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No Direction Home
by Elizabeth Burns

Kindle Edition published 2017-05-20
Bestseller ranking: 81281

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Hunter Grayson flits from job to job, relationship to relationship, continent to continent until the tragic death of her parents brings her back to her childhood home. While trying to figure out how to move forward, she meets wild, fun Natalya Haven, who quickly becomes the sister she never had. But when Natalya moves in, their friendship unravels.
A second tragedy sends Hunter to a small town in New Mexico, a town out of her own past. For Hunter, that's more than a coincidence, that's fate. Natalya's family will fill the void in her life. Natalya's parents will become her parents. She and Natalya's brother will fall in love. But nothing is ever that simple. ...

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Writers' Cafe / Re: When is an Erotica Book Not Smutty Enough?
« Last post by Laran Mithras on Today at 03:28:34 PM »
I may have missed this - do you put your 15k shorts in KU? I assume they're priced at $2.99(?).

I completely removed myself from KU late last year over the bugs. when I was in it, though, I had all my titles in - no matter the length.

Yes, it sort of hurt to get 15 cents for a book.  ;D

I plan on re-entering KU with a test book tomorrow - just for contrast on wide-selling. Just one book, 10.3K words. It is not a test of income, but of backlist potential from links at the back of the book.

As to pricing, I usually price anything less than 15K words at 99 cents. Not a hard rule. Depends on the sub-niche.
Writers' Cafe / Re: How to succeed? Work harder than everyone else.
« Last post by SidK on Today at 03:21:29 PM »

Don't give up, Dan. I'm living proof that if you believe in your hole, your dreams will come true!

If you dig it, they WILL fall.  :)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Fans...style...or write what you enjoy!
« Last post by she-la-ti-da on Today at 03:19:37 PM »
Does it matter?

Not to anyone but the author and the readers, I guess. It's only pointed out because there's a lot of work in maintaining different genres, not to mention learning how to write different kinds of stories. For new writers, it can be overwhelming. If you add in different pen names, you've doubled, tripled, whatever the work.

Now, having said that, I'm one of those people who have different types of stories to tell. I'll likely always be more of a SF writer, but as someone once said, genre is what you figure out in order to sell a story. I want to build a fan base around my author name, rather than around any one book or character. Call me foolish, but there you go.

In the end, you need to do what makes you happy. If you want to write a different story every time, the do it, knowing that it might not be the best move career-wise. No one is going to fire you for doing it, though readers may not follow. It's a risk, but then, what isn't?
Writers' Cafe / Re: Vellum & Page Flip
« Last post by NeedWant on Today at 03:14:44 PM »
I'm indifferent to PageFlip (I'm not in KU) but I was curious if my books had it, and I don't even see an option for PageFlip--disabled or not--on my books pages.

All the books in your signature have it except for Unfiction and The Spaceship Next Door.

I'll quote myself on how to find it:

It's on the product page under Product Details. Look for Enhanced Typesetting. If it's enabled, you'll also see Page Flip: Enabled where your book length and Word Wise info is under the blurb. If it's not, it'll say "Not Enabled" in the product details.
Some may not know what head hopping is, but they know when a story confused or irritated them. Many probably cut fan fic writers some slack, but when money is involved it's a different story.

Those "rules" no one likes are there for a reason, as Patty said. Don't confuse the reader. Don't bore the reader.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon's fake book problem
« Last post by Laran Mithras on Today at 03:10:56 PM »
Well... there's some hubris...
How do you know where you stand on KS?  Some of you have commented that you were a top pick or that you ended at a certain place. What am I missing?

This may be an anomaly but I figure I'd share our results:

Trials of the Chief Royal Scales Book 3   Stephan Morse   B06WLJQMRY   Feb 12, 2017   Apr 25, 2017   51
Continue Online (Part 4, Crash)   Stephan Morse   B01I925CTY   Jul 11, 2016   Aug 09, 2016   382
Continue Online (Part 3, Realities)   Stephan Morse   B01F1C4A3E   May 02, 2016   May 17, 2016   561
Once Lost Lords Royal Scales Book 1   Stephan Morse   B0199Q1ZZ4   Dec 12, 2015   Jan 12, 2016   11

The dates are start of pre-order and release date, the last number on the end is # of pre-orders. Our shortest one was ~ 2 weeks and as you can see dominated all other pre-orders, now I don't know if this is because it was a short pre-order or if it's because it's due to the genre and voracious readers (LitRPG) as you can see from book 3 to book 4 the pre-orders dropped off which could simply be due to the trouble with book 3's story (too long to go into detail here lol) people losing interest or that it was a month long pre-order. I don't know! I wish we could've tested the short 2 week pre-order period for his new book coming out August 1st, but the reason it's so long is we wanted to have the audiobook release around the same time as the eBook and Print book so we started auditions early and had to create a pre-order to do so.

Um so... long story short, 2 weeks has been our most successful pre-order! :) Hope that helps or at least was interesting to read!
My first book went through fine, but the second got kicked back for the opening and closing credits being too loud.  Really?  Anyway, another two weeks of waiting, once it's fixed.  The narrator is wonderful and she did both books.  At least, they approved my Churchill book!  Just released today. :)
Julianne, congratulations on an impressive campaign that should garner you a contract! A big thank you from a first-timer for sharing your impressive stats and what you did to achieve them. My jaw dropped at your charts. I've been piddling along at 1600+ views, altho the Just Kindle Books promo today put me back in H&T after a dismal second-week slump.

My thanks to you, Lincoln, Jada, Steve, and others who've graciously shared your knowledge with us newbies. By the time my campaign is over July 7, I should have learned enough to be dangerous  ;)
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