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Cheers chaps. Iíll put +2 next to it in my mental file.
Two slots are free and nominated:

The Lunar Deception by T.E. Olivant
The Last Hunter by Lee Hayton

Best of luck to Olivant and Lee

Thanks! Wish i could skip the waiting limbo, hopefully someone will pop the kettle on for when i get there
Hi Lexi! Good to see you back with another Time Rats book. Have you been happy with how the second one went as a sequel with Kindle Press?

Well, Dreams of the Machines earned out its advance in the first six weeks or so, which was nice, and most readers of TR1 buy TR2, as far as I can tell by my sales figures. I'm not sure Kindle Press has quite figured out yet the best way to promote series, and the staff changes at KP have meant a loss of continuity, as they are dealing with many books they didn't choose and haven't read.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Romance character flaws and theme
« Last post by she-la-ti-da on Today at 02:53:36 AM »
You need to be reading more romance, if that's what you're going to write. Tons of books that are selling well. Reading the kind of stories you want to write helps give you an instinctive feel for how the stories are told. Every genre is a little different, but those the basics are the same. So you need to practice the basics of plotting, pacing, characterization and how to write dialogue. A lot of practice. First books are often part of that practice and aren't going to be publishable. People don't like to be told that, but it's the truth. There are exceptions, but in general, it takes time and effort to get to the stage where one can write sellable books. It's a lot easier to publish these days, but selling books is still hard. :(
Congrats. Hope your page reads and profit continues to grow.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Weird Fiction Anthology Call for Submissions
« Last post by The 13th Doctor on Today at 02:49:12 AM »
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the opportunity. I may have a short story that may fit. I'll try and finish it up over the weekend, and send it.

I've no problem with the payment situation. If my story gets accepted, then I'll be happy with bragging rights, as I've never been featured in an anthology before - mainly down to pure laziness on my part.
Writers' Cafe / Re: How to publish a Trilogy
« Last post by she-la-ti-da on Today at 02:42:11 AM »
Dude, listen to Carol. There's more than one way to do this stuff, and everyone needs to see what makes sense for them, but don't forget that some ways are better for sales than others. There's loads of experience here on this forum, but you need to be reading every day to find it.

Personally, if you've actually unpublished the first book, I'd call that a mistake. You are losing potential readers of the entire series every minute it's not available. Then putting all three books up as one? That's risking getting only the "bargain readers", who aren't willing to pay for a good story. You really don't want those readers, because eventually you'll see that actually earning money from all your hard work is what you want to do.

So, still, my advice is to release the books a month apart, do some advertising/promotion on book one to get interest, and make sure the story is good enough to get the sell-through. That's where you make the money, usually, on the higher priced sequels. Six months from now, you can look into putting up a box set in addition to having the separate books, not in place of them. Don't unpublish!

Anyway, good luck.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Blurb feedback - zombie apocalypse series, book 5
« Last post by catlife on Today at 02:40:03 AM »
I've always had a problem with passive voice... which I think shows when I change what you suggested and to my eye it still looks odd, as a sentence. Or maybe blurb-writing is just well outside my wheelhouse. This is slightly amended:


Matt King is on the run. One of the last survivors of the catastrophic expedition to Brisbane, he has a nuclear launch codebook vital to the survival of the human race - and must keep it from the rogue military forces commanded by the ruthless General Draeger.

Behind enemy lines, Matt discovers a disparate place to the zombie-ravaged world beyond. In fortress towns patrolled by conscripted soldiers, people are thriving - trading freedom for safety, ruled by a brutal military dictatorship.

Lost and alone, cut off from his allies and hunted like an animal, Matt will face his greatest challenge of all: surviving the darkness at the heart of General Draeger's kingdom of hell.

So, I've cut a bit more of what I think was passive, but in doing so it doesn't seem to make sense...what does he have to do with the code book? I think if as well as cutting the passive terms such as very and trying but also make clear what he needs to do with the code book and what might stop him doing this then the blurb will draw you in much more. In my limited opinion the last sentence is the weakest as I'm not all all sure what he's doing apart from surviving.

Blurbs are hell and I hope this is helpful and constructive for you!

Crossing my fingers for you Susan!
Two slots are free and nominated:

The Lunar Deception by T.E. Olivant
The Last Hunter by Lee Hayton

Best of luck to Olivant and Lee
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