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Writers' Cafe / Re: Going wide [UPDATED: FIRST FOUR MONTHS]
« on: Today at 11:40:08 AM »
At the risk of overstepping my boundaries, how are you supporting yourself considering the dip in royalties, Pauline?
Have you a job other than publishing or did you save up in advance? As someone who will probably start in KU and then move Wide when I have a bigger backlist, I'm curious as to the planning that went into this decision. :D

P.S. Feel free to boop me on the nose if I'm being too nosy.

Writers' Cafe / Re: What Would It Take?
« on: March 02, 2018, 06:15:02 AM »
If my second novel does what the first one did, I'd be confident in my ability to support my family writing full-time and running my publishing company, and would consider it upon the release of Book III in 2019.

I likely won't quit my day job, though, barring freakish, household-name success. I enjoy my work and it's paying into a strong pension plan.

My goal is a book at the caliber of these first two every 12-18 months until I'm forced into retirement in 12 more years, and then writing full-time after that, building on a solid brand.

From what I remember, you have a pretty cool day job, so your day would be probably very boring without it!

Writers' Cafe / Re: What Would It Take?
« on: March 02, 2018, 06:11:57 AM »
I think everyone always lowballs these threads. In truth, I think it's far more likely you'll need double what you think you'll need.
Keep in mind several things (and not all of these are pertinent to the OP but often need to be addressed by others):
1. Taxes
2. In the U.S., you are responsible for paying both parts of your Social Security when you're self-employed.
3. Insurance.
4. Money that needs to be funneled back into your business to make it profitable.
5. If you're constantly worried about money then you won't be at your creative best.
6. You need a big cushion before going full time in case you have an emergency of some sort that requires funds. What happens if your vehicle breaks down or something? What happens if you have a bad few months selling books?

I kept my day job a lot longer than other people would have. When I decided to quit I was making 30K a month from Amazon. I stayed another six months so I wouldn't ruin anyone's Christmas vacation (even though I was working 80 hours a week). I also put away a six-figure cushion. By the time I actually quit I was making more in a month than I made in an entire year at my day job. I wanted to make sure that I was making the right decision because there was no going back. I've seen a lot of people quit after one good month and then get forced to take another day job when things don't turn out as they thought. Going full time takes a lot of planning.

That 's one of the reasons I love these threads! I have no idea about anyone else's expenses.

If I was to start consistently earning $4k a month (pure income, expenses already subtracted) this would just give me more time to pursue writing and tv writing, without getting a full-time job in Cali. I would still want my $10k cushion before moving.
(I'd probably still try and get a stress free part-time job for stability and also for the social interaction. I'm an introvert and shy, this would get me out and stimulated as well as set a routine.)

But I think I'm also a naturally anxious person, so there is zero fear of me quitting the day job prematurely. I'm too self-concious of disappointing people, also, so I would probably stick it out for fear of causing scheduling issues for them also... Hospitality and Shift Work is the worst.

Writers' Cafe / What Would It Take?
« on: March 02, 2018, 05:10:13 AM »
So I read a post like this on 20BooksTo50K and I always enjoy them, so I thought I'd ask the question here!

For those of you not full time, what would you need to achieve to go full time? What's your necessary monthly income, (with or without expenses)?

If you don't want to go full time, what do you need to scale back in your current career?

Already full time? What personal goal did you hit to achieve this? What do you think made it possible?

I always find these threads so inspiring, and I'm in a writing slump at the moment, so thanks in advance for the motivation!

My goal is $4k a month before I can quit my current non-career. Healthcare is free where I live so that's no biggy, and I have zero dependants!  8)

Well, except my dogs, but I think I depend on them more so than the other way around.

Writers' Cafe / Online calculator that publishes income
« on: February 23, 2018, 04:11:34 AM »
Hi all,

I am looking for this old calculator thing that I think I saw on this board before?

It had the ability to calculate how many books you needed to sell to make a inputted amount per month/year.
You could also input info regarding how many books you had, at what rate and price.

Does anybody remember this?

Please and thanks.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Janowrimo?
« on: January 02, 2018, 04:08:00 AM »
Im in! Sick at the moment so wrote nothin yesterday and will need serious caffeine to get out of bed today, but will support rom the sidelines until I can peek up!!!

Shall we post our word totals here each day? Im thinking this format?

Day 1::

So if we have a bad day we can still see how far we have come.

Writers' Cafe / Re: women's literary fiction, NOT romance
« on: December 27, 2017, 03:44:45 AM »
I presume Chick Lit doesnt fall into this category?

If not, all the best luck to you! X

Writers' Cafe / Re: Prawny successes! :)
« on: December 20, 2017, 02:42:04 PM »
I'm a plankton, not even a prawn (I have 2 figure months!)! I have only two books out and I have been struggling writing the third (and another in another series) for the last 12 months and it's really peeing me off!  Hopefully, I'll get it out by the new year!

However, despite this, I managed to secure a Bookbub! It's for Christmas Eve :) It's international, it's 99p, and I'm happy :D

Good luck to all us little shrimps for 2018!  Fingers crossed it will be our time to rise to the midlists!

ETA:  Changed my mind about saying something!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED your first book, and haven't gotten around to reading the second, between work and school and health, but looking forward to it! If you ever want to bounce stuff of a writer who reads your work, feel free to pm me! I'll try and read the second one over Christmas, but I've only two days off so don't take it personally if I don't make it all the way through!

Writers' Cafe / Re: 1st launch...ever
« on: December 20, 2017, 12:49:28 PM »
I think Bill is right, with one caveat. I think maybe getting two up relatively quick is better, and then 30 days apart...
So either drop two at the same time, or:
Book 1
Book 2 seven days later
Book 3 30 days later
Book 4 30 days later...

That gives the rolling stone a bit of a kick before it can find its own rhythm... I think... You want the readers to immediately have something to commit to, before making them wait, I think... If they've read two books they'll have a hard time bailing on the third, as they've already committed. Whereas reading one and only liking it, then having to wait thirty days, makes it easy to forget. That's what I've done, with my own reading experiences.

Though I could be totally wrong. Just what I've gathered from reading other threads...

Writers' Cafe / Re: The get-it-right-this-time new series launch
« on: September 15, 2017, 01:13:10 PM »
Downloaded! Good luck, Pauline!! I loved the Allamont sisters so looking forward to it.

Thanks for sharing!

I didn't know your bok could be free and still be in kdp select.

I believe she is using her select free days, so it's possible.

Nobody else has commented so I'll stick my nose in. That way even if I'm rubbish your thread will go back to the top and someone cleverer will help you.

What I would do is not completely resolve the plot. You can resolve the key issue of act three, but leave a single thread dangling. This way the reader still feels like they're reading the same story they initially invested in but at the same time you're hooking them on the next book too.

I don't know your actual plot so I can't give actual advice, but an example would be A Cinderella Story. (Terrible cliche example but that's how my brain decided to explain. It's after midnight here. I have excuses). The plot revolves around The Big Romance And Ball but the last bit of the movie is actually kept going by the thread regarding her getting into college and paying for it.

Writers' Cafe / Re: A Contrarian Launch
« on: July 27, 2017, 03:56:18 PM »
Thanks, Carolyn.

Hmm. It's showing as a series on my computer. Is something different on your end? Maybe you clicked on one of my nonfiction books?

Agreed. Your books are not linked. The series title was included but there is no section actually linking them, which is vital to sell through as a series.

Following wth interest. Good luck! I picked up a copy from the UK store so that's probably not that helpful but...  :P thought that counts!

Writers' Cafe / Next Step: World Domination
« on: July 26, 2017, 07:36:32 AM »

Just in case anybody wanted to send Sarah Dalton some flowers....

Congratulations to a fellow kboard-er!!

Writers' Cafe / Re: To Pen Name or Not To Pen Name?
« on: July 23, 2017, 12:36:04 PM »
I think publish as S. McKinnon but mention in your Author Bio that you publish non-fiction as Stephen McKinnon, and vice versa. That ways fans of your books will know that your humour is present in the other genre. If they like your sense of humour, then they may follow you to the other genre.

If the pen name is only to prevent confusion then you should be open about it, and then people have the option to cross over.

Writers' Cafe / How do you know it's a click farm?
« on: July 21, 2017, 07:55:19 AM »
So, at the risk of getting yelled at for navet and general ignorance/obliviousness, can someone help the non-discerning new author in this instance? A FB group I recently joined had a member post a link to a fiverr post, and it seems legit but I don't want to risk anything without people of wisdom getting involved.

That's the link. My concern is that it is somehow a bot situation, or actually just plain annoying. Some authors have pointed out that having someone spam a thousand random pages is what annoys readers, not draws them in. I think this is what this person is planning on doing, but correct me if I'm wrong?

I think I'm just on edge because a lot of these grey hats people are pointing at seem to run in FB groups too, and it's rife at the moment.

Also, a list of Red Flags for future instances, so I'm not running to Kboards Mommy every time I see something new?

Thanks in advance.

here's my share link:

Shhhh! Nobody use Mark's link. I heard he (insert something terrible here).

Use mine instead?

(Mark, I tried to think of something vile but for someone who considers themselves creative, all I could think of was "licks computer mouses" and that grossed me out. Sorry. I'm just not great at sabotage. When you're a world famous author I'll key your car or something. I promise.)

Writers' Cafe / Re: New site to add your ebooks: eBook Roulette
« on: July 21, 2017, 05:14:49 AM »
Thank you for the suggestions - will add them to my list for future updates.

Yes, would love for you to share on your Facebook group :)

No problem. I've just read my last post and it was all over the place.

What I basically meant was say there is Reader 1 who, for example, gives Book A and Book B a 5 star rating, but gives Book C only two stars.

Reader 2 comes along and says she likes Book A, the site would then recommend Book B, as someone who also rated A with 5 stars felt B was also 5 stars. It would not recommend C just because A also bought C.

That's what I dislike about Amazon. I buy and download a lot of books but I don't enjoy them all, so I feel Also Boughts are misleading. They're more likely to have books put through the same promo site, a lot of the time.

Anyway, I'll post the link to my groups today!
Thanks again. Super cool idea!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Promo Sites for Sweet Romance Prawns.
« on: July 21, 2017, 04:43:15 AM »
Ok, this is great! Thanks so much, ladies! I'm a month away from publishing, as I need to send it to my editor after I finish the last three chapters, but I thought I would make a head start on seeing what my options are for basic advertisement, just to get SOME eyes on it, anyway.

I'm ranking in the top 70 on Wattpad but the consensus is that they won't go on to buy, and don't really count as beta readers, though I do find them great encouragement as this is my first ever novel.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Is it worth changing the name of a book?
« on: July 21, 2017, 04:01:12 AM »
Hmm, I think most of the seasoned professionals on this board would tell you that publishing isn't about you, but about what gets your readers to notice you. They know you for your current title, so you might regret changing it. However, you could argue that no one is rebuying the guide, despite the yearly updates.

Maybe consider a subtitle? So "Saturn Visitor's Guide: The Travel Companion"? And then every time you do another new city/place, you could keep "The Travel Companion" as a series title, and people could follow you through that?

Just a thought.

I think one thing that a lot of threads like this point out, though this may only be in reference to covers, is that a lot of people say you need to do what draws the eye. This often involves ditching covers that the author loves in favour of ones that are easier for the reader. But I've no personal experience to base this on.

Good luck!

Writers' Cafe / Promo Sites for Sweet Romance Prawns.
« on: July 20, 2017, 12:32:05 PM »
I'm wondering if anyone can recommend promo sites for people with zero reviews who don't write fantasy/sci-fi.

My novel is my first, and it's sweet romance/chick lit/romantic comedy/women's fiction. There is some magical realism in it, but not enough that I would get away with fantasy/paranormal, I don't think.

A lot of the sites people use here, like BookBarbarian, are for fantasy/sci-fi, I think, though correct me if I'm wrong. But the browsing that I did seemed to suggest that. It's my first book so I won;t be spending a massive amount on promo, as I know series are recommended to actually have profit (through sell through), but I thought maybe a small AMS ad and maybe something little to get me some also-boughts at least.

Any advice or recommendations welcome.

The Woman Who Went?

Technically still ok, right?

It's Wednesday. I'm wishing it were Friday.

Let's get to the list, shall we?

Remember - the campaigns that need nominations the most are the ones that are closest to the LAST DAY LEFT, 1 day left, 2 days left etc.

Updated List

1 day left Red Fingernails by Maryann Pride
1 day left Silver Spring-Time by Cecilia Hopkins-Drewer
1 day left Necrosworn by J.B. Markes
4 days left Untangling the Black Web by T.F. Jacobs
8 days left Cybele by Rena Arun
11 days left Tropical Nights by Jelmer De Haan
12 days left I Think I Know You...Karyuna, Do I? by Ajit Panicker
12 days left The 13th Sign by Kate Warren
19 days left Ghost in the Park by Julianne Q. Johnson
19 days left Mister Miracle by Carey Lewis
22 days left Ardor's Peril by Bemy Well
24 days left Ersha's Revenge by D.M. Chappell

Happy scouting folks!

I don't have a KS campaign, nor have I ever. I might consider it in the future though, so for now I just wanted to say good luck! I keep an eye on this thread and follow Steve's List for my nominations, so just wanted to say "WELL DONE" because its such a great thing you do for people like myself who have no reason to sift through all 785 pages but still want to support fellow indies!

The following three have my current spots, will update as they move off and others reach deadline, which I've been doing all along but thought I should actually pipe up about it!

Red Fingernails by Maryann Pride
Silver Spring-Time by Cecilia Hopkins-Drewer
Necrosworn by J.B. Markes

Good luck everybody!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Cover feedback
« on: July 19, 2017, 06:34:27 AM »
Excellent feedback, thank you

Even something like this, a lighter red tint, or have those bells on either side of your title, author, or the puerto rican flag in there.

Though many might tell you that too much clutter on the cover.

That image is from and says its free. I just searched palm trees and picked one less summer holidays beautiful, but I'm sure there's loads you'd prefer in there!

ETA: It says its Sri Lanka but honestly who is going to know? If that bothers you try searching Puerto Rico?

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