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My original MG covers were detailed and rather muted, but with the refresh I went for plain cartoonish covers with bright colours. Think batman Zap Kerpows rather than subtle ;-)

As with any genre, check out the Amazon bestseller list for the relevant category.
Not Quite Kindle / Re: The Good Morning Thread
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Good Morning
NapCat News !!

Having walked this world for over 72 years, following adventures and exciting careers, I am declaring Victory and Retiring !!  I have a beautiful little oasis in the desert overlooking Death Valley and hope to spend many, many years in the desert I love.  I have volunteer positions lined up with the Fish and Wildlife Department and with the National Park Service.

I look forward to active and exciting times ahead !!

Have a great day all !!
Writers' Cafe / Re: It Was All a Dream
« Last post by Kal241 on Today at 12:06:41 AM »
I was disappointed with the movie Total Recall because it missed an opportunity for a fun ending.

In the movie, the MC gets a false memory installed in his mind so that he can have a fun experience. Things go wrong, and he almost dies.

I thought it would have been more fun if all the things that went wrong turned out to be the false memories. That is, at the end he finds that none of the adventure actually happened.

In the book I'm considering writing, the MC is on his way to have the false memory of a vacation implanted, when something causes him to miss the appointment. Adventure ensues, the crises are resolved. At the end my character finds that none of it really happened. The implanted memory started before his appointment so that in his "dream" he wouldn't realize that what he was experiencing wasn't real.

I'm hoping to avoid the "it was all a dream" annoyance because the good guy will have prevailed against the bad guys before he "wakes up."

Do you think readers would still be annoyed when they reach the ending? Are there any other books with this basic idea?

Fun fact: Total Recall did have an ending where it was all a dream. And the protagonist, trapped in the dream and refusing to awaken, was lobotomized irl, just as he was warned. It did so badly with test audiences that they scrapped it and went with the currently-known ending. Moral of the story: What you think is "fun" might not be what the audience thinks, and it can/will hurt you if you don't act accordingly.

There are quite a few books with this story idea. How successful they are, on the other hand, depends on what the ending really was. Having it all be a dream is fine. But having reality turn out to be bad when your MC wake up will net you dark side points.

Roll your dice carefully.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding you, but the deal is between Kobo and Walmart, Streetlib's only involvment is that they distribute to Kobo (as do D2D and Smashwords and no doubt others).

My books for Kobo go through D2D & I won't be changing that any time soon but the deal is only Kobo through Streetlib, it's not a Kobo deal :)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Name an inflatable cowboy
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Posts or emotions of love
There's a thread on the litrpg subreddit that might be enlightening to some.
Hello all! I've been a long time reader, but this will be my first post. I've been writing a book over the last couple years and it's finally finished. I've had it professionally edited and I've had very positive comments from beta readers. I have my cover now and I just needed some feedback from you fine people. Thank you for your time in advance!

Title: The Harmony Divide: Never Alone

First, the blurb:

Christine wakes up afraid and disoriented in a U.S. government laboratory. Though there's nobody else with her... she isn't alone. Jenn is in her head -- protecting the young woman from her own heart-rending memories. Together, the women face the struggle to repair Christine's mind before an unknown group of threatening assailants harm them. With limited time to unravel the mystery of who their assailants are, what they want and how to stop them the women furiously try to conquer their own internal conflicts.

Jenn has powerful magical abilities and must use the young woman's mind to regain them, but during their time together Jenn realizes how special the young woman is and forms a bond stronger than either woman thought possible. Jen's plan requires her to confront her own past while helping the young woman regain the memory of hers. Their success in stopping the unknown threat is up to Christine's ability to learn about herself again - without destroying them both in the process.

The clock is ticking and the young woman's memories can't be regained until she dies - yet she can't live without them. Their success means far more than they could imagine.

Next, the cover:

Edited: Formatting
I love your cover; it's really unusual. Striking, stands out from the crowd. Good job!
But.. But.. But... Highlander!!!
You guys are so funny! You are cracking me up. Being a Kboards member is a real and special privilege. So many funny, smart, creative, unusual wacked-out geniuses all in one place. I love you guys! Kissy kissy
There's video of folks drawing very long swords from their back, so it is possible, but it's still stupid because two-handers were only used when you already knew that you were going into a fight, so why bother with a back sheath? Otherwise, two-handers were carried like spears. Additionally, your friend to your right or to your left (or behind you), in a battle line, would disabuse you of any illusion of intelligence for thinking that you could draw that stupid thing in such a tight situation.

On the other hand, if it sells, I'll make up anything and take your money.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Would you check out my new book cover and blurb, please?
« Last post by katewrath on Yesterday at 11:03:03 PM »
Hi!  Just chiming in to agree that Rick was definitely pointing you in the right direction for the blurb.  You want excitement and intrigue, and your blurb piqued my interest at first, then totally lost me.  It sounds like a very interesting book, though.  I like the images and colors you have on the cover, but one thing I notice is that as soon as I see anything boxed in on a cover, I immediately associate that with indie.  (Not that indie is bad, but you want your book cover to look like it could have come out of one of the big publishing houses.)  I like the idea of blending the images, and the ones that were posted are pretty and all (kudos, whoever whipped that up) but I'm not sure I would know they are sci-fi, just from looking at them.

Remember, covers are about setting expectations.  It's not as much about the art and the uniqueness as you might think (or want).  Take it from someone who went through several different covers until she found the one that sold the book.  You want to align your cover with industry standards... in other words... check out what the bestsellers in your genre look like and get on board.  There are some definite trends.  You don't want to be a clone of other book covers, obviously, but you want people to feel a sort of recognition at first glance.  If you can do that and find some element within that pattern to set yourself apart, then you're starting to get somewhere.  Also, are you writing a sequel?  If so, start thinking about how you will pull your branding through all the books now.
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