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Awakening Worlds is a coming of age novel with contemporary Gothic themes and elements of magical realism, a must-read for anyone who loves otherworldly fantasy.

When Roselyn, daughter of the universe, learns humanity’s growing disregard for Earth’s health is putting her mother’s life in danger, she volunteers to nurture a new spirit for the planet’s rebirth.

Roselyn arrives fresh from the world of ancient sunlight in 1784, and she soon discerns that human life is dispensable if she is to succeed in fulfilling the prophecy of the next world.

Roselyn’s actions are not as compassionate as one might expect from a goddess born from the planet Venus. But when Roselyn finds the spirit of Earth growing inside a young girl whose parents have hidden her away from the world, she finds herself feeling more compassionate—and more human—than she ever thought possible.

Awakening Worlds is an alternative creation myth, a contemporary fairytale and coming of age fantasy about the nature of creation and reincarnation. Roselyn is a strong female protagonist whose quest reveals an underlying hope for humanity despite her inhuman attitude towards the humans she encounters.