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Writers' Cafe / Re: Are Paid Newsletter Swaps A Thing?
« Last post by Devyn Jayse on Today at 09:48:40 PM »
OP, in view of some of the answers you've received thought I'd add some more thoughts. Patty thinks they're ick but that's okay. You'll have to form your own opinion of how you'd like to run your business. Everyone has different methods but she raises some good questions and I'd consider them if I were you. But overall, you should be targeting newsletters that were going to feature you anyway, authors that are willing to do a swap but your mailing list is too small so it's more beneficial for them to get paid instead.

This applies to both paid & non paid newsletter swaps but something to keep in mind is whether the author in question will feature your book to their advertised number of subscribers or just a segment. You're taking their word for it. They can send you a copy of the newsletter they sent out but you don't know how many people it went out to unless you ask for a screenshot. You also don't know their open/click rate, etc.

You want to get correct also-boughts so try to target the authors that will deliver you to the right audience for your book. So don't pay just any author to feature you on their newsletter. Do your research about their genre.

I paid authors to be featured in their newsletters with my first book because I didn't have a mailing list. The same authors that agreed back then are still offering to swap with me and I get good results. Some authors actually refused to take payment and featured me just to be kind to a newbie. I really appreciate their kindness and their help when I was starting out. Now, I don't need to offer payment because I have a decent-sized mailing list and we've built a relationship where they want to help out the same way I try to help out with their releases. Just be sure to choose the authors that are in your genre. That's key.

Approach the issue from an advertising and relationship-building perspective. Figure out what's right for you. As long as you're not doing anything illegal you should explore various methods of increasing visibility. Let me know if you need any help/feedback. Best of luck to you!

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Hi - just seeing this thread now.  Yes, I just made a major house move with my kids to another city whilst still trying to keep up with urgent jobs.  I have managed to catch up with quite a few orders, but if anything is still outstanding and I have missed it please just send me a reminder at bookcoverscre8tive@gmail.com. 

I did have an auto-responder set up whilst I was moving, but from what I hear it did not work properly and not everyone received it.  I do apologise for that!

Writers' Cafe / Re: First Person Present Tense (FPPT)
« Last post by C.D. Watson on Today at 09:36:57 PM »
But in all seriousness, there are a ton of examples of authors who have done very well with FPPT.

There may be a ton of authors who've done well with FPPT, success wise. That doesn't mean they've actually mastered writing in FPPT. Almost no one can use it effectively. The vast majority (of the samples I've read, 95% at least) can't.

Yes, it's popular in some genres and subgenres. That doesn't mean you should jump off the bridge with the rest of the pack.
Writers' Cafe / Re: A Tribute to Independent Book Bloggers!
« Last post by Becca Mills on Today at 09:36:01 PM »
Beginning a new thread to continue discussion from a locked thread is not allowed, Robert. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
To me, being a success is writing a book that will stand the test of time - so, given that unlikelihood, I'm just trying to learn to write. But with each book, I'm sucking less. So technically, (if not realistically) that means there's hope.  :)
I am not 100% sure (I do not have Kindle for PC installed anywhere currently - my Windows boxes are running Kindle for Windows 8 app, which is no longer available from Microsoft Store), but I believe Kindle for PC still does not support Personal Documents in the cloud functionality (neither does Kindle for Windows 8 ).

You can open .mobi and .pdf files from the local file system but the annotations will remain local. If you take the .pdf/.mobi and the associated .mbp (and other sidecar files you may find) to another PC I would be surprised if another instance of Kindle for PC would not reconstitute things, but I have never tried it and it seems rather inconvenient. I would not expect them to be portable to a Kindle or any other Kindle app.

The situation is different if you are using a Kindle mobile app and Kindle device. Then you can send it to the cloud and have your annotations and reading position sync amoung registered apps and devices. You can also export these with the iOS Android or Fire Kindle apps (but not Kindle device).

If you create a Google account, you can upload PDF and ePub to Google Play Books. There is no PC application but you can use any desktop browser to read, as well as the mobile apps for iOS or Android (reading position syncs etc). And your annotations will be saved to Google Docs in a portable format.
Writers' Cafe / Re: We Need A Platform of Our Own
« Last post by Melody Simmons on Today at 09:30:16 PM »
You're going to have to put a LOAD of money into advertising and marketing the site to be able to compete with the big names.  Bookbub became popular like that - as far as I know it was a millionaire businessman/group of businessmen who started it and he pushed loads of money into promotion, Google ads etc.  I mention Bookbub because it became popular fairly recently, and some think the site is so popular that they could start their own bookstore if they wanted. Perhaps look into how they operated to gain success - but I know they pushed several millions into it, along with being run by an experienced businessman and finely tuned strategies.
Writers' Cafe / Re: First Person Present Tense (FPPT)
« Last post by P.J. Post on Today at 09:28:40 PM »
I'm the opposite. FPPT all the way. Anything else and I'm all like, ugh, what is this rubbish?

I appreciate the jest...but there's some truth in this for me, especially first past.

I love it! I love to read it and write it. It's immersive if done properly.

And this, including the writing part. All of my novels have been first present.
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