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Hi!  I am winding up to launch a few books in a brand new pen name that will not be associated with my current author name at all.  Therefore, I am launching as a complete newb, no mailing list, etc.  I was wondering if any of you have any fantastic launch strategies for a brand new set of books.

Where/when would you advertise?

What would you do as far as launch timelines?  Preorders?

What price point would you launch at?

Other hints/tips?

I've read about some people launching brand new books without mailing lists or having published anything else and somehow they make it big.  I'm wondering what I'm missing!  If any of you know the secret to making leaps and bounds straight out the gate, please share.  :)   (Oh, if it's relevant, I will be launching 2 stand-alone contemporary romances with a third to follow soon after... and two fantasy romances in a series, with a third in the works and not far behind.)   I don't mind spending some money, so long as I'm not just throwing it into the wind.
Maybe you could try combining the three images? It might fit the genre better.
Something like this :

The book sounds really interesting! Your blurb does seem more like a description, but a very good one. You might want to keep it for the back of the book if you do a print version as well.

I think this mock up is stunning!  Much, much better than the original version for which I would agree with everyone else has said.  It's confusing and leads to wonder if a box set.

Reading the responses here, I realized  the biggest titles are trad published. I think (please correct me if I'm wrong) in the music industry, while indies can upload their music on Youtube or some platform, the biggest names are still owned by recording companies. Justin Bieber, for example, was found on Youtube but he wouldn't be what he is today if not for his recording contract with a known company. Imagine doing it small-time. I don't think his popularity would be as big. Does anyone of you think we'll have a reach like that without the backing of a known company? All we have is the internet. The biggest titles are in bookstores, in libraries and in the media. I can only think of The Martian that made it big, sadly. But then, I'm not good with naming examples.
Not Quite Kindle / Re: What are you binge-watching?
« Last post by mlewis78 on Today at 10:18:38 PM »
I finished watching Longmire on Sunday. Wow! I love that show. Has anyone watched it twice?

I might watch Goliath next. I have not seen any of it and now there are two seasons.
I'm sure I might be one of the odd ones in saying this,  but I found the article actually quite hilarious on a few points.

1. The author has written numerous books, self-promoted ,ads, and is not clearing 24 k a year. Yet he states, " Iíd suggest $50K as a minimum advance for a novel." Why? You cant even bring in half that but you want someone else to pay you more? Concerning the advance he uses the appeal to emotion fallacy, "Ėmake the radical moral and ethical decision."

2. His logic about everyone deserving a slice of the pie is flawed. I would be curious how much does he pay his cover designer? The going rate or the "moral and ethical" rate he wants for himself?

3. This is brilliant.---" Because in the current state of affairs, the people whose books go to market are the people who can afford it. Whether itís the privilege of a small inheritance like mine, the privilege of a partner making money, family generosity, or a paid job which allows both enough money and enough free time and energy to pursue art, published authors most likely have had some economic advantages."

Yes, the whole system is against you or people without money. Even with an inheritance, cheaper rent, he still cant make a decent living at this, yet others do. His predicament might be because he cannot write well? His stories are boring? Something is wrong, but I guess its far easier in the current time  to play the victim card rather than to admit its not working out for him for various reasons.

It's a sad truth that you can give everything to your art and still end up being Florence Foster Jenkins.

On the other hand, at least this guy is doing something memorable with his inheritance.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Stuffers, scammers, and bad mamajammers
« Last post by Doglover on Today at 10:13:31 PM »
I can imagine only a few things more frustrating and irritating that following a driver who goes up to the speed limit then backs off. It must be just as infuriating as those idiots who slam the brakes on when they see a speed camera sign (not the camera, mind you; just the sign) because they don't have a clue what the speed limit is. The times I have nearly gone into the back of one of those!

If you drove like that in England, you would likely get stopped because some copper would think you are drunk. Going too slow on motorways (less than 30 or 40, can't remember now) is illegal and will get you a ticket.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Can I use tables in an ebook or not?
« Last post by Gene Netto on Today at 10:10:50 PM »
No one has suggested any other formatting services to check out, so I guess I will continue with BookBaby, as they have been very responsive, patient and helpful. I have asked them so many questions in the last 2 weeks, and got good assistance each time. One service I was dealing with stopped replying to my emails, when I told them about the content of my book. Guess it was too controversial for them.
So I need a formatting service that is helpful and gives good advice to a novice, and is also willing to take a risk with a serious, and potentially controversial, non-fiction book.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Can I use tables in an ebook or not?
« Last post by Gene Netto on Today at 10:09:48 PM »
Thanks so much to all of you for your advice. I really appreciate it. I have been giving this problem lots of thought. The info in the table is really important. So any loss of data, or display problems will kill the whole purpose of having it in the first place.
I have reformatted and simplified the whole table into text only. Itís much longer now (37 units of information, with the categories repeated again in each unit), but nothing is missing, and should display well, which is the most important thing. Thanks again for the advice.
This fear of being sued appears to be a bigger problem than actual real problems.

Several people on these forums got sued not long ago. I'd call that an "actual real problem." I'm not sure what else I can say that won't get edited, but if you look for lawsuits, you'll find the info.
If we are talking about things that get done wrong, there is a big one that always seems to come up - wearing swords across your back and drawing them over your shoulder.

It is physically impossible to do unless it is very short.


Try it for yourself if you don't believe this.

I personally can draw my sword over my shoulder but it only has a 23-inch blade which puts it squarely in short sword territory. Go up to the 28-inch blade of a traditional knight's sword and I'd have real difficulty doing it, if at all, and I have been told I have freakishly long arms for my height.
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