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Writers' Cafe / Re: Hello! New Author Here
« Last post by Kaliharper on Today at 04:09:41 AM »
I think you can have both under the same name so long as the erotica isn't far from what you're focusing on in romance (nothing too crazy if you're working on vanilla romances, basically).

As for the pen names, you can have three to each author central account. You can make as many of those accounts as you like, but as stated above, you can only have one KDP (publishing) account.
Writers' Cafe / Re: 17 Very Actionable Email List Building Tips
« Last post by MsLucretia on Today at 04:08:42 AM »
This is wonderful, thank you so much- as a new author, I've been a bit worried about building a list and this was really helpful!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Another prawny attempt to hit #1 in my categories
« Last post by levz on Today at 04:03:48 AM »
Good luck with the promo!  :)
Nope, nothing yet.
Writers' Cafe / Re: 17 Very Actionable Email List Building Tips
« Last post by AdrianGHilder on Today at 04:02:23 AM »
Fantastic. A few ideas I have not seen before there.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Hello! New Author Here
« Last post by VirgiliaCoriolanus on Today at 03:50:08 AM »
I would do another pen name and separate your romantic stories from erotica. From what I have seen in romance reader groups, etc, some get very offended if you have explicit sex in any of your novels. I guess I'm desensitized because I've read fanfiction for years and years, and don't consider there to be a huge difference between romantic stories that has straight up porn as part of the story....

I am also pretty sure that you can have as many pennames as you want on amazon, but you cannot have more than one amazon kdp account.
Hi there,

Only just joined kboards despite lurking and reading for the last couple of years.
I'm hoping to network with other authors, run and participate in email ist building group promotions and any other cooperative book promotion activities with other authors.

I started writing my debut fantasy novel in October 2013 and published part one of that story in November 2016. I split the story in two as it was way too long for a debut but went ahead and published a single volume edition in February this year with a new cover and a KDP print edition. I like the single book better.

My Amazon author profile if you are interested in taking a look:

See you around...  ;D
I have. The gross revenues -- or Amazon's cut at least -- hasn't made Amazon a ton of money, but I think about it.

Not in a negative way, but I'm aware of the entire amount of revenues my books bring in.

I think every author should be aware of such things.

Yes, I can see that, and tradpub authors even more than us should be aware. If your PB has made someone a million dollars, and you're standing there with only 50K of it, you really might want to do some thinking. "Someone made a million dollars, and it certainly wasn't me."
Writers' Cafe / Hello! New Author Here
« Last post by MsLucretia on Today at 03:42:01 AM »
Hello everyone- I just wanted to introduce myself- I've just published my first two erotica shorts on Amazon in the past while and I heard that this was a wonderful community for advice and author chat.

My question is this- I'd like to move into publishing my steamy romantic novellas under the same pen name that I've released erotica shorts under. I've heard that you should stick consistently to releasing one type of story per pen name so that readers don't get confused. Does varying the length of your fiction fall into this category? If the stories are the same genre (albeit a bit cleaner), am I okay?

Also- I've read that you can only have three pen names active on Amazon at one time- is this actually the case?

Sorry if these seem like silly questions- very new to this!

Thanks so much,

Suggestions, Comments / Re: Unable to update my KB Reading Page
« Last post by Ann in Arlington on Today at 03:35:41 AM »
I updated just before 4.00pm my time - 11.00am your time - and I was showing no blanks. I'm still showing a complete bar now, both on the set up page and here on the thread.

Your bar is now full. :)

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