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Writers' Cafe / Re: AMS Ads Learning
« Last post by weigle1234 on Today at 01:33:14 PM »

Has anyone tried running several identical ads with identical bids at the same time? What was the result?

I have been there, done that, many times.  However, all my manuals fall within the DIY genre - while most in this forum are romance novels.

However, I never run identical ads simultaneously.  I will run an ad, for example, with a 2-Cent Bid level for at least a month to obtain accurate stats (making absolutely NO changes).  I will then run the identical ad at the default bid of 25-Cents.  As expected, within a few days the 25-Cent ad KILLS the 2-Cent ad - with KILL meaning the daily 2-Cent ad Impressions drop from, for example, 3,000 down to 150.  For whatever reason, the 2-Cent ad will continue producing very low Impression counts - for how long I have no idea since I soon Terminate that ad.  Such two-identical-ads testing yields very consistent results - I  have never seen an exception.

Within the past few months I decided to do LOTS of testing - a fallback to my mail order years, where early-on I discovered that just about any concept is worth testing - some of the craziest ideas end up making the most money.

IMHO, most folks are DREAMERS - professional television watchers, so to speak - those content to simply watch life pass them by.  I know for a fact that of the many thousands of DIY manuals I peddled via mail order, not even one guy in a thousand (I mail only to males) actually completed any specific DIY project.

A few months ago I decided to test my theory that Dreamers will buy just about anything, often simply out of curiosity.  They may dream about completing DIY projects, but rarely follow through.

However, in general, Internet folks are younger and much more sophisticated than mail order buyers; they occasionally leave the house; to become involved in activities other watching TV or reading books.

So, I theorized that I might find audiences in genres far removed from my very limited DIY genre; but genres populated by other than mere Dreamers - genres such as sports, traveling, hunting, fishing, camping, etc.

I discovered that most such genres carry very few sponsored ads; thus, light competition.  I am running low-bid (2-cents) ads for 10 of my DIY manuals in such genres - a total of 154 ads at present.  The Keywords selected in each ad are specific only to the selected genre.  In other words, 10 groups of totally diverse Keywords - each group unique to a specific genre.

So far, the concept is working; but, as expected, the results from among the varied genres differ greatly.  All ads create at least a few average daily impressions; varying from around 100 to as high as 3,000.  However, in general, the CTR is relatively low for most such ads (in the neighborhood of .03 - .07).  My ad philosophy in regard to sales is "A Click is a Click" no matter where it may be generated.  Overall, the ads are profitable, but nothing to write home about.

It is just about impossible to determine which ads are the most effective.  AMS enters sales data erratically (none, or greatly delayed) in just about all my charts.  Also, since I am a self-publisher, nowhere do they note paperback sales.  I am certain that at least some paperback sales result from 2-Cent ads since such sales usually peak within a few days of running new groups of ads.

When I first got involved with AMS ads, I always went with their default Bid of 25-Cents.  However, for my DIY manuals, all such ads start losing money after runs of about 2-3 months; at which point I terminate them.  I do not believe in temporarily Pausing ads, doing that usually turns out to be a disaster for me.  I am aware that some authors will Pause an ad, and find they get improved results after placing it back to Running.  (Perhaps worse results. for those willing to admit such.)  However, I suspect they likely have made Keyword changes before the ad runs again - which makes accurate analysis impossible.

Now, my overall plans is to run only 2-Cent ads in off-genre domains - gradually increasing Bid levels, at least for those genres showing decent results.  I will still test high Bids (anything over 25-Cents to me) within my genre.

Of course, only long-term testing of any ad, at any Bid level, within any genre, will tell the whole story (assuming that is even possible).
Writers' Cafe / Re: Is the AMS Dashboard borked for anyone else?
« Last post by Lee Carlon on Today at 01:30:39 PM »
I'm only see the product display ads as well.
Fire Talk / Re: New 10" Fire tablet
« Last post by Jaasy on Today at 01:28:24 PM »
I ordered one because my HDX is also acting up! Hope this new one is as good as it was/is.
Next year I plan to do this with the first three books in a new space opera series and hit boom, boom, boom within thirty days with releases.  Fingers crossed!

Wow, this is GREAT! Thank you so much. Like I mentioned before, feel free to email me if you'd like a my newest book free. It's currently on pre-order.

Thanks again!
Just finished a horror/dystopia cover for a Canadian author!
Clackety clack clack! Indeed, hard at work. :)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Lousy book covers!
« Last post by zzz on Today at 01:23:09 PM »
You should have seen that coming.
This may be a wild thought, but have you considered using more than one editor? If the books are all in one series, that approach wouldn't make sense, but if at least some of them were stand-alones, they wouldn't necessarily all have to be done by the same person. If you had multiple manuscripts in process with different editors at the same time, that would be one way to cut down on the wait.

I haven't tried that approach myself because I don't have that kind of manuscript backlog. I have used multiple cover designers on a few occasions when I needed a cover faster than my original designer could do it. (That's also something that wouldn't work as well for a series but is fine for stand-alone works.)

Thanks for the feedback, Bill. I've been giving that a lot of thought. Although I am working on a few series, most of the manuscripts in my backlog are standalone. I completed several manuscripts during school, but didn't really have time to pursue editing and publishing because I was always busy working in the hospital or studying. Now that I've graduated, those manuscripts are starting to pile up as I have existing completed books and new projects I'm finishing at the same time. It would be nice to get them out the door, and I'm giving serious thought to trying the approach you suggest.
Writers' Cafe / Lousy book covers!
« Last post by TonyGonline on Today at 01:20:40 PM »
So! There's a site called and guess what! One of my book covers has made an appearance see here.
There are three comments, none of which extend ten words, so I have to wonder why they bothered.

Still! They have a link to the book which is helpful, may lead to a few sales  :)
Wait until they see the cover I have planned for my first venture into fiction, it's a horror due for release around December, it's gonna be ghastly  :D

Anyhow! If you haven't seen the site before and had doubts about your own cover, you never know! You too may have made it into the lousybookcovers hall of fame...
Writers' Cafe / Re: What fonts do you like for book covers?
« Last post by Jim Johnson on Today at 01:18:46 PM »
A mix of Papyrus and Comic Sans. Nothing else will do.
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