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Hi all!

My name is Jessica Peterson, and I write contemporary New Adult romance.  I have a historical romance series that has been traditionally published by Berkley/Penguin, but I went indie with my New Adult romances.  I published the first book in my STUDY ABROAD series, SPANISH LESSONS (Study Abroad #1) in January, and released book #2, LESSONS IN GRAVITY, in March.  While I know I am really, really new to the indie game, I've already learned a lot.  I wish I had known all this stuff when I first started, so I thought I'd share a few tips and tricks on my blog for those of you kicking around the possibility of self-publishing your novel.  I talk craft, edits, websites, newsletters, and talk quite a bit about what has and hasn't worked for me so far marketing/promoting my books.  Here's the link to the blog post - happy reading!

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