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Writers' Cafe / Way to Go Patty Jansen!
« on: October 11, 2016, 08:17:12 AM »
I just noticed that Patty's Ice and fire trilogy is #1 in Dark Fantasy:
Just wanted to issue a congrats and a shout out.

How do you decide who the winner is? I mean, do you pick names out of hats?

It's computer generated through Gleam's Software. Just like raffle copter.

***5 hours left. Last chance to join everyone!

Totally entered as much as I could. Thank you for the giveaway.

I was curious though, which giveaway company is that? It's not rafflecopter, and it is pretty awesome.
Do you sign up for an account? Monthly fee?
I have rafflecopter now, but I like the way the giveaway functioned. Had really helpful calls to action. Curious to know who you used to run the giveaway. is the giveaway. LOVE LOVE them. Way better than raffle copter and more effective for building social media fan base, etc.

There is a free account version I think but I do the paid version for more bells and whistles.

That is a pretty cool thing to do. :-)

I entered.

Awesome Good Luck! Today is the last day anyone can enter. Then tomorrow We'll announce the winner.

An author friend of mine was part of an anthology/boxset and it debuted two weeks ago, making both the NYT and USA Today Best Seller lists.

Awesome. And congrats to your friend!

Hey all,

I can't remember if the New York Times changed their policy on this. Do they still allow multiauthor boxsets?

This is a great offer! Entered!

Gad to have you on board! And good luck with your Kindle Scout attempt. Fingers are crossed.

Cross promos and build your own email list. Become your own bookbub. You'll never turn yourself down. :)

You can't have a cross on your cover either.

Funny story. I got rejected for having a cross on my cover. When I explained that it was an upside down sword on a shield, they accepted it....

Good luck to everyone who enters! Looking forward to see who'll win and what cover we'll end up working on. :)

@Viv Phoenix, I'm flattered for virtual stalking! :D Thank you ;)

Thanks again Adrijus for letting us run this promotion. I'm excited to see what cover we end up with!

Thanks. I've entered.

Great! Good Luck!

I think this is a great idea to get some notice. Wonderful opportunity to get a great cover, too! Thanks for doing this.
Thanks for entering!

Love the cover Adrijus! They're fantastic!

Hi Everyone,

One of the most important aspects of your book for having a fantastic launch is an amazing cover for your book. So with the permission of Rocking Book Covers I'm giving away a free $400 in conjunction with The Fan Base Formula. Everyone who enters will also be sent some free training from me, learning how to launch like a six figure author. I'm also offering unlimited free help and advice over at our private facebook group.

With this giveaway you get a 3d mockup, and 3 cover design mockups to choose from. But it's for ebook only :) 

Let me know if you if you entered or if you love Rocking Book Covers!

The raffle is here:

Here's an example of Adrijus' work over at Rocking Book Covers:

Here is his website if you want to take a deeper look at his services. Adrijus also has a sale on premades going on right now. It ends September 1st.

If there was one thing you'd like to know better to succeed as an author what would it be?  :)

Looking at version 2.64, in the conversion window, for some reason instead of being under Table of Contents, its under MOBI Output (and worded opposite of what it is on the EPUB Output).  Second check box shoudl be Put generated Table of Contents at start of book instead of end.

Oh gosh. That was an easy fix. thank you!

I haven't used it recently, but I seem to remember there's a setting for TOC front/back.

I can't seem to find that setting...

I've been using calibre since the stone age of kindle books. But it keeps putting the table of contents at the back of the book. Anyone know some work arounds or ways to fix this issue?

The Miami Book Fair in November is huge.

Oooo. Miami sounds fun. How can I turn that down?!

Writers' Cafe / What are the big book fairs on the east coast(US)?
« on: July 29, 2016, 11:22:49 AM »
Anyone know what the big book fairs are on the east coast and when they're held? I'm considering attending one :)

Three questions.
1) Do you have to be in KDP Select to advertise on AMS?
2) What do they mean by "religious iconography"? (see Reply #2)
3) (See my sig.) Would the religious iconography exclusion apply to the cover for my Man of God?

1) not sure about select
2) crosses, star of david, star and crescent. the word Bible, koran, torah, etc.
3) no. It won't be rejected. Unless they confuse the background with a cross.

If your book is called "how to read the bible" it will be rejected. Which is stupid because if someone is looking for a book about the torah it would help them to know that the book advertised isn't what they are looking for or vice versa. I contacted them on this issue and they claimed that they don't want to offend anyone. I think their getting over zealous and too politically correct.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Ok... So Pixel of Ink is back online now?
« on: July 26, 2016, 03:27:45 PM »
Yes, a free set I was in gave away 4000 with them. They were great. I suspect it was the change in Zon affiliates--I wish they'd switched to Viglink and created a landing page interstitial the way BookBarbarian did. Did NOT see any reduced effectiveness in that.

Sounds about right. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think they're next in line after bookbub as far as results go. No where near the same as bookbub, but probably #2 in the market.

I don't think their success was dependent on their own book choices, but on the sheer size of their audience.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Ok... So Pixel of Ink is back online now?
« on: July 26, 2016, 02:11:26 PM »
I wouldn't use them. They have been so long out of the game that their subscribers either deleted their subscriptions, changed emails or won't recognize it. Probably have a bunch of bounces. :o(

I just had a promo with them last year and they sold me 400 copies.

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