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No Direction Home
by Elizabeth Burns

Kindle Edition published 2017-05-20
Bestseller ranking: 81281

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Hunter Grayson flits from job to job, relationship to relationship, continent to continent until the tragic death of her parents brings her back to her childhood home. While trying to figure out how to move forward, she meets wild, fun Natalya Haven, who quickly becomes the sister she never had. But when Natalya moves in, their friendship unravels.
A second tragedy sends Hunter to a small town in New Mexico, a town out of her own past. For Hunter, that's more than a coincidence, that's fate. Natalya's family will fill the void in her life. Natalya's parents will become her parents. She and Natalya's brother will fall in love. But nothing is ever that simple. ...

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Writers' Cafe / Re: When is an Erotica Book Not Smutty Enough?
« Last post by katherinef on Today at 06:46:48 PM »
I also was referring to erotica at that point. Erotica however are not porn just because they contain sex. But this seems to be a circular argument with you. No one suggested you stop writing what you are writing, whether it's porn or not.

Huh? I was only commenting on your example: ""meet at airport and have sex before flight"-example is an example of porn, not of erotica," because, while that might be porn to you, I would have to see how that sex scene is written to decide if it's porn or erotica, and I also said that I don't see erotica as a sexual journey but that someone else might because it's all subjective. That's all. ;D

I was following this thread more as an adjunct to another thread about writing to market. I was surprised to see - if I understand this correctly - you're mostly discussing sub 10K word books here? I thought the demise of KU 1.0 put an end to short books?

A lot of mine are under 10k, but I have longer ones too. I was never in KU.
Writers' Cafe / Re: US & UK Amazon categories
« Last post by LMareeApps on Today at 06:46:09 PM »
You can just email them and ask to be put in specific categories on different marketplace sites.  I thought I was going nuts because I had selected contemporary romance as one of my main two categories, but on the .com.au site I wasn't in any categories other than 'eBooks'.  When I emailed to question it, I received a reply to just send them the specific categories and the marketplace and they'll fix it up.

If you go through each marketplace, their categories are often different. So I've been slowly working my way through to determine which categories my book actually fits into for each marketplace, then sending off an email and they get added.
Thank you all of you for your excellent advice.
Not Quite Kindle / Re: Goodreads
« Last post by Atunah on Today at 06:44:36 PM »
Are you talking about the yearly challenge, yes? Are your books you read still in your "read" shelf, or are they gone completely. Just trying to figure out whats going on. I have had some bugs on the site before, but I haven't lost my challenge listings.

Writers' Cafe / Re: I actually did it
« Last post by liamashe on Today at 06:37:48 PM »
I have to agree with this sentiment.

It's completely awesome that you've finished your first draft. That's a great accomplishment, but it's really only the start. For my debut novel, I published the 6th draft, and in retrospect, I wish I'd waited until the 7th or 8th.

If you're positive the book is the best you can get it, maybe a good second step is to either find some good developmental beta readers or, if you're tight on budget, exchange beta reading with some other authors.

Excellent points! In all honesty, I've been a marketing writer for years, so I tend to write then back track, then edit, then write some more, repeat, repeat, repeat. And this was a tight murder mystery, so it was outlined and plot pointed within an inch of its life. I did two read throughs this morning, and I'm happy with the flow. I just need to get a second set of eyes on the entire piece!
Not Quite Kindle / Re: Goodreads
« Last post by etexlady on Today at 06:35:33 PM »
Thank you for responding, Betsy.  Yes, same log in information.  The site apparently keeps me logged in as I am not requested to log in when I go there.  I was asked to confirm my password just now and it was correct.  I'm wondering if it would help if I logged out and logged in again?  I do not participate in the groups or discussions.
Free on the 21 and 22 of June, Room 42, a contemporary middle grade novel! Great graduation gift for tweens.

Writers' Cafe / Re: A matter of race?
« Last post by loraininflorida on Today at 06:29:36 PM »
Maybe just make the H/h characters on your cover white. That'll give a heads up to any of your readers who might not be interested. If they don't want to buy the book, that's their business, but you'll be able to find out if you can successfully market such books under your own name. which is your business.
Writers' Cafe / Re: A novel in a week: can we do it again?
« Last post by hopecartercan on Today at 06:29:26 PM »
I loved this thread. I took on the challenge. I got a novella out of the deal. It's 41329 word. Now the big question: Is this puppy gonna sale? I don't know, but I'll try to post an update.
Writers' Cafe / Re: US & UK Amazon categories
« Last post by Flay Otters on Today at 06:22:32 PM »
And stuff them like crazy.
Evenstar's keyword thread changed my life:


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