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Stone and Silt
by Harvey Chute

Kindle Edition published 2013-08-14
Bestseller ranking: 713665

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Big Al's Books & Pals 2014 Readers' Choice Awards: Young Adult Nominee

A ruthless murder and a stolen shipment of gold.

At school, sixteen-year-old Nikaia Wales endures the taunts of bullies who call her a “half-breed.” At home, she worries about how her family will react if she reveals her growing feelings for the quiet boy next door.

Those are soon the least of her troubles. Nikaia discovers a hidden cache of gold, and when police find a corpse nearby, her father becomes a suspect. Worse, Elias Doyle is circling, hungry to avenge his brother’s death.

Nikaia desperately searches for clues to save her father. In her quest to find the killer, she learns about the power of family, friendship, and young love....

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Writers' Cafe / Re: Night of the Living Shirtless Men
« Last post by jaehaerys on Today at 01:20:35 AM »
They could be. They're headless, after all. Losing one's head tends to mean death.

True story. I looked it up on webmd and one of the symptoms of headlessness is death.
Writers' Cafe / Re: do your homework
« Last post by Doglover on Today at 01:17:13 AM »
It's all very well to say one should research the promotion site before using it, but newbies don't know that and they don't know where to look. Sometimes, the word 'guarantee' can capture them and they don't know enough to stop and wonder how anyone can guarantee anything. That is the case with every scam out there, not just the ones that promote books. Would the Nigerian prince still be trying to pass his millions through our bank accounts if nobody fell for it? Of course not.

As to 'every knows' about Rebecca Hamilton, until Christina Garner and her law suit, I had no idea about her. This sort of 'Serves you right' sort of comment is hardly helpful, especially from people who insist they never had to promote anything.

I don't use promotion sites; the only one I have ever used was Bookscream who are either free or $5 so fairly certain there is no scam there. I prefer to use fb and AMS advertising. I wouldn't know which were dodgy and which were not, but I have been around long enough to find out.
As Lydniz noted. Find kBoards and then sign in using your kboards details. You then 'follow' kboards using the new Tapatalk account you will create.

I have only just installed it. It's an OK app. Not great, but OK. Might feel better the more I use it.

Wow, I didn't even think there was an app to use with Kboards. Gonna try it now, too  :)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Night of the Living Shirtless Men
« Last post by C. Gold on Today at 01:06:53 AM »
Any day now, I'm expecting to see some shirtless, muscle-bound geek on the front of Auntie Sophia's Favorite Italian Recipes. Mark my words, it's gonna happen. ;)
Haha! What type of Italian recipes? ;) You thought this was just about food. Well... you were so wrong... so very wrong!
It's Monday. I've got errands to run.

So let's get on with today's list, shall we?

Remember - the campaigns that need nominations the most are the ones that are closest to the LAST DAY LEFT, 1 day left, 2 days left etc.

Updated List

3 days left Gray's Ghosts by Carey Lewis
3 days left Haunted by the Devil by Bill Hiatt
3 days left Fluidus Rising by Margo Ryerkerk
4 days left Barrier Rip by Brian Delaney
6 days left Crucible Station by Julianne Q. Johnson
6 days left The Gate Run by Elina Vale
10 days left Folklore by Mitch Sebourn
11 days left Forged by Fire by Michael Arches
17 days left VayneLine - Fate Reset by E.A. Szabelski
17 days left Mass Primary by Robin Praytor
19 days left The Poison People by Alex Makepeace
24 days left The Man Who Loves Watches by Alexander Winzer
24 days left Magna Finesse by T.A. Clark
24 days left Spur by Sophia Jane Farrier

I put this list up every morning and I strive to keep it up-to-date so that this thread needn't dissolve into a flurry of "NOMINATE MY BOOK, NOMINATE MY BOOK" posts. No one is under any obligation to nominate any of these books. I'm just trying to keep the thread clear of unnecessary clutter. This way once a day there is a complete list of current candidates and folks can readily check out the kboards members who have a book in the running and can make up their own mind. I try and stay nonpartisan about it - which is why I don't comment on any particular book by title. I just keep the list.
If I have missed anyone please let me know either with a PM or by posting a link here in the thread.

Happy scouting, folks!

PS: By the way, are there any of you folks out there who listen to Audible audiobooks? PM me, if you do.

Venus rotates very slowly.  Its day is longer than its year.  If it was possible for a man to survive on the surface, then that man could actually outrun the sun.
I downloaded that app but I'm confused.

It asks what interests me? I've tried to search writing, books, writer's cafe, etc. and nothing pops up. No results.

How does this app work?

As Lydniz noted. Find kBoards and then sign in using your kboards details. You then 'follow' kboards using the new Tapatalk account you will create.

I have only just installed it. It's an OK app. Not great, but OK. Might feel better the more I use it.
Writers' Cafe / Re: How "rough" is your first draft?
« Last post by Tim C. Taylor on Today at 12:25:35 AM »
My approach is similar to the OP, with a brief outline and milestones in Scrivener. I write approximately in linear order for the first draft, but I add key scenes, ideas, and dialog as I think of them, so that the end comes into fuzzy view long before I write it. I also use a mix of transcription and headset Dragon, although I've not achieved the gains I hoped with this because I still think of story better with pen and paper (which is a problem because I can't read my writing) and am working hard (and soft) to get to that precious flow state while dictating.

But there's a big difference between my approach and Michael's. I don't worry about scene length in a first draft. I do whatever feels most compelling to the story. On into my second draft I might combine small scenes into a single chapter, and I might prune back or split a large scene up, although I always look for a dramatic point to do so, and will write one in if I don't find one.
The Book Bazaar / Re: KU The Breadwinners (A Family Saga)
« Last post by Jan Hurst-Nicholson on Today at 12:19:29 AM »
It is New Year's Eve 1924 and the fiery and volatile Charles McGill is devastated when the woman he loves announces her engagement to the mild-mannered Lucas Connelly, his friend and co-worker. Charles drowns his sorrow in drink and seduces Hilde Richter, the spinster daughter of a wealthy businessman.

When Hilde finds she is pregnant her desperate father offers to set up the penniless Charles with his own bakery if he will marry her. Charles readily agrees and, unknown to Hilde, the two men draw up a contract. It is the beginning of a bitter rivalry between Charles and Lucas, and their vengeful former employer, Miles Davenport. A rivalry that fractures families, tests love and loyalty, and comes at a cost that Charles could never have imagined.

The Breadwinners covers six tumultuous decades and leads us through the ruthless and cutthroat business dealings of the three families as they survive the great depression, the war years, the isolation of South Africa and the advent of company takeovers. If you like historical fiction set in exotic locations, and enjoy authors such as Barbara Taylor Bradford, Catherine Gaskin and Belva Plain then grab a copy of The Breadwinners

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