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You have no control over what people write or think in their reviews. The statement ,"one tough part is you're not supposed to respond for reasons I don't fully understand," I hope that was partly in jest, but it shows where your focus is. Let it go. To be honest, you should write Amazon a thank you note for not letting you respond, because in any other type of commerce you would put yourself out of business.

its partially a joke but there's also some honest confusion. I'm not trying to get into twitter wars. I'd be looking for clear feedback if the person's interested. if not then so be it. also I'd love to even be able to thank you to someone who leave s good review. it does happen :) It's a little confusing bc as a consumer I post on sites and people respond. its like a conversation. like here. it's normal. in business people leave feedback and you can respond.  It's not to start some you suck... no you suck thing. You didn't like my service, sorry about that. I'd love to know why. Maybe service industry stuff doesn't apply to authors/arts Idk. The personal feelings is just my own garbage. I'd never vent that on a customer. only in appropriate places.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Also Boughts GONE from .Com completely
« Last post by JRTomlin on Today at 08:11:31 PM »
I just checked the product pages for a number of non-book items I have purchased recently and NONE of them have Also Boughts. 😒

ETA: I am oddly enough more annoyed as a buyer than I am as a seller, although obviously they are trying to force us to use AMS ads. That is more than annoying but I haven't quite figured out how I will handle that in my marketing plans.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Also Boughts GONE from .Com completely
« Last post by CoraBuhlert on Today at 08:03:52 PM »
They're completely gone for me as well.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Also Boughts GONE from .Com completely
« Last post by tknite on Today at 08:03:37 PM »
I am also not seeing ANY also boughts for any products right now. They ALL vanished today. And I'm less than impressed, since also boughts are the way I navigate the site. >.>
I'm getting it, too.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Also Boughts GONE from .Com completely
« Last post by m123xyz on Today at 07:59:41 PM »
ya. not sure if thread means bought gone for all products but as a customer that kinda sucks. I liked seeing what others bought for most non book items too. :(
I can't even get on with my laptop. As soon as I enter one capcha, it feeds me another one, and another one, and I never actually get to a page.
It's a bit irritating, particularly on my phone, but could this be a good thing if it sticks around? Could it prevent some of the bot accounts and activities? (I really don't understand how these things work...)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Also Boughts GONE from .Com completely
« Last post by JRTomlin on Today at 07:41:25 PM »
Looking using Chrome on my PC, I am not seeing them at all. *sigh*

As a buyer, I HATE the sponsored ads and have always used AB to find new books. Frankly the ads are worse than useless; they are annoying as hell because they are almost invariable stuff I would never even consider buying.

It is annoying that as a buyer, Amazon is gradually pushing me out the door.

I think I said this in another thread, but the best thing we can do if Amazon is still testing is make a point of not clicking on AMS ads for a while. Instead, we should click like crazy on the also boughts and buy one of the them every so often.

Amazon doesn't pay that much attention to what we say, but we all have customer accounts, and Amazon does pay attention to what customers do.

As to why the testing is going on so long, I speculate that Amazon isn't getting the answer it wants. I'd be surprised if very many people cycle through all those ad pages, even on one carousel, let alone two. I'm sure Amazon wants to monetize every single pixel of space it can, but the reality is that people don't go anywhere to consume ads in bulk. I don't know a single person who would do that. Anyway, I think the testing is still going on in the vain hope that people will start clicking the ads more.

This strategy is risky. It could lead to ad blindness.
Not a bad idea although I am pretty sure I have never clicked on an ad because of what I just said. But IF I can find an AB, I'll buy something. 😣
It happened to me day before yesterday but only one time and only on my tablet. I had an awful time getting it right.
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