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Are there indies out there really killing it with psych thrillers? I'd assumed if you want to make a lot of money in indie publishing you have to join the urban fantasy/paranormal romance glowy flame cover arms race.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Give it to me straight...
« Last post by MonkeyScribe on Today at 02:16:36 PM »
I took the liberty to hunt down your books. The 40s jazz one seems to look okay. The blurb isn't bad, and the cover works. I glanced inside, and my 30 second assessment said it's not bad, too. You've got some good historical details, some nice dialogue. Also, the book is 224 pages, so it's long enough to do the job.

I went expecting to see something pretty amateurish, and came away favorably impressed. Believe me, I've been cattle prodded by the mods around here for telling people they're not ready for prime time, so I'm not just blowing smoke.

I think your problem is visibility. You need to launch harder, get some action going up front, and get some ARCs out ahead of time to get reviews. Try a release at 99 cents, short pre-order, KU, all the ad sites you can track down. Don't skimp on covers and editing, but if you have to save up for a couple of months to pay a few hundred for release advertising, that's what I'd do.
What are your credentials? Additionally, what are the credentials of the people who seemingly work for you? I've been a lurker on kboards for a while and for weeks your thread was on the first page and I see it's back, but not once have you mentioned any credentials. There is also nothing on your website.

I'm trying to be diplomatic here, but it's seems like the same people keep responding to keep your thread on the first page. Don't you have an email they can contact you at? Instead of going back and forth here.

I've only ever used the services of qualified people. I'm not suggesting that you aren't, but how do I know that you are? I mean, $30 for proofing and $50 for a line edit seems too good to be true.
I don't read psychological thrillers, but I watch them all the time. To me, the defining characteristic is the cat and mouse mind games between the hero and the villain. A good psychological thriller is more like a chess match than a race or a fight. The hero and the villain need to be well matched. Both should be intelligent, capable, and clever. There's usually some way they understand each other that normal people miss. The whole "you and me, we're not so different" trope.
Never thought to check. Presumably not.
I first found out about it when I placed an order for one of my books but nothing showed on the dashboard. I asked support and they explained that the copy that was delivered was one they had pre-printed and thus I'd already been paid for it.
Writers' Cafe / Re: "What categories am I in?" workaround.
« Last post by SevenDays on Today at 02:00:46 PM »
Extremely useful! Thank you! I've been wondering if I was in a subcategory and now I know. I've seen the dotted rectangle and it never occurred to me it was showing actual categories. Duh.

You're welcome!

The penny didn't drop for me until today either! All this time I've been using it ... *Facepalm*
Writers' Cafe / Re: "What categories am I in?" workaround.
« Last post by SevenDays on Today at 01:59:57 PM »
It's having issues. Keep pressing enter over and over until it does.

Yes, this. I had to do the same thing. Eventually it pops up.
This is an outstanding value. I received my manuscript back six days after I sent it.

I'm only 1/4 of a way through the manuscript, but I've found numerous corrections that were spot on, and have made my book better.

Once again, I learn I'm terrible at editing my own work!

I'll be using Roxana's service again for my next book.
I emailed Bookbub to ask them what they foresee to be a popular genre for 2018. They just got back to me and said they foresee thrillers--and especially psychological thrillers-- to remain popular. I'm starting a new series, so I figured I might as well check with them what they believe will be popular :P

How do you define a psychological thriller and how would you write it as a series?

I'll begin answering these questions: It's more about the characters' motivation as opposed to technical stuff (accurate police procedurals and forensics). It's less plot heavy, more character-driven. To write it as a series, you could still have a main character but the story would have to be told from different pov's. I read somewhere that, in psychological thrillers, you want to be in the antagonist's mind as well as in the protagonist's.

Writers' Cafe / Re: "What categories am I in?" workaround.
« Last post by Tizzy on Today at 01:55:28 PM »
What does it mean if you enter your ASIN and get nothing? I've tried a couple of books and it just says 0 books.

It's having issues. Keep pressing enter over and over until it does.
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