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Nominated the top 3 on the list:

The Man Who Loves Watches by Alexander Winzer
Magna Finesse by T.A. Clark
Spur by Sophia Jane Farrier

Best of luck!
Hey everyone,

So trying this free release thing. My rejected book Gray's Ghosts is now available for free if anyone wishes to grab a copy (and hopefully leave a review :D) if you're interested.

Still prepping the next book for rejection into Scout  ;D
Writers' Cafe / Re: We Need A Platform of Our Own
« Last post by TobiasRoote on Today at 08:31:27 AM »
Nothing. The comment wasn't directed at the little app.

Aaah! OK :D
I've self-pubbed each of my novels through Createspace. One of my novels is 86,000 pages and its paperback page length is 270. My latest novel is 75,000 words and has a paperback length of 208 pages. Both were formatted in the exact same way and used a size of 6x9. While the longer novel has more chapters and may add 7 pages to the book because the last page of the chapter might not fill up an entire page, I don't know what to make of the discrepancy. Any ideas?
86 000 pages ???
Writers' Cafe / Re: We Need A Platform of Our Own
« Last post by Al Stevens on Today at 08:27:45 AM »
Not sure what your problem is - its an Amazon kindle app - they do it all when you use your login details to register it in the same way as your Kindle.
Exactly. And a competitor would have to know how to do that too.

Most people using epubs tend to know how to download on their mobiles or tablets. At least most of the people I know do. It gets easier all the time.
The typical user of any such device doesn't even know what "sideload" means.
I'm not sure what [if anything] this little app has got to do with Julies post.
Nothing. The comment wasn't directed at the little app.
Writers' Cafe / Re: We Need A Platform of Our Own
« Last post by TwistedTales on Today at 08:26:12 AM »
I've got zero skin in this game.

I'm just here to read TwistedTales's post. And as usual, TT nails it.

You know, if you raised enough capital maybe you could pitch to buy KDP. I hear Jeff’s shareholders might be looking for a pay day.  :P
According to my math, the longer book has about 40 fewer words per page, which could easily be accounted for by text density. Dialogue-heavy text, for example, tends to have more white space and thus packs fewer words on the page.
Do you have some idea about whether Amazon will put its cover back on sale?. For me it is ideal a cover that is easily removed...

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Hey everyone,
So sorry about the lack of results.
I'll post them here in a few days. Have had 45 people respond. I'll give everyone the breakdown before the weekend. That's on me. My bad.

And yes I capped some of the numbers because I didn't expect a lot of high incomes, which I was correct about.

I'll post something soon!
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