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Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
« Last post by NapCat on Today at 01:54:09 AM »
Good Morning

Sunny 80s in Orlando.  I should stay in the office today to catch up on reports.

Hope everone's week is going well.
Funny, I am working on my first male MC now and he is much easier to write than the women in my other books... but then I live in a male dominated world so I guess they would be easier to write!
I had 'serialized story' in my blurb, but at the bottom.  After two 1 star reviews (in the same day) after a promo, I moved it to the top of the blurb.  Hopefully, that will be enough of a warning for future readers.  Along with the reviews...

They say you know you're a star when you acquire your first stalker... lol
Writers' Cafe / Re: Sharing pain.. deleting large chunk of WIP
« Last post by C. Gold on Today at 01:28:20 AM »
How about writing 23 chapters and 70k words when you realize the female lead has no purpose in the middle of the book! Whoops! I might be able to save it, but right now that's 70k on the cutting room floor.  :o That was my first book attempt. Fortunately, attempt two with a completely new story resulted in success.

I save all the stuff I cut out, that way I feel more inclined to 'move' it to a new home for later adoption. ;)
Luckily, I haven't had that happen yet but I did rage over some 4 star arcs where the only reason they got a 4 instead of five was the length of the books,(they are novellas and advertised as such) when I asked why the four so I could make the next ones in the series better I was told "oh no, the stories are wonderful but I was told four stars is the maximum to give for any short story..." I don't want to argue with an arc review and so they remain lol .. so all 5 books in the series launched with 4 stars and it kills me every time I see them!

I would, kind of, prefer the jerk excuse... or at least an explanation in the review.
Writers' Cafe / Re: New cover - what do you think?
« Last post by Pandorra on Today at 01:11:29 AM »
Very Nice JR!
yes, me too. That blog is gone apparently. Disappointing :(
Writers' Cafe / Re: Quasi Supernatural thriller
« Last post by Neil Carstairs on Today at 12:50:03 AM »
There are plenty of psychic detective books out there, but as Doglover says if you are more mystery than supernatural then it will be in the mystery/cozy genre. Edging more to supernatural will take you towards a writer like Stephen Leather (Jack Nightingale series) and John Connolly (Charlie Parker series)
Writers' Cafe / Re: New cover - what do you think?
« Last post by jb1111 on Today at 12:47:43 AM »
Nice cover. Would perhaps brighten the letters a hair for easier notice in the thumbnail.

I see no problem personally with the 'of' italicized. It is eye catching, which is part of the job of the cover.
Writers' Cafe / Re: How do you structure your life around writing?
« Last post by KD Ritchie on Today at 12:42:28 AM »
It's all about figuring out your own challenges and piecing out what you can do! I combat a lot of physical limitations (I lay down for 90-95% of my day from a faulty back ), so I've learned how draw from my deck:

1) Usually in the morning or late I feel best, so that's when I put in my writing time. If I can type, I usually do if my throat is sore from dictating. If my fingers hurt too much from typing, I dictate. I do this until I can't go any longer due to pain. (So sometimes it's 1k a day, others it's up to 6k)
3) If I'm in too much pain regardless (pain makes writing hard for me), I start plotting and brainstorming for my next series or making book covers. I haven't been able to write as much in the past week, but I got some great ideas brewing!
3) If I feel too bad to even brainstorm, I listen to a lot of podcasts and learn about self-publishing for ideas.

When I'm working for a client on the computer, I can be listening to podcasts or Booktube for ideas from readers and writers :) It's taken me some time to figure this out (more than 2 years since the onset of my challenges), but you can probably swap out "pain" for "X" and see how to get things done. Maybe you can dictate in the car or educate yourself. Maybe you can pace around the house for exercise or dusting and write a book (Dragon Naturally has a phone app that works pretty good with Wifi).

Just think of ALL the things we writers need to do, and have them ready to whip out. When I figured out how many things we do as self-publishers, it made me never feel down about not meeting a self-imposed goal. Always be ready to learn, grow, and adapt. That way you are investing in yourself :)
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