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Writers' Cafe / Rules for Re-Publishing?
« Last post by Avery342 on Today at 04:30:56 AM »
Quick question for all you wonderful, much more experienced than me, people.

Are there rules as to when it's okay to unpublish and republish? Do you have to do a complete cover change/ rewrite the story/ add content, etc?

I have a book (clean urban fantasy and a different pen name) that's been up for a few years. I have books two and three almost ready to publish and was thinking of doing a rapid release with all three. I'm thinking it would look pretty bad for readers to see that book one has been sitting there all alone, all these years.

But I'm concerned about Amazon rules. Would I be breaking any rules or TOS to unpublish book one and republish with just a typography change to the cover?

Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Had two slots open and nominated:

On Holy Ground by Louise Cole
Future Warrior by Lexi Revellian

Already had Once in an Olive Moon by J.R. Laurence in my third slot.

Good luck to all three!

Just got a 'final reminder' to fill in the survey, so my contribution is listed below. Mind you, after reading down this page I'm tempted to halt my ads for a month just to see what happens. ;)

1. Faster more accurate reporting.
2. Some measurement of correlation between clicks to downloads/page reads for books in KDP - and include borrows in reports.
3. Being able to change ad copy without terminating ad and starting over.
4. Identify advertised books that are in KU (as this may lead to more page reads).
5. Similar books/also bought(s) are losing out in sponsored ads to higher bids from unrelated books. This suggests the whole system is flawed, and rather than matching customers to products it is simply about Amazon making money.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Effective to add description in title?
« Last post by C. Gold on Today at 04:27:13 AM »
To me, it's one thing to have "A political thriller" or "Regency romance" on the cover or as a so-called subtitle (even though it's not really a subtitle).  That's nothing new, and has been done forever.

It's another one to have "A Patriotic American Billionaire Fake Fiance Romance," or "Contemporary Biker Bad Boy Billionaire Romance."  "Male Romance Billionaire Pregnancy UF Alpha Bad Boy."

^ ^ ^  Yuck  (BTW, these are actual {sub}titles, with one or two words changed so as not to promote the books in question.)
I roll my eyes at these but they don't stop me from buying the books.

However, they make me want to write a parody which would have a super long subtitle. Something like: A Billionaire Reverse Harem Alien Abduction of Bad Boy Shifters and Broody Vampires Romance.   ;D
Writers' Cafe / Re: Finding an agent...where to look?
« Last post by MonkeyScribe on Today at 04:10:41 AM »
Writers' Cafe / Re: Finding an agent...where to look?
« Last post by SND on Today at 03:56:28 AM »
A quick google search for 'US literary agents' brought up this list:

They have links to each agency website so you can look up their submission policy, preferences etc.

Same site also has listings for Canada.

Good luck.
Writers' Cafe / Re: A New AMS Thread
« Last post by Max 007 on Today at 03:39:04 AM »

The keyword using an Author name and book title work.  But I am in page 14 of the carousel with a bid of 15 cents. Hmmm I see I need to change the ad blurb. it looka funky now. Plus with no reviews it sticks out like a sore thumb. But thar-she-blows!
It's Friday. I've got a full shift of work today and another shift tomorrow. Seven straight days of paying the bills and then I get Sunday off.

So let's get on with today's list, shall we?

Remember - the campaigns that need nominations the most are the ones that are closest to the LAST DAY LEFT, 1 day left, 2 days left etc.

Updated List

LAST DAY LEFT! Once in an Olive Moon by J.R. Laurence
LAST DAY LEFT! On Holy Ground by Louise Cole
1 day left Future Warrior by Lexi Revellian
1 day left A Sensitive Situation by Lee Isserow
2 days left Dreaming of You and Me by Kristy Tate
2 days left Reclamation by Stephen D. Tucker
3 days left Worse Than Wicked by Kathryn Jankowski
3 days left Single and Looking, Daisy by Belinda Austin
3 days left Symphony of Death by Celina Summers
6 days left The Grand Unraveling by L.N. Heintz
6 days left Death In Vermilion by Barbara Elle
6 days left The Moon Thief by M.L. Hamilton
6 days left Days in Tethers by Michael Shina Crown
7 days left Bestseller by Carey Lewis
8 days left The Poet and the Muse by Navi Wang
13 days left Love and Hate by Ryan Armstrong
14 days left Orion by Aaron Frale
15 days left Cutting Edges: Or, A Web of Women by Ruth Nestvold
15 days left Fearless by Terri Luckey
16 days left Dead Letters by Alexis Corinne
16 days left Loner's Heart by Anne Carrole
20 days left My Hungry Friend by Daniel Barnett
20 days left SPED-BOT by Billy Decarlo
23 days left The Truth About Fairy Tales by D.M. Chappell

I put this list up every morning and I strive to keep it up-to-date so that this thread needn't dissolve into a flurry of "NOMINATE MY BOOK, NOMINATE MY BOOK" posts. No one is under any obligation to nominate any of these books. I'm just trying to keep the thread clear of unnecessary clutter. This way once a day there is a complete list of current candidates and folks can readily check out the kboards members who have a book in the running and can make up their own mind. I try and stay nonpartisan about it - which is why I don't comment on any particular book by title. I just keep the list.
If I have missed anyone please let me know either with a PM or by posting a link here in the thread.

Happy scouting, folks!

PS: Don't forget, if you have just been told that your book HASN'T been selected for Kindle Scout and you are wondering what to do next you can get just as much help from the "My Book Wasn't Accepted For Kindle Scout - Now What?" thread. Even if you already know what you are going to do I guarantee you'll get an awful lot of support from the gang over there!

Check it out -,243477.0.html
Writers' Cafe / Re: A New AMS Thread
« Last post by WegR on Today at 03:31:40 AM »
From the Amazon Advantage UK membership agreement (link below) it looks like it costs GBP23.50 to join up ("initial fee"), plus an annual "membership fee" of GBP23.50, payable every May (see this help page: )

Have I got this right, it's going to cost me nearly 50 quid in 2018 just to participate in AMS in the UK?

Membership Agreement saying GBP23.50 for initial fee: clause 1 in this PDF
Writers' Cafe / Re: Finding an agent...where to look?
« Last post by Doglover on Today at 03:30:23 AM »
I'm curious, other than Goole "Novel Publishing Agent" where would I go to query agents? I see these sites that say "13 agents seeking new authors" but they all seem like first time agents. Is it better to query actual agencies to get in the slush pile? Or look for these new agents. Anyone who's had success with fiction? My story is coming of age, travel, mystery, fiction.
The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook used to be the place to go and I would expect it still is. Google them; they might have everything online.
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