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Flight of the Tarantula Hawk
by Michael Allan Scott

Kindle Edition published 2014-02-10
Bestseller ranking: 4698

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On the IndieReader Best Book list and featured on NBC's Daytime Show, the second book in the Lance Underphal Mystery series is part of a new breed of supernatural thrillers which can be read and enjoyed in any order. Dark, different, featuring a damaged psychic, this is one of those disturbing novels that keeps you guessing.

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Supernatural Murder Mystery - Realtor Carla Simon has her first showing in nearly eighteen months. Recovering from a nervous breakdown, she arrives at the bank-owned foreclosure well ahead of her prospect. When her buyer pins her against the wall, it turns out to be the last house she'll ever show.

Looking for a new breed of supernatural thrillers? Paranormal mysteries of murder and suspense? Perhaps a psychic detective series which can be read and enjoyed in any order? Or maybe one of t...

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Writers' Cafe / Re: Blurb and cover, cover and blurb <sigh>
« Last post by dgcasey on Today at 12:49:20 AM »
Thanks everyone, for your input. I can see I have some work to do.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Literary Fiction In Crisis...thoughts
« Last post by Richardcrasta on Today at 12:47:42 AM »
Interesting point about the magazines. There are some great ebook writers who deserve recognition. The only way to change things as far as I can see is for us to set up our own awards for literary fiction. It's long overdue. Put LITERARY  in big letters to emphasise the fact.

Agree. As for what is literary fiction, there are indeed some very good storytellers who fall under the umbrella. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende, Don DeLillo (Running Dog), Robert Stone's Flag for Sunrise (haven't read it, was on my list), Jonathan Franzen (The Corrections, definitely not James Bond, but still gripping to me). Kurt Vonnegut, John Irving. I'm out of touch, but not all literary fiction writers are navel-gazers.
Writers' Cafe / Re: The one thing I hate about self-pubbing
« Last post by ThomasDiehl on Today at 12:43:50 AM »
I don't hate marketing, I hate the feeling it gives me, like I'm a skeevy salesman.
I second that. Most forms of marketing and advertising feel like an intrusion into my private space to me and in reverse, I feel I am being intrusive.
Likewise, the sheer amount of newsletters and spam I delete every day without looking at it, annoyed these have amassed over the years, makes me very hesistant to sending out a newsletter. I don't want to give the same amount of annoyance I am getting from these.
Writers' Cafe / Re: I wrote a 30k word romance novella in 8 hours
« Last post by Richardcrasta on Today at 12:40:40 AM »
Samsung galaxy
I have the samsung galaxy, but I use Gboard (Google Play app store, free) as my speech-to-text program. It's pretty good, except when not. Will allow the f word etc.  Interestingly, the faster you speak, the fewer errors it makes!

Do you have to pay for Google Docs? What is the specific advantage? I dictate my notes to ColorNote, also free android, which is pretty fast, faster than dictation to gmail or WhatsApp.
Writers' Cafe / Re: I wrote a 30k word romance novella in 8 hours
« Last post by Alix Adale on Today at 12:37:14 AM »
Google apps are horrible, why would you use them.
Writers' Cafe / Re: I wrote a 30k word romance novella in 8 hours
« Last post by ThomasDiehl on Today at 12:31:25 AM »
A few sex scenes. The dictation blocks out steamy words.
Oh great, now the robots become sensitive. This isn't gonna end well.

On a more serious note, congrats. I couldn't write a fiction title that way, but with non-fiction it might be an option.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Introducing the Indie Crime Scene
« Last post by CoraBuhlert on Today at 12:09:57 AM »
It's time again for the weekly link round-up at the Indie Crime Scene, this week with the best crime novels of 2017, The Punisher, Peaky Blinders, Longmire, I, Tonya and much more.

Do you want your mystery, crime novel or thriller featured at the Indie Crime Scene or would you like to be interviewed or submit a guest post? We are looking forward to your submissions.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Can't settle on a plot.
« Last post by Gareth K Pengelly on Today at 12:09:33 AM »
If you're anything like me you'll start off with an idea of where you want a character to go, or which of your characters you want to be the main driver of the plot, then halfway through you'll think actually, I much prefer this character and they way they're going and end up going in a completely different direction.

That's the fun thing for me, seeing where the characters and plot take me, rather than the other way round.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Can't settle on a plot.
« Last post by Max Zsol on Today at 12:07:58 AM »
Every time I write a book. Every time. Most writers talk about all the stories in their heads and how they just haven't got time to get them all down on paper. I'm not one of those writers. I just finished book#12. [...] I've learned to embrace that lost feeling and forge on ahead through the process.

So my advice to you is do not finalize your plot yet. Sketch out some general thoughts, an overall story arc, and the character arcs.

Sounds like you are quite prolific, congrats. It's great to hear I am not alone feeling lost with many options. You've gave me some encouragement to push through even with a loose plot. I appreciate it.

And I'll check the Snowflake Method. I have heard of it but haven't read about it in detail.

Thank you!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Can't settle on a plot.
« Last post by Max Zsol on Today at 12:02:32 AM »
If you want to make money at it... Look at your ideas and what market they fit, then make your analysis from that.
Definitely this!

You're overthinking it. To make money in this business, you don't need to write well, you just need to write to the formula for each subgenre and hit those tropes.

Thanks. I really like to read this kind feedback. As you mention I want to approach writing as a business. You made me realize I should go back to review the genre tropes and make sure I am meeting the expectations of the readers. I want to hit the basis and experiment once I have learnt the rules.
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