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TF- Awesome stats!  Whether your book is selected or not, you should have a great launch.

Ajit- Thanks for the nom, but keep in mind Ghost in the Park has 14 days left.  Feel free to switch it to "save for later" and nominate others.

Flynn- Sorry to hear it.  I really love your cover.  I hope you have a great launch.  It it was me, I'd take the time to do the changes now, if they can be done within say a week.  Yes, you can absolutely make changes post release, but Kindle will not automatically update books that have already been purchased.  Also, I would not use that handy Kindle button in CreateSpace.  Paperback formatting and eBook formatting are a bit different, and eBooks uploaded through CreateSpace have formatting issues.  That's been my experience, anyway.

I see that David's Cave Hill was also not selected.  Man, they ae not selecting much of anything this month.

In unrelated news, I got Dragon NaturallySpeaking a few days ago and I love it.  I am a slow typist, and I've gone from writing 2-3k words a day to 6-8k.  And the best thing was it was on sale at Amazon.  I think I'll have Ghost at the College done in plenty of time for my next Scout run.

I don't always say it, but I continue to nominate the top three from the list, and my fingers are crossed for those awaiting news.
Introductions & Welcomes / Hello from...wait where am I?
« Last post by LadyDD on Today at 12:17:06 PM »
Hello! I've been lurking these boards for almost a year now and decided to finally take the plunge. It just seemed like the more I lurked the more questions I had and the more interesting this board seemed.  Happy to be here.

So I guess I should talk about me? I'm from the U.S east coast and trying to get super edumacated in Baltimore while still trying to be more than a poor student. I'm also a writer and have a few pen names, but I'm preparing to release a variety of works in the next six months. Namely I'm drafting and editing a short story to sell for 99c that is called Mind and Frost that I'm tentatively calling science fantasy and metaphysical fiction. I'm about to lose camp nanowrimo with a short novella called Five Days with The Stranger that is like Drive, Baby Driver, or The Driver(sensing a theme here lol). So if you can guess I write across a variety of genres at different times. Some would say this is bad practice, but I have to stay true to my brain. Besides food it is the most consistent friend I have after all!

My favorite hobbies involve painting, crafting, and making foods. If I was a faster cook I'd try to get on Chopped or something, and pride myself on making something from nothing. Just a few weeks ago I had bone in chicken, a lime, onions, spices, and teriyaki sauce and made a meal for three out of that. On that note some of my favorite books are cook books and I rarely tell people that.

That's mostly it! I look forward to meeting everyone here and engaging even if we don't necessarily agree or see each other's perspectives. I hope I can contribute and learn a lot here. Cheers!
Agree with Spicy. I don't think this rank thing happened over bonus books whether you think it's right or wrong. Amazon does the rank stripping punishment to botfarmed books. Some of the romance authors using click farms is the best explanation. I don't doubt it when I know a few of them did other dirty things like stealing content. Can't say about the others getting hit. I bet they fell into a click farm unknowingly or worked with someone unethical who ran it on their books. Amazon deserves bulk of blame. They created a system where bot scamming proliferated.

This is a narrow and specific reading of a subjective rule. If the overall file is 50% different from any other book in the store (which it would be if half is new) then it's significantly differentiated.

Nope. Bonus content has to be significantly differentiated. Not the "overall file". That's your word, not Amazon's

So if the publisher says the content that violates the rules as you read them is okay, then it's okay? Your argument here is that the things you don't like are against the rules.

Just because a book is published on Amazon does not mean that Amazon has said it's okay. We all know it is an automated system with minimal content quality checks. That's why most of this is after-the-fact. Stuff slips under the radar because of Amazon's systems. Scammers take advantage of that to break the rules and slide by. Until they are reported or caught during review.

Bonus books aren't causing the problems in the store.

So bonus books make you a scammer now?

We're not talking about bonus content. Bonus content that meets Amazon program guidelines is not a scam.

We're talking about stuffed books. There's a difference.

Bonus content is significantly differentiated content that is not available in the Kindle Store.

Stuffed books are books that are not significantly differentiated from content available in the Kindle Store.


People publishing bonus books a aren't stealing from you. If the readers would rather read someone else's bonus books than your book, that's your problem.

People publishing scam books stuffed with books that are not significantly differentiated from content available in the Kindle Store which get illegitimate page reads and bonuses are stealing from me and other authors in KU who do not publish scam books.

We will have to agree to disagree.

In the end, those authors whose books have been stripped of rank will either have their rank reinstated or not. Amazon will decide what is acceptable or not. We'll find out at that point in time.

In the meantime, authors beware. If you are violating TOS, be careful. This is your business. It's up to you to understand the TOS and follow the rules. Ignorance of the rules and violation of them unknowingly can still get your account closed and that would be a very bad thing.
An EPUB is a disguised zip file. Rename it to .zip. Extract the data as HTML files. From there, you recombine all the files into your book.
And Word can open HTML files, no problem most of the time, especially those as simple as what you find in fiction EPUBs. :)
Not Quite Kindle / Re: Let us Play Change One word Game
« Last post by telracs on Today at 12:11:04 PM »
no exit
Writers' Cafe / Re: The Long Winded Summer Slump of 2017
« Last post by cadle-sparks on Today at 12:07:55 PM »
My June was almost as bad as last October which, which...ack, that election! I think writers still get hives thinking about what it did to most of us. (and to movie theaters, and game companies.) But a new release this month, plus an omnibus release of a same-genre old series, plus my first audio book up for preorder has things moving again. Phew! I release when books are done, never holding them for a better time. Because anything could happen at that "better" time to make it an awful time.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Calling All Single KB Authors!!!
« Last post by D A Bale on Today at 12:07:41 PM »
I'm leery of singles events because most of the ones I've attended turned out to be sausage parties.

I'm sure we'll all have to watch for Dan's thread on Wednesday just to see what he ends up pulling on this topic.  He has a tendency to twist the topics of threads into something you don't expect and will end up making you laugh.  Seems to be his gift around here.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Who knew adjective order was a thing?
« Last post by cadle-sparks on Today at 12:02:00 PM »

I'm not a linguist, so I certainly could be wrong, but that's the impression I've picked up from somewhere or other.

I call "you're being disingenuous," Becca! :) I'm sure you know linguistics better than many of us.

I solve this problem by avoiding (for the most part) the use of 2 adjectives ... unless they are cumulative.
I posted this yesterday and nobody listened. So I'll post again.

No matter how you personally feel about bonus content, it's a poor explanation for this incident.  If bonus content is the issue, why were these romance books the only ones targeted? There are other stuffed books in the top 100. And why weren't any books outside of the top 100 targeted? They have bonus content too.

Sure it's POSSIBLE it's bonus content and Amazon is just being inconsistent in their application of the rules. But it's not the most likely explanation based on a survey of the facts.

That this comes after the exact same rank-stripping happened with the Dragon book, coupled with the inconsistencies of the bonus explanation suggests it's more likely this is a new anti click farm algo gone awry.

If you still insist on blaming bonus content then you need stronger reasons why it's more likely than a further application of the Dragonsoul style rank stripping. THAT is the relevant common thread here. Not bonus material. Regardless of what you think of it.

I think you are splitting hairs here.

It has been noted in this thread that a number of books that are suspected of both botting for rank and book stuffing have had their ranks stripped. It has been theorized that Amazon may be studying the matter and considering how to address it. We have discussed botting for rank and book stuffing -- two scams that have been observed in the Amazon Kindle store and bestselling categories.

Authors who have / are considering using botting to boost their rank and/or authors who stuff their books should consider that Amazon may be preparing to move on both those issues and govern themselves accordingly.

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