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Writers' Cafe / Managing Beta Readers
« Last post by JZacharyPike on Today at 11:08:38 AM »
I'm working towards launching my second novel, and in a few weeks its got to go to the beta readers. Does anyone have advice for managing them? I've heard I should make a Mailchimp list, but with a planned beta list of 5-15 people, I just don't see why that would be necessary. I've also heard people have good luck with Facebook groups for discussion.

The plan is to invite people about a week in advance with the particulars (how long they have to read it, what I need from them, etc), and then send the book out to the list along with a survey for when they finish. Then I'll nudge the stragglers over the course of the final week of the reading period. The interaction of a FB group is intriguing, but I'm worried about developing focus group dynamics, and I don't know if how much value it adds over just 1:1 emails.

Any advice or insights you have from working with your own beta readers would be greatly appreciated.
Writers' Cafe / Submitting short stories.
« Last post by Mary Liwhinky on Today at 11:08:31 AM »
I'm thinking of starting to publish some short stories in order to promote my novel, since that way I would be able to write whilst promoting. However, I see that you either submit your short stories to sites where you don't have much views or you submit to a magazine with a 1% acceptance rate. Where do you recommend me to publish short stories? Where will people hear about my book and want to buy it? ;D
"Well worth the read by any fantasy/intrigue/romance/historical fiction book lover who will appreciate the carefully crafted world created by the trilogy. There is some highly charged m/m sexual content in some parts, including non-consensual sex and some enslavement. Yet there are some very comedic characters, whose antics and conversations will have you laughing out loud, sections which lighten the tension. The battle plans are well thought out and well written and the many characters lend depth to the numerous plots being followed."

More of this review on Goodreads.

Bonds of Hate, the first book in the Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse series is now free on Kindle, Apple iPad, Nook, Tolino: and Kobo

If you want to receive an email when I publish a new book, please subscribe to my New Releases Newsletter. I only send an email when I have a new release, an exclusive excerpt of work in progress, or a free, downloadable short story available.
Hopefully you get a decision back quicker than me!  Been twelve long days and still waiting...

12 days! Yikes! The suspense would be killing me.

Thanks for your support everyone. I learned a lot from my multiple daily visits here. Best of luck to all current and future campaigners!
Stephen King's IT is #32 in paid on amazon. So yep, hardly being pirated at all.

But okay, I'll buy that ebooks may be pirated in other ways since the file sizes are small enough to be sent via email.

And I'd really have to look into this to be honest. Because here's the problem, and it's totally me guessing. But the ipod (and other mp3s) entered the market back in 2001. Now, in those early days yes, music pirating was insane. High speed internet sucked, but mp3s were small enough people could download them no problem (ie. Napster and other means).

I'd have to research the music industry to understand what's truly going on. In 2009 Apple seems to have removed DRM from their mp3s and offered higher bit rate. Perhaps that's why we're seeing a flatline hit in 2010 when purchasing music for your mp3 becomes much easier.

So there are definitely two drivers to pirating, one being cost (poor people have to pirate if they want it) and accessibility (if I can't get it through my existing channels, then I have to get it off the internet). Again, if pirating where this ubiquitous predictable variable, we'd see it across all content channels, not just music.

I'd have to learn more about the music industry, but there is probably something unique going on there.

I would be utterly, flabbergasted if pirating ever impacts the ebook market in any significant way.

And likewise, I'm 100% certain that content will always be king and good content will always make a ton of money. Unless the industry gets monopolized, then sales of KY will skyrocket within the self-pub community.

Writers' Cafe / Re: CG, I could kiss you!!
« Last post by Pandorra on Today at 10:51:38 AM »
I went back over it when I woke up today and it actually turned out really, really well, running away opened up new ideas and options where the academy was getting kind of confining for me to write in, it sheltered her to much from everything going on around her. I had always intended for her to stay there and learn but... maybe this is better.

The reason she ran away is she found out there had been things going on connected to the main plot and nobody told her they were happening or that she was being blamed for it.. now she is back on track, there's a bit more action, she can get to her aunt, which I kind of blocked her from where she was and she can develop her relationship (or not) with the boy helping her in town and tie up some loose ends in other parts of the story..It actually worked out really well, even if it felt like she was running away from me without a plan. Not really sure how that happens..  :o
I prefer Patty's version as well, tough here's the problem with the 4 suns: they're arranged and scaled like you're looking down at 4 equally sized orbs. They look fake because the perspective is off, and unless the warrior was god-sized striding through the universe, he'd never see them arranged anything like that (unless they were 4 different sizes and had rally particular orbits. But as it's hard to convey that, they look fake.)

IMHO, he suns should be rearranged / rescaled to look like they're on the horizon in the warriors eyeline. Abandon the diamond configuration and it should look much more realistic.
I think in series terms, but as far as marketing is concerned, I'm torn.

It is true that series books tend to sell each other, but from a promotional standpoint, that gives a writer only one open book to promote. (Naturally, promoters often won't promote subsequent books, which only a reader of the first book will be interested in, and AMS gives the same advice.) Also, one can't keep advertising the same book over and over, except once every few months, and that may not be enough to keep momentum going.

Also, the longer a series is, the more obvious the problems mentioned above become. The more books that pile up, all tethered to the one entry point, the bigger the promotional issue.

What I'm trying to do write now is get two more series going. Book 1 is already out for one, and I'm working on Book 2. For the other one, Book 1 is with the editor right now. If I can get three entry points instead of one, I can theoretically triple my advertising opportunities. Trying to get the best of both worlds, the three series are all set in the same universe, and some of the characters have appeared in two out of the three series. That probably won't create the same sell-through as a single series would, but it may create some. I've already noticed that people who read my first series often swing back to pick up two short stories set in the same universe.

I also think I may limit myself to trilogies rather than longer series. With a trilogy, the door could always be open to further development if there seems to be demand for it. I've also seen authors create multiple interlocking trilogies (each one covering a different generation for example. Each trilogy can stand on its own, but there is an obvious connection that might also encourage sell-through. There's a limit to the number of series I could sustain at the same time, but writing a trilogy and then moving on could lead to a lot more entry points for readers, which means a lot more advertising opportunities.
Thanks for sharing Aimee, that was really useful  :D I really like your hook. I think I read in an article (or did I hear it in a podcast?) that it's better to run advertising from FB page that doesn't have your own name on it, that your ad gets a better return. Is that why you have your ad on there?

Now I just have to experiment with FB ads over the next couple of months.
Welcome to the thread!  Make sure you post a link and ask Steve V to add you to the list.  There's lots of good info in the thread, so it's worth going back and reading a bit.  And our king of statistics, Lincoln Cole, has an excellent guide to KS on Amazon as well as a very informative blog.

Thank you!  I've been reading backwards through the thread, finding it both informative and entertaining.

Steve V, can you add me to the list?  Here's the link:

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