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Not Quite Kindle / Re: Last 2 Letters-fun game
« Last post by archaeoroutes on Today at 04:28:28 AM »
Not Quite Kindle / Re: 5 Letter Fun Game
« Last post by archaeoroutes on Today at 04:27:43 AM »
Writers' Cafe / Re: Anyone used LitRing before?
« Last post by Nicholas Erik on Today at 04:27:38 AM »
Thanks for the responses, everyone!

Writers' Cafe / Advertising a preorder on AMS
« Last post by nico on Today at 04:26:36 AM »
I have been trying to advertise our upcoming release on AMS during its preorder window, but i noticed no sales info was registering. I contacted Amazon, and after quite a while they finally followed up with this response:

Q: Does the AMS dashboard incorporate preorder sales into its ROI calculations?

A: If a pre-order is advertised and goes on sale within 14 days, due to our attribution window of 14 days the dashboard will only capture the estimated sales amount if the book begins selling within 14 days of the advertisement.

This is due to the fact that pre-order sales are not processed until the book actually goes on sale.

I hope this helps others make an informed decision about AMS ads.
Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Help Out A Noobie
« Last post by patrickt on Today at 04:20:13 AM »
Noobie, you left out some information. What does your mom like to read? My preferred genre is detective/mystery and I find a lot of books I enjoy on Amazon for $.99. If I were one of those who follows the New York Times best seller list I wouldn't get anything for $.99.

I really like--need--my Kindle but perhaps your mother doesn't. Before I got a Kindle I lugged books around with me so when I was stuck waiting for an appointment with those who don't understand the concept of appointment I could read. Hardback books were a pain.

If you mom only reads at home, enjoys curling up in the same chair under the same lamp and reading then perhaps the library is the best option. The library might also be something of a social outlet for your mom.
Hello everyone. I see that it is OK to draw members' attention to the books we have in the program and so I respectfully present mine, Tall Chimneys. It is a literary historical romance spanning 100 years between 1910 and 2010 in Yorkshire, home of the Brontės, cricket obsession and a really good cup of tea. I'd be thrilled if you would take a look.
My page views have been pretty good so far but I have only made a few hours H & T
Best of luck to everyone else who has books in the program at the moment.

I've already got you on the daily list, Allie, so don't fret. I put the list up every day so your book will be on it until the last dog barks.

Good luck with your campaign.  ;D
It's Monday morning. My wife is sick as a dog with a cold. I've got some writing to do and some errands to run. It didn't help that I was up at 2:30am with nightmares about rats. I blame it all on Stephen King's brand new Netflix movie, 1922.

I'm going to swing by our public library and pick up the book today. Any story that can give ME nightmares, I want to read!!!

So let's get to today's list, shall we?

Remember - the campaigns that need nominations the most are the ones that are closest to the LAST DAY LEFT, 1 day left, 2 days left etc.

Updated List

LAST DAY LEFT! The Fire Eye Refugee by Samuel Gately
5 days left George: The Long Road Ahead by Scarlet Le Clair
7 days left The Rise and Fall of Jane by Corrie Garrett
10 days left The Hunger by Mark Kasniak
10 days left The Unexpected Friendship by Angel Tracy
11 days left I Steal Secrets by Michael Gregory
12 days left The Weight of Madness by Randileigh Kennedy
17 days left When Death Comes For You by Marjorie Florestal
20 days left Deadline by Jewel Allen
24 days left Damaged Beyond All Recognition by Alan Felyk
24 days left Cold Solar by Anthony C. Robinson
25 days left Tall Chimneys by Allie Cresswell
25 days left 355: A Novel by Kit Sergeant
27 days left Vanished by Dan Petrosini
27 days left Feathered by Rachel Wollaston

I put this list up every morning and I strive to keep it up-to-date so that this thread needn't dissolve into a flurry of "NOMINATE MY BOOK, NOMINATE MY BOOK" posts. No one is under any obligation to nominate any of these books. I'm just trying to keep the thread clear of unnecessary clutter. This way once a day there is a complete list of current candidates and folks can readily check out the kboards members who have a book in the running and can make up their own mind. I try and stay nonpartisan about it - which is why I don't comment on any particular book by title. I just keep the list.
If I have missed anyone please let me know either with a PM or by posting a link here in the thread.

Happy scouting, folks!

There's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses. - The Blues Brothers

Writers' Cafe / Re: Boil Down Your 2017 Writing Into One Word
« Last post by MWhateley on Today at 04:17:12 AM »
Writers' Cafe / Re: Seven Audiobooks in Seven Days...whee!
« Last post by MWhateley on Today at 04:16:17 AM »
Congratulations Steve. 

I too have just dabbled with my first Audio book. For better or worse I chose to Narrate my own. I already had sound and video equipment from my YouTube uploads. It was an experience if nothing else. My wife popped upstairs to find me in the bedroom with the duvet over my head reading ghost stories.  :D I had it on good authority that if you don't have access to a recording studio that the duvet was the best way of reducing noise and echo. It was not good enough to cut out the sound of my wife laughing hysterically at me, and I did have to record that segment again.

How did you do yours? Did you get someone else to do the audio?
Just over a week left and I'm only half-way through my own contribution. At least my latest novelette release is on 2 November, so I'll getting more time to work on The Guardian.
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