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The Mind of a Medium
by Tony Garrod

Kindle Edition published 2017-01-29
Bestseller ranking: 1655883

Product Description
A fascinating look at consciousness, mediumship, psychics, spritualist circles, scientific theories, the paranormal and more.

As a developing medium, there are many questions we need answers to concerning our ability, but find that many of those questions have no answers no matter how hard we look.

In this book I describe different sides to becoming a medium and give some guidance as to what sort of circle may best suit an individual. I explain how different circle venues and the people who attend and run them can help or hinder progress in this field. I also explain the different techniques that various tutors use and discuss the experiences I've had with the mediums, tutors and lessons I've taken in the circles I've attended. I explain how connections are experienced, made and lost, and the ups and downs to connections made.

If you've read my first book, Fifty-one Percent, you will know that I like ...


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