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11 days left! I've just seen my views plummet on KS, not a great feeling, but I do recall a few of you pointing out that this would happen around the middle. :(

Currently got the top three on Steve's list nominated:

3 days left Matters of the Heart by Ben Muse
3 days left The Happy Hammock by Kathrin Lake
3 days left Alice Through the Glass Darkly by Hargrove Perth

Good luck, folks! May the odds be ever in your favour  ;D

Writers' Cafe / Re: I did something wrong ..
« Last post by Travelian on Today at 04:48:06 AM »
From where she stood, she could see the A clear blue light emanatinged from a small window of the top floor increasing both her anxiety and her anger.
I get the advice a lot to avoid filter words (she sees, she hears, she smells).

For the underlined, it's better to show the physical side of anxiety and anger than tell the feeling. But to be honest, even the great writers miss on "show don't tell" every now and then.
Writers' Cafe / Re: epic fantasy- not converting- take-2
« Last post by Dennis Chekalov on Today at 04:40:51 AM »
I will look at it more closely, for starting from the carriage scene, but not sure how to do that since the fight scene is kind of relevant.  Is the fight scene itself interesting, or is it more of "follow the whiny kid" boring? I intended it to show that he has a history of being victimized which motivates a lot of later choices and 2, he is quick on his feet mentally. I'm not sure that could be conveyed through flashback, after the fact...?

You may want to consider using beta-readers.
Writers' Cafe / Re: 3000 Words a Day Club
« Last post by she-la-ti-da on Today at 04:39:54 AM »
Or you could just record your numbers in the other thread like everyone else does.

Or she could start a thread that better suits her goals, like everyone else does? :D

I'm formatting/doing an editing pass right now, so I'm only doing like 100 words or less a day, so there's not much for me to talk about yet. On normal writing days, I usually hit about 2K to 2500 words, depending. Sometimes it's a bit more, sometimes less. My health has been bad for a long while, but now that I'm getting better the words are coming easier. I still have to deal with the arthritis and carpal tunnel in my hands, so really big word counts are painful and sometimes throw me off track for a couple of days to recover.

The only thing for me is I try to write five days out of seven. I normally take shopping day (Wednesday) off, because it just exhausts me, and then Sunday, since it breaks the week up evenly. Though sometimes it's different days, which I don't like because I'm trying really hard to be consistent. I have issues with being consistent. :(
Not Quite Kindle / Re: What is the last thing you ordered from Amazon?
« Last post by Sandpiper on Today at 04:39:30 AM »
Ken Burns' The Vietnam War DVDs and book.
Writers' Cafe / Re: I did something wrong ..
« Last post by C. Gold on Today at 04:37:42 AM »
How about a little creepy added in? ;)

Alliah's heart was pounding by the time they stopped in a shadowed alley. While she caught her breath, Dylan had already found hand and toe holds in the cracked wall and was shimmying up with the agility of a spider. Her own ascent wasn't nearly as graceful. She followed more slowly, cursing under her breath, and landed beside him with a loud thump. Freezing, she looked around for signs they'd been detected, but all she saw was a small, empty courtyard steeped in darkness with a few skeletal trees giving the place a macabre look. Nothing but dead silence greeted her. She craned her neck up and spied their goal - a window at the very top with a clear blue light shining out. So he was there after all. Alliah wiped her suddenly sweaty palms on her leggings. So many things could go wrong with this confrontation. Anger hazed her vision as she recalled the last time they met. She vowed this time it would be different. This time she'd get what she came for.
I wasn't a math major. Okay, Miss Picky. .01%. :)
I wasn't either, which is why I was asking. I'm so bad at math my former editor had to check all my millage math for me when I was a reporter.
Wouldn't 1% be ten errors in 1K?
I wasn't a math major. Okay, Miss Picky. .01%. :)
Should I change it to allow more options?

Apparently returning to the beginning is a normal thing for a lot of people, but I'm like you. I leave it where I finish it. A partial percentage show me I bailed out of it, and 0% tells me I've not read it at all.

It's up to you...I'm a sample of one. :D

It's always interesting finding out how differently we all use our Kindles.

Declan, that is the best non-cover cover I've seen in a long time, but what is a property virgin?

Well, a "Property Virgin" in the correct context of the title and story is someone who is house hunting, but hasn't quite stepped on the propery ladder until they make their first purchase. She loses her virginity in this regard quite quickly, having made a rash decision when a slick real estate agent smooth talks her into buying a foreclosed house that becomes not quite the bargain she expected in what is a murder mystery thriller. I'm 8 chapters in and I've given myself 8 weeks to finish it.

Not made my mind up on a cover just yet. These are just mockups I'll put to the designer for ideas. I don't have the software to add figures correctly and to manipulate the stocks.

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