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Fire Talk / Changing tag/signature line?
« on: March 30, 2012, 02:12:37 AM »
Hi All,

I've noticed that my daughter's Fire adds "Sent from my Kindle Fire" at the end of messages she sends from it.  Does anyone know if there's a way to modify the tag line?  I'm sure she'd get a kick out of making it a bit more personalized.


  - Mark

Let's Talk Kindle! / Kindle missing out on a possible market?
« on: February 24, 2011, 10:28:18 AM »
My wife told me last night that someone at school had mentioned that our county library system had purchased several Nook readers that could be loaned to visitors in order to read e-books.  I did a quick Google search and found a few mentions of questions about the fines for lost/broken readers, but nothing concrete about availability.

After thinking about this Iím wondering if Amazon may be missing out on another potential market.  If they would just make it so a Kindle would work with the epub format they may see that some library systems may consider doing the same thing, buying a dozen or so kindles to be loaned out to library patrons.

I admit that I think the library is taking a big financial risk on loaning out the nooks, but it could turn out to be a very desirable resource for library patrons who donít want to lug around a huge book.  ďUnder the DomeĒ comes to mind.

The Book Corner / Question about providing a review
« on: January 01, 2011, 06:19:05 PM »
Just a question about providing a review for a book.

I'm currently reading a book (name purposely not included) which, although it has a good story and has been fun to read so far, has suffered from problems with incorrect words (homonyms), missing words and the inclusion of extra words within sentences.

Also, I just realized that since I am reading the book on a Kindle that I can highlight and bookmark the errors I notice in order to be able to find them again and also be able to provide a file of the information to the author to more easily find them.

Once I finish the book I would like to privately pass on my findings to the author.  I don't think it's fair to post a critical review of the book without first giving the author the opportunity to know about the issues.  I'm hoping an authour would be receptive to such input?


The KBoards Photo Gallery / Home-Grown K3 Covers
« on: December 14, 2010, 07:25:27 PM »
I recently purchased a Kindle 3 for my wife, but realized I didn't have the cash to purchase a cover for it.

Since I wanted to give her something unique I looked up some directions on other websites, got some ideas and made her a one-of-a-kind cover for her new toy.

One of my co-workers has seen hers, and the one I made for mine, and asked me to make one for his fiancee's K3 that he's giving as a gift.  Here's how that one turned out:

I'm having fun making these things!

  - Mark (S-4-C)

Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting (Kindle) / Multiple Social Networks?
« on: December 10, 2010, 04:53:54 PM »
My wife and I both recently got K3's and are really enjoying them.

Yesterday I thought about setting up the social network information on mine, but noticed that it was already set up to my wife's Facebook account.

Is it possible to have multiple Kindles associated with one Amazon account, each of which is able to be tied to a different social network profile?


  - Mark (S-4-C)

Kindle Accessories / DIY Cover
« on: December 03, 2010, 10:56:18 AM »
I recently purchased a Kindle 3 for my wife, then discovered after the fact that I didnít think about a cover for it.  I really like the Oberon covers, as well as the many of the others that have been listed here.  However, I didnít have the financial ability to get one of those in addition to the Kindle

Being a crafty type of person, I looked online at some sites that showed some home-made covers, then put my own twist on the final product.

I discovered that a standard Moleskine notebook is the perfect size to contain a K3.  I took some measurements, collected the necessary supplies and created a one-of-a-kind cover that my wife loves.  The project can be done by purchasing a new Moleskine, but at almost $18.00 retail I decided to go the less expensive route.  Another option would be to cut the pages from a used Moleskine, but why ruin the protection of a perfectly good set of notes?

The hardest item to find is the pasteboard used for the covers.  Cardboard isnít stiff enough.  You need something similar to the pasteboard used to create regular hard-bound book covers.  Art stores and bookbinders will have them, but I purchased a cheap pasteboard box at a craft store and cut it to size.  Much less expensive.

The rest of the project is just measuring and joining the fabric and boards with rubber cement in the same manner that Moleskines are normally bound.  The only exception is that I installed a panel on the inside-right cover made of plastic, allowing me to mount double-sided Command Strips to hold the kindle in place.  The rest of the interior is covered in microsuede to give a richer texture and to protect the screen.

Hereís a few shots:

My wife isnít interested in changing hers for another, so I no longer need to find a ďbetterĒ one for her.  Iíve still got my eye on a couple of the Oberon covers for my own Kindle when Iím able to save up enough to get one.    Until that time I plan to make up another one of these covers for mine.  I think the only thing Iíd change is to make the covers a bit wider to allow a book light to be stored between the Kindle and the inner spine.

Just thought Iíd post this to show that if you really want or need a cover you donít need to rely on what the retailers are currently selling.  Take some time and make yourself a cover that no one else will have.

  - Mark

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