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You can do stuff to fluff up KENPC that aren't even visible. If you have calibre, you can easily experiment with it. Garbage HTML and all sort of invisible stuff. The paragraph thing does it too though. It's amazing the greedy stuff people will do.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Am I Guilty of Cover Theft?
« Last post by she-la-ti-da on Today at 03:47:59 AM »
Every genre has its cover tropes. There's sometimes a fine line between inspired by and ripped off.
This one has Publication Date: June 26, 2018  with a bland torso cover and tricky formatting . ..less than 10% lines are far left, everything else is indented, pushed right a couple of spaces... forcing new line before natural carriage return, like - (no this is not a quote, I'm just making up an example text here to show what it looks like):

   "Hi my name is Huffy Howard."
   "Oh hello. What can I do for you?"
   I hesitated, mesmerized by how she pouted when she said it.
   She had pouted, of that I was sure. Or had I imagined it?
   Actually, I was so drunk I couldn't be sure of anything.
   Tilting my head, I said, "I'm not sure, " and grimaced.
   Tip to self... tlting your head when you are drunk is not a good idea. It
can make your head spin and your gut puke.
   I bent over, took a deep breath. The whooziness passed.
   The woman behind the counter had lost her pout.
   "Sir, are you drunk?"
   Why did I always manage to make women frown?
   "No drunk customers," she said and wagged a finger at me.
   "We are a respectable establishment."
    I lauighed at that.
   "I think you should leave," she said and motioned for the guard.
   She was right of course, and her frown was huge.
   "Yeah, ok. I had a bit too much," I mumbled and stumbled outside.
   I wasn't mad because she probably saved me from making a fool of
myself like I did so often when I was drunk.
   It was four in the morning.
   I walked a block then slid into an alley.
   Time to sleep it off.
btw DO NOT format like above example

That's not a formatting issue, it's an excessive paragraph issue. You're supposed to indent the first line of a new para, including speech, unless it's the first line of a new para in a new chapter. Amazon recommends an indent of 0.5" at the start of a paragraph and doing it through Word's paragraph setting rather than manually putting in an indent. What you're not meant to do is stick every single sentence on a new line like someone who has never read a book before.

Is this really what people are doing to fluff up their KENPCs?
Definitely sounds like someone to stay far away from. Thanks for the post, Sophrosyne.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Chapter Headings in KDP Print Book Templates
« Last post by she-la-ti-da on Today at 03:40:23 AM »
Create Space has templates for all sizes they print. You might want to look around over there and read their formatting articles for interior and cover. They're better at this than KDP.

As to your cover question, you can post a jpg here. Linking to your site won't stop people from being able to see if, if they want to follow the link. This is an open forum, anyone can see anything here. If you can't handle criticism, think about whether you want the cover image out there, because you will get it if you ask for it.
Writers' Cafe / Newbie question regarding print on demand
« Last post by Vikingvic on Today at 03:34:50 AM »
Hi all

New to KBoards. Just finished writing a non-fiction 4 book series which will be released later this year. I will, of course, be publishing ebooks, but how is the print-on-demand landscape looking?

Any recommendations? I tried a couple of searches but couldn't find any up to date opinions (perhaps I am searching with the wrong keywords)


Writers' Cafe / Re: How are pages counted?
« Last post by she-la-ti-da on Today at 03:32:30 AM »
No one knows for sure how the various sites decide what a "page" is. We can guess. Might be right, might be wrong. Remember that because something is very long in Word or whatever doesn't mean it will be that length when formatted to an ebook. I believe Amazon counts an image/chart/graph as one character. So, that would cut down on page length considerably if there were lots of these. I know some people do print books so Amazon will match up that page length to the ebook.
all the naked man chests were still covering the good authors up.

You should listen to David Van Dyke's advice. And stop being combative with the help you've asked for. That's showing me you don't really care to hear what people are saying and are trying to defend your choices. But you're not happy with your results, so since you asked, accept what people are telling you:

Cover needs work.

Blurb needs work.

Writing needs work.

Also, how to you know how many people are clicking on that cover? Because those are stats Amazon doesn't give us. (By the way, you don't have to answer, I won't be looking at any more of this thread. I dislike people who argue with the advice they asked for.)

Honestly, getting one to three sales a day on a book with these issues is nothing to be complaining about. You should be grateful. Really. I wouldn't buy this book/
Thanks everyone.

this is the last shout out for these promos -- I would particularly love to see more in the KU promos (we have around 15 in each at the moment), and science fiction would be very welcome in the KU speculative fiction promo - Not that everyone isn't welcome, but you know what I mean :)
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