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I managed my three books in a row but now I'm rewriting so my marketing has to wait. I have angst about missing out on the holiday sales but then I remember...it's the holidays!

IT'S CHRISTMAS! Time to enjoy yourself, the season, your friends, your family, and those holiday specials on the TV. Beating yourself up for writerly 'performance issues' can wait until after New Years. Or never, you're just starting out. You have to be kind to yourself (at all stages of your career) or you'll burn out.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Literary Fiction In Crisis...thoughts
« Last post by Dpock on Today at 08:07:01 AM »
...but there's something explosive in these threads sometimes and I don't want anyone on either side to feel attacked.

There's not much of a bridge between the two camps. Literary fiction tends to view plot as irrelevant to the merits of the novel. For genre readers, plot is essential. Without a plot, there would be no point in reading the novel.

No one would argue that crap writing can't produce a great story, regardless of genre. But crap writing will never produce great literature.

I'm not saying all genres are crap or all literature is great. I'm saying they use different metrics when it comes to judging their merits.


Leader Jane completes my second series.

Available on Kindle now, with most other stores coming over the next week.
Writers' Cafe / Re: I wrote a 30k word romance novella in 8 hours
« Last post by SevenDays on Today at 07:52:40 AM »
I talk to my four year old longer than that every day.  Small children never seem to be quiet and have LOADS of questions about everything that require very long answers.
Sitting down and talking for eight hours is totally doable! :D

I have a five-year-old and yes. She is pretty much made of questions. :D
Writers' Cafe / Re: Teeny Tiny, Itty Bitty 99c Promo Results
« Last post by SevenDays on Today at 07:51:11 AM »
Woohoo, congrats! I'm making a note of those sites.


Bestebookreaderslovers is really underrated, imo. My freebies always do really well with them, especially for the price (which is 10 euros for a freebie, if memory serves). And I'd never even heard of Book Adrenaline before--not until someone posted a link to Nicholas Erik's recommended promo sites.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Teeny Tiny, Itty Bitty 99c Promo Results
« Last post by Jessie G. Talbot on Today at 07:43:19 AM »
Woohoo, congrats! I'm making a note of those sites.
Eighteen-year-old Seanna had a face that was hard to forget. A blood red birthmark emblazoned across her chin is the reason why. It made her the target of taunts from bullies and the bane of the headmistress of the orphanage where she lived since birth. Her mark possesses a fiery flair she struggles to control. Consumed by a pyrokinetic ability she can either learn to control it or let it control her.

In a world where no one can be trusted can she trust herself to save the world or will she be the one to end it?


If it's a book that's also available from Amazon, that's where I'll get it. Reason: it's easier. I can't think of a reason why I'd get the book elsewhere instead. Honestly, even if it was cheaper elsewhere, the ease of acquisition means I'd probably just go with Amazon anyway.

If it's NOT available from Amazon but ONLY available from this hypothetical other store, it would have to come EXTREMELY HIGHLY recommended by someone whose opinion I trust implicitly. Otherwise, frankly, it wouldn't be worth my time to go find the other site, download the book, and then send/transfer it to my kindle.

It should go without saying but, of course, the format has to be compatible and not require any manipulation on my part beyond the aforementioned downloading and sending/transferring.

I'd not be likely to go browsing this other site -- I don't browse at Amazon. I purchase books based on recommendations from trusted sources.

There's also the issue of, if I'm purchasing from somewhere other than Amazon, that's a whole 'nother site where I have to have an account and/or store credit card info. Whether or not I want to go to that trouble/accept that risk would also factor in.
Writers' Cafe / Teeny Tiny, Itty Bitty 99c Promo Results
« Last post by SevenDays on Today at 07:34:08 AM »
So back in June I released the first book in a new series (Family Ghouls). Between then and now, it has sold a little over 1000 copies without me doing any promo beyond telling my mailing list and announcing it on my Facebook page. A little over a week ago, I released the second book in the series, so I decided to do a teensy tiny promo because I donít want to hit any of the major promo sites until the third book is out.

I allocated $20 and chose two sites, one that I know always performs well for my freebies (although this time I was doing $0.99):

http://bestebookreaderlovers.com/  ($6.10)


http://bookadrenaline.com/ which is the mystery/thriller only arm of Book Barbarian and that Iíve never used before. ($9)

As you can see, I only spent $15.10 of my $20.

Book Adrenaline was first. I needed to sell 27 copies prices at $.99 to break even.

I sold 29.

Bestebookreaderlovers ran yesterday afternoon. I needed to sell 18 copies to break even.

I sold 19.

These are just sales on Amazon. The book is wide and I sold 4 copies over the same period on other retailers.

So Iím pretty happy with my fun little experiment. I haven't looked at sell-through at all yet because the second book is a new release (and it took over a week for the also-boughts to kick in and I'm really bitter about that :D).
Writers' Cafe / Graphing a story with Kurt Vonnegut
« Last post by Lorri Moulton on Today at 07:23:46 AM »
Thought you might enjoy this.  The last story is a classic! :)

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