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Awakened: BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance
by J.S. Wiley

Kindle Edition published 2016-01-30
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From her curvaceous hips to her whiskey colored eyes, plus-size beauty Abagail Cole should be at the top of her dating game. But after a recent breakup with her cheating fiancé, she's never felt more like the stereotypical lonely cat lady.

So, determined to move forward and have some fun, Abagail decides to take a spontaneous trip to a local sports bar and get her buzz on. There she attracts the attention of tattooed, bad-boy millionaire Caleb Delaney, a mysterious and passionate wolf shifter who is immediately bewitched by Abagail's charms--and would do anything to claim her as his future mate.

But when a gorgeous new neighbor also catches her eye, Abagail soon finds herself torn between the affections of two gorgeous, intense love interests. And to make matters even more confusing, she's been experiencing steamy encounters with a presence in her dreams, waking up breathless and longing for more.

As she …

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Writers' Cafe / Re: Going Wide - Direct or with an Aggregator?
« on: March 18, 2018, 07:25:02 AM »
I'm in the UK and have a direct B&N account. I'm not sure it's worth it, tbh, as there's no way that I can see of getting them to give you promotions. I emailed them and got a boilerplate response. Maybe that's just me, though. :) But based on performance so far I think I might as well have gone with an aggregator and saved myself some time.

Thanks  Lydniz!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Going Wide - Direct or with an Aggregator?
« on: March 18, 2018, 03:25:25 AM »
Just chiming in with a related question :)

Is is possible to go direct with B & N if you live outside the US?  Or do you need to use an aggregator if you are in the UK?


Writers' Cafe / Re: Testing to see if this cover hits the mark
« on: March 13, 2018, 07:13:03 AM »
I thought PNR and I wan't sure which was the author name till I looked at your avatar.
Marmots are cute!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Make It Free
« on: March 12, 2018, 04:11:48 AM »
Reported First Blood. Hope it shifts for you soon. :)

Writers' Cafe / Re: Do Promotions Work?
« on: February 23, 2018, 06:24:29 AM »
I'm seeing some bit of success with AMS ads. If you want to try them out, start with something small and see what happens. Don't expect miracles, but you might see a sale here and there and an increase in page reads. Load the Machete extension into Chrome and learn to use it. I would start with one ad, with a low daily budget and low bids. Just to get the hang of how they work.

Load the ad keywords up with every author and book title that you think is comparable to your novel, especially the top 100 titles and authors in the category your book is set in. Let the ad run for a couple of weeks and then run a Machete optimization on your adwords. Don't get scared if it sets some of your keywords to $0.50. Just go with it.

As an example:

I'm running ads on three titles, all with a $1.00 a day budget, so $3.00 overall. Before loading Machete and running optimization, I was averaging less than 1000 impressions per day and only about one click per day.

After running the optimization for $5.00 target sales per day - my daily impressions immediately jumped to almost 3300 per day average and clicks have risen to 4.8 clicks per day.

What does this mean for income? Before I started the ads, I would see days, even a week or two, go by without a single sale and could go a week without a single page read. Now, I'm seeing 1.25 sales per day and about 227 pages read per day on average.

I run the optimization about once every two weeks and it always makes some fine tuning adjustments to the bids on keywords. Start with a low budget (As I said before, I have the three ads set to $1.00 a day each) and set them to continuous. The bids range from $0.02 to $0.50. You need to give them a chance to gain some traction. Don't worry about overspending the budget. There's only been one time I've seen one of the ads stop serving during the day because of the limit. It resets at midnight.

If I hadn't seen it for myself, I would be skeptical about using AMS. But, looking at the Reports on my KDP dashboard makes it hard to argue with it. All the increases came when I ran the Machete optimization program on 01/18/18 and the charts show it. Don't laugh when you see how small these numbers are. I know there are others here where my numbers wouldn't even be a blip on their screens. But, it gives me hope. Not enough to set the world on fire, but much better than what I was seeing two months ago and the income that is coming in is more than enough to pay for the ads. And it's got me driving a little harder at getting the second and third books of the trilogy finished and published.

I've never even heard of Machete but I've googled it now! May sales are on a par with your pre machete ones! What dies it offer that makes it worth the download. I can eyeball the keywords myself to see which are the ones worth keeping.
thanks!  :)

Regardless, congratulations on the tweaking!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Blurb feedback - zombie apocalypse series, book 5
« on: February 23, 2018, 02:40:03 AM »
I've always had a problem with passive voice... which I think shows when I change what you suggested and to my eye it still looks odd, as a sentence. Or maybe blurb-writing is just well outside my wheelhouse. This is slightly amended:


Matt King is on the run. One of the last survivors of the catastrophic expedition to Brisbane, he has a nuclear launch codebook vital to the survival of the human race - and must keep it from the rogue military forces commanded by the ruthless General Draeger.

Behind enemy lines, Matt discovers a disparate place to the zombie-ravaged world beyond. In fortress towns patrolled by conscripted soldiers, people are thriving - trading freedom for safety, ruled by a brutal military dictatorship.

Lost and alone, cut off from his allies and hunted like an animal, Matt will face his greatest challenge of all: surviving the darkness at the heart of General Draeger's kingdom of hell.

So, I've cut a bit more of what I think was passive, but in doing so it doesn't seem to make sense...what does he have to do with the code book? I think if as well as cutting the passive terms such as very and trying but also make clear what he needs to do with the code book and what might stop him doing this then the blurb will draw you in much more. In my limited opinion the last sentence is the weakest as I'm not all all sure what he's doing apart from surviving.

Blurbs are hell and I hope this is helpful and constructive for you!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Google Play Question: "For mature audiences?"
« on: February 22, 2018, 01:33:18 AM »
Jumping in to ask a related question. :)

I'm hoping to take my first book in  a series wide next month. Its a romance with 2 sex scenes. Is this 'mature audience' button for any book with sex in it or is it to screen for erotica?

Having had my fingers slapped by Amazon and one of my books mis categorised as erotica I'm really wary about these things now!
thanks x

Writers' Cafe / Re: First ever Bookbub Tue 20th Feb
« on: February 20, 2018, 01:30:10 AM »
Wow, 63 rejections and you kept going.
You go girl  ;D
You deserve a few million downloads for that kind of tenacity!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Would appreciate help with this romantic suspense blurb
« on: February 07, 2018, 02:36:43 AM »

It shouldve been dangerous, but uncomplicated. But Marks carnal obsessions bring up emotions Wrens spent years suppressing. Soon shes caught in a dark temptation slip out of her broken life and become Johanna, or save her brother and betray Mark to the FBI.

I agree with Jack, I think you have blanded it a bit too much and lost some of the emotional angst/intensity.

I also really liked this bit above, where you summarise her quandary, it's like OMG what's she gonna do?! I think it engages you and brings you on board with her and her character arc.
If you do keep some of this bit, take out 'carnal'. I speak as someone with a mis-categorised book in erotica, just stay well away from any kind of sexual words in your blurb.  ::)

Best of luck!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Free Run Plan & Results
« on: February 02, 2018, 03:03:50 AM »
wc Hoffman,
Hit the website link in your post and it came up as an expired domain.
working fine for me when I looked. Temp glitch?

Writers' Cafe / Re: Free Run Plan & Results
« on: February 01, 2018, 09:57:19 AM »
Love your new covers btw. I saw the old ones on AMZ but the new ones rock!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Make It Free
« on: January 31, 2018, 06:28:02 AM »
Thanks, Vashist and Jeff! Anyone else? :) It's still 1 dollar, grrr.

Reported. x

Writers' Cafe / Re: Any promo sites for the UK market?
« on: January 30, 2018, 02:07:17 PM »
Book Hippo seems to work well for many UK authors.

I'd second this. they are free and gave me good downloads on my free book (which is set in Uk too...) :)

And of course, there is Sherrilyn Kenyon, who has written a few series with the same characters, and the same world. She truly took this to an extreme. Mostly because of contract issues with her publishers.

Hi Simply_J
Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. I shall have a look at these books and have a think abut how I can take things forward from here.

Theresa x

Theresa, I realize it'd be a hellishly expensive long-distance call, but have you considered telephoning Amazon? You can phone KDP these days--actually they call you--although I'm not certain if it'll work internationally. If not, you can make an international call to Amazon customer service (the regular old Amazon) and ask to speak to someone at KDP. I used to do this before they made phoning an option on KDP help, and with some prodding and explanation, they always connected me.

I want you to get this sorted!


I have to be honest, I don't think I'm up for that, although I know I should be. I'm beginning to worry if I agitate too much they'll look at my first book Garrick again and yank it out of Romance. My footing feels pretty precarious, so I'm going to pass on phoning them.
Theresa x

Theresa, I have a suggestion for you. And it is not original, but it's what many successful authors do. Most for marketing reasons, but it could work in your case.

Take the world you created, the research and even the characters and write a new series. You can make the third book in this series the first in the new one. I can show you examples of how great this works. And mostly had been used for giving new life to an old series, because most readers would be curious about the previous books.

It's a way to keep doing what you really love and one day, maybe in a few months, you would be able to move your books into any category you want. Right now, you need to pick your battles, it's not worthy fighting against a bunch of underpaid, overworked customer service employees, who don't understand and won't make any effort to do so.

I'm not religious, but I have this posted on the wall in front of my desk (it has saved me from making some mistakes because of my Mediterranean temper).:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.
St Francis of Assisi .

Hi Simply-J

Thankyou for your thoughts. It is something I have considered as I am worried that any new book linked to the first two might be branded without hesitation.

I've just received another bot email telling me it's erotic and  they can't tell me why, but they hope I don't mind because publishers views are important to them. :( It is upsetting to keep getting bot emails back that are getting me nowhere and I have found it hard to focus on my writing as a result.

You mention in your message you could show me some examples of how this works, could you tell me/point me in the direction of what some of these books are?  I would find it  really helpful to look at how some authors have done such a thing and perhaps it will help me to forge a different path here, as this one is getting me nowhere right now.

Thanks again for taking the time to offer your thoughts. Everyone here has been so kind and helpful :)

Theresa x

No, I haven't noticed that. There's probably one on my book which is still languishing.

Amazon emailed me tonight again, telling me to remove all sexual content and republish under a new ASIN as all books with sexual content belong in erotica.

I quietly banged my head on the wall for several minutes and then fired back another email reminding them of the Romance/sci-fi categorisation on their website that I mentioned above.

I will not give in!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Make It Free
« on: January 25, 2018, 02:12:10 AM »
No idea how it happened, but shortly after Xmas, Amazon took the permafree status off my first book. I haven't changed the freebie status of it anywhere else, I just noticed my free downloads disappearing completely on my dashboard. If anyone would be kind enough to help make it free again, I'd appreciate it greatly. :)




Thanks again!

I've reported it as free too.

I have a book categorized in both Urban Fantasy and Romance--Science Fiction. This post made me so paranoid I just took it out of Romance--Science Fiction and put it in Science Fiction--General. I never saw anything when I initially listed the categories that said not to put the book in both a romance and an SFF category. Can you point me to this? Thanks.

Edited: I just called KDP and asked about this and the person I spoke with assured me that it was fine to have one's book listed in both an SFF and a romance category. Have I misunderstood something either from the post I quoted or from KDP? Thanks if you have any info.


This is the only info I can find. I hope this clears things up. It's from the Romance Category keyword section. I'm still muddling my way though Amazon's invisible rules!

"Also, we don't allow books with erotic content to be placed under the categories "Fantasy" or "Science Fiction." If your fantasy or science fiction book contains erotic content, you are allowed to place it under these browse paths:

Fiction > Romance > Science Fiction
Fiction > Romance > Fantasy

You can add the categories "Romance" and "Science Fiction" to the same book if the book is a non-erotica Romance book. You may also assign erotica books to these categories:

Fiction > Romance > Erotica
Fiction > Erotica"

Right I'm off to fire off another email to Amazon. Because of the above I am going to request they move the book in accordance with their own guidelines above and I'm also going to lay it on heavy about poor reader experiences. I'll let you know if I have any success.
Theresa x
ETA the fiction-romance-science fiction category is what I have chosen for my books (for all the good it did me!)

Writers' Cafe / Re: The Nightmare That Is Pre-order
« on: January 22, 2018, 02:53:19 PM »
I did a pre-order on my second book.
Not quite as bad as you but never again.
Well done you!

I noticed your first book is in Sci-fi categories - maybe this is part of the problem? I put my SFR books in Romance -> Sci-fi and then Romance -> either fantasy or paranormal, if they apply. Man-chest is common in those categories, and shouldn't have set off any flags. On the other hand, putting it in Sci-fi first might be a problem?

For the second book, I'd suggest writing back to Kindle, stressing that there's a romantic relationship between the leads, which ends in a happily-ever-after. Insist that it doesn't belong in erotica. Don't respond to the existing ticket - start a new one. Sometimes, that works too!

Thanks Tara. I'm still learning and you may be right. Thanks for the suggestion :)

Theresa x

:o   :o   :o

Sounds like your query accidentally went to another planet.

Yes I thought that too. Planet Doris Day where all books not in erotica have Rock Hudson as the lead, flowery pyjamas and twin beds  :D

I can almost guarantee you that they aren't actually scanning your book for sex. Earlier this year, one of my books got thrown into erotica. It was ridiculous (but funny in hindsight). The book wasn't a romance, it was urban fantasy (of the non-sexy variety). The cover was a fully clothed woman with a sword. Every time I emailed to try and talk to someone (I even called), they sent me the same email back saying to remove the sexual content and republish. Only, there was zero sexual content. No sex. No foreplay. Nothing. No matter how many times I said that, they sent the same form letter back.

They never did say the real reason it was put into erotica. They just said that it was a better customer experience for the book to be in erotica  ::). I suspect it was the title of the book that caused an employee to put it into erotica (4 days before it was supposed to be published, so I couldn't do anything).

Just keep trying. They did eventually take me out of erotica, but the damage was done.

OMG that is so good to know. Thankyou.   I had been thinking I might need to start writing sex without using any sexual terms. I 've already spent a few sleepless nights staring at the ceiling trying to work that one out  ::)

That must have been SO frustrating.   :-[  The damage is done here too on my second book already but I'm trying to be pragmatic and work on what I can change and not on the mess that is behind me. lol. Wine helps too  ;)

Did you manually change the categories? Because Garrick is no longer in erotica!

I apologise if my comments were rude, I was trying to point out the obvious.

You are an excellent writer that deserves better because of your hard work, I was trying to explain what to do to distance yourself from the erotica category, which sadly is radioactive these days.

No offence was taken. I can take constructive criticism and I appreciate anyone who bothers enough to put forward their thoughts :)

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