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From her curvaceous hips to her whiskey colored eyes, plus-size beauty Abagail Cole should be at the top of her dating game. But after a recent breakup with her cheating fiancé, she's never felt more like the stereotypical lonely cat lady.

So, determined to move forward and have some fun, Abagail decides to take a spontaneous trip to a local sports bar and get her buzz on. There she attracts the attention of tattooed, bad-boy millionaire Caleb Delaney, a mysterious and passionate wolf shifter who is immediately bewitched by Abagail's charms--and would do anything to claim her as his future mate.

But when a gorgeous new neighbor also catches her eye, Abagail soon finds herself torn between the affections of two gorgeous, intense love interests. And to make matters even more confusing, she's been experiencing steamy encounters with a presence in her dreams, waking up breathless and longing for more.

As she …

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The Book Bazaar / Re: Advance Read - Free Books for Reviewers
« on: March 13, 2018, 06:55:16 AM »
UPDATE: We've added a totally optional mailing list for readers who want to get a flyer each week which lists all the new additions for their chosen genre(s). An easy way to keep up on what's new!

The next round of signups for different ARCs ends on March 14th at midnight.

We're adding new books every day so come by and check us out!  :-* :-* :-*

Writers' Cafe / Re: Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: March 10, 2018, 03:57:37 PM »
The deadline date is a date I choose? Are there limitations on this? For example, can I submit a book next week and place the deadline at May 30th? 2018, of course.

Sorry to be so dense, but I'm on vacation. That's my excuse!  :)

You can grab any date that is available to you on the calendar thingy when you go to order. You'll notice that some dates aren't pick-able because they've been filled by other authors.

And yes, the deadline date is a date you choose. That same date winds up being the reader's "signup deadline". The day after the deadline passes, ARCs go out to readers. I require the ASIN before that date because I want to let the readers know at the same time they get the ARCs where to go to leave a review.

That one filled up like, instantly. We're all desperate!

I'm already getting submissions for April. I wonder how long before that month fills up, too.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: March 10, 2018, 02:38:38 PM »
Hi, Ram,

Thrilled to see you're offering this service. I believe I skim-read that this ARC service is available only for titles with an Amazon link. Yes? I have a new book coming up and could have ARCs ready before the end of March, but probably won't be publishing until May.

Also--could I submit an already-published book for this service?

As long as you have an Amazon link before the deadline date, you're good.

Yes, you can submit already-published titles to the service.


Writers' Cafe / Re: Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: March 10, 2018, 08:02:16 AM »
The first batch of ARCs went out today. Authors, if you submitted a title that was slated for March 9th you should have an email from me. If you don't see anything, check your spam folder!

Overall, the results are pretty darn good so far I'd say:

Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance - most titles have at least 35 reviewers signed up for them. A few have 50.

Mystery and Thrillers - most have around 10 signups currently.

Scifi, Fantasy, YA, Historical Romance, LGBT Romance - a few have only 2 or 3 signups, most have around 8 signups.

Nonfiction - The one book I received got like 2 or 3 signups.


I need more books!

The service is still totally free for any placements this month using the ARC1 coupon code. Every category has space for more books except Contemporary/New Adult and Paranormal/SFR Romance.

So, come on! No matter how many reviews you get (or don't get) it won't cost you a dime.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Recommend a Book Marketing Service Provider
« on: March 09, 2018, 08:54:00 AM »
You guys Beetlejuiced me into this thread, lol

The thing is, it doesn't pay someone of the caliber you desire to do this kind of work at the prices most indie authors can afford.

This, pretty much. If I did "nearly everything", most people would not be able to afford me because I'd have to spend and huge amount of time doing various things as a consultant, publicity person, marketer, etc.

So, that's why I offer the service I do. It removes a huge chunk of work for my clients and doesn't cost much more than doing it themselves.

The Book Bazaar / Advance Read - Free Books for Reviewers
« on: March 05, 2018, 06:25:25 AM »
Do you like getting free books?

Do you like getting your hands on books that sometimes aren't even published yet?

Do you like leaving open, honest reviews that help give authors important feedback so they can create more of what you want?

If you said yes to all of the above, then by golly, you should check out Advance Read!

What is Advance Read?

Quite simply, it's an Advance Review Copy (ARC) service. The aim is to provide readers like yourself with totally free books that they'll enjoy while also helping authors get much-needed, honest reviews.

What makes Advance Read different from all those other ARC sites?

Well, for starters, there's:

-No registration required
-No mandatory mailing list / newsletter that sends you emails all the time
-You pick the books you want from the site at your leisure

Advance Read was designed with readers in mind. I know you all probably get way too many emails already. When we do roll out a newsletter it will be totally optional. Readers will always be able to browse the site as a guest and choose what they want, whenever they feel like doing it.

What genres does Advance Read offer?

Currently, we offer the following genres:

Thrillers & Suspense
Science Fiction (including Post-Apocalyptic)
Fantasy (Urban and Epic)
Literature & General Fiction
Children's & Young Adults
Contemporary & New Adult Romance
Paranormal & Science Fiction Romance
Historical Romance
LGBT Romance

...and we already have lots of these titles available to choose from on the site. More get added just about every day.

So how does it work?


Go to the site:

Click on "books".

Choose the genre(s) you are most interested in.

Browse the books. If you find one (or more) that you'd like to read, click the signup link.

Fill out a 2-question form and submit it.

You're now signed up for the book you selected. After the signup deadline passes, you'll be sent an email with a link where you can download the book to your device.

7 days later, we'll send you one last email to remind you to please leave a review for the book on Amazon, along with a link that takes you directly to the book for this purpose. You'll also be asked to fill out a super-short "wrap up" form letting us know if you left a review and if you have any additional input for the author. After that, we won't bother you again. The process is the same every time you signup for another book.

Leaving a review is completely voluntary.

That's it. Rinse and repeat as often as you like.  ;D

Want to learn more? Check out our "About" page for readers here:

Writers' Cafe / Re: Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: March 03, 2018, 06:37:39 AM »
Up to 30+ signups on many of the PNR/SFR and Contemporary titles I have on the site. Some of the books that are capped at 50 readers will be filled up within the next few days.

Also seeing a good amount of signups on the Mystery titles.

Custom FB ads for Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction and General readers started today. I'm expecting to see even more traffic hit the site. Up to 5,000+ visits over the last few days.

I'm still waiting to hear from those of you who are interested in advertising Advance Reads to your mailing list. :) Give me a shout, I don't bite. We can trade services or I can pay you directly - whatever floats your boat.

If this is a new enterprise. I'll check back in six months to a year when i see how many people you have onboard and what kind of experience authors have had.

Thanks! I'm hoping that we'll see some excellent, solid results right out the gate.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: March 02, 2018, 07:00:26 AM »
Is there any way of us seeing if anyone has signed up to receive our books, or do we wait until the deadline to find out? It is probably mammoth work for you to build that in. I'm just looking for more ways to procrastinate by endlessly checking to see if anyone wants my book or not.


There isn't currently any way for you to see how many have signed up. I'll email you after the signup deadline passes though and let you know how many you got. (note: if you imposed reader limits you might get an email from me before then if the cap is reached early)

So sorry - I won't be a party to your continued procrastination! Get to work, Issy! :)

Writers' Cafe / Re: Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: March 01, 2018, 06:16:03 PM »
I'd love to sign up. My book is science fiction romance though. I don't see that in the drop down.

All the SFR can be found under PNR, so you can just submit it under that genre choice. I'll update the form later so this is more clear to future users. :)

Covers. Definitely covers.

After that, I'd say he might want to take some marketing courses/attend writerly events where he can pick up some good info about where to spend his next $500 most effectively. "Teach a man to fish..." and all that.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: March 01, 2018, 03:58:04 PM »
Readers are slowly trickling in - some books have already received more than 10 signups each, and there's still over a week to go before the first ARCs go out.  ;D

All the slots for Contemporary Romance have been taken for March.

Paranormal Romance/Scifi Romance and Science Fiction are almost full for March.

Would love more submissions for:

General Fiction / Literature
Children's / YA
LGBT Romance
Historical Romance

Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far! I plan to get a Facebook & Twitter page going sometime this weekend to make social sharing a bit easier. Will drop the links here once I do.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: February 28, 2018, 09:24:44 AM »
I filled out the form, used the code, it assigned me March 28, but then wanted me to pay the $20 via Paypal. I must have done something wrong, but don't know what it was.  :(

Hmm. Did you click "Apply" next to where you input the code?

Writers' Cafe / Re: Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: February 28, 2018, 07:22:46 AM »
Thanks so much, everyone. The site is slowly filling up with books. Reader signups continue to come in.

I can't promise many reviews this first month of course, but I can promise to do my best!

A series and by the same author

I'd at least promote every time you had a new release. For some authors, this is once a month, for others, less often.

You can either promote the first book in the series (I recommend making it permafree) each time or you can promote the latest book in the series (99c+). Which one you pick to promote is determined by your ultimate goal during that particular launch and where you are as an author.

Overpromotion is possible, but you usually have to spend a lot of money before you start running into diminishing returns...unless the book itself is not up to reader quality standards for your genre. If that's the case, any amount of advertising could be like flushing your money down the drain.

This maybe a dumb question but will ask anyway so please forgive me since I am new to this. How many times a year would you suggest using your service. I hear from some writers advertise very few months to avoid having your book seen over and over again. What do you suggest?

Is this for the same book or for different books from the same author?

Writers' Cafe / Re: Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: February 28, 2018, 05:56:48 AM »
Quick note: I've had several people ask if the coupon code only covers the $20 deposit or if it extends to the entire cost of the service.

The coupon code makes the whole thing entirely free. No matter how many reviews you get, any bookings that run in March will be completely free.

So, help a brother out and send me some books and I'll try to get you some reviews! Right now I'm needing lots more Mystery, Thrillers, Horror, Fantasy, Non-fiction, and General Literature. I could also use some more Science Fiction, YA, and Historical Romance.

Contemporary Romance, PNR, and LGBT Romance are filling up quick.

I'll be signing up asap for a March slot but don't have the files until the weekend.

That's totally fine. As long as I have the manuscript files at least 24 hours ahead of when you ARC is scheduled to go out, we're good. :)

Writers' Cafe / Re: Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: February 28, 2018, 05:16:17 AM »
Ram, how is this different from what Hiddem Gems offers authors?

Well, at the root of it, there's not much difference between this ARC service and most others. Authors provide books, readers provide reviews, and the service acts as a sort of neutral point of exchange. Like with most other services, we'll try to manage reviewers so that too many of them aren't just scooping up free books without at least occasionally leaving reviews, and we'll try to manage the content we receive so that reviewers keep coming back for more.

There are a few smaller differences in the way the service is carried out, like the timing of when links are needed or forms are sent out.

There are also other differences, like HG has been around for quite some time now and has more readers and more experience serving ARCs. Of course, their popularity is easily indicated by how far out they are currently booked. The last time I checked, most spots in Romance were booked until the end of June and most of the spots in July were booked, as well. To me, that points out that there is a lot of demand, and no matter how fantastic HG is (and they are truly fantastic), there is still I decided to offer this service to authors to help fill the gap.

I know one thing that's different. Hidden Gems doesn't require readers to review. My understanding of Amazon rules is that the review must always be voluntary. And, honestly, there's no upside to requiring readers to review if they don't feel like it. That's just bad for everybody. I simply don't understand this: 
Users that sign up but fail to provide a review will be
permanently removed from our mailing list

I'm uncomfortable with what looks like a one strikes policy. That results in people who were too busy to read the book leaving bogus reviews and people who didn't click with the book leaving one-stars instead of going on their way in silence.

I hope I'm misunderstanding something here.

I wasn't sure at the beginning how I wanted to approach this problem. All ARC services that I know of have a mechanism in place to remove readers that "dine and dash" too often without leaving reviews. At first, I thought having a "review in 7 days or you're out" policy would be ultra clear, and therefore, result in more reviews for authors.

However, your post made my mind up for me and you are absolutely right. My goal is for Advance Read to be as interesting and simple for readers to use as possible. Putting unnecessarily strict rules in place for leaving reviews does not accomplish that goal. I certainly don't want readers to get upset and punish authors for it with negative reviews, either.

So, I've changed the policy:

We understand that sometimes there are reasons why
you might not be able to leave a review. Simply let us
know why on the wrap-up form we send out so we know
that you are still interested in participating. Please note
that Advance Read still retains the right to remove users
from our mailing list if we don't think you will be able to
participate regularly - so that the limited space available
can be used fairly by other readers.

Thank you very much for your excellent feedback, Parker.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: February 27, 2018, 03:03:00 PM »
Nice looking website! :) I'll continue to check it out and I hope to see it grow. I'd love to feature it on my blog since I know my readers are always searching for free books, but I don't want to direct them to a mostly empty site.


Here's some artwork you (or anyone else) is free to use wherever:

And I am working on adding plenty of new ARCs to the site. I'm really surprised that more authors haven't taken advantage of this opportunity yet - I mean, orders booked for March are totally free with the ARC1 coupon code.

Writers' Cafe / Advance Read ARC Reviews
« on: February 27, 2018, 09:47:59 AM »
*** Use the coupon code ARC1 to get completely free bookings for any slots in the month of March! ***

*** If anyone wishes to help out and offer advertising space to the readers in their mailing list, contact me! We can work out a swap for services or I may be able to offer you a direct payment. ***

Hi everyone! Advance Read is an idea/project I've been toying around with for the last few weeks and I think I'm finally ready to fire up the engines.

Some fairly massive ad campaigns are already underway to bring in readers. I plan to continue most of these ad campaigns indefinitely, or at least until all genres reach a respectable number of consistent reviewers. My goal with Advance Read is to create a more open ARC site centered primarily on readers -- and make their experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

So, check out the site, let me know what you think, order some ARCs, sign up as a reader for any books you might like to read & review, etc. I look forward to growing Advance Read and providing a much needed service to everyone!


Using Advance Read is incredibly simple, both for authors and readers.

For authors:

You submit a simple form with information about your title along with the deposit, I email you back to confirm, you send me the manuscript files and Amazon link as soon as you have them (and before the date you chose on the form).

After the deadline passes and all the readers have signed up, you'll be billed $2 per signup, less the $20 deposit which you already paid. The maximum you can be charged is $100, and that doesn't change even if you get more than 50 signups.

Authors are capable of placing a cap on the number of readers who can sign up to receive an ARC of their book. This will naturally limit how many copies go out and reduce the cost at the same time - because not everyone wants to spend $100 on reviews or give out infinite copies.

For readers:

Readers don't need to create an account or pay a dime to participate. All they have to do is browse through the current selections and sign up for the ones they want to read & review.

After the signup deadline passes, readers will get an email which includes only the books they signed up for. Readers will then have 7 days to read the book and provide a review on Amazon.

Readers who signup for a book but fail to provide a review will be removed from all mailing lists and be unable to participate in the future.

Readers will not get any advertisement emails, spam, or any extra emails at all for that matter. Most readers probably already get enough emails already, don't you think?

Other stuff:

Advance Read does not currently offer ARC service for erotica titles. Also, we will not be able to accept short stories (under 7500 words) or bundles/collections/anthologies.

Cover art and a short blurb are REQUIRED upon submission, so I can create your listing for readers. Note: you can use a placeholder image for your cover art if you really need to, but it will likely reduce how many signups you get.

There will be availability for two books per genre/subgenre every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As the service evolves, I plan to add more dates and more room for additional books.

Advance Read accepts old or new titles, just so long as you have an Amazon link available before the reader signup deadline.

You will be required to submit your manuscript files in .EPUB, .PDF, and .MOBI formats. Please be sure that none of these files is greater than 5MB or we won't be able to send them.

Complete payment of your invoice is required before we'll send out your ARC to readers.

If you get less than 10 reviews, you'll be issued a prorated refund on your deposit.

If you have any questions or comments at all about Advance Read please post them in the thread. Or, if you wish to contact me directly, you can do so via PM here or email me at or



Just wanted to pop in and give this service a big thumbs-up from me! I think this is the second or third time I've used the self-selection promo stacker for a non-romance book, but it's the first time I've had such amazing results. It's always paid for itself before, but this time, it's done brilliantly.

I promoted the first in a series of 6 using some KU free days, and it reached number 10 in the whole Amazon store. I'm seeing great sell-through, and some cracking good reviews, and a lot more newsletter sign-ups too.

Thanks, Issy!

I am thinking about repackaging my Watcher series which is borderline Christain fiction and getting ready to release book you think your service would be a good fit?

The genre really doesn't matter as long as it's not erotica. I've managed promotions and marketing for several dozen Christian-themed novels (romance & literature, mostly) over the last year with good results.

Today I've added two new venues to my Romance list:

The Sweetest Romance


Bad Boy Romance . Com

Both are owned and operated by the wonderful Scarlett Skyes, the same person in charge of Shameless Book Deals.

Regular promotions are FREE at both sites. Featured spots are $5. There's an extra $5 charge for titles without an ASIN.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Getting ready to launch a newsletter: Any advice?
« on: February 25, 2018, 06:20:45 PM »
Thanks for the advice - I'll definitely consider Instafreebie though I may have to write a novella to do it :). My one concern is that I don't want to pay the monthly fee to get mailing addresses so I may not jump immediately.

If you want to grow your mailing list, it's totally worth every penny to use Instafreebie for your funnel. Trust me, it's way cheaper than essentially buying subscribers via Facebook ads or whatever else.

BTW, I love your covers. "Giant Robots of Tunguska" is rippin' rad. :)

I've had my coffee and checked my schedule. Plenty of availability for new orders all week. Bring it on. :)

Writers' Cafe / Re: Okay Bookbub ad sleuths ....
« on: February 24, 2018, 06:49:04 AM »
Ad #1 is clearer and the text is less grainy. There's also much more contrast between the cover and the text and the background image, making it easier to see and read.

Ad #2's button looks "dated" in design and the text there is longer, too. You want to keep this kind of text as short as possible.

When creating your own ad artwork for Bookbub, I recommend steering away from the standard ad creator design of cover on the left, text on the right with button aligned underneath. Make your ad stand out with a different design if you are going to make your own. There are any number of ways to do this and still make it work well in such a small space. I've also found that often I'll get better results using my own ads vs. the Bookbub ad creator because it gets more attention.

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