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Thank you for the insight. Sounds like a hassle, but worth it if you have a strong library.

I'm in B&T. As I recall, the first time I applied to B&T (there is a process listed somewhere on their website that involved filling out some .doc forms and emailing them in) I was rejected but after improving the In 30 Minutes covers and expanding the catalogue a few years later I got in.

B&T is not as easy to work with as Amazon or Ingram. Lots of manual processes and outdated technology - FTP, spreadsheets, etc. Some staff are unresponsive, too. It's also frustrating to deal with small orders - sending 1 copy of book X to a B&T warehouse in Reno translates to lost time and money, after the mandated 55% discount and shipping costs. B&T makes up for it on some large orders but it's inconsistent.

If you have a strong catalogue and hardcover editions I would look into it, but for many people it may not be a good fit.
Awesome. So I should probably make it easy on myself and go through Ingram. Did you have to add metadata and a non-create space ISBN?

If you distribute through IngramSpark, you're available to Baker & Taylor. Whether or not they choose to carry the title, however, is another matter. You can actually search on to see what libraries have your book(s). Quite a few are carrying mine.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Need recommendations for Website hosting
« Last post by TaraCrescent on Today at 10:36:13 PM »
I have and love Siteground.
I don't have any advice, but I'm interested to see what people have to say. I love middle grade, but since I decided to go with self-publishing, I've put those projects on the back burner.
I have a somewhat different take on the same data.

KS isn't geared to building relationships with authors. If it were, I imagine both USA Today bestsellers would have been picked up. Editors look at the book before them rather than what the author could do for them long-term. Personally, I think that's a mistake--but I don't think you should jump from that to, "My books have no chance of being selected." If anything, it suggests that anyone has a shot, precisely because KS doesn't care what an author has done in the past. In fact, debut novels have been picked up on occasion.

That's not to say that the bestsellers didn't submit great books this time around. Since all we ever see is the excerpt, it's impossible to know one way or the other. What we do know from recent feedback is that books the editors really like, even in some cases think are great, get rejections because they aren't an exact fit for what the editors are looking for at the time.

Of course, the odds are against any particular book getting picked--they always have been. Even at 1%, however, the odds are better than with a lot of publishing houses. For me, the big incentive is not the contract anyway, though I'd certainly be happy to get one. It's the exposure the KS campaign gives. As the number of Scouters grows, so does the exposure. They won't all buy a copy if a book isn't selected, of course, but enough do to get the book off to a running start. The only way I can explain the enormous reception I got on first KS reject is KS exposure. Nothing else could account for how much more momentum that book had than any of my others. That effect isn't dependent on what the editors do or don't do.

hey Bill,

It is too hard to tell what KS is up to.  From Armstrong's post, he has had 2.4k views in 10 days at 86% Scouts (internal - so KS authors can see that - huh) that is 2000 Scouts, and Armstrong is not H&T. Views does not = votes though I bet. They looked at the excerpt I guess. Don't know. Someone fess up ...

There may be 10000 Scouts then, several thousand active at anyone time.

So authors bring a lot of votes to the party equal to what Scouts do too now. Don't know. But Scouts maybe are a larger figure than what authors bring now. KS wants authors to make their presence known by bringing voters, thus a lot turn into Scouts.

The one's authors bring to vote likely stick around and play KS. Some, a lot, But Scout's #s grow too.  They play the game like I do ... vote on the best you like - and pull for rank. Plus they may get the good books they want (seems a bit passe now as KP slowed that down a lot.) 

Lexi's TR3 seems to be a bust, I will likely vote for it. 3rd in a series seems to be a no win out of the gate from what I read here.

Conspiracies abound. I really think KS wants more Scouts. Thus the encouragement from editors that and author should garner all the voting help they can get.

At some point, Scouts will be a much better and larger pointer for KP editors.

Maybe, just a thought.
But still, we look for those great reads.  KP seems to be looking too. Can't fault them.
Writers' Cafe / Re: February 2018 - Headline KENPC Rate 0.0046601USD
« Last post by dgcasey on Today at 10:02:01 PM »
There is no list of All-Stars and notifications donít go out until the end of the month. Last time I heard, the bottom threshold for All-Star bonuses was 4 million page reads a month.

Good to know. I just need another 3,998,000 page read to make that list.  ;)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Youtube version of audiobook
« Last post by Dennis E. Taylor on Today at 09:57:17 PM »
I've taken down a couple dozen different copies (and pointers) of my books. The takedown request process is pretty straightforward, and becomes routine after a while.

I've set up query URLs in my faves and I check for new pirated copies every few days. You really have to stay on top of it.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Need recommendations for Website hosting
« Last post by Nate Hoffelder on Today at 09:56:18 PM »
I just paid for a full year, but the support I've gotten is as helpful as a toothache. My email is important. Do you know if Lighting Base helps with the transfer of the site and the email?
Siteground has good support, and they will transfer your site for free.
Hello! As I am heading into the genre I love most (Middle Grade Fantasy), I'd love to know what you've learned that maybe doesn't apply to other genres? Here's the kind of stuff I'd love to know!

- How often do you publish a book?
- What is your word count?
- Series length?
- Are many of your readers are adults?
- What Ad path have you taken? (Instagram, FB, etc.)
- Do you find readers are NOT okay with certain things?

I am sure there's stuff I can't even think of, so definitely include that if you want :)
Writers' Cafe / Re: February 2018 - Headline KENPC Rate 0.0046601USD
« Last post by Loosecannon on Today at 09:41:44 PM »
Does anyone do a moving average of this number? I see this posted every month and it's about as informative as getting stock market prices at 10am once a week. The point of interest is how these numbers are trending, isn't it? Does anyone know where historical data is kept?

Here is a historical list of the pool amount's on Nate H.'s Blog:
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