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Writers' Cafe / Re: $350 Cover Book Illustration by Alberto Besi
« Last post by A.Besi on Today at 08:08:48 PM »
Wonderful artwork.

Question: Do you ever subcontract out your illustrations? I'm a designer and sometimes I'm in need of a specific illustration - always on the lookout for fresh talent.


Normally not. But depends on what illustration you'll need. : )
Writers' Cafe / Re: So...howdo I get reviews when I am new?
« Last post by BellaJames on Today at 08:04:00 PM »
This is good to know, thank you. I'm working on Goodreads right now and I haven't tried bloggers yet as so far I've only released shorts, but good to know that folks still do this. Your information has been helpful, even if I'm not the OP.  :D

Yeah. I was talking about the 100th Queen, which tbh looks like a great book but I'm not a YA reader. I was simply curious because, although I'm used to seeing reviews on pre-orders because of the Create Space trick, that one was like...whoa! So, out of curiosity, I Googled the author and discovered some blogs reviewing her book. It matches with Cory's response above here. I like to know how other authors do these things to learn from them. It seems like a lot of work but it's better than having zero reviews, tbh!

I don't want this to come across as rude but Mari if you have been a member on here for a while, you would have seen quite a few threads on  finding readers before you hit publish. There are posts on getting reviews through contacting book bloggers, using services like instafreebie, netgalley or librarything, using social media such as facebook, twitter or reddit to find readers, using goodreads, contacting top amazon and goodreads reviewers etc..

Your post sounds like you did not know that authors were sending out ARC's and getting early reviews.

Here are threads on here about reviews,238953.0/nowap.html

Writers' Cafe / Re: A Terrible Idea?
« Last post by Eugene Kirk on Today at 08:03:33 PM »
You could kick it up a notch and make your penname J.K. Roweling xD
The high street will never go away, but it will have different participants.

Indeed. I'll go to a physical shop if I want to buy some decent shoes, or a suit. But I'm not going to do it for most of my clothes. I'll just buy that stuff online.

To me, anyway, it's the same sort of thing for traditional publishers. When Phillip Pullman's new book comes out in October, I'll spring for a hardcover copy. But if I'm just after a good thriller, why wouldn't I go for a way cheaper indie author?

How do you know where a book would potentially be on a sales list of other books? It seems keywords could make or break a book. Is there a guide on this?
To the OP: Congrats!

Dolphin probably compared the ranking of the OP's book to the rankings of the books in the top 100 of Fantasy > Coming of Age books. If book 100 in that list is, say, ranked #5000 in the store, and the OP's book is ranked #5035, then it seems reasonable to assume that if it was keyworded with 'coming of age' it'd be close to the top 100 list there.

If that's a wrong guess, I'm sure our fine resident erudite aquatic mammal will be along with a correction.
Hey guys,

Could use a boost with a new headtalker!

Is this sucker in Fantasy > Coming of Age? If not, would its tropes fit? You'd be around #102 on that list right now, and it's kind of a great list to be on. You should be able to join that sub with "coming of age" as a keyword, per the List of Ultimate Power.

How do you know where a book would potentially be on a sales list of other books? It seems keywords could make or break a book. Is there a guide on this?
To the OP: Congrats!
Don't have your copy of The Opposite of Living yet? Well, you're in luck. From May 25th to the 29th it's free!
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With a tenacity only rivaled by her obsession with Gordon Ramsay, Cara is determined to unwrap the secrets surrounding her new, very strange, family.
Alternately hilarious and heartbreaking, The Opposite of Living explores the fine line between living and... well, not living.
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Free from May 25th to the 29th
Writers' Cafe / Re: I know there's a list around here somewhere ...
« Last post by Rica G on Today at 07:24:03 PM »
Here you go:

I remember bookmarking it a while ago too. :)
Writers' Cafe / Re: It's okay to have errors.
« Last post by Mari Oliver on Today at 07:22:19 PM »
I do not use new chapters for different povs, instead separating them by a *** after the scene ends. Reason being is that sometimes, a character's pov can be relatively short and not worth an entire chapter. I've grown accustomed to my chapters being how I separate plot points--so there can be more than one pov per chapter. Clarity is important to me, though. Once in a pov I stay there, unless writing in omni. I had no idea some writers don't start a new paragraph with new dialogue. I thought that was a given. :/
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