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The Book Bazaar / Free ARC ebook for new Sci-Fi release Heartsong
« Last post by jasonbladd on Today at 11:10:03 AM »
Join Annie's ARC team for her new release Heartsong!

Join the team and download the book here

If you like books about space travel, aliens, or cross-cultural transitions, you’ll love this poignant science fiction adventure. Be one of the first to get an advance review copy of Heartsong and start the journey today!


(From the back cover)

"Two alien worlds.

One teen emissary.

No reality she can trust.

Thirteen-year-old Liz Smith has been ripped away from one foster family after another for years, so the idea of a permanent home is tantalizing. Who cares if that home is a colony sixty-five thousand light-years from Earth? The friends in her trusty e-reader will keep her company just fine on her interstellar relocation.

But when the adventure of a lifetime turns into the disaster of the cosmos, Liz can only retreat so far into the books that have always sheltered her from loneliness and loss. Trapped in half-truths and secrets that leave her questioning reality, can one orphaned bookworm find a way to stop two races from destroying each other … and somehow write a happy ending to her own story?"
Writers' Cafe / Re: How many books did you have in your backlist?
« Last post by C. Gockel on Today at 11:05:45 AM »
3 books in series. I didn't do any advertising until I had 3 books out.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Would love some help reblurbing
« Last post by Talia Vines on Today at 10:55:44 AM »
Yay, thanks idontknowyet! I'm glad to hear it.
catowned, I pm'd you specifics, but thanks for the continued help.

All right! New revision up top. It's a little long, and I'm concerned Wren comes off as too much of a doormat. Feedback appreciated!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Dissatisfaction with Kindle Unlimited
« Last post by AsianInspiration on Today at 10:51:37 AM »
The way I see it, the more people that leave KU, the more lucrative it becomes. So just for that, I will go in (I only have 1 book out and that was from like 2 years ago, so it's more about entering rather than staying).

Plus, it seems that wide requires significantly more marketing, since you don't get so much algo love from phantom borrows, and other sites seem to not give so much algo love either. Please correct me if I'm wrong on this point.

I might go wide after 90 or 180 days in KU, depending on how the books do. But definitely in KU at the start, cuz there doesn't seem to be a reasonable way for no-name authors to get visibility otherwise, without spending a ton of effort and/or money on marketing.
Sorry. Still not working for me, but I sent you an email.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Have You Posted to Your Blog Recently?
« Last post by Rob Martin on Today at 10:47:14 AM »
I blogged about dealing with criticism.

It was cathartic in it's own way
Writers' Cafe / Re: Dissatisfaction with Kindle Unlimited
« Last post by L_Loryn on Today at 10:44:32 AM »
KU is part of my "wide" business plan. I have a few books in KU and a few books out of KU. For my nonfiction, I don't mind it being in KU and they do okay in KU. I'm not getting rich off of my KU earnings, but it's also not enough to kill those earnings to go wide and wait 6 months for possible traction or have to pay for advertising.

My fiction is mostly out of KU, though I'm considering putting a stand-alone title in KU in the next few months. I started out with a "wide" business plan, so I'm not real worried about what happens with KU.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Help me figure out a humorous thriller cover?
« Last post by Fleurina on Today at 10:42:39 AM »
I LOVE the new #1, with the two unfortunates heading for the open jaws of the waiting alligator!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Are you GDPR compliant?
« Last post by Bill Hiatt on Today at 10:38:54 AM »
The relevant "intelligible language" gets defined somewhere outside the document itself as the native language of the person asking about their data. According to my lawyer, who is an IT law specialist, this definition has been taken up already by several countries, including the UK. The problem isn't the language of the website, it is the language you communicate in when someone asks about their data. That has to be theirs, not yours, nor the one of the website. Including the documents you send or show them.
Thanks for the clarification.

Of course, if their request is in English, I'm not going to know that isn't their native language unless they tell me. If they really aren't fluent in English, there's little likelihood that they're going to comment on blog posts they can't read. There's little likelihood that they're going to create an account, either (and there's no reason to, even for users who speak English, since all areas of the site are available without login.) In any case, if they don't comment or create an account, I have no data on them, and if they don't create an account, I have no way of identifying them, anyway. I'd have little difficulty proving that a data request from someone on whom I had no data was manifestly unfounded.

While I understand why an EU country might take the position that users need to be communicated with in their native language, for a website that would have no interest to a non-English speaker, is designed to market English-language books, and that keeps little to no personal data, it's hard to believe that's going to be an issue. I know these kinds of issues often aren't worked out until long after laws go into effect, but I think it's likely the makers of the rules were thinking in terms of sites that already catered to multilingual audiences. They'd already have staff members fluent in each language. A small business (like an indie author) isn't likely to be set up that way.

Since I don't sell anything on the site or have a forum, I suppose I could just disable comments and remove the sign-up form (which, as I've said, there's no need for, anyway). If I did that, I'd literally have no personal data to report on. It's hard to see how the issue would ever arise in such a case.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Dissatisfaction with Kindle Unlimited
« Last post by boba1823 on Today at 10:34:14 AM »
I never went with KU in the first place because David Gaughran scared me.

Well.. and also because I couldn't see any way to fit the $1 per full read through (or whatever little amount it is for 60-70k books) into a sustainable business plan.
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