my sweetheart, not meant to be. When I wrote Billy it's time I never thought I would be living that life. 😏Take care everyone.

Writers' Cafe / Here is the update at night I promised
« on: May 10, 2016, 06:11:44 AM »
Since the gofundme campaign to get me back to America from the Philippines, Iraq and Afghanistan it has been a rough ride. I still have the same job and car. I will be moving into my new home a tent in a state park in a primitive camp ground. The cost is 236 for 2 weeks but they have public showers and bathrooms.  I Tryed to get an apartment but my credit score is 600 and no history is no apartment. I will post a long post tonight to explain my 1 plus year. I don't want money and that is not what this is about I have a job.
It is a interesting story how I got here but a long one. I am at work now. The few who messaged me I am sorry I did not reply.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Responding to Bullies
« on: May 01, 2015, 08:13:59 AM »
I am sorry that some people are like that. It is better to say nothing than to cut other people down.

Writers' Cafe / Re: New D2D dashboard design
« on: April 30, 2015, 06:21:27 PM »
I like the old style better. The red is harsh... The blue had more of a calmer feeling.

Now a good month for me will have others in tears. :)

I am almost at 29 dollars at D2D and almost all from B&N and I should just break 30 this month. Amazon I will break 5 dollars. After KU my sales at Amazon stopped. Not bad considering I have nothing new out. I have read a nice, how to book about scrivener and I have plotted a rough outline of 22 Chapters.
It has been a long time for me,my personal life is bad. I finally have reached a part in my life that I am tired of thinking about it and I feel good about writing in a different place then I am at now. It's a chance to escape and enter a different place.
My number 1 seller after all this time is still the grammatically challenged serial of Billy, It's Time.
Just a little update from me.
So yes I am writing again, finally.

Writers' Cafe / Re: My book got a #1 Best Seller label!
« on: March 21, 2015, 03:01:42 PM »

Writers' Cafe / Re: update on my status
« on: March 21, 2015, 09:55:55 AM »
Liberty, SC at the gun range. That is all I needed was a little time with the shotgun to get rid of the loneliness and stress, I am good to go now, wish I got the 12 gauge instead of the 20 gauge.The kick with the 3" shells and no:4 turkey loads, was nothing at all and I feel like I should have went with the 12 gauge and 3 1/2 shells, o'well I guess I am not as old as I thought I was. The shotgun is okay, it shoots a little low and to the left and I patterned it before I destroyed the target. It has a range of about 30 yards for turkey with a turkey extra full choke. A 12 gauge with 3 1/2 shells and no:4 could probably add another 20 yards to the range I am guessing.

I don't know if I will hunt this year, but it was good to go out to the range and shoot a while.

I guess I am getting slowly in the groove of American life, heavily in-debt and the freedom to shoot when ever I want to.

Writers' Cafe / Re: update on my status
« on: March 21, 2015, 05:06:13 AM »
That's quite a lot of training. Have you learned lots of new and useful stuff?

Ain't nothing necessarily wrong with lonely. Former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat said that the years he spent in solitary confinement were the happiest years of his life.
I have learned a lot and forgotten half :).
The trainers have been good about it and they expect us to forget, that is the reason we repeat our scenarios all the time. I guess the old brain still works. :)
The loneliness is to be expected, surrounded by girls that could be super models to no girls is a bit different. :).
My shotgun will help to releive the stress, I love shooting and archery and this is a shooting friendly state. Almost everyone has their turkey tags except for me. A guy at work is no longer interested in his compound bow and he wants to get rid of it, I have a lot of bills now, but maybe soon I will find away to get a bow. I love shooting archery, I don't know if my shoulder can take it, but I refuse to be old....I am not dead yet. The loneliness, I will get over. I still love the lady who destroyed my life in the Philippines and I guess I always will, I was with her for almost ten years.
Crazy to still love her, but That is life I guess.

Writers' Cafe / update on my status
« on: March 20, 2015, 08:29:41 PM »
Randall gave me a email and said a few people were asking about me, below is the update.

Monday will make the beginning of week four in my training, six weeks total of class room training and than two weeks on the main floor answering calls training for a total of eight weeks before I start working on my own.

I sold the truck so I had some money to give back to twillerjune and put a down payment on a Toyota corolla.I have about a 45 min drive to and from work and other than work I am alone all the time, I do not interact with the ex or my daughter and it's lonely I guess you could say. Saturday I will take a cheap shotgun, I got a Mosseberg maverik 20 gauge "can't take the kick of the 12 gauge anymore" I could, but it would not be a wise thing to do. I will pattern the turkey choke and possibly go turkey hunting when it starts up in April, maybe not-"ify right now."

It's strange I would feel a lot less lonely if I was living by myself and not with the ex, I give her 500 a month to sleep in a spare bedroom, but it's really uncomfortable living here and I don't look forward to coming home after work. As far as writing my mind is a million miles away from everything right now and I have to put my energy in learning.
I guess I miss having a girlfriend or even the company of a lady. Going to the range tomorrow will help fill the void and take my mind off of ladies.

I do my own thing here, make my own food, laundry and make my lunch, it's the same like living a lone, but different, because I don't belong here.

Later on I hope to get my own place and I can worry about the ladies than.

Right now it's just me and the shotgun. :) I will start writing again in a few months after the training is over and I get settled in with my work schedule.

I get along with everyone at work and I don't dread going there. It's good to be productive again.

Philip, Asia is not a easy life, the culture is different and so is everything else. Still when I finish work I am alone here, one day I will find the tribe I belong to. :) I am living with the ex, does not get more lonely than that. Good part I am getting out of the house.

Thanks everyone. Most of us in the class are old service techs, everyone there is kind of cool. Even if a lot of us are losing are hair and teeth, or whatever. :)

During my lunch time the VA called me and asked why I caneled my appointment for the exam. I told him I had a full time job and he said he had a full time job as well and he had blue cross which I will have also that I have to pay arround 160 a month for. He told me to keep the blue cross which will go in effect May 1 and keep the VA as well that is what he does. He told me if anything major happed I will be glad I did. I told him I had training for 6 weeks and could not go untill after when I had one day off during week after training. He said not a problem and after traing to shedule a time to meet him and the following week I could get my exam. After the exam I will have VA healthcare as well which he said I was entitled to. So I will do it. I called social security and she was so happy to cancel my clame when she found out I had a job. I had about 20 people in my class, all men and great people, training is like going back to high school again. :)

Yes I will get paid. A long time ago when I took compressor special courses from the factory rep's and contol and other training after work hours the company's I worked for gave me my training time back by letting me leave work early to make up for the time I spent in class with pay.
Most company's understand training is to important not to have someone attend the class. I trained my people when I was a supervisor in Iraq for 3.5 years out of the 7 years over there during work hours.
I had the best people I have ever work with because the training.
I had hands on training with actual problems setup such as bad circuit boards, icing up problems, compressor getting hot and shutting down. I set up real world problems and stayed with the guys to make sure they did not make foolish mistakes and electricute thier self.
I had people with confidence in thier jobs and the crazy people started to like me imagin that. :)
Take people who are unsure of theirself and they have no hope of ever being more than a helper and turn them into a tech that can fix anything, they like that.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Achievement unlocked
« on: February 28, 2015, 01:30:46 PM »
Congratulations, I hope it turns in to large sales for you down the road.

Thank you everyone for all your help and best wishes.

When a person has not worked since Christmas 2012 and no longer felt they belonged anywhere.
The biggest sucess is not having to use VA health care and disabilty, no food stamps and no welware. I told the ex to tell her boss she did not need to work overtime anymore and that is a good feeling.
I will try by best to learn what they teach me and save the company money and at the same time make the customer happy so they renew their contracts yearly. I will receive calls from the customers as well as the service techs.

A new world for me, but I will give it my best.
Again thank you.

I am totally penniless and have turned down twillerjune's request for more help until this last week after seeing the OFF lite flash on the column shiftier for the OD and worrying about wearing out the tires, no gas for truck and no food I told her I would greatly appreciate her help again.

I felt like I have been backed in a corner and everything I have tried has failed. I went crazy the last few days and blasted craigslist with resumes, I got a few emails and not much until yesterday...

I received a call which told me I had to move now, not tomorrow and get everything done or I could forget about the job. I drove 40 mile to Greenville where I went though filling out paperwork and a job interview, next I was sent to the job location in Anderson which is a 18 miles drive from where I live, fill out more paper work and then have a interview with the supervisor for the job. This interview had technical questions and when the interview had ended they agreed to pay me 50 cent more than the maximum amount in their add.  Next they brought me to HR where I did more and more paper work. After everything had completed I had to drive over and take a drug test. I finished up at 6 PM.

The title "Authorizer" and I will work at a large call center authorizing claims for repair or replacement for Hvac, Electrical and plumbing to include some appliances. My job is to make sure someone does not install a garbage disposal for $900.00. Help to control the company being over charged and keep the customers happy. If the need is there we will send a different company to make repairs. A garbage disposal can cost less than 100 and 800 for labor is over the top, thats my job.

First off is a required 6 week training course that starts this Monday, that is why I had to get everything finished immediately so I could attend the class. School is 8:30 to 5:30 five days  week. After training I will work 11 to 7:30 with Tuesdays and Sundays off. They said my hours will be 32/40 and the pay period is bi-weekly. They said it is full time employment with a chance of overtime. Healthcare after 30 days.

FINALLY. :) Now I can become a member of society again, I will cancel VA healthcare and SS disability.

There seem to be some folks getting very personally invested in this. I hope you're not setting yourselves up for some major pain and embarrassment.
Just remember, there are three sides to every story: His side, her side, and the truth.
All you're getting here is his side, and the story keep changing while the pleas for more money keep coming.
You're all writers, you have dictionaries. Please look up the word "grifter".

Harvey, Betsy, Ann... he's back in the US, which was supposedly his goal. Can we please stop this now?

How could I not respond to a post like this one?

My goal was not to die in the Philippines and that goal was reached I am in SC now.

I had it rough before the fundraisers took off and once gofundme took off I had things I needed right now and a few early paypal donations I had a passport to travel with a cellphone to take pictures with and communicate with and shoes to wear and above everything else I was starting to eat real food again. I was getting spoiled. TwillerJune bought my ticket outright to fly me home and Randall gave donations to clear immigration and set people up to help if I ran into problems. I had a lot of help and support to get me home and that is all I really asked for and everyone has been great

I have been pushing the heck out of the indiegogo life fund because it is ending in 6 days. TwillerJune has no money tree and her family has to go to work like everyone else. She has been helping me find aused truck and we have searched everywhere for a truck. The ones for 3 to 4k many had problems and I found one That i sent to her a ranger 2 wheel drive that is a 2002 model with in the high 160k miles and the blue book is 3600 and they were asking for 4ooo she said it was better to stick with what you wanted a 4x4 with low miles I did not know how much headaches it would be to find a used truck and the prices are crazy. I went to get the key made to day for the car here that the ex has not driven for one month now "yes she is my ex in my mind anyway" while I was there I went to 3 large new car dealerships and the cheapest I could find was a Izuzi 2 wheel drive pick up for 7775.00 and I sent her a picture of it. I told her we had to look other place the prices were crazy.

I have pushed because I did not want twillerJune to pay for everything out of her own pocket and without a job and not knowing when i would get a job how could I be able to guarantee paying something like that back. I was shown trucks for the high 7k's and I was offerred to be flown there to pick it up. I did not go and I still don't have a truck.

That fancy word I had to look up "gifter" maybe I have become that, I would hope I have not and so far by not driving a shiney new 7 or 8k truck I have not. Yes I pushed the heck out of Idiegogo life because it's dead in the water  and I wanted a truck to find a job.

If this is starting to turn into a three ring circus it was not my intention, if they want to close the thread it is up to them and I agreed the goal was met to bring me home, now that I have been home I have met so much hostility from kboards I sometimes I wish I never came home to America and that is the Gods truth. I would have been better off to die there then come back to all this fighting and stuff I have to face everyday here. if you want to close it then I have no objections to it, up to kboards, since i have been back to AMerica it hs all been down hill anyway,, its not the place I remember.

But bow I am back in America, life goes on.

Status update I am going to take a few more days off of kboards. Whats new? Whats working. Nothing and nothing,  headache upon headache upond headache.

Everything I try fails, everything.

Not in america tho?
In america from my books at Amazon. That is the only job I had. The beginging of 2013 o could not even walk and almost died and about a year later I almost cut my foot off. Its been a tough few years.

My income for last ,year was 450.00 and the yesr before less.

My combined income for the last 2 years was less then 1,000 I was to poor to qualify for the lowest povety level.

I called the social security office and they sre still processing if you all want to know my status call them. :) same like talking to a wall. My status I updated earlier indiegog life has been dead almost for 3 weeks and that is my status, partly couldy with a chance of t storms, no truck is going to happen from indiegogo life, I could get a truck for 1500 thT needs a motor or transmission. Updates nada.

Its all a big mess

I have to go with h&r block they have my taxs forms that were never sent in for lack of payment.

I. Have to do the last few years, its tax season I will make a appointment.

I have been gone all day at dealership and the morning wasted waiting for tow truck.

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