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Writers' Cafe / Re: Minor rant on bookbub pricing...
« Last post by JRTomlin on Today at 08:21:11 PM »
The 21st. I appreciate the offer. Every little bit helps. :)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Mistakes Were Made
« Last post by C. Gockel on Today at 08:18:53 PM »
It really shook my confidence to have such a dud of a series, but I was heartened to have my next series do better and the one I'm currently writing (so far at least) do better yet. I may try fantasy romance standalones again some day...but I'll wait until my back list is mature enough so it won't hurt my pocketbook so badly if I lose most of a year to another failed experiment.

I'm really there with the shaken confidence. I'm hopeful that Starship Rising will give me some of my confidence back. But then, I'm not confident in general. Every single book I write I feel like, "This will be the book that ends my career."

I'd also like to come back and write one more book ... but I don't think I can do that until I finish my Archangel series.
Not Quite Kindle / Re: INFINITY Game - Word Association
« Last post by Vijaya on Today at 08:18:47 PM »
high school
Not Quite Kindle / Re: Change a Letter to Create a New word
« Last post by Vijaya on Today at 08:18:20 PM »
Writers' Cafe / Re: Stuck in Edit Hell
« Last post by OnlyTheGrotesqueKnow on Today at 08:12:22 PM »
Here's what I do.

1: Write the thing.
2: Go over it with one pass.
3: Leave it for at least 3 months.
4: Another pass over through it.
5: Export to Mobi and install on phone or tablet. Go over it taking notes in app.
6: Transfer corrections from Mobi to manuscript.
7: Use ProWritingAid using the the Style, Grammar, Readability, and Sticky reports.

Then it goes to beta group.
Since it's relevant to the thread, Kevin McLaughlin captured DG's discussion at the Nebulas. The audio is pretty poor, but worth checking out.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Writers' Cafe / Re: Gender neutral singular “they”
« Last post by C. Gold on Today at 08:08:39 PM »
I just had an epiphany. We can use 'they' for singular gender neutral and 'they all' for the plural. Rather like 'you' and 'you all'!  ;D
Writers' Cafe / Re: Box sets no longer eligible for KU bonuses
« Last post by Jim Johnson on Today at 08:07:41 PM »
Jim - the sets in KU will still get page reads. It's just the bonus.

Yep, understood that. Becca got at what I was thinking--if box sets, compilations, omnibuses, whatever get page reads but don't count toward potential all-star bonuses, and assuming one goes into KU partly to take a shot at an all-star bonus, there's not much incentive for the author to place a box set, compilation, omnibus, etc. into KU, and would be  better off placing and promoting the series as individual books. That way the author is getting the page reads and getting counted toward any possible all-star bonus.

Sure the collection would be more convenient for the reader, but a KU reader is getting to read the books and series either way.
I don't think the point of now being able to gift multiple copies at once has anything to do with ARCs or reviews.

My guess is that it's because of Select and exclusivity. In the TOS, Amazon has now made it clear you can not give (distribute) or allow others to distribute (like Bookfunnel) copies of books currently in Select.

Terms and Conditions for KDP Select Program.

KDP Select is an option for KDP publishers. While enrolled in KDP Select, your Digital Book must be exclusive to us and will be included in Kindle Unlimited and any substantially equivalent Kindle subscription programs ("Kindle Subscription Programs") and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library where it will be eligible to earn a share of a monthly cash fund. Additionally, by including your Digital Book in KDP Select, your Digital Book will be eligible for various other KDP Select Benefits, including enrollment in Kindle Countdown Deals, free promotions, and the ability to earn 70% royalty for sales to customers in territories outlined in the Pricing Page.

1 Exclusivity. When you include a Digital Book in KDP Select, you give us the exclusive right to sell and distribute your Digital Book in digital format while your book is in KDP Select. During this period of exclusivity, you cannot sell or distribute, or give anyone else the right to sell or distribute, your Digital Book (or a book that is substantially similar), in digital format in any territory where you have rights.

Now, Amazon has given Select authors the opportunity to "give" copies of their book to readers without breaking the terms. Of course, we have to pay for it...

And everything Phoenix said. This change didn't come out of nowhere. I suspect this is tied with the reasons the giveaway option on books was temporarily removed, likely to fix the issues that allowed people to manipulate rank by running individual giveaways on the same book (which was expressly forbidden in the TOS in clear language.)

They likely didn't plug that hole just to allow a new one to appear as a direct result. That would be... odd.
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