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Writers' Cafe / Re: Creepy Amazon data-mining story
« on: Today at 01:40:25 PM »
There used to be an excellent series of videos on Youtube called "Big Brother Big Business" that documented the huge piles of personal, confidential, and sometimes even intimate information that data collection centers collect on all of us, and this was back in 2008. It's gotten a lot worse since then.

I believe "Downloadable series of fiction books" is pretty specific. You can find it under Goods and Services on the application.

IME, CONAN The Destroyer would not violate the proposed TM. Chris Fox's Destroyer book would not violate the TM. No single title books would violate the TM.

I just want us sending apples to apples examples in our challenge letters.

But didn't "Cocky" have that wording also? And authors who had it in their title or keywords still had their books taken down by retailers when FH told them it was a trademarked term. Just because it won't stand up to scrutiny in a court of law doesn't mean it won't ruin people's livelihoods, because retailers aren't going to be bothered to comb through all the details.

Edit: used publisher instead of retailer

Lord.  >:( Re-edited to spell retailer correctly. *shakes fist at middle-age*

From all my Reddit digging, it seems maybe the art department at Harper-Collins is aware of this now, and no doubt their legal department will be, too. Hopefully all of this will be crushed into nano-particles.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Walmart-Kobo announcement from StreetLib
« on: Today at 04:13:56 AM »
On an unrelated but partially related note, Microsoft's online store sells books. They had a big sale around the same time Amazon's Prime thing was going on.

I wonder if some day they are planning on joining the fray.

There are almost too many blue screens of death in my past for me to hope yes?


So I showed this to my husband, and he pointed out that it said illustration in the description of the mark. Does that mean photo manipulative covers aren't part of this? Only covers with illustrated art and then the layout?

I ask because if people are filing contest letters, but are showing photo manipulated covers and not illustrated, would the TM office just dismiss that evidence since it's not what is being trademarked?

I haven't, here or on FB, seen anyone mention the specific illustration aspect of the description. (Didn't even notice it before and I've been following this all day. GG Hubby.)

Anyone know?

A painted cover like this?

Just as a matter of interest, was the cover trademark filed before or after he was nuked?

July 5, so about 2 weeks before.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Walmart-Kobo announcement from StreetLib
« on: Yesterday at 06:20:42 PM »
Sounds like a good date to set a promo  :)

I really am trying to understand the logic here.

Person A trademarks "Cocky", resulting in the author community banding together against them in an unprecedented tidal wave of support for those affected.

Person B looks at the sheer mountain of disdain heaped upon Person A and apparently says, "I can top that. Hold my beer. "

You could almost say it was a Cocky move or something.

Honestly I'm surprised people go into so much detail. Outside of the cover design, does it really matter? It's not like you write "Jaxworm the Magnificent swung his ninety-eight-inch sword at the fiercesome goblin, and the twenty-two-percent flared edge of the blade reflected sunlight before the ornately sculpted tip slid into the goblin's throat, while the gold filigree on the hilt flashed expensively with the seventeen diamonds studded in an arcing pattern above the handle". I don't think any of my fantasy fiction describes a sword as anything other than "big", "long", "short" or "small" (not counting one about a blacksmith who specializes in ceremonial swords).

That did it; one of my characters is going to have to have one of their weapons flash expensively in the next book.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Gender neutral singular “they”
« on: Yesterday at 10:35:08 AM »
I've been using they as a generic pronoun for 30 or so years and nobody noticed. Don't worry about it.

Yep, same here. Just with more years.  :)

I just discovered that the author who is trying to trademark the words "Dragon Slayer" and "The Destroyer", is also trying to trademark the layout for book covers. It fits his book covers, but is so generic it would hit shedloads of other authors' covers.

You can read about it on this

and the diagram of the cover layout is here:

This just seems...crazy unnecessary?

Now the audience has a personal reason to care about the success of the mission, and they'll invest in that reason a lot more than 'the survival of the human race'. Big stakes are important, but personal stakes make us care.

Or as Stalin said, to paraphrase:  "The death of one man is a tragedy; the death of a thousand men is a statistic."


When Cockeygate happened, I discovered that I had been using that author's name in my AMS keywords. You can bet I removed it immediately because of ethical considerations. Same thing when a high-profile person got banned on Amazon, whose name also has been mentioned on KBoards.

Same for me with the two fantasy authors.  :(  My also-boughts are thinner now.

+1 to this. Just because they're your friend or were nice to you on Facebook or something doesn't mean they've never done anything shady. Unless you've installed some spying malware on their computer, you don't know what they've done. Just because you don't believe they used a shady service doesn't mean they didn't. And just because their books weren't stuffed or formatted incorrectly doesn't mean there wasn't something else they did. And just because they deny any wrongdoing doesn't mean they're telling the truth.

Exactly. I work a full-time job and write when I have quiet time. I don't do a lot of social networking or facebooking, and so I'm not really "plugged in" to all the intel. All I see is authors' forward-facing reputations, until something like this turns over the rock and exposes all the worms. Everybody says to ask if you don't know if someone is reputable, but how are newish authors like me supposed to know who is trustworthy to ask? I'll be honest, almost all of you seem nice, even the ones I disagree with.  :)  But what if the person we ask isn't one of the good guys and steers us wrong? I mean, most women thought Ted Bundy seemed pretty darn nice right up until he wasn't. I just wish there was a better way to let newcomers know who isn't playing in the sunlight without worrying about stupid lawsuits.

Maybe some more flowers will pop up now that they aren't buried under, umm, organic fertilizer. :)

If it's the person I think it is, then it wouldn't surprise me if he used shady tactics. The person I'm thinking of decided to trademark all his series titles, many of which are quite generic. It's not a huge jump to think he'd use other shady tactics. It's a shame because this guy appears to have a lot of readers who love his work.

I forgot all about that.

Looks like the beginnings of a discussion are up on , but it's in the members-only area, so you'd have to sign up.

The fantasy author who got banned yesterday, I don't know what he did. I've read several of his books. Nothing was stuffed. Nothing seemed off about the formatting. There was no linking to the back, or anything else that seemed dodgy. So if there was weirdness with the books, I was too clueless to see it. I have several on my Kindle even now; maybe I will go back through and look closer, to see what I missed. If he behaved unethically, I'm sad; his books were fairly fun little reads. If that was actually his own writing, he had enough talent that he shouldn't have needed to do anything against TOS.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Am I Guilty of Cover Theft?
« on: July 17, 2018, 08:36:04 AM »
There are several excellent, reputable cover designers on kboards who could probably tell you whether any lines were crossed if you sent them screenshots of the two covers. UF covers all look nearly identical to me, right down to the typography on most of them, so it would probably pay to have a designer's opinion, and not just another reader's.

Writers' Cafe / Re: crossing my fingers that the wonkiness ends
« on: July 17, 2018, 06:08:17 AM »
Bookbub promo coming up in the morning (17th). Hopefully, Amazon resolves all of their Prime Day 1 issues, rediscovers the also-boughts that have vanished, finishes 404-ing hundreds of KU authors (I'm told), stops relocating July sales in June, and starts reporting sales and rank changes in a timely fashion for the first time in two weeks.

Hahahahaha god this is going to be a mess. Better go to bed.

Also-boughts are showing for me again, but as for the rest...I hope you have some adult beverages on hand.

I can't even get on with my laptop. As soon as I enter one capcha, it feeds me another one, and another one, and I never actually get to a page.

Yeah, Back to back to back. I guess I'm not very memorable.

Bit of breaking news. But it sounds like there was another purge tonight, and another huge fantasy author has been shown the door. Hard to 100% say for certain as Amazon has been a little friggy today, but a search revealed only their audio remaining.

The Zon isn’t fooling around this time.

OMG. And I hadn't finished reading all his books in KU yet.

Writers' Cafe / Re: What cost should witches have for their magic?
« on: July 16, 2018, 04:26:33 PM »
I don't know, but make sure the price ends in a ".99" or people will think it's cheap, generic, discount-store magic that will turn your toes green.

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