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Bloody Sunrise
by Gregg Bell

Kindle Edition published 2017-06-06
Bestseller ranking: 4595

Product Description

Denny O'Callaghan is afraid to open his eyes.

He'd been out drinking last night with the guys, and his head throbs, his arms hurt, and he can't remember what he's done.

He opens his eyes. Blood. On his sheets. His pillowcase.

Then he gets a call: his ex-wife was murdered last night.

He desperately tries to piece together what happened. But he can't explain how he got the scratches on his arms, the police want to know about the domestic violence report his ex filed against him, and his buddies say he was raging against her last night before he stormed off on his own.

Right about the time she was murdered.


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'My involvement was total...I read this book straight through twice.' suziqnb

'Great thr...

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Writers' Cafe / Re: ACX help
« Last post by Lorri Moulton on Today at 12:18:01 PM »
ACX has been good to me so far. :)

My first audio book was just released.  It's short, a non-fiction and right on time for the Dunkirk movie.  An audio sample is included (much like a look inside section of the ebook) which is nice.  People can try it to see if they are interested in the audio book.  It's the Churchill book in my signature line.

I have only used royalty split, exclusive for my audio books...but I also only publish KU on Amazon.  I'm fairly new and I don't really have any expertise on "going wide" so I kept ACX simple, too.  There are many authors with more experience (who will hopefully chime in) and I'm sure plenty of reasons to not choose to be exclusive.  That has just worked for me.

I've found it's much easier to get auditions for shorter stories.  I had lots of interest in my three non-fictions and two fictional short books.  They're all under an hour in audio version and much less time/cost for the narrators/producers for a royalty split.

However, I've had less interest in the longer novels.  They are going to be 7-10 hours in audio and a lot more time/cost to produce.  That being said, I've found everyone to be very professional and extremely helpful.

Best of luck to all those trying out ACX.

Writers' Cafe / Re: ACX help
« Last post by Mark Gardner on Today at 12:14:02 PM »
I've used ACX for a number of titles: Linky.
If you want to distribute outside of Audible/Amazon/iTunes, then you'll need to go non-exclusive, but I don't see the advantage of having the one or two other sites that ACX doesn't distribute through.
The big thing, is to not rush and accept the first 15 minutes, because after that, there are penalties to you if you decide not to continue with the narrator.

Is using ACX really this easy?

I'm going to do my due diligence, but they sure make an intriguing pitch.

Is there anything to watch out for?

What about "exclusive" versus "non-exclusive" distribution?


I'm the same boat as Steve and interested in trying this.
Now that it's available from Ireland, I'm wondering if it is as easy as they say? Are there any gotchas or major hassles to watch out for which the experienced board members can advise?
Writers' Cafe / Re: AMS Ads Learning
« Last post by LilyBLily on Today at 12:12:29 PM »
I decided to "Pause" my campaign. The only option I saw was "Terminate" - is that how you pause a campaign?

No, it's not. You have a choice to pause, enable or terminate. Toggle to get pause.
Writers' Cafe / Re: AMS Ads Learning
« Last post by LilyBLily on Today at 12:10:59 PM »
I have never used a free day, which is why I didn't reply. It's my understanding that one should pause AMS ads if one is discounting.

I would consider doing one if BookBub accepted me for an ad. That's about it for me and free.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Bookbot Bob Promo Opportunity [MERGED]
« Last post by PamelaKelley on Today at 12:09:45 PM »
I think this will be an interesting one to follow. I signed up as a reader and have been getting maybe one message a day with a free book.  It seems like it may have potential possibly.
I've had the first two covers of my superhero novel done by Joel Cotejar, an indie artist from the Singapore. $350 is a solid price, especially if the artist gives you layers, inks, and colors in separate files. http://geniuspen.deviantart.com
Writers' Cafe / Re: ACX help
« Last post by CaptnAndy on Today at 12:02:24 PM »
I used ACX for my Greatest Generation Novel BB-39 in 2012. I follow their instruction and posted my information for prospective audio producers, and received 4 offers to produce the BB-39 audio book on a shared royalty basis. Each of the audio producers made a demo of the first chapter, and I selected the one I liked best. We went through chapter by chapter, revising as necessary until I was satisfied with the complete work. I have been pleasantly surprised with the additional income, and plan to use ACX on my next two projects.

A.G. Kimbrough
Writers' Cafe / Re: ACX help
« Last post by NANMANME on Today at 12:00:46 PM »
Gene Doucette...you are currently needed around these parts, sir! Inquiring minds await your digital presence.
Writers' Cafe / Re: I actually did it
« Last post by ebbrown on Today at 12:00:17 PM »
Congrats!!!  8)
Writers' Cafe / Re: AMS Ads Learning
« Last post by Dpock on Today at 11:58:09 AM »
I decided to "Pause" my campaign. The only option I saw was "Terminate" - is that how you pause a campaign?
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