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Went to work today for 9am. There was a training session that I did not want to miss. I sat there shivering and sweating and hacking and coughing and the boss went and talked to the boss-of-all-bosses and said "Maybe you better go home and get over this cold."

So I am home again at 10am. Caught the right bus, thank goodness. I'm going to run me some boiling water and sit and steam my throat and sinuses and hopefully a little better.

I've got an appointment tomorrow with my family doctor. I expect some horse pill antibiotics will get me back on my feet. This is either pneumonia or bronchitis. Either way, it sucks.
Take care of yourself.
Writers' Cafe / Re: A Reason for Not Including Previews at End
« Last post by KelliWolfe on Today at 07:03:20 AM »
If Bookbub says it increases sell-through as much as they claim, then I would listen to them. They've got a lot more data to pull from than half a dozen people expressing their personal opinions in WC.
Writers' Cafe / Re: A New AMS Thread
« Last post by BigSlimJim on Today at 07:01:27 AM »
...(Of course, just want to point out that my opinion on any of this has no more weight than anyone else's. I have no doubt that there are others who know more about AMS than I do who just chose to write their next book rather than write a book about AMS so that rep might be like, who?)

That first sentence above, stated as fact ("of course" ??), may be the first unhelpful or misleading opinion you've provided here. Fake news! Sure, the KDP rep will likely say, "Who?", but she'll be hard-pressed to find a more helpful book on AMS in Amazon's current catalog. I don't expect her to research you, but the name-dropping may inspire her to root out a consensus from her available brain trust. Considering how long those dashes can stay in the impressions column, your theory makes more sense to me than her answer.

Sadly, my reply with follow-up question (re dashes vs. zeros in impressions counts) got routed to a general queue, and a new, clueless rep answered every question I never asked with a canned response ignoring the one I did ask. So I clicked on the 'unhelpful' feedback option, which took me to (hopefully) a higher-tier portal, where I complained about Rep 2 and restated my last question. We shall see what transpires.

Luckily, all the disagreement on dashes vs zeros isn't likely a significant factor in our success or failure. Except to the point it distracts us from digesting more crucial data. But authors can't live on crucial data alone. So y'all'r welcome. It was the least I could do. (I checked.)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Went wide and reviews begin to disappear
« Last post by Bill Hiatt on Today at 07:01:12 AM »
I lost reviews across several of my books in that last few days. I sent a message to KDP support. Do they ever reinstate them?
Sometimes reviews do disappear and then reappear. I had this happen during the last review scare. I notice three gone from one book and two from another this morning, but I'm not particularly worried because of the last situation.

I think it's a bot glitch. The reviews I lost were from books in Select, so this isn't a punitive action against people leaving.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Series page goes to a 'page not found'
« Last post by KelliWolfe on Today at 07:00:38 AM »
They say that they do advertising and marketing on behalf of the authors. Not sure how much their cut is.


Writers' Cafe / Series page goes to a 'page not found'
« Last post by monamorabooks on Today at 06:56:12 AM »
Is there a page to chat with Amazon or call them?  Because I released book 4 in a series last week, but it was never added to the series page. Now it's been added, but the link to the series now goes to a 'page not found'. And the first 3 books in the series also go to the 'page not found'. 
Writers' Cafe / Re: kindle x-ray
« Last post by gardnuk on Today at 06:48:56 AM »

On the author end, you click the ... button in the KDP dashboard and choose to add x-ray. After a few hour wait, you can go back to the ... button and should see an editing tool. You use that to browse the list KDP generated for you, and review them, add definitions, and choose to publish or exclude. You can also add new terms.

You mean this is done in a reader?
Writers' Cafe / Re: how to manage multiple MailingLists
« Last post by williammeikle on Today at 06:47:14 AM »
I maintain an Excel spreadsheet separate from the mailing lists, and use macros on that to weed out duplicates before I apply bulk files to the lists.

Alternatively, there's a neat online page where you can compare 2 csv files and it highlights the dupes.
Hi fellow Scouters I'm in for my second time around. Just popped by to say hello. I quite often support the people currently scouting but I haven't stopped by the boards in a while. Look forward to getting to know you all. My campaign is here.

Luck to one and all

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