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Writers' Cafe / Why is Amazon Picking on Me?
« on: October 13, 2017, 03:08:58 PM »
So I decide to launch a new series under a new pen name. It's a paranormal romance about a vampire that kidnaps an FBI analyst. While the book is still in pre-order it gets smacked with the erotica tag.


So I message them explaining that the book is not erotica, it's romance and whoever got the message that day agreed and said it would be changed back.

But it never was.

So a week later, I message them again, and they say nope, it's erotica (which it's not). And if I want it as anything else I need to unpublish and republish it, something that can't be done while under pre-order.

Well the book launches and I lose some of my advertisers due to the forced erotica tag, but it still does pretty well and I start selling copies of book 2 also.

After the promo, I go in to change the price from 99 cents to $2.99 and while I'm at it, I replace as the p* and c* naughty bit words with flowerier language not sure what's getting my book tagged as erotica.


I can get to the page when I go to it directly, but I can't get there in search, and it looks like they are still selling my book at the 99 cent price.

I wrote asking why my book was banned and got back a form letter.

I want to cry. I've had books that violated Amazon's every changing policies and when they get blocked and go "fair enough" and leave it at that. But this wasn't even erotica, the first sex scene happens at the 70% mark and there are only 3 of them. And while yes it's dark romance, it's not even as dark as the also boughts on my page.

I am freaking out. I'm at a total loss at what to do. I don't want to lose my reviews or ranking (which was a record high for me despite being tossed in erotica). And how can I release book two with book one banned?

There are books that are literally gibberish clogging up the top ranks and yet Amazon is stepping on my neck for reasons I can't fathom. What is going on?

I also noticed that they did something to previously banned books on the 11th that brought mine to the top of the list, think that has something to do with this? Like since I had banned books before their bots are more likely to ban me?

Writers' Cafe / Another Change to KU?
« on: October 07, 2017, 03:55:21 PM »
In the past, free promos meant a boost in page reads because of the added visibility and that the most obvious button was the "Read for Free" borrow button and not the one that let you buy the book for free.

I'm in the middle of my best free promo ever and not a single page read for that book. And before it was free there were usually daily page reads which makes me pretty sure KU3 has changed things so that page reads don't count during free promos. Can anyone confirm this?

I'm working on a series of paranormal romances and I want to create a sign up novella to go with them. But my idea isn't a paranormal romance. It's the story of how the MMCs of book 1 and 2 became best friends. And it has a sad ending. Basically MMC2 was in love with MMC1's sister, but MMC1 thought MMC2 was beneath her status. So the two of them fight while he's trying to win the sister's affections. He succeeds but then she dies protecting him. Her last wish was for them to look after one another. So the two of them bond over their shared loss. And while I love this idea for my free book, I'm a romance writer. Love interests don't DIE in romance. What am I thinking?

But I can't think of anything else I'd want to write as my mailing list book instead. So what should I do? Write the story that moves me and risk shooting myself in the foot or find anything else with the expected HEA?

Writers' Cafe / My Thoughts on Why Amazon Implemented KU2
« on: July 18, 2015, 07:45:32 AM »
I can't believe this is my first post. And for my next act I'll be sticking my tongue into a live socket. This is going to be a bit crass, because I need to address some things no one else seems to be talking about.

But I can't help myself. I've seen some reoccurring statements that really bug me and I need to speak up:
1. The books doing well in KU2 are the ones that give readers a better reading experience
2. Amazon made this change because it's what readers wanted

The first thing to remember is for KU to make money, subscribers need to read less than they pay for. That's very important when figuring out what was going on and why it needed to change. Remember, the goal is to get someone to pay 9.99 a month while NOT reading 9.99 or more worth of pages.

And that brings me to the common misconceptions of Amazon doing this for readers and longer books being inherently better for readers. Real talk here, know why KU1 was hemorrhaging money? Billionaire Step-Brother Ravaged by the T-Rex.

Yep. People were eating that stuff up, so much so that more and more people subscribed to KU every month and more and more writers produced more and more short smut. And guess what, those readers were quite "satisfied". Thank you very much.

And yes, Amazon had every right to change a system that was causing them to lose money. That's not my point. What bothers me is the callousness towards the people who find their income utterly cut off with two weeks notice. I'm sorry, but even if your business is pseudo-incest monster porn, when you wake up one day and find with an email your entire business model has been rendered obsolete, you get to pout. If this were Wall Street, people have thrown themselves from windows for less.

So this smug attitude of "I'm making three times the income now because I deserve it" needs to stop. The reason Amazon is pushing for longer works is they are hoping the porn consumers leave and people willing to spend a month getting halfway through an elven tome will take their place. It's not because elven tomes are inherently better or give readers more satisfaction. It's because they take longer to read.

And I've also heard the argument that short story writers should just produce a page of short story for every page of novel that long form writers create. The problem with this is that it ignores genre. Now I can read an 800 page historical. I cannot read 800 pages of Milking the Babysitter: A Hucow Romance. And it's not because 800 page historicals are just naturally better. It's because these things are meant to be consumed differently. A big fat novel is like a juicy steak. A short story is like candy.  While someone might eat a pound of steak, expecting them to eat a pound of candy is crazy.

It doesn't mean that steak is better and candy sucks. It just means these things are consumed in different quantities. And judging from how many writers are in tears since July, the public was eating a fair amount of candy. But people aren't going to start eating ten times more candy so writers can get paid the same they were making before.

So yeah, Amazon's bottom dollar will always come first and this time that reality hurt a lot of writers. But that's no reason to create this huge division based on things like length and genre.

TLDR: Hug a short story writer and don't believe the hype, KU2 is not a meritocracy.

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