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Microsoft Office 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows. (Shortcut Matters)
by U. C-Abel Books

Kindle Edition published 2016-07-30
Bestseller ranking: 136005

Product Description
*Keyboard Shortcuts are in the business of making people fast and healthy when computing*
This book, Microsoft Office 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts is like salvation sent into computing world to help Office 2016 users do greater than they have been doing. The shortcuts are awesomely organized in a tabular form with TASKS and SHORTCUTS neatly separated, and all the Microsoft Office 2016 programs covered. Through this book, you will know more about keyboard shortcuts, mouse, and keyboard, learn 15 special keyboard shortcuts every computer user should know, and many more.
    Programs included in this book are:
    Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word 2016: Frequently Used Shortcuts, Navigate The Ribbon With Only The Keyboard, Change The Keyboard Focus By Using The Keyboard Without Using The Mouse, Keyboard Shortcut Reference For Microsoft Word, and Function Key Reference.
    Keyboard Shortcuts in Micros…

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The Book Bazaar / Illustrated fairy tales for daughters & granddaughters
« Last post by jdrew on Today at 10:32:06 AM »
Seven fun stories to read where girls do great things.
Diva, Athlete, Daddy’s Girl, Bookworm, Escape Artist, Nature Girl, Firecracker, all girls being great

Writers' Cafe / Re: Feelin' down, and wondering "what is the point"?
« Last post by Seneca42 on Today at 10:30:29 AM »
I agree with a lot of your posts Seneca, but I think this is overly negative.

Admittedly I am in a surly mood today  :P

But by the business side of things I mean the monetary realities of publishing. The book covers and all that stuff are just a given.

If you look at what is going on with the top of the indies they are spending through the nose. It's hard to estimate, but I think a lot of them have doubled their AMS spend easily. They are doing everything they can not to slide backward.

Commodification and hyper saturation always lead to the same place; spending more than you make. Doesn't matter what industry we're talking about.

At best one can argue that SP'ing was always a crap shoot, and in that sense, it still is. You can still write a book that people love and it blows up and you make out. But just go into it knowing that.

Don't think:

* Jazzy cover
* write to market
* instafreebie
* a few promos

will generate a meager existence that will tide you over until you hit it big. They used to. I'm very unconvinced that they still do today.

I wish I had saved it, it's on kboards somewhere, but my favourite quote/comment on SP ever was a thread in which people were saying having a back catalog of 20 books was small. Every newbie needs to read that to understand how batsh*t insane this industry has become :P
Writers' Cafe / Re: First ever Bookbub Tue 20th Feb
« Last post by Dale Ivan Smith on Today at 10:30:26 AM »
Congrats! I hope it goes well for you. Well, of course it will, it's Bookbub. And good for you on stacking and NL sharing. That's all supposed to help, but I wanted to try a plain vanilla version first, with just a Freebooksy the day before to get the ball rolling. Or maybe I'm just lazy, who knows.  :D

Thanks! Given how much you've written and how many times you've applied for a Bookbub, you don't sound lazy to me :-)
I may have overdid it, but I start my promo this Friday and run it through the weekend after the Bub. Mine is for a 99cent box set, and it's international only, so I wanted to boost it as much as I could.
The Book Bazaar / Re: Sci-Fi thriller - romance
« Last post by jdrew on Today at 10:29:07 AM »
4.8 *
Olga isn’t really a mermaid, no, she’s genetically engineered to live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  She herds tuna with the help of trained dolphins.  Life isn’t easy and she’s looking for romance.  Good luck with that.

Writers' Cafe / Re: First ever Bookbub Tue 20th Feb
« Last post by PaulineMRoss on Today at 10:26:26 AM »
Congratulations, Pauline! I've will have my first ever Book Bub this month as well, running next Wednesday. Spent on a chunk of time planning the promo stack and NL shares. It's great fun, isn't it? Here's to today's deal being a big success for you  :)

Congrats! I hope it goes well for you. Well, of course it will, it's Bookbub. And good for you on stacking and NL sharing. That's all supposed to help, but I wanted to try a plain vanilla version first, with just a Freebooksy the day before to get the ball rolling. Or maybe I'm just lazy, who knows.  :D
The Book Bazaar / Re: Supernatural Shorts
« Last post by jdrew on Today at 10:26:07 AM »
Supernatural beings meet ordinary people and things don't go so well for them.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Feelin' down, and wondering "what is the point"?
« Last post by KelliWolfe on Today at 10:24:45 AM »
This is a major major issue with kboards, everyone assumes that whatever they are doing is perfectly replicable by others.

You've been around since 2011. That's 7 years of building your publishing processes. Most authors haven't been around that long.

I'm not saying your advice is wrong, but it's a trend on kboards where folks who have been around a long time are giving advice to relative newbies as though it's apples to apples. Entering the market now is very different than it was 2 years ago much less 7 years ago.  Writing to the erotica market is very different than writing to the scifi market. Yet we tend to talk about it all like it's all the same.

I don't disagree that you have to manage what you can control, but someone just starting out should take the time to understand the market dynamics unfolding and assess whether they are okay with those dynamics and what their strategy will be in relation to them.

Yes things have always been tough, but they've never been tougher than they are today, especially for new entrants. And building an audience in a saturated market is very different than building one in the early days of SP'ing.

All to say, just because things have always been tough doesn't mean things today are the same as they were.
And yet I was able to launch a brand new pen name without any reference to or reliance on my other pens or my back catalog, and these new books are all sitting in the top 100 (and top 20 and HNR) lists for their categories (which aren't small). I did this without any promotion except AMS ads and a couple of the smaller promos like bknights. The core principles still apply - write a good book that people want to read, have a good cover, have a good blurb, and write the next book. That doesn't guarantee you success, because the unfortunate truth is that not everyone who wants to be a writer is going to be one, any more than anyone who wants to be a fashion model or astronaut is going to be. But if you can write, those core principles will still get your foot in the door. The other stuff can help you, but it won't save you if you're not solid on the basics. All the marketing genius in the world isn't going to give you a career as a writer if you can't produce good books with good covers and blurbs that people want to read.

Yes, you have to know your market. Yes, you have to understand your genre. Yes, you have to have good covers and blurbs. And most definitely you have to have a good book. But that has always been the case. Some people managed to skate by those things in The Olden Days. And some people still manage to skate by those things now. But it has never been something you could count on, and most of the ones that skated by back then when it was "easy" have softly and silently vanished away because you can only get by on luck for so long. Those of us who paid attention to Konrath and DWS back in The Olden Days are still here because we learned those fundamentals and apply them every single day. That's why we've survived all of the storms that have taken so many others down, and it's why we'll outlast most of the new kids who come in and get lucky out of the gate.

The distributors are going to screw with things and change the rules. Scammers are going to scam. The market is saturated. Heard the same things in 2012. Heard the same things last year. No one said this was going to be easy. There are no guarantees and this isn't a game for sissies. If you want an easy, steady paycheck, stick with the day job and write for fun.
The Book Bazaar / Re: Science fiction action-suspense novel
« Last post by jdrew on Today at 10:24:17 AM »
Having powers that border on magic doesn't make life perfect.
Reggie will find that out and maybe learn to handle his power better - if he survives.

The Book Bazaar / For $1: The Majin Among Us
« Last post by tjb-author on Today at 10:23:25 AM »
My story, The Majin Among us, became available earlier this month, and I'm offering it for the low low price of $1.08. 

DESCRIPTION: Rand Runnels meets Debbie: the new girl who just moved to Redcrest with her family.  He didn't really think anything one way or the other about her...  Until she used her magical powers to turn the school bully into a candy bar and ate him.  It's then that Debbie reveals that she is actually a majin: a pink devil like humanoid with god like powers. 

One spell was all it took for everything to come unglued, however, and the people of Redcrest are NOT thrilled when they find out majins exist.  Matters are made worse when Scott, a fellow majin and notorious cannibalistic serial killer, comes to town and begins his rampage. 


Not going to lie, this is probably the most ambitious thing I've written in a while.  I once described it as a unique blend of teen drama and gonzo journalism with just a smidge of action adventure.  Whether or not that description is entirely accurate is up to the reader, I guess. 

EDIT: Would probably help if I put a link, huh?  DERP!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Feelin' down, and wondering "what is the point"?
« Last post by A.G.B on Today at 10:22:31 AM »
The days of viewing SP as a business are almost over because the fundementals are so broken that you can't justify entering this market based on the ROI. You have to do it because you love it (or as you say, it's a hobby). The older guard are working off something they've built up over half a decade, so they can still managing their operations like a business. But even they, as time goes on, are going to have a harder and harder time trying to make the numbers work.

I agree with a lot of your posts Seneca, but I think this is overly negative. I think the problem is that people need to go into this with business being as much of a skillset/mindset as the creative side. To be honest, that would be the same in any form of independent creative, I think the book industry just had a glory 'wild west' period that many others didn't.

Good books
Good covers
Good blurbs
Good marketing strategy
Good business plan with realistic aims and milestones.

Do those things and I think there's a career to be had. Doing them isn't easy, but then getting a dream job like this was never going to be.

I'm going to give it my best shot! ;D
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