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Writers' Cafe / Re: For heaven's sake, people, you're authors.
« Last post by Doglover on Today at 03:42:47 AM »
I am going to drag this thread up again because I've come across a reason for uncertain writers to have problems with the apostrophe. I have just typed into my story 'five spoonfuls of sugar'. The wavy red line appeared beneath 'spoonfuls' so I checked to see what its problem was. It seems that Word thinks I need an apostrophe 'spoonful's'.

Does anyone know what it's on about? Please? Seriously?
The Book Bazaar / Re: The WHEEL OF FIRE series (space opera)
« Last post by Jeff Tanyard on Today at 03:39:44 AM »
It takes exactly three days to travel anywhere via cross-space.  The galaxy's scientists have no explanation for it, and the mechanics of cross-space are still largely a mystery.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Smart Little Tactic - Is This Allowed?
« Last post by DonovanJeremiah on Today at 03:34:44 AM »
All of this is great advice, but what was the question?
Writers' Cafe / Re: Free Run Plan & Results
« Last post by Joynell Schultz on Today at 03:30:22 AM »
I'm excited to see how this goes. I've bookmarked it.

In addition to your promo sites, I like Robin Reads and Book Adrenaline.

Good luck!
The Book Corner / please suggest me books on good habbits
« Last post by daisy407 on Today at 03:00:50 AM »
This is Daisy Walker from United Kingdom, and I am looking for book on adopting good habbits.
I'm hoping a positive reply

Writers' Cafe / Re: Free Run Plan & Results
« Last post by Sarah Shaw on Today at 02:55:45 AM »
Looks good. I'll be following with interest!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Said goodbye to Wide
« Last post by Ebook Proofreading on Today at 02:26:25 AM »
My page reads have really taken off today. I have a bunch of series so people tend to read the other ones in the series. I rarely write anything except series any longer since they do so well.

Congratulations! I think you will get more exposure with your series in KU.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Wish me luck - I'm going wide
« Last post by PaulineMRoss on Today at 02:26:22 AM »
You have a lot of works!  But it is interesting that they are sun-setting. Discussion for later I guess.

Or now, even.  :D The epic fantasies did well, in a modest way, for six books, each one doing a bit better than the one before (which was more about me learning how to market them than any improvement in the books, I suspect). They were all standalone, so I could promote any one of them. But then book 7 just flopped. Books 8 and 9 likewise. I've put new covers on them, more in keeping with the genre, I've promoted them every which way, never got a Bookbub but tried everything else. And they still slid. The only halfway successful tactic has been to make book 1 99c. So now, I'm going to try permafree, and see what that does, and whether I can find a new audience in the wide world.

All books slide eventually. Mine have never been hugely successful to start with, so the slide starts earlier and is steeper. Of the two Regency series, the new series is doing reasonably well (for me) and every new release bumps things up. The old series is sliding, so it will go wide later this year. KU is voracious and loves fresh meat, but for those of us who can't or won't put out a book a month, it's hard to keep the beast fed. I can't do the write-to-market thing, either, so I'm stuffed, basically.  ;D So... on to something new.

Good luck with your book. I hope it goes well for you.
Did you manually change the categories? Because Garrick is no longer in erotica!

I apologise if my comments were rude, I was trying to point out the obvious.

You are an excellent writer that deserves better because of your hard work, I was trying to explain what to do to distance yourself from the erotica category, which sadly is radioactive these days.

No offence was taken. I can take constructive criticism and I appreciate anyone who bothers enough to put forward their thoughts :)
Hi everyone

Garrick is now out of erotica, Sawyer is still there, but I'm so relieved to have only one book in erotica now. One feels manageable and less like my fledging writing career has already hit the skids, lol.

(Moving Sawyer is going to be harder as they have scanned the book for sexual content and told me I have to unpublish, remove all the sex and republish with a new ASIN and only then will they take it out of Erotica - cos there is no sex in books outside erotica catgs, ahem  ::))

Anyways, after emailing Amazon, I have also made most of the changes people suggested and am very grateful for everyones help in overhauling my Amazon page and making it more appropriate and less booby trapped with dubious words.

I'm not sure what bits worked in the whole equation but something did and I am SO relieved.

Feeling much more confident about blurbs and keywords going forward AND I'm feeling less anxious and apprehensive about publishing the third book. This is great and a real shift in my head :)

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to put forward their thoughts to help out a noob prawn, I hope I can return the favour some day  :-*
Theresa x
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