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I upgraded to the New Oasis and am thus looking to sell several of my Kindles as well as Oberon Design covers.
I have 2 Paperwhite/Voyage Oberon Design covers that I am looking to sell - a brand new Wild Roses in orchid and an EUC Owl in sky blue.  I'm asking $50 and $40 respectively and will include shipping.

I upgraded to the New Oasis and am thus looking to sell several of my Kindles as well as Oberon Design covers.

I am selling my Kindle Voyage in EU to Like New condition with WiFi and 3G and am asking $130 and will include shipping.

I also have 2 Paperwhite/Voyage Oberon Design covers that I am looking to sell - a brand new Wild Roses in orchid and an EUC Owl in sky blue.  I'm asking $50 and $40 respectively and will include shipping.

SOLD Paperwhite

I also have 2 Paperwhite/Voyage Oberon Design covers that I am looking to sell - a brand new Wild Roses in orchid and an EUC Owl in sky blue.  I'm asking $50 and $40 respectively and will include shipping.

Upcoming Deal:
Get $25 off a Certified Refurbished Kindle Touch…

This starts at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT

Hope this finds everyone well!!

Archives / WTB Oberon Paperwhite cover & Nook Simple Touch **Updated
« on: April 05, 2013, 10:03:38 AM »
I am open to various patterns and colors. Please let me know the pattern, color, and condition as well as the lowest price you are asking for. If interested, I'm willing to trade. I have many Oberon journals, kindle covers and large and small Moleskine covers all in excellent shape, most brand new or like new. I also have a LOT of Vera Bradley items of various patterns - some dating back over 15 years.  Most would be considered "new old stock", new or like new. I can pay via PayPal or Amazon Gift Card (or a combination of any of these).  Many thanks in advance!

PS: I have one Oberon Paperwhite cover but am looking for a backup (as I sometimes change my mind as to what cover to use).  Hummingbirds, Paisely, Van Gogh Boats, Roses, etc...  I am VERY open to various patterns :)  

PSS: I am also looking to purchase an Oberon Nook Simple Touch Cover for a friend.  If you have one that you are looking to sell, feel free to let me know :)

Many thanks!
:) Caroline

Archives / Looking for Oberon small acanthus leaves journal
« on: February 19, 2013, 06:56:48 AM »
I am open to colors but ideal would be in firm and with heavy relief :)

Archives / WTB Oberon Paperwhite cover
« on: January 11, 2013, 03:30:03 AM »
I prefer red - ideal would be red hummingbirds, wild roses or paisley though I am open to other patterns/colors. I am open to purchasing or trading (I have other covers for almost all Kindles with the exception of the Fire HD covers and Paperwhite...)

It's a "Goldbox Deal" and is only available at this price for the next 2 hours, but I figured I'd offer the info!
(The cover is in green).  Here's the link:

Kindle Accessories / Oberon K4 Cover and Kindle Touch
« on: April 03, 2012, 11:34:22 AM »
Regarding fitting for the Touch in the K4 covers, one thing I've noticed is that it fits in my red hummingbirds cover no problem. But my with newer K4 butterfly cover, it doesn't.  TECHNICALLY it fits, but when you close the cover, it looks very awkward as the cover doesn't completely close.  My red hummingbirds K4 cover and my K4 butterfly cover, while the same height and width, are different in terms of the amount of space between the left and right inside covers.

With the above, I'd think that the small journal cover is a better fit tan the K4 cover.  Wondering what the Touch looks like in a small journal?  Check out the thread under "Oberon Small Journal and Kindle Touch".

Hope this is of help!!!!

:) Caroline

Kindle Accessories / OBERON Covers & Journals: TIPS ON CARING FOR THEM
« on: March 31, 2012, 12:18:36 PM »
If you aren't familiar with Oberon items, be careful how you clean them.  Cadillac boot and shoe lotion is great for conditioning the leather and Cadillac Shield water and stain repellant will help to protect the leather.  If you have to clean it outside of wiping it down with a dry cloth, Leather CPR works great - just don't rub it into the leather - simply put it on with a dry cloth and then gently wipe it off after letting it sit for a minute or two. Whatever you do, don't use the Cadillac Leather Cleaner as it will strip the leather of it's color, and avoid any and all products with mink oil in it as this will also destroy the finish.  (I learned this the hard way a long time ago on two new journals.) 

Avoid leaving leather items out in the sun or in flourescent lighting as this can cause the color to dull and/or fade...  Gently rubbing the leather with clean hands will help to polish the leather and bring out the pattern more.  This may also cause the color to darken (in some cases considerably as with Oberon's current purple) ss well as cause some colors to "bleed".  I've found this especially true for their red in the Wild Roses pattern.

Hope this is of help, and feel free to add to these tips!
:) Caroline

Here's the official list (see below).   (ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING in the continental US) (I will go lower if multiple items are purchased   All reasonable offers will be considered!!  (For the wallet, I JUST posted photos of it along with more photos to my page - click photos, then selling album   Please email me through the KindleBoard so I don't miss your message!

Hi everyone!!!
Earlier today, I started a post listing ever item along with photographs of various Oberon items I am looking to sell.  I don't work for Oberon, nor am I a reseller though looking at the photographs and the amount of items I will be listing, I should probably call and ask if I can buy stock in the company...  

Seriously speaking, most items are either old new stock, new or like-new items.  Several are discontinued items, patterns and/or colors.  I LOVE all of my Oberon journals, covers, etc., but I am realizing that I can live an entire lifetime and not use all of what I own.  (I am not selling ALL of my Oberon, just what I haven't been using. The items are just too beautiful to sit and not be lovingly used and admired...

As just the first few photos will testify to, I will be posting LOTS of Oberon items (in the buying/selling forum here :).  Just to name a few of the items: Kindle Keyboard Covers (6 with all but two in new condition - the other two are gently used and the purple butterfly is glove leather smooth and in perfect condition - I am selling it only because I have updated to the KTouch, K4 and DX), 2 small sleeves - 1 green celtic hounds and 1 red paisely, both in brand new condition, Journals (large and small some old new stock and some brand new styles that I thought I'd like, and while I LOVE them, I simply am not using them and it's a shame to have them sitting and not being lovingly used), Organizers (4 pocket and 1 large), Moleskine covers (at least 10 if I am correct).

I am not looking to profit from from selling these or other items, rather, I am simply needing to recoup some (hopefully most) of the monies that I'd paid so that I can pay some emergency medical bills as well as purchase a cover or two for my newer Kindles.  (I already sold my Kindle Keyboard 3G without ads.)

So here's just a couple of photos until I can hurry back to post more along with specifics in terms of patterns, colors, asking prices, etc.  All reasonable offers will be considered.  I am more willing to accept best offers on items that I didn't pay full price for.  MANY of the items (especially, Kindle Covers, Moleskine Covers and Large/Small journals were purchased via Oberon directly, and some, such as the Fern Green Dragonfly Pond Large Wrap-Around design Journal haven't been used at all.

PayPal is preferred although Amazon Gift Cards will be accepted if PayPal is not possible.

:) Caroline
PS:  If anyone is interested, many of the photos can be found in my personal Facebook Page at in the photos section and then in the "Selling" album.  Feel free to send me a private message here or via Facebook - please be sure to use your name so I don't start mixing people up :)

I hope this works :)  I normally shoot portraits and weddings, but when on my own, I enjoy macro photography of pretty much any subject. I particularly like this shot as the bee appears to be so happy.  LOL  I wasn't so happy when he was flying straight at my camera... Fortunately, he found this flower instead :)

Introductions & Welcomes / Hello from PA...
« on: March 11, 2012, 12:39:09 AM »
I am just wanting to write a brief intro about myself... I live near Philadelphia in PA (born and raised in NY), and LOVE to read and write.  As for reading, I wasn't able  to for some time due to double vision though having used a Kindle since 2010, that has changed. :)  I also love to journal, and I am most comfortable with prose and poetry.  My primary artistic outlets are photography and sculpture, and I've been working on a book hoping to combining my writing and prose/poetry.

I have a HUGE collection of Oberon journals, Kindle covers, etc. and hope to find new homes for many of them.  Likewise, I am on the lookout for Oberon covers for my new Kindle DX, K Touch and K4 (baby Kindle).

I hope this finds everyone having a wonderful night, and I am glad to be a part of what appears to be a great online community!

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