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Writers' Cafe / Pronoun announce they are shutting down! [MERGED]
« on: November 06, 2017, 01:11:57 PM »
Don't know if I missed another thread but I just got the email. Shame.

Writers' Cafe / RIP Carrie Fisher
« on: December 27, 2016, 10:26:05 AM »
2016 claims yet another victim. Carrie Fisher has died it has been announced.

Star Wars original and an author to boot.

What a year!

Writers' Cafe / Change to reviews wording
« on: October 13, 2016, 06:40:36 AM »
I just noticed a change I hadn't noticed before on the page for a book I was checking out.

On the main book page if you scroll down to the reviews it used to say "See all reviews (newest first)"

Now it says "See all verified purchase reviews (newest first)"

Is this the end of ARC reviews or simply just a minor word change do you think?

The services we offer now have been added to so I thought I'd rephrase the original message to bring it up to date. You can see more details about basic services on the website or
PM me or contact direct

The services we offer for Kboards authors are as follows and all prices are current as at February 2018

Substantive Editing
We are  now offering Substantive Editing but in our case we also are offering, as part of this, a separate package deal to include the Copy-Editing and Proofreading stages as part of the process so not only will you get a chapter by chapter report on things like plotting/pacing/character development and the effectiveness of both narrative AND dialog sections, a complete breakdown of the main characters, their actions and interactions and where these could be improved. A breakdown of the descriptions used within the book and any suggestions for how they could be improved and of course praise for those parts that work well already :). No in-book editing at this stage although there will be comments left throughout to explain or add to what is mentioned in the report. For us the key consideration in all editing work is that it is your story and it is told in your voice. That is something at the forefront of all suggestions we make, to maintain your voice.
Rate $0.008 per word or a package deal with a full substantive edit plus copy editing plus a final proofread at $0.011 per word for the package.

We now offer a ghostwriting service. If you need a sequel, a prequel, a series continuing, have a book that is half-finished or just need some help maintaining your output, then we can help you out. I have various writing samples I am happy to send to any prospective clients plus I also offer a free 500 word sample of writing based on a scene you suggest so you know that what you're seeing is tailor made for you. Every word you would get from us in a ghostwriting job would be original, will be proofread and will be delivered to you ready to use. NDA agreements are not a problem although we do offer complete discretion to all clients on all projects no matter what. We work in 10000 word milestones.The reason for that is to give  clients the opportunity to review things and suggest alterations if necessary (unless you only want a sub-10000 word story) and rates start at $200 per 10000 words delivered with revisions as necessary. This would be for a book based on a full provided  chapter by chapter outline. Happy to work with partial outlines or no outlines at higher rates, please see the website for details Genres-any fiction genre including erotica and non-technical non-fiction. Biographies memoirs history etc

More specialized services

Rough Draft Edit
Do you just want to write and never worry about punctuation and sentence structure etc? Send us your rough draft, it really doesn't matter how rough and we will go through and edit in any missing punctuation, make sure that sentences are properly constructed and you will get back a document back that you can then start work on revising to beat it into proper shape. Of course while we are straightening out your rough draft, you can be free to write the next book ;) This service is ideal for anyone using speech recognition because you don't have to worry about dictating punctuation etc but if you type and want to be able to speed up your production this works for that scenario too. Rate $0.004 per word.

Audio Transcription
If you are a dictator of words, we can transcribe your audio files into MS Word ensuring again that all punctuation is correct and sending back a proofread, clean document. We can work on a chapter at a time or a full book or anything between the two. This service we also offer for handwritten manuscripts that need typing up into a Word document. Write it, scan it and send it over and we will type it up for you.
Rate $0.004 per word for any length of book

Have you written a story in 1st POV present tense, that you wish you'd written in 3rd POV past tense? Is English not your first language? We can help. We will rewrite an existing manuscript, tense changes, POV changes or writing it into idiomatic English while keeping the story as you wrote it and providing you a clean proofread document in return. This can be a very long process and is very time-consuming, particularly changing the tense of a book so the rate for this work reflects that at $0.005 per word.

Audio Book Proofing
We will ensure that your audio recording accurately reflects your manuscript and advise of any errors or omissions.
Rate $15 per audio hour

and of course the bedrock of the business

Beta Read @ $0.001 per word-two or three page report.
Proofread @ $0.002 per word- please note this a proper proofread that will be done without software which will not catch many errors and remember, it's not how many errors somebody finds in your book, it's the number they miss that counts.
Copy Edit @ $0.005 per word-a thorough copy edit, again no software.

Package deal for one of each of the above three stages at $0.0055 per word so Beta Read, Copy Edit, Proofread and we will even format your book in Word for e-book publishing if you need it.

All rates shown are current as at 11th February 2018

With all projects we always offer ongoing support so if you want an opinion or help with a blurb or a cover, or explanations for any of the editing suggestions, we are almost always available and at no extra charge.

Slots available now, just get in touch.

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