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I'm gonna be running around doing some holiday stuff this weekend, so I'll likely be in and out of the office a bit more than usual. If you need to put in an order and your promotion dates are even remotely close I'd advise you to do it ASAP.

Things will be back to normal by Monday.

Thank you, drive through.  8)

I ran a three-day Silver promo with Ram on the first of my series - The World Walker. It's the first time it's ever been free. Over 12,000 downloads, so I'm delighted. Although the UK has been my best market up to now, around 90% of the downloads were in the US, which is what I was hoping for. Well worth the money, I'd say, and highly recommended.

Delighted to hear it, Ian! Thanks for sharing your experience with my service here on KBoards.

Ram is so handsome and charismatic that I wish I had a book to promote right now.

Unfortunately I'll have to wait until next year  :(

:) Maybe I should add this one to the testimonials page!

REMINDER - I'll be handling orders and scheduling campaigns throughout the holiday period. If you've got books to promote, but you'd rather be drinking some eggnog or watching football instead, give me a shout and I'll take care of you.

Also - BIG thanks to all my clients. Book Rank broke through over $500,000 worth of revenue this year and it only really started picking up steam in early March. Many, many satisfied customers along the way and more books in the Top 100 than I could possibly remember. It feels really good to have helped so many people and done it all for what I feel is a super reasonable price.

Here's to hoping we'll make even more authors happy next year. :)

Wishing the very best to you all,


is there a promo service for full price books?

The pre-priced packages are built with free/99c/2.99 price points in mind. So, if you can, you'll want to use the "You Build It" / Promo Stacker service for books priced over $2.99.

If you're really not sure which venues to go with (though there aren't many that support prices over $2.99) but you do have a budget in mind, reach out to me via email ( or you can PM me here. I'm sure we can come up with something to give you the best possible campaign for your money.

Going to be doing Thanksgiving stuff over the next couple of days, but I'll be around and taking care of orders here and there so there shouldn't be any unusual delays for my clients.

If you have promotions you want to run before the year is out, it's probably a good idea to get them to me before the end of this month! And if you're planning on running promotions during January/Kindlemas, try to get your orders in by December 15th or so.

I used Ram's service as part of my launch this November, and I'm very happy with the experience. He managed all the venues beautifully, even booked the ARC service for me, and when there was an issue with a venue, he handled it. :) I was torn in a thousand different directions with the book launch, and I was so glad to have lightened the load. I'll definitely be back, and I recommend his services highly!

Thanks, Miranda. You put a lot of time, effort, and thought into your books - and it shows. Authors like you make my job easy. :) It was a true pleasure working with you and I look forward to doing so again.

RTW, those are some nice numbers!

Ram, I'm looking into scheduling a 99-cent promo for a first in series that's not been discounted in about a year, but I'm looking to schedule the promos out over two weeks as a way to do a more consistent build-up. Can the promo-stacker packages accommodate that?

Yep, it's pretty simple.

For the Promo Stacker, just check off "DON'T STACK" when you're filling out the form. You can add any details or scheduling preferences you want to communicate to me at the bottom in the additional comments section, too.

If you're wanting to go with one of the Book Rank pre-priced packages (Silver, Gold, etc.) there isn't a check box. Just let me know your scheduling preferences in the additional comments section when you place your order.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Paid Ads for discounted books: Are they still worth it?
« on: November 02, 2017, 08:29:57 AM »
Some venues are better than others depending on a lot of different factors, but plenty of authors still use this method of advertising to great effect. If it didn't work, I wouldn't have handled over half a million dollars worth of promotions so far this year or helped place something like 300 different books in their respective top 100's. Often, the difference between top 1000 and top 100, or between seeing an ROI or not seeing one can be these paid newsletter ads.

You definitely shouldn't neglect other proven methods of promotion though - like AMS and FB ads, or building and advertising to your own reader/fan list. If you want to succeed, I suggest using every tool at your disposal. A combined approach seems to be the most effective in my experience.

I will add that I'm seeing more and more promotions coming through for $2.99-discounted books (with a regular price something like $4.99+). At this time, I encourage authors to try and get away from 99c if you can, or if you are writing in a popular genre where a higher price point like that isn't too uncommon. On average, authors are seeing a much better ROI with that. I'm also trying to influence the venues I work with who don't accept higher-priced promos to consider changing up their policies. The latter, however, is a work in progress...

I've added Geektasic to my non-romance venue list.


They are a great new resource for Science Fiction and Fantasy book promotions and headed up by the same folks in charge of Brazen Bookshelf.

As with many of the other venues I have listed, my clients enjoy a discount at Geektasic that they can't get elsewhere.


Shameless Book Deals has just been added to the venue list.

You can check out their site here:

SBD provides promotions for dark and erotic romance.

Please welcome Sweet and Spicy Gay Romance Deals to Book Rank's venue list!

P.S. - I'm still on the lookout for more venues to add my romance and non-romance lists! If you know a site or newsletter that gave you great results on a past promotion, let me know about them!

I haven't had much time for posting lately since I've been kind of swamped with orders, but I wanted to remind everyone -- if you're planning on running promotions around Cyber Monday, you'll want to get your orders in to me ASAP. It won't be long before most venues are packed full and don't have any availability left during that period.  :P


Writers' Cafe / Re: Marketing
« on: October 18, 2017, 09:14:31 PM »
Thanks, raminar_dixon. I've done 1 and 2, though would love tips on "actively building" a list. It was really #3 I was asking about. You're saying FB ads and AMS ads are the best first steps along that road.

Any other opinions? I feel this is hijacking a thread. Maybe tomorrow I'll start a separate one. The search function here never seems to return what I need, though I am sure this question must have been asked several times by now.

By actively building you list, what I mean is advertising it to your readers - via backmatter links, promotions and giveaways, instafreebie, and social media adverts. Don't forget to reward your current subscribers along the way with cover reveals, preview chapters, special access to ARCs, or other such things. Growing your list can also mean NL swapping with other authors within you genre, however, that tactic might not be too helpful now that it's kind of reached critical mass and everyone seems to be doing it.

And yes, I'd strongly suggest learning how to do Facebook and (to a lesser extent) AMS ads. If you are going to utilize any sort of CPC or CPM advertising, you'll want to learn how to target the best audience possible for your books, set appropriate bids, create effective artwork, and more. Might as well learn now so you can take advantage when the market shifts or new advertising opportunities present themselves. It's kind of like learning to do your own cover art - you might not be that great at first, but eventually you get skilled at it. Not having to pay someone to do all your covers can save you a nice chunk of change if you're even somewhat prolific.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Marketing
« on: October 18, 2017, 05:13:42 PM »
I agree with the advice offered here, so I have a follow-up question.

Let's assume fewer than three books with sales in the double digits. I'm willing to invest the time to learn, but what should I learn? That is, where should I spend not my advertising capital but my advertising labor?

I'd say your best use of labor in that respect would be:

1) Mailing list and newsletters to your readers + actively working towards building that list.

2) Connecting with readers and other authors via social media and other groups.

3) Learning how to do Facebook & AMS ads effectively on your own.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Marketing
« on: October 18, 2017, 03:50:06 PM »
There are really two parts to this question: quality of the marketing and quality of the product being marketed.

No, it's not, and no, they can't. Coca Cola Corp poured millions of dollars into ads and had some of the ad world's top talent, but they couldn't sell New Coke. At all.

If you yourself have done some marketing for your book and made it pay off, then you can probably assume your book is something people are willing to buy. That earlier marketing also gives you something to which you can compare your contract marketer's efforts. If they're not producing the same or better (you want better) ROI you were able to generate, then they may be the problem. Remember that the ROI should be measured over the cost of advertising PLUS any fees you pay them.

If you haven't done any previous marketing for your book and don't have any reviews or track record for sales on the book, then it's going to be tougher to determine if the problem is with the marketer or the book. The only way to do that may be to do some marketing on your own and see what kind of sales you get, and what kind of reviews.

So very, very true. All of it.

Anyone interested in spending even a penny on marketing needs to make sure what they have can compete with the books currently taking up the top spots in their category.

I have to regularly turn away clients because their book is not yet ready...though I do try to help them by offering suggestions on what needs to improve before I show them the "door".

Bookbub Ads Campaigns added!

I've added the ability for clients to request Bookbub Ads campaigns, managed by Book Rank. You can order any budget from $10+. Please note that these are NOT the same as Bookbub's more expensive and far more selective "Featured Ad" slots, but these ads do display alongside them in the email newsletters. Bookbub Ads are CPM (Cost Per Thousand) and are based on how many readers view the ad.

There is a simple $10 artwork & ad creation fee for this service, along with our standard 6.9% service charge which is added on top of whatever your maximum budget is.

Right now this option is only open to Promo Stacker (aka "You Build It") clients, but based on future feedback and results I may add it as a standard service on the pre-priced packages also offered at Book Rank.

If someone would like to do the promo pack, but would rather put the money reserved for FB toward discount sites, is this possible? Thanks!

Yep, absolutely.

Simply let me know in the additional comments at the bottom of the form that you'd like to leave off the FB ads and I'll allocate that portion of the budget towards more venue adverts.


#1 - Please welcome RED ROSES ROMANCE to the discounted venue list!

Clients get 5% off any orders placed at Red Roses Romance through the Promo Stacker or Book Rank pre-priced package services.

#2 - I've updated venue rankings based on my experience using them along with client feedback. I have also added "Mailing list size" and "Average monthly website visits" metrics to each applicable venue listing to help clients decide which sites are right for them.

If you own/operate one of the venues on my list and the metrics you see need to be changed or are incorrect, just let me know and I'll fix it. (P.S. I've only finished this for the Romance list but should have the Non-romance list done later today).

This topic has been brought up to me several times over the past ~week or so by potential clients of my Book Rank / Promo Stacker service who want to be sure that none of the sites I regularly use on their marketing campaigns are up to anything shady or unfair. So, I figured I would address it here.

To the very best of my knowledge, none of the sites I use take part in any sort of unfair botting or TOC-breaking manipulation. I've used most of the sites on my list while advertising my own work and never experienced a problem. Likewise, I've run over 700 campaigns for other authors so far this year and not once has a client informed me of a problem w/ Amazon "not liking" the promotions being run on their books or punishing them in some way for any kind of perceived rule-breaking.

If I were to discover any sort of shenanigans going on with any of the venues that I use they would be off my list immediately.

A list of the current paid venue sites that I use when building orders for clients in case you are curious: (basically the same list of sites I have on my Promo Stacker order form, just laid out all nice and comfy)

Transparent? Yes. Straight shooting? Yes. Good looking? Who the hell knows?

Psst. I know you said not to contact you here and all, but I was just wondering when you were going to get around to paying me for all that stuff you hired me to say ^ up there. I did copy/paste it correctly, didn't I?


Lol, for real tho, I plan on emailing you tomorrow as I've got something up my sleeve for next month.


Nice.  8)

Just a quick bump - I've got availability for more new clients and more orders this week. :D

Thanks all!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Where can I sell my ebooks for bitcoin?
« on: September 12, 2017, 10:43:54 AM »
Putting one's retirement fund in bitcoin is pretty much turning it over to the Chinese Communist Party to manage. The cybercurrency has lost $400 in the past few weeks.

Bitcoin losing $400 "in the past few weeks" is kind of meaningless to me.

Bitcoin has increased in value by $3,628 since this time last year. I can't really think of many other investments that have grown by almost 600% in the past 12 months...  8)

I just pimped ya out in another thread, Ram.

I've no promo numbers to share as I haven't done any promo in way too long, but I can sing your praises anyway. Having used Ram's services since, oh, 2013 or 2014 back on TNL, I can say you won't find a more stand up guy/service anywhere. Ram goes above and beyond with a transparent, honest, no [bullcrap] business. He's a rare constant in an ever changing self pub landscape. He doesn't hem and haw or sugarcoat things to get your business he just tells it like it is. I can count on one hand the number of people in this business that I'd do anything for and Ram's right at the top of that list, no question. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Bumpity bump

I've got plenty of availability for new clients and new orders throughout this week.

 :) :)

Writers' Cafe / Re: Yikes! Promo sites wanting more $ if you're wide!
« on: September 05, 2017, 11:25:41 AM »
Sorry, you are right. I applied to a few sites today and didn't check carefully when I said that. I'll delete that from my previous post.

It's no problemo - I just didn't know if somehow, somewhere, I'd screwed up and left a typo or made part of the ordering process unnecessarily confusing over at HSR.

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