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From {HES Motivation}
Introductions & Welcomes / Re: Want to say hi!
« Last post by Mike DeSousa on Today at 12:05:32 PM »
Thanks for the welcome Leonard and rchapman! :)  Ha!  I'll still be happy to help as much I can, though if writers start sending me their homework problem sets, I'll have to start thinking before typing. :x
Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon Author Page/Book Link Question
« Last post by BWFoster78 on Today at 12:04:13 PM »
Maybe call Author Central and get some advice from them on how to proceed? I've heard their service is a cut above what KDP offers.

Good thought. Thanks. If no one else on the board is able to help with the issue, I'll do that.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Cover Feedback Appreciated
« Last post by jmthrower on Today at 11:59:51 AM »
FWIW it is a pretty cover. I second what others have said, though, about it misrepresenting the genre.
Writers' Cafe / Re: What Stops Me From Buying On Amazon
« Last post by Nic on Today at 11:56:26 AM »
In the United States, it doesn't. I can order five audiobooks sent directly to my Fire or another device every month for zero cost from my public library.  How many audiobooks does anyone listen to in a month?

It may cut out Amazon, but Amazon isn't entitled to a living anymore than anybody else is.

If I have problems listening and reading at a screen, especially a small one, they cut out people like me. There and here.
Commuters hate long chapters, unless there are scene breaks. OTOH if the rest of your chapters are 3k then maybe the chapter could be divided at a scene break. As a reader I am more tolerant of long chapters near the denouement unless I'm on a bus and worried about missing my stop. If on the bus I'm thinking "at least give me a scene break some time soon."
Writers' Cafe / Re: Who knew adjective order was a thing?
« Last post by Becca Mills on Today at 11:53:10 AM »
That's plain silly, Becca. Why (on Earth) would Yoda be delivering pizzas?   :P

Hey, a tough economy it is.   ;)

Both the supposed Latin rules and the stories about them are myths. A few years ago I dug up a couple of the books that inspired the rules that would later be preached by school teachers, textbooks, and bloggers. I found that the original authors were mostly talking about the relation between logic, meaning, and style and how these things were handled in the style of their times.

Their complaints about split infinitives had nothing to do with "to boldly go" or any of the usual ridiculous examples. They talked about stylistic moves like "Let us try, in whatever capacity we have and to whatever lengths we can attain, to, in God's good time and with His good graces, bring about the change we know we must." That's not a direct quotation, of course, but it's representative of the split infinitives they were talking about. Latin was used for comparison because everyone talking about knew Latin, and Latin style and rhetoric were highly developed next to English style.

English prose has changed a lot since then, but we have new stylistic problems, including with infinitives. Pick up any piece of management or government boilerplate and you'll find infinitives bloated with pretentious adverbs. Just look at the Google hits for the following: "to effectively manage" (5.9 million), "to effectively___" (53.4 million), "to efficiently ____" (15.4 million), "to efficiently and effectively" and "to effectively and efficiently" (891,000 combined), while the redundant "to effectively succeed" still gets 2,890 hits. Even I was surprised when "to effectively effect" returned 1,040 hits--the second from a peer-reviewed medical journal and the third from a medical book published by Springer!

(As an aside, I was disappointed that "to effectively poop" only returned 8 hits and "to effectively fart" only 28. I also consider the 53,600 hits for "to effectively edit," not an indictment of editing, but as solid evidence that the internet is chock full of bad editing advice.) 

Even though I can be a bit of an efficient and effective effector of efficient effectiveness, I'm reluctant to indulge in the mini-dramas based on these myths. Partly it's because I can't stand the two stock characters, Oppressed Righteous Knowledgeable One and Oppressive Stupid Meany (who get way too many roles these days). But also because it's more profitable to take the charitable view and figure out where and why "rules" like this, no matter how strange-sounding, came to be.

I'm not quite following Oppressed Righteous Knowledgeable One and Oppressive Stupid Meany, but I'm fine with most of those infinitive-splitting formulations. "To effectively effect" is deliciously silly, of course. I might have to make someone say that in a book. It's too good to pass up, really.

Two eggheads go in, one philosopher eating an omelet comes out.

So there's always a stray philosopher lurking in the Thunderdome? Explains a lot about that movie ...
Writers' Cafe / Re: Your Advice for First Audiobook
« Last post by Scrapper78 on Today at 11:51:28 AM »
Ditto ACX with Royalty share.

Also, they will need 14 F#&k1%& business days (3 human weeks) to approve your audio files. Plan your release date accordingly.

(I did not)
According to what I have learned the translators take a percentage of the royalties of the books they translate and are not employees or paid by Fiberead to do the translations, which makes it worth their while to do a good job. I've had three translators per book and they each check each others work and are overseen by the project manager. Any questions and answers about the text are seen by everyone. I've had a good relationship with my translators and have been in contact with each stage of the translation. All are now translated and two are for sale on, Baidu and read.doubon. I've had sales on both books and the first book is showing the amount on my sales chart (not much, but it's still early days).   ;)

Good to know. I'll let anyone know what I find out. I might just go down and meet directly when i have the chance. I'll be in Shanghai in the fall.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Between the (Book) Covers
« Last post by jmthrower on Today at 11:50:47 AM »
I like the first one.

I can't really tell what's going on in the second one; it just looks like a mess of color and light. And the disembodied head, as mentioned by others, isn't working for me.
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