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Writers' Cafe / Sequel blurb help!
« on: February 08, 2017, 11:15:37 AM »
Hey guys, I wanted to put a sequel to one of my books called The Men Who Spoke Death out for preorder today, but I'm staring at the kdp edit details page and can't seem to get the blurb down.
The man issue is the book is very episodic.
The bases of the story follows people called the Executioners who travel between universes to kill people who gained power from a man called the Sinner, who can freely travel between universes.
Each chapter follows an executioner as they enter a new universe to kill an anomaly(people who were given power by the sinner.)
So i'm having issues describing it since it's really not linear.

Here's what I have so far.

There's only one purpose of the Executioners.
Created by a being called Old Man Gloom, they are tasked with tracking down and killing a man called the Sinner and the people who he's graced with his power. A man who is traveling between universes giving people he's reality bending power causing the multiverse to tear itself aslunder.
Forced to kill without mercy, their minds steeled, their voices firm, follow the journey as each executioner live through their abnormally short life.
The Stargazer is the only executioner who dreams, he contemplates his mission as he starts to see his life through a different lens.
The Lightless Walker, an executioner who expunged his emotions, voice, and feelings as he begins to wonder if he could escape his mission.
The Old Wolf, an executioner who doesn't mind the killing, but wonders how long he could kill for as his body is worn down.
All life for one sake. To kill the Sinner of the Infinite.

Writers' Cafe / How important is cover series branding?
« on: September 28, 2016, 12:57:16 PM »
The question is in the thread title.
How important is branding between sequential book releases in the same series?
I'm asking because I was thinking of going with a different cover artist for the third book in my series, only because the genre of my series changes between each book and then going back to the original artist for book 4 and 5.
Book 1 is alien invasion
Book 2 is post apocalyptic space opera
Book 3 starts off as a sci fi military thriller and goes into space opera but is a prequel
Book 4 and 5 are just space opera's
The whole series is a metaphysical dark science fiction story and all of them are connected and have the same characters and follows the characters in a linear progression(except for three).
Here's my covers for book 1 and 2

Hey everyone,
This summer I spent most of my time writing out my first series and doing a rewrite of the first book. Now, I have three books ready to launch and want to have a release good enough for me to quit my soul sucking life draining job by February.
So I have a release plan to rerelease my first book tomorrow with a new bad ass cover and written in Past tense instead of present.

Then on November 22nd, I will release book 2, and then in February I will release book 3. I also plan on releasing the sequel to my Urban Fantasy series sometime in December or January.

For tomorrows launch, I'm keeping the promos to the minimum and saving the biggest ones for book 2s launch. Although, I am using a triple book blast from Rebecca Hamilton on Thursday, just to give the launch a boost. I'm going to release it at .99 cents for one week and put it up to 3.99 afterwards.

I'm also thinking of including book 1.5 with book 1 as a bonus, it's a short novella, and I think it would help with the story as I'm sure most people don't read .5 installments of series.

I'll update this thread with my progress. I need to sell at least 42 books a day at 3.99 to quit, so lofty goal for a plebe like myself.

Writers' Cafe / Yet another cover critique help
« on: September 11, 2016, 01:28:48 PM »
(update)  here's some cover updates


Hey guys, I have another few covers for a rewrite I did of my first book. I already have book 2's cover close to done because I had that cover created first -,240723.0/viewresults.html
I have a few notes for the cover concept but wanted to ask how others felt.
For the first design, I really like it. I was going to ask if the alien could be replaced by a human with glowing hands plus maybe add a few more contrasting colors to match closer to book 2s cover.

I like the second design but i'm not sure if it would work since the story is very character oriented.

This book comes out in less than two weeks, so I have to send the notes asap.

Here's the blurb:
Blood red skies. Mysterious powers. Two story tall humanoids raining down from the heavens. Aliens claiming to be godsÖand Cole is the only one who can stop them.

All Cole wanted was a normal life, but when his dark thoughts get in the way,  he turns to exercise, the only thing that could make him sane.  But when he's crippled in a car accident, he tries to end it all with a bottle of pills, but instead wakes up healed, inhumanly strong, and able to create energy in the palm of his hand. Mystified, he experiments with his new abilities and seeks an explanation.

An answer that defies all logic comes when towering humanoid aliens descend from space. When the aliens go on a massacre, Cole employs his newfound powers to thwart the enemy. Convenient?  Definitely.

Someone is using him as a pawn in an alien war amongst gods: one with Earth as the prize and humanity's extinction as a consequence, with the ultimate plan to destroy the universe and create a new one. Cole is determined to win the war, escape his dark past, and regain control before the fate of the world is sealed forever.

Final decision between these two

Hey guys, I got a few design options from the designer and I need help choosing a color scheme for one of the designs and between two of the designs. It's a metaphysical space opera series, I like both but alas I can only chose one cover(I'm thinking of getting both and using one as a poster design for giveaways.)
Design A:

And then I have four color schemes of design B

I want the one that's most likely to catch the eye. Of course, i figure the designer gave the options so I can miss and match the color schemes.
The others notes I was thinking of giving the designer is reducing the blur on the ship very very slightly and maybe have the ship in a different position.(Which i'm guessing it's hard to do based on where/how they did the spaceship design because I've asked a few times, although buried in other notes.)

Don't want to say which ones i'm leaning toward to not paint any bias.

Writers' Cafe / Sci fi sequel blurb help
« on: June 20, 2016, 05:19:37 PM »
Hey all

I recently just sent the sequel to my first book out to one of the editors and figure I should start getting the blurb ready.
It's going to be called Starkiller.
Here's what I have so far. It's kind of spoilerific which I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing for a sequel.

It's been twenty years since Cole's death, twenty years since he was lied to by the one he thought was humanities savior, twenty years since he's been lost to the infinite darkness that was death. And now he's back to get the answers he's deserved.

After being nearly wiped out by invaders, humanity has been rebuilt anew, into a world constructed by the technology the invaders left behind.

With only 100 million humans left in the world, tensions remain high as the new world order is split in half. One side, harboring the very aliens that destroyed them and the other side wanting to vanquish any and all alien life on the planet, the harbored and the refugees alike.

All the while, Cole searches the cosmos for Jahum, the Starmaker to answer for his betrayal while cosmic beings called the eaters are smashing through galaxies one by one, in search for the same.

Those remaining on Earth are tasked to prevent the remains of humanity from falling in shambles while Cole confronts the being that has all the answers to all their problems. The maker of the stars.

or a better title, how to lose every single one of my subscribers on my mailing list.
So, I was thinking of making a year's worth of automation for my mailing list because a lot of times, when I need to keep up with my list, I can be arsed to send out an email.
My goal is to send out an email every 2 weeks, the first 8 emails in the automation will be weekly which will help the newer members catch up with my writing.
I already have 10 emails in the automation but now I need 20 more. I need help with ideas to get 20. I use mailchimp so it's easy to change an email.
1. intro plus links to my free books
2. What I write plus survey to get the subscribers favorite author and preferences
3. What my favorite authors are
4. A little about me
5. How I thought up my sci fi series
6. How I thought up my Urban fantasy series
7. ARC request
8. email thanking them for subscribing again and telling them I'll update every 2 weeks.
9. An email about music and how it changes my story
10. Maybe one showing my writing area and how I write(Combination of free hand and typing)

And That's how far I got, does any one have any email subject ideas?

Writers' Cafe / Is my book series a series or anthology?
« on: March 30, 2016, 08:46:31 PM »
Hello all,
So my next book release, The Men Who Killed God, is a different type of story I'm used to writing. It's part of the story, Sinner of an infinite. Each book in the story up to the third book can be read as a stand alone. Each characters story comes to an end at the end of each book except for one character who continues on onto the next book(The 'Sinner of the Infinite') but none of the books are told from their prospective until the very last book. The story follows a character who can travel between universes.
I'm talking to my cover designer as I wanted to change the subtitle for my cover and we are having a little back and forth between if it should be named a series or anthology.
He came up with maybe even having the story be called, 'The worlds of the sinner of the infinite' and i'm thinking of naming each book world 1, world 2, world 3, etc.
Any thoughts or advice?
Google says an anthology is a series but I just want a final confirmation.

Writers' Cafe / The worst thing you could see while writing.
« on: March 13, 2016, 05:05:41 PM »
 :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X

Luckily I print screened so I could save what little I written.
Thanks to the autosave only what was on screen was lost so I came out well.
First time that has ever happened(Not do to outside forces at the very least)

Writers' Cafe / The last launch and promo thread you'll ever read.
« on: March 03, 2016, 08:54:50 AM »
Or at least the last one I'll ever make  :-X
So my novel, The Men Who Killed God, the first in a brand new series, is set to release on April 5th.

With an awesome cover by rockingbookcovers (RBC)

With the bad*ss paperback interior done by write.dream.repeat. designs.
Whoo! Since joining and learning from Kboards and the complete failure of my first release, I want to have this release to be a lot more explosive and better out of the gate and I think I can achieve it.
I set it up to get reviews and set it up for pre-order at 99 cents and will keep it at the price for the first week probably.

Here's what I did so far.
1. Ordered a new release blast with Hungry Author(heard nice things) and got a co op with patchworks for Netgalley.
2. Set up a thunderclap to go out on the release day.
I would be very appreciative to anyone who signs up for my Thunderclap. I haven't sent it out to my mailing-list, friends, our my social profiles yet.
Next, I'm going to go through Bookrazor to try to get even more reviews for promo help.

I was originally going to submitted for promos on the 15th, but I decided to use my next major check for a book cover for the sequel of my first book, because I can't stop, won't stop. Here are the ones I wanted to have for my release. I'll see how the first few days go before deciding if I'm going to go through with them, if I do I want them before the 30 day drop off. But I made a list.

Genre Pulse ($32), bookbasset ($22)
BargainBooksy ($35), Ebookhounds ($5), Ebookhunter ($15), Pixelscroll ($15)
Flurries of Words ($5), Bookbarbarian ($8), Ebooksoda ($10), Awesomegang ($10)
Booksbutterfly, bookbub(lol), Bookgorilla ($50-150), ENT ($25)
BooksSends ($25 +$10 FB Boost), Riffle ($50)
Robinreads & OHFB

I'm probably going to front load it a little more with some of the bigger ones if I can get them and remove the ones I don't get into from the list.

Any feedback for my release plan would be appreciated!
I'm going to post updates about the release or tails if there are any.

Updated the list of promos. I decided to have a few more promos for the first week.
I have Riffle and Booksbutterfly down for the first week and I'll see what will happen after that.

sorry, no promotional links in the WC.  --Betsy

So, I'm starting to write the second and third novel in my first series and even though I've outlined the entire plot to the almost minute detail, I'm having trouble keeping track on how to build up the world. I was always envious of fantasy/science fiction writers who was able to build up this grand world while interweaving it into the plot and prose to the point that I would always get lost in their world.
But I never had reason to build up a world from scratch until now.

My first book in the series was an alien invasion, in a world very much like ours. A new series I wrote had fantasy elements but was so grounded in reality that I was able to pull much of the world from my current reality.

Now i'm working on the sequels to my first book. It's twenty years after the alien invasion wiped out 98% of humanity. There's an estimate 250 million human's left on the world. The entire oceans ecosystems were destroy. Most of the world's cities were completely destroyed. But humanity was left with the awe inspiring alien technology from the aliens that were defeated and the ones that saved them. So they were starting off with more capabilities than when the war started. And the third book a story about if the invasion came thirty years later and if an advanced alien race helped us build our defenses and technology in that time.

I have to build a world. It's in my head, the vague images of a futuristic city, the ships flying in the sky. But when I image the characters walking through the cities but the descriptions of the cities and the minor technologies that run the city become a blank. I can describe metal buildings erecting to the sky, but I can't seem to dive deeper than that.

For the first one, I already have the humans getting their water from other planet's moons, a chapter about rebuilding a political system after the invasion and the conflict coming from that and some of the more major set pieces in play.
But it's the small intricacies that build up the world that I'm having trouble weave into the story.

Do any of you have a list you check off for your world building(like specific technology or tools people in the world use.), or a way to keep track of the movements of the world you built or any pointers or anything or a bible about the world?
If any of you could also post how y'all build up your worlds would be great too.
Just to reiterate, I'm not talking about plotting or structure, this whole series(Beginning, middle, and end) was already extremely outline in my head before I even put pencil to paper. It's the world that the plot goes through which I'm having trouble with.

An example of what I'm talking about is when I read Leviathan wake's, I remember the characters taking notes of the hum of the air recyclers, the flickering of the artificial lights, etc. It seemed natural, a part of the world. it's that part i'm having issues with.

Writers' Cafe / Amazon to open 300 book store across america.
« on: February 02, 2016, 02:27:21 PM »
Wow. It's like they've come full circle. I wonder how hard it'll be to get a indie book in there catalog.

Writers' Cafe / Is inauthenticity a word?
« on: December 16, 2015, 10:35:45 AM »
Im at work and some of my coworkers are trying to figure it out.
Its not in all dictionaries, some say it can't be a word because you can't put a prefix and suffix on the same word. My grammar skills isn't good enough to figure it out.

Writers' Cafe / Author Website Critique
« on: December 05, 2015, 02:51:39 PM »
I finished a new version of my website yesterday night and was wondering what ya'll think about it?
Ignore the off center author name. I changed around somethings messing it up this morning and spent two hours trying to fix the [expletive]er  :-X. But I don't have to time and mental capacity to continue trying to fix it and have to finish writing today.

Writers' Cafe / Killing the main character in first person
« on: November 08, 2015, 04:21:07 PM »
Hello Kboarders

I'm going to start working on a partial manuscript of mine that was written in third person. I was originally going to write it in first person but decided against it as I was going to kill the everliving god out of my main character. But when editing it, I decided to rewrite the first chapter in first person and I found out I like the style and story a whole lot more in first person than third person.

I want to write it in first person as it's a very inner personal story but I know that it's taboo to kill the main character in first person. Plus there's another point of view.(Which I think could work in third person as it's of the protags dead father.)
I was originally going to rewrite it in first person and then write it again in third person to keep the style of first person in third. But that's a lot of work.
What's y'alls thoughts on it?

Writers' Cafe / Question about chapters/parts labeling
« on: October 10, 2015, 03:55:56 PM »
Hello all
I was wondering what was the skinny on naming chapters as parts.
I'm turning a failed serial series of mine into a novel and each episodes was sectioned off in parts. Part 1 and 2 for episode 1, part 3 and 4 for episode 2 and so on and so on.
Should I keep the parts as parts or relabel them as chapters?

Writers' Cafe / J Alex's lackluster 99c promo thread
« on: August 24, 2015, 01:41:06 PM »
So. I'm on the last week of my novel Skyeater until it's renewed for another 90 days so I decided to do a count down deal.
Because of a launching mishap and uploaded an unedited version of my book on netgallery. I couldn't get some of the top promos out there(ENT, Bookbutterfly, etc)
So I did all I could so far.

Riffle ($40) and Robin reads ($15) today. Accidently put them on the same day. Oops.  ::)

Bknight and awesome for the 25th. Forgot I got them too.

Book Barbarian ($8)  - the 26th

BookBargain ($35) - the 27th

Genre Pulse - I forgot which day I did it for.  ???

Ebooksoda ($10) - the 28th

So not many promos but I've taken up the ideal that for promos I should get a sale for 50-70% of a dollar I spent.
For today my goal is 30 sales. I'm at 26 right now. I had 4 yesterday and then nothing a week before.
Amazon still hasn't updated my ranking though.

My goal is at least some kind of tail.

Writers' Cafe / Urgent Science ficiton blurb help!
« on: August 21, 2015, 10:51:34 AM »
Hello guys.
I need help with a semi sequel to my first novel. I have to upload my preorder by sunday so I only have a day to get this right.
I'd like to think I've gotten good at making blurbs but this story is different. It's a novella that follows four characters. Each character has their own section in the book. So I'm having a hard time of wording it.
The original blurb was this:
Time is relative. For one person, time flies by him at a rapid pace. In a blink, hundreds of years pass. In a flicker, a life begins and ends. In a single glimmer, a million year old traitor returns to the place he once betrayed. In the next, an eyeless assassin questions his mission as he takes an innocent life. In a shimmer, an omnipotent leaderís rule crumbles beneath his feet. In a flash, a treacherous woman revels in her plans as they come together to bring down those around her, as a giant appears in the sky. In a single second, four paths cross. As each story ends, the next begins in A Universe Without Stars.

I posted on another forum where I didn't get help much but I got it to this:
Time is relative. For one person, time flies by him at a rapid pace. In a blink, hundreds of years pass. In a flicker, a life begins and ends.
In a single glimmer, a million year old general lives through his past mistakes as the years pass by him in mere seconds as he escapes from the Eliite military and runs to a place he once called home. A place he betrayed, to tell them of a secret that could save the universe from turmoil.
In the next, an eyeless assassin questions his mission as he takes an innocent life and contemplates his mission and his training for his cause to destroy everything that had the power of the stars.
In a shimmer, an omnipotent leaderís rule crumbles beneath his feet as he asserts his rule a little too far.
In a flash, a treacherous woman revels in her plans as they come together to bring down those around her, as a giant appears in the sky.
In a single second, four paths cross. As each story ends, the next begins in A Universe Without Stars.

But I feel like that's too long.
Any suggestions would help. I could also give a quick synopsis if that would help.

Writers' Cafe / How to create a pen name?
« on: August 12, 2015, 05:53:13 PM »
Hello guys, sorry to ask this extremely simple question.
How can I create a pen name with Amazon?
I've googled the question but the answers varied from simply put in a different name when uploading your book, to people saying to register a new email with KDP and Author central to people claiming amazon doesn't allow separate emails for publishing accounts.
What's the easiest way to do it?

Writers' Cafe / TMWKG Blurb help (Fantasy)
« on: August 10, 2015, 09:28:11 AM »
I need help for a blurb for a serial series i'm going to release soon. It's a contemporary fantasy, similar to American Gods.
The series is called The Men Who Killed God and the first paragraph is the series blurb and the second and third paragraph is the episode blurb.

In a world where a single secular God created everything, less powerful gods are left to rule over a modern world with an iron fist, through a crushing government authority. Two brothers make it their mission to destroy the gods and let humanity reign free. One, who killed his father and vows to kill He, the creator of everything. And the other, who is left to fix the problems his brother left in his wake.

Two years, that's how long it's been since August stepped foot in his small home town, Sotira.
Two years, since he's seen his father.
Two years since he last saw his crooked smile.
He wished to never come back. But at the request of his girlfriend, and the rest of his family, he's heading back home. To a place of false truths, hidden behind the 'utopia' the gods created. Under all the deceitful happiness was a fear. A fear that the inhabitants would be next to go under the wrath of the gods.

When August arrived home, he didn't know that his live would be changed forever. That his best friend was hung and turned into a monument in the middle of town, by the order of his father and the gods. Little did he know that returning home would start him on a path to kill God.


Writers' Cafe / Author website help
« on: August 06, 2015, 01:25:47 PM »
Hey guys,
I'm about to update my website and change the layout a little bit and add a few more pages. I was wondering if anybody could give feedback on it before I start changing things. I'm planning on getting rid of the background for a simple white one.

Writers' Cafe / Looking for beta readers for Contemporary fantasy serial
« on: August 03, 2015, 08:12:59 PM »
Hey guys
I'm looking for beta readers for a continuous serial series I'm putting out soon. I'm planning 10 episodes and want someone who can read all of them when I release.
But I need some betas for the first episode at the least so if you can't read them all that's alright.
Genre: Contemporary fantasy(I think), similar to American gods. The first few episode really doesn't have any fantasy elements but as the series continues the fantasy elements open up more in the story, so still looking for someone who likes science-fiction, and fantasy.
Tone: Dark, Gritty, Angry, someone who doesn't mind language  ;D
Word count: 10k to 100k your call if you can help past the first episode.
Title: The Men Who Killed God
Summary/Blurb(working): In a world where a single secular God created everything, lesser powerful gods are left to rule over a modern world with an iron fist, through a crushing government authority. Two brothers make it their mission to destroy the gods and let humanity reign free. One who killed his father and vows to kill the He, the creator of everything. And the other who is left to fix the problems his brother left in his wake.
Just a note, the first few episodes doesn't have that many fantasy elements.
I'm looking for critics on tones, characters, general pacing, if the story was boring, etc, etc.

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