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Writers' Cafe / Re: Kindle Select and Clickfarming
« Last post by she-la-ti-da on Today at 05:29:20 PM »
Worrying over nothing.
I like it.  :)

So, would people have to prove their stories/wealth/enemies defeated/birthed children? Is the artist who can apply them 'special'? Like, have a special ability they are born with, can only learn it if they are of a certain birthright, have some sort of position of hierarchy within the clan, etc?
Wow, I now have lots of different approaches to try! Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Today I wrote 5,000 words (most of them edited). I see the pattern for most is short sprints. I managed to hit that number by using one-hour sprints.  After trying a couple 30 min sprints I noticed that I wanted to keep going. That app really makes a difference for me when it comes to getting focused. *Thanks, Jana and Boyd! :)*  Not sure why this is, but it works.. Am hoping for another 5K tomorrow. Happy Memorial Day!
The Book Bazaar / "My father has found a cure for vamps' disease."
« Last post by Stacey McCoy on Today at 05:20:13 PM »

Reanimation is the first book in my Reanimation Trilogy and is available now for you to download.
Reanimation explores the concept of curing vampires of the disease which has been forced upon them by using stem cells to bring their frozen cores back to life.
Kady Mathews's father Dr Allister Mathews is one of the worlds leading medical scientist in the field of stem cell research. He and his infected friend, Dr Lawrence Chant have set up a secret medical laboratory hidden deep on Burke Mountain, Vancouver, Canada.
Twenty year old Kady helps clean the lab, but when she's in need of human interaction she works in a pub in the city named Last Drinks.
One busy Friday night, Mick, her boss, asks her to show the new guy, Rylan the ropes. Of course she's a little peeved with Mick for asking this of her on such a busy night, but as soon as her eyes connect with Rylan's she gives in and agrees to help train him.
As the night rolls on Kady suspects that Rylan may be hiding who he really is.
And well lets just say things get a little interesting after this. I'll let you read my novel so you can find out for yourself.
Not Quite Kindle / Re: Theater reviews 2017
« Last post by Gertie Kindle 'a/k/a Margaret Lake' on Today at 05:19:47 PM »
Not every musical is an opera, but every opera is a musical?
I'm going to say no, at least not in a way that makes it look like a normal children's book.

Yep, it would defiantly be different than the normal picture books I make now. Man I'd pay an arm and a leg for an easy formatting software like vellum for picture books.
Anything Else Amazon / Re: The Dot is on sale $39.99 ($10.00 off)
« Last post by Gary_Berg on Today at 05:16:14 PM »
The refurbished Dot is $38 with a full warranty.

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Writers' Cafe / Using magical body art to display status and prestige
« Last post by Sharad9 on Today at 05:14:46 PM »
Body art, or henna, is an important element in this society. This art is painted on the skin and applied with magic. They are semi-permanent and remain on the users skin, only being removed as needed by other magical items. It is not mandatory to wear, but very popular and widely used by men and women. They are gender specific and applied like makeup to enhance characteristics of the individual. However, rather than just being an accessory, it is also meant to tell a story about the person and there place in the world. Common uses include:

welcoming in the seasons, a new year, or bountiful harvests, celebrations and festivities, religious holidays, wealth and prestige, accomplishments and successes, number of enemies defeated in battle or children birthed into a clan, rites of passage into adulthood, or applied to bodies representing passage into the next life.

Henna is judged by their beauty and intricacy, as well as the story they tell of the individual or the concepts relevant to this culture that they symbolize. You could make ones that move, sparkle, emit an aura, make a smell or sound, change with the weather or mood, or dozens of other things. This could make counterfeiting harder and allow for the markings to be a genuine status symbol. They may be pretty to look at, but if there is no meaning behind it, it is meaningless and wasted effort. Important clans may even have unique tattoo specific to their family, and are worn with pride to symbolive their place in the community.

What do people think of this concept? How can I expand on it?

Writers' Cafe / Re: PROMOTION SITES
« Last post by Flying Pizza Pie on Today at 05:11:58 PM »
I don't see anyone mentioning on kboards - don't bode well. :-/

After seeing Ask David, the ebookplanet site looks like 1999. Also, the link to each book is a huge button that says "Product Details." Don't you think they could put a little more effort into that? "Book Details" would be a huge step up and even that is uninspired.
HI everyone, how are you all?

As you can see my name is Stacey McCoy and I am a author from Australia. I've only been writing for close to three years now and already I've self-published two novels and have written one and a half other full length novels and have begun many more.
Since attending my girlfriends hens party, where we were forced to watch several incredibly good looking men perform on stage for our viewing pleasure, something happened to me that has never happened before. As one man in particular presented on to the stage my character Jake came to life. Then as I looked out across the sea of wanting women I saw Kat, and I knew in that moment that I had to tell their story.
As the night rolled on I began to see visions of the two coming together and conversing with one another. I could hear their conversations, yet I didn't quite no what was going on as this sort of thing had never happened to me before. One thing was clear though, they came to me because they knew that I was the one to tell their story. So then it began. Hangover and all. As soon as I got home I began to write. My work was terrible of course, but it felt good to write.
I soon decided that I should probably learn the art of writing fictional romance, so I signed  up to an online course and 6 months later I passed the course with all twelve assignments being graded as high distinction. NEVER before have I achieved such a feat, academically. I was so proud of myself and my grades gave me the confidence I needed to continue writing and eventually self publish my debut novel.
I love to write. I love to make people feel empathy for my characters and there is no better feeling I feel when someone tells me they were unable to put my book down because they were desperate to find out what happens next.
I hope to meet other authors and readers here, so please feel free to contact me.
Thank you for your time.
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