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Introductions & Welcomes / Hello. A new Kindle DX lives in South Louisiana!
« on: February 20, 2010, 06:41:28 PM »
Hi all.  Im Jessica and I have had my DX for a short while now.  After seeing all the posts on this board I feel part of something wonderful now!  Kindle ownership is a happy thing.  A thing to brag about for sure! :)  I am excited to join this board.  Thanks all for keeping it so interesting  ;D

Okay.  FINALLY PICTURES!, but first here is an explanation of the process.
  I had looked and looked and looked for a DX case that would suit my personality.  And while I did find several that would do, not struck me enough to get me to pay the exorbitant prices for those particular ones.  I do seem to have champagne the saying goes.  So.  I bought an ADORABLE binder at walmart for almost $4.  I got home, set myself up with supplies which included: sewing needles of varying sizes, thread of varying color, grosgrain ribbon of varying sizes and colors, gorilla super glue(*I believe this brand is superior for this project), scissors, and whatnots.  Then I began my crafting.  

I cut the three ring binding out of the binder.  This left me with the two sides.
I cut both sides open and pulled out the inside paper and cardboard and I cut down JUST the cardboard to size that I preferred. Mine is a little large than the actual kindle dx.  
The I tucked everything back in and folder the paper down to size and tucked it down to hide it.  On the piece of paper that has writing and barcode i think, i tucked that edge down. :) On the piece of the folder that I used for the BACK of the kindle case I left out the OUTSIDE piece of paper so i could tuck it into the FRONT flap of my cover.  I cut down the extra plastic and to slide over each other. One inside the other.  You want to leave enough plastic to creat a wide enough "binding" so that your Kindle will fit inside and it closes all the way.  You need a tiny bit more than a half inch if you have a thicker silicone skin or gelaskin.  A little less if you have a decal skin.  This is where I slid the UNFOLDED paper into the other side.  This gave me my "binding".  I then superglued that piece of paper down to the front of the cover.  Then I superglued the two sides together on JUST THE PLASTIC.  Then on the inside POCKET of the binder, on the appropriate side for your holding style, or both sides if you like, cut the POCKET so that you end up with corner triangles to hold the kindle.  I cut the right side because Im right handed.  While I was putting my binder together I kept this in mind so that It would have the pictures and designs in the places I wanted.  Then I decorated the way you see.  Some ribbon and my owl and button. :)  
There is a post on here where someone uses hair bands to hold their cover closed.  I recommend this way instead of the button and ribbon for closing your cover because its much simpler to get it on there rather than sewing through cardboard, which required making appropriate tiny holes first.  The hair band can be glued on in a cute fashion on the back, length ways on the edge, and this will look like some journals that use a piece of elastic.   I actually saw one like this at walmart, with the same pattern as my binder, that I almost bought, but it was spiral bound notebook journal and not hard enough for the level of protection that I wanted.

Anyway, if that was too confusing and detailed, pictures are here!

Heres a direct link to flickr in case you wanna just skip to the flikr account and miss all the fun watching them load :) :)

From Start.....

Cut Up...

Putting the 'binding' together...

Half way there...

the back and ribboned 'binding'...

the inside and my 'page markers' :)

kindle in and ready to go :D

To Finish, with my cute little, also homemade, owl.

As I look at the pictures I realize they dont really do it justice.  I dont mean to brag, but, really, the thing is just so flippin cute and it just FITS me.  I mean, I do love owls a whole lot.  So go to your local office supply store or walmart or wherever your search takes you till you find a binder that just screams for you to take it home and cut it up. 

I really didnt realize how much I was missing when I didnt have a case.  I cant believe how much more comfortable I am with my case being on it.  I am a lot less protective and I dont HOVER over it now like I did. :)  lol.  I was searching for one, and just wanted to wait till I had the perfect one. Now I do, and Im even happier with it than I thought I would be.  Having a Case/Cover really takes alot of the worrying out of owning a Kindle.  I can close it up now and tote it with me, under my arm or in my exceptionally large purses.  (I have children and therefore I have to accommodate)

Hope anyone looking for a case and having the same problem as myself can use this as motivation to MAKE their OWN!

Kindle DX reviews / My first Kindle...the DX........
« on: February 18, 2010, 06:07:21 PM »
I think I am in Love.

I admit that I cant personally compare it any other Kindle.  To any other e-readers for that matter.  I weighed my options on the Kindle DX vs Kindle 2 and I figured if I was getting one, might as well go all the way.  So I got the DX.  And although I have not used the Kindle 2 I am very very happy with the DX.

Screen size is about the size of a softcover book.  The screen is comparable to reading a softcover, but the entire size of the DX is about the size of a magazine.  Its more comparable to a magazine than a hardcover in weight, width, thinness and overall size.   I love the larger screen.  I can't imagine using the Kindle 2 because I cant think how small the screen is.  I can read a lengthy book in a few hours and I can tell that with the Kindle 2 I would have been turning the page so much more frequently than when I was reading a book.  

My second point is the weight.  I do have to set it down while I am reading.  But I can honestly say I have never been one to hold any book up in the air the entire time I was reading it.  So this is no different for me.  I enjoy resting it on the arm of my chair, on a pillow in my lap or in other numerous comfortable reading positions.  Therefore the weight issue is just not an issue with me.  

The other options that I compared reviews on the Kindle DX to was the Sony PRS900 and the Nook.  I read alot of opinions on the Sony's and Nook and I cant say exactly one specific reason I chose the Kindle, but several of them lead me to do so.  One was the bookstore prices.  Kindle is cheaper.  Another was the plug in and read feature.  Someone said you cannot do this on the Sony.  And one more most memorable difference was the web browser.  I wont look at it much at home.  I have a laptop for that.  But if I want to browse the numerous free e-book sites that are out there in the www, i can do so right from the DX.  And if I am in town reading on my DX and have the need to look something up, simply put, I can.

I also liked that the DX had the extra storage memory without the memory card.  I have too many things that use a memory card as it is.  I dont want to keep up with another one.

Price- Kindle DX SHOULD NOT be the best, best part of $500.  It is and I paid it, but I wasn't happy about it and now that I have my DX, I'm glad I spent the money, but I'm just going to say, Amazon is a tad bit too proud with the price.  It really needs to come down about $90.  It just does not stand that FAR out from the Kindle 2 options to warrant the price.  I paid for the larger screen and I'm happy I did.  But I HAD to otherwise, I would not have the Kindle DX.  And I wanted the Kindle DX more than I wanted to complain over the price.  

Now onto a feature all e-readers have.  Its a Bookstore.  IN YOUR HAND!  I really do LOVE this thing.  I cannot count the number of times that I have not gotten to finish a series because by the time I could get to the bookstore I had lost the book and forgotten the series name or author.  Granted they were obscure, but I started them and I would have loved to finish them.  I love living WITH my bookstore.  Whatever book, whatever genre Im in the mood for, any time.  Priceless.

The dictionary is wonderful. Period.
The music does not sound spectacular up loud, but I dont want it loud when Im reading anyway.  Do you?  Soft relaxing music while I'm reading......yeah, that's what I'm talking about.  I can't read enough and I can't listen to enough music, now with the help of Kindle, I can enjoy both in ONE hand.

Okay, now for the feature that SHOULD be included.  Organizing.  HELLO.  If you have put more than 20 books on your Kindle you know what Im talking about.
Before I purchased it I didnt see how this was going to be a problem.  I said to myself, "self, why would you need organizing really....I mean you can search it right, and then the search will pull up the book you want....Right?"  Well, yes, it will.  But It just so happens that I dont have that great a memory.  I may remember that its a romance I wanted, or a thriller, but sometimes that's all I remember.  The other super fantastic benefit FOLDERS would provide is just to say "Hey self, Theres Not a specific book I want, but lets go to the MYSTERY section, I think Im in the mood for a mystery novel today."  Cause honestly, If it were my honest to God REAL Library with real books, then Yeah, I would ORGANIZE THEM by Genre and then Author... Please, someone, or lots of someones from Amazon, take note of this.  Its a BIG issue.  Give us an update for this please!

Okay.  Thats it.  Im sure I didnt cover everything, but these are the things that stand out to me.  I have had my DX for a little more than two weeks I believe.

And I have the Global DXi.  Because one never knows when an opportunity might arrise to travel internationally :)

UPDATE:  Okay, I just want to tell my experience of thinking my DX had a charging port issue.  I began having troubles slowly with the charger not staying 'just so' and it would stop charging.  Not so serious at first.  Well, yesterday, on a day trip, I noticed that it went from being very very minor to the point that it would NOT charge unless I held it in place.  THIS just wouldnt do.  I really thought i was going to have to send the DX back for a new one.  But Then I forgot my cord at my friends house and I was VERY BESIDE myself because friend lives an hour away.  So I went in search of ANY charger that would work.  I have PLENTY spare chargers of all kinds.  USB and wall.  So I was trying them all when I noticed that my husbands PHONE charger was the same size.  So I plugged it in and IT WORKED!  It is a small tiny black flip Nokia phone.  AND I noticed that this Charger was not loose.  SO it wasnt my DX it was SIMPLY the cord!  Well, this morning I got in touch with Amazon and they said, SURE, Okay Just order a new one and we will refund your money right away.  OMG!  I know I had heard the amazing customer service stories but Just cannot believe they did it for me too!  It took about 2.5 minutes to talk to them and then order the charging adapter. :)  I asked if I would need to send in the broken one or throw it away.  Just throw it away! :)  VERY VERY happy with Amazon right now!

Okay.  I have downloaded peazip and Im just not even sure what is going on there.  I then download the hack file and then open it with peazip.  This is where Im lost I guess.  I just dont know what is going on after this. :o I click and click and all sorts of things open and i keep clicking till i see a string of letters saying "update_DX_screensaverhack-install.bin" , then I copy this, which I believe to be the update for my kindle dx (with global?) I have saved all the screensavers under the system directory in a folder labeled screen_saver.  I had to "unhide" it.  ::)   THEN I unplug my kindle and press menu, twice, and when the second menu appears, the update kindle is grayed out.  So I selected restart instead.  When it finally restarts, it tells me its updating, then about 4 seconds later it tells me the update failed.   ???

Can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong...

Is there some sort of uninstall i need to do then start over?

Im not completely computer and tech illiterate, but I just cant figure out what Im doing wrong here... So I guess...
be easy on the explanations.   Pretend your teaching a toddler to tie his shoes.... :P

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