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Writers' Cafe / Re: Kill the dog? Again?
« Last post by UK1783 on Today at 04:02:33 PM »
The hero getting a new dog at the end?  What kind of soap opera [bullcrap] is that?
Writers' Cafe / Re: Punctuating this
« Last post by paranormal_kitty on Today at 04:02:00 PM »
No em dash.

Is there a reason? It looks so much better.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Romance genre reader expectations
« Last post by Lynna on Today at 04:01:44 PM »
Here's my tip:

For fictional men in romance--they just need to be a little taller than the heroine and STRONG. The vast majority of women like strong men as romance heroes. Period. Make him strong (physically and mentally) and the height is a non-issue unless you bring it up and make a huge deal out of it.

I mean, don't go saying things like "he was the shortest man in the room but still the sexiest" because that isn't going to save you. ;)

As for real life, here's a short woman's perspective, because let's be honest, if you're 5"1' you're not going to care much about height in a man. I had a 5"10' hubby at one time and really hated how far I had to look up at him. Would I want a 6" man? Absolutely not. Even my younger brother (technically half-bro) who is 6"2' makes me very uncomfortable when we stand too close. I do not like standing near very tall men.

People who write about women being with really tall men often don't bring up these things, or paint it as the woman feeling sexy and small and protected. I really have to wonder how many of them actually know what it's like to have 9" or more of height difference in real life. Maybe some women do like that, I guess. Maybe I'm just more sensitive to it because most of the world is taller than me. But for me, standing near very tall men makes me feel like a kid. Not sexy at all.

But I can totally see a taller person caring. I mean I really don't want to be looking down on my man either. Of course, that hurdle is only 5"2' so I guess I'm the lucky one. I have so many more choices than you taller people have! ;)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Punctuating this
« Last post by zzz on Today at 04:00:28 PM »
No em dash.

Get rid of the silly moons.

Move the warrior up (he's awesome). Move the title down.
Is the warrior being assaulted with colored basketballs? Agree with Patty. Keep the basic pic, change everything else.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Kill the dog? Again?
« Last post by Colin on Today at 03:51:59 PM »
It all depends on context etc. etc. etc.... but kill the dog at your own peril.

Just like dogs, readers can bite back!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Punctuating this
« Last post by paranormal_kitty on Today at 03:50:52 PM »
Are we sure we can't use the em dash?

"If he wanted me in bed, all he had to say was -- come on."

"I'll go with you and tell him -- here, take the woman I'm in love with. It's no problem."

It looks the most right to me?
I also tend to arrive late at a party. But I think it is all of us. We got keen and we are providing KS with so much material they aren't currently 'hungry'.

Yeah, I agree there's a lot of us now  8) But a change in strategy from KS is also a possible reason. I wait to see who they will select to give me an idea of their intentions. When was the last? Can't even remember, it must be almost a month now  ::)

Anyway Freyja is available for free and I'm hoping for some reviews  :D
Greetings all! I'm planning the 3rd annual Paranormal Romance Blog Tour, and I've got a new idea for this year to simplify and make it easier for everyone. Before in the past I used to have themes for each day for people to do. I think it might have been too much for everyone. So, this year, I've decided to try something different. Here's the low down:

  • Authors signing up will be paired to review a fellow participating authors book.
  • Each author will be interviewed by me, and have a featured day. I will post their interview on my blog, which will be the hub for the blog tour.
  • Another author will review your book, and it will be posted on their blog. Then, I will post the link on the day the author is featured.

I just did this with another blog tour I ran, and it worked out great. Of course, the book being reviewed will be the book featured for the author.

So, here is what I would need from each participating author:

Author Name:
Book to Feature:
(If any promos during those dates, let me know)
Blog URL:
Email: (To send to partnered author to review your book)
Bio pic:
Bio(If you have a write up):

***When I get authors signed up, I will assign a book to read and get the author's email to send you the book to review.

This gives us a few weeks to read each others books. Plus, there are only about 5-6 interview questions. I will send those to you when you sign up. You can email me or PM the answers. Then, I'll put together the interview and post it on my blog.

I can do a $25 Amazon Gift Card for a giveaway for the blog tour. It can be posted on everyone's website. If I have people interested in giving away their book, I can add their books to the giveaway. I'd just need a pic of the cover. Plus, putting your book on sale is NOT REQUIRED. But if you'd like to offer your featured book for a discount, I will totally mention it on your featured day and in the wrap up on Friday.

So, that's about it. No, I don't charge for this, but first come, first sign up basis for the tour. If you'd like to do this, plus get to read another author's paranormal romance to review, please let me know.

I have space for 5 authors max, 3 authors min. I really enjoy having this as an event. It was popular last year, and it's a great way to create excitement and content for your blog/website.  ;)

Thanks for reading! I'll keep this thread updated as authors sign up and other important news for the blog tour. So bookmark!

I'm interested!!! Please. Thank you!!!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Kill the dog? Again?
« Last post by brkingsolver on Today at 03:47:32 PM »
Don't kill the dog. Have hero save dog with cpr or take to vet or fireman save him. Don't kill the dog.
Do not kill the dog. What part of this don't you understand?

Read this book.
Read the reviews. Look at the ranking.
Do not kill the dog.
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