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Murder in Seattle
by Dianne Harman

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Kindle Edition published 2017-08-14
Bestseller ranking: 445

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From USA TODAY bestselling author and seven time Amazon All Star author, another page-turning cozy murder mystery!

What would you do if your sister's husband of twelve hours, Clark, was considered a suspect by the police in connection with his rich Uncle Vinny's murder? And the rich uncle just happened to be a member of the Mob?

DeeDee has no choice but to enlist the help of her boyfriend Jake, a private investigator, as well as Al, Uncle Vinny's scary bodyguard, to help her find the murderer and clear Clark's name.

It could have been a number of people, but which one? Was it Uncle Vinny's cousin or his wife? Uncle Vinny had a lot of money, and although he hadn't come by it legally, the color was still green. Or the rogue cop whose father had ended the prostitution rings in Seattle, but was certain Uncle Vinny was the person who had resurrected them. Or perhaps Clark'...


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