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Another issue was that while Marie was in Seattle discussing the aftermath of incidents such as Tiffanygate and Chance Carter, she herself was running an illegal pay-to-play sweepstakes -- with required purchases of 10 paperbacks to be entered for the grand prize of a trip for 2 (airfare and lodging), along with fewer purchases required to win gift cards and swag.

If my differing views about the meeting and IASN in regards to its organization and mission hasn't sealed my fate for not being asked to continue on as a consultant, I'm pretty sure my calling her out on the sweepstakes thing a couple of days after the meeting will.

Since we're talking about transparency, it should also be noted that when Marie was informed about the problems with her contest, she worked to change them.

I read the exchange on the FB group and it didn't seem like the pay-to-play aspect was intentional to me.

For the record, I have no dog in the race. It just seems fair to include the whole story rather than the part of it that makes someone look bad.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Comma after "Once upon a time"?
« Last post by RRodriguez on Today at 08:00:25 AM »
Thanks for all the help everyone :) This thread is starting to feel a bit like my Google searches, haha. I admit, I prefer the way it reads without the comma as it feels more natural to me, but I think I might include it in both instances anyway since I don't need people thinking I'm making typos in my very first sentence of the book.
Noob questions, obviously I've never been offered one (do they offer for wide books?):

Do they tell you how much the discounted price will be when you get the offer, or do you have to allow them to discount it to whatever amount they choose? And is it always 99 cents/pence?

My official corporate policy - subject to change any time at my whim, lol - is that $2.99 is the lowest discount I would consider.
Writers' Cafe / Re: "How we measure page reads" KDP notice
« Last post by blubarry on Today at 07:59:34 AM »
I can format my book five different ways and get five different KENPCs, and that's without using any number of formatting hacks to artificially boost it.

It's neither robust not accurate.

I contacted my rep about this just a few months ago when I was reuploading a few books and watching the KENPC change. I waited, made a small tweak, uploaded again, and got another different page count. Often by 20+ pages. Using Vellum for formatting, no hacks, and there's significant variability among books with similar word count. This is one of the most frustrating things for me. It needs consistency or it will forever be gamed.

The rep was unhelpful, as usual with this sort of thing.
I had a UK summer sale last year and think it boosted sales of book 1 of the series by about 20 books a day. Buy through for the rest of the series was good, which I think prompted KMDs on several of the follow-up books which didn't do as well as the summer sale. I think they push it better than their KMDs in the UK. I'd take another one without question, but it might be genre dependent.
Writers' Cafe / Re: A New AMS Thread
« Last post by Superchaise on Today at 07:50:53 AM »
Has anyone noticed an improvement in the reporting speed since the maintenance a few weeks ago? It's pretty much the same on my end. Granted, Amazon never specified what the maintenance was about, so I may be looking for a change that wasn't even attempted on Amazon's end.
I've decided against participating (if I can). I emailed back to ask them to remove my books from the promotion.

Thanks for the update! I hope you'll keep us posted on what happens.

The annoying thing is the initial email asks if you want to participate in a Daily, Monthly or Seasonal deal. Of course, we all want the Daily deals because they are fab. But there's no way of telling what you're actually agreeing to beforehand. That kinda sucks.

So true! It's definitely frustrating. One time, I agreed to a deal, but then, was never even offered one. Crazy!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Quick AMS UK question
« Last post by Cassie Leigh on Today at 07:39:24 AM »
I made some ads but there was no option to write the ad copy. Did I miss something?

Nope. At least with SP ads there is no ad copy in the UK. With Headline ads you can put a small bit of ad copy. I haven't tried PD ads.
Writers' Cafe / Re: What is a realistic series read-through rate?
« Last post by RScott on Today at 07:39:18 AM »
Under another penname i had a series with results very similar to yours. I ended up dropping it after trying to do everything under the sun to fix things. In the end, it was an issue with the writing/genre and story structure. I got lots of 5 star reviews too, but not many and that's the key. The number of reviews matter far more than if they are all 5 stars or not. People wont waste time leaving a review if they didn't like it that much. If they really hate it, they might leave one, though.

I wrote my current series specifically to have high read through with a long over arching storygoal that wont end until the series ends. I wont be able to tell if it's successful in doing that until book 3 comes out, but thus far the read through is around 55% between 1 and 2 and growing higher as I sell more book 2's than 1's most days.

But purely by the math, anything with lower than 60% read through from 2 to 3 onward is not really worth continuing. The ROI just isn't there. Much better to start a new series. You could try and fix the issues too, but because they are likely story/genre/tone problems it might take way more time and effort than its worth versus just starting something new.
Castle Juliet is free for today only! 
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