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Writers' Cafe / Re: Who knew adjective order was a thing?
« Last post by Colin on Today at 10:17:21 AM »
How do you get a graduate linguist off your doorstep?               for the pizza, pay
Sounds more like how you get Yoda off your doorstep.  :P

That's plain silly, Becca. Why (on Earth) would Yoda be delivering pizzas?   :P
Thanks for the kind welcome.

It's also good to see familiar faces like JulianneQJohnson still trucking with new entries.

Currently nominated:

A Thief's Game
The 13th Sign

Welcome back to the Madhouse CRex!  Wishing you oodles of nominations!
ok, I have a stupid question; why can't they just design a program that can count page reads?
Because they can't figure out how to embed a marker in each page that says it was displayed. It would mean a complete redefinition for the program that creates a MOBI file, and would make the files larger. Since MOBI files are uncomfortably large already, that would be a problem. The other way would require that users be synced with Zon's servers to read, which would reduce the functionality of the ebook.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Can I Just Say That I Freaking Love Bookfunnel
« Last post by Rickie Blair on Today at 10:14:12 AM »
Absolutely. It and Vellum are the two things I recommend without hesitation to anyone who asks.

Or maybe, you know, I know it's a crazy idea, they could consider possibly thinking about entertaining the idea of fixing their [expletive]ing system.

I totally heard that line in your avatar's voice.  :D  Denis O'Hare's "Liz Taylor" was the only part of that season of American Horror Story that I actually enjoyed.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Writing for the longest tail
« Last post by kathrynoh on Today at 10:07:20 AM »
The best advice tidbit I gathered was from a podcast interview. He said that it's better to have 100% of a small market (unique niche) than 1% of a large market (something like that).

If you have 100% of a small market then you would have to keep pumping out new books to keep making money, unless you actually expand the size of that market. If you have 1% of a large market then growing that to 2% is a much easier task.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Vellum: the official thread
« Last post by Rickie Blair on Today at 10:07:13 AM »
After conferring with the BookFunnel folks, I've found the answer to that particular problem:

Turns out you have to tick the box that says "include the KF8" or else the readers won't see your "floopties".  ::)

Who knew? (Not me, obviously.  ???) I'm off to fix those files now. (Which you can do without re-uploading; check details in link above.)
ok, I have a stupid question; why can't they just design a program that can count page reads?
Writers' Cafe / Re: A Contrarian Launch
« Last post by AriadneBeckett on Today at 10:04:56 AM »

Free day today. So up until midnight last night, I had 21 sales.

Page reads: 7,391

Free downloads so far today: 90

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,417 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)
#17 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender eBooks > Romance > Gay Romance
#44 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Crime Fiction
#138 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Inspirational

So, doing pretty well in the free rankings, and in categories that actually fit my book! Yay!

I've gotten 0 KU reads so far.

I'm also running some AMS ads that will certainly lose money, but may give me some information about categories, blurbs.

Yikes - could there be a technical issue? If you've been getting even a trickle of sales, it seems like there should be some reads in there too. Did you make sure you're in KU? The one time I didn't get any reads on a book, I checked and for whatever reason it wasn't enrolled.
I have the Android App SaveMyTime. I have 24 categories: Writing, Editing, Business, Forums, Teaching, Learning, Facebook Authors (for socialization with authors), Facebook Goof Off (not using Facebook for work), Planning, Homeschool planning, Homeschoole ELA, Homeschool Field Trip, Homeschool Math, Homeschool MISC, Kids Needed Me, Josh (time with hubby), Household, Errands, Self Care, Errands, Relaxing, Sleep, Sick, Exercise.

I do pay $3 for the app each month.

The way it works is my phone prompts me every 30 minutes before the unlock screen to chronicle what I am doing. It might be 3 hours since I last picked up my phone, in which case I can assign time to multiple. I chose this method for a few reasons:

#1 I mostly just chronicle what I'm doing. I wanted to SEE where the time goes. This is important, it helped me identify where I can reduce time vs. what I feel emotionally negative about but is really a positive. Like I FELT like household stuff was really taking up a ton of time, it's not. I convinced myself that I didn't have TIME to write. I do. :)

#2 My next step is to start making small changes to making my chronicle look more like the balance I WANT.

#3 It's easy for me to assign time and not miss any, so I can go back and look at the record, most people on average pick up their phones every 8 minutes.

#4 It can export a csv. file.
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