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Microsoft Office 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows. (Shortcut Matters)
by U. C-Abel Books

Kindle Edition published 2016-07-30
Bestseller ranking: 136005

Product Description
*Keyboard Shortcuts are in the business of making people fast and healthy when computing*
This book, Microsoft Office 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts is like salvation sent into computing world to help Office 2016 users do greater than they have been doing. The shortcuts are awesomely organized in a tabular form with TASKS and SHORTCUTS neatly separated, and all the Microsoft Office 2016 programs covered. Through this book, you will know more about keyboard shortcuts, mouse, and keyboard, learn 15 special keyboard shortcuts every computer user should know, and many more.
    Programs included in this book are:
    Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word 2016: Frequently Used Shortcuts, Navigate The Ribbon With Only The Keyboard, Change The Keyboard Focus By Using The Keyboard Without Using The Mouse, Keyboard Shortcut Reference For Microsoft Word, and Function Key Reference.
    Keyboard Shortcuts in Micros…

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Writers' Cafe / Re: Sensitivity Beta Readers?
« Last post by Herefortheride on Today at 11:50:16 PM »
The problem with seeking a sensitivity reader is that person will most likely go for the latest currently fashionable term, yet people with the medical condition often refer to themselves in different terms--terms that the public is told are pejorative. For instance, people do call themselves cripples, although that word has been banned as insensitive for a long time. 

Interview more than one type of expert, and try to find people with the condition talking in their own words. You're writing about an individual, not a construct of the perfect medical example described in socially acceptable (this week) terminology.

I don't know...

A couple of years back I did a lot of research and community work with different Native American tribes of the Great Basin and almost every Native American I spoke with referred to themselves as "indians" though the popular narrative decries that word as inaccurate, insulting, etc.

They sometimes laughed when you said Native Americans and just "Just call us Indians".

But the point is writing a book for the public needs to adhere to the public's expectations to avoid getting one stars from people who are unfamiliar with terms.

I would say use the terms that family and friends of the affected use.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Rant: Stop telling me you like my book!
« Last post by Doglover on Today at 11:28:55 PM »
After my best friend read one of my books, she left a five star review on Amazon. I then made the mistake of uploading her new cover for her children's book from my computer instead of hers. Now Amazon won't let her review any of my books.

Still, since it is against the rules for friends to leave reviews, I don't rant about it.
Hi everyone.

Just to let you know I've updated the start of this post with some new work and info, if you care to take a look.


I am trying to book title "I am right & you are wrong"
Wow. They're still up and running. I thought eBay would be faster once the reports came in.

I'm sure John Sanford's publisher is just thrilled that they're offering a PDF version of his latest book for $3 when they sell the e-book versions for $15 on Amazon.

Forum Announcements & Tips / Best IT Company in Ghana
« Last post by Guardiantech on Today at 10:04:38 PM »
Guardian tech is the Best IT Company in Ghana which serves clients by giving high-quality assistance with all efforts that can easily fulfill all the requirements. Visit the website for more information-
Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: New Kindle Firmware Update 5.9.4
« Last post by hamerfan on Today at 10:01:22 PM »
I read in other forum, there is flickering issue after applying this update. Not sure, but I will wait until the issue has confirmed and resolved.
I did notice a bit of a flickering issue on my PW after the update. I did a Restart of the PW and it solved this minor problem.
I do like the clock in the book. It keeps me from getting too carried away when I need to be doing something soon.  ;D
I also preferred Noomi Rapace and subtitles over Rooney Mara. I'm still kind of bummed we don't get English versions of 2 and 3. I didn't mind the differences in the US version, I thought it made watching it enjoyable even though I'd already seen the original.

I sent the link to the video to a friend who is writing a screenplay. It would be nice to see a few more movies incorporate this level of complexity. Not that I mind watching the Marvel 3 arc movies at all... :P

Hmm, I don't know, maybe I'll have to revisit the Swedish version, it has been a long time. Seems to be getting some ringing endorsements here, maybe my Fincher fandom has clouded my vision. That said, yes, I agree I wish there'd been two more entries from Fincher and Co.  :)

Thanks for introducing me to this video. I tend to learn more about storytelling and structure from watching movies and scripted shows, so I'm happy to learn from someone who breaks down movies the way this guy does.

Hey, no prob. Yes, I like the way he breaks down story structure as well. To my mind he makes it look easy.  8)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Sensitivity Beta Readers?
« Last post by A.C. Crossan on Today at 09:52:56 PM »
No harm in asking on the goodreads beta reading forum as well, I've seen people asking for sensitivity readers there for various topics.
Writers' Cafe / Re: First ever Bookbub Tue 20th Feb
« Last post by VirginiaMcClain on Today at 09:07:32 PM »
Yay! I still have my fingers crossed for that #1 slot. I will try to keep checking as the night wears on and take a screenshot if it happens.

Stubbornly holding at #3 at 11:05pm Central time. Curses! I really wanted to see you blow into #1. Still. #3 is lovely. Congrats!
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