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Writers' Cafe / Friend Says, "Ad Effective," but Rank is Low
« Last post by TromboneAl on Today at 10:35:11 AM »
When checking my weather app on my Android device, an ad for a friend's book appeared at the bottom. I took a screenshot and sent it to her.

She said that the ads were effective (being run through Mailchimp's Google AdWords).

But the rank of the book is 142,000 (selling less than one per day).

Do you think she's fooling himself, or could the ad be effective in some other way??
Writers' Cafe / Re: Young Adult Writers - Who did your cover design?
« Last post by SA_Soule on Today at 10:34:46 AM »
I do my own YA cover designs. I just finished this one in my YA Urban Fantasy series for older teens.

This is a YA spooky cover that I designed for only $25, and there are other premades on my site. Right now, all of my premades are only $24.99 or less. You might want to browse my site and see if you find anything you like, which might save you some money.

I have done quite a few young adult designs and my rates are fairly low. When you're ready, please feel free to contact me and we discuss the possibility of working together.

BTW, I also recommend Melody of Book Cover Cre8tive: and Heather at Book Cover Artistry:
Writers' Cafe / Re: Currently with Mailchimp - Should I switch?
« Last post by Catchy on Today at 10:30:16 AM »
We use MailChimp for a professional not-for-profit. It manages 5 or 6 lists with up to 500 members each at this point. I have countless templates in there and find it easy to use for the most part.

I have also used Constant Contact, which was nice, but unless you could code a bit, it could be frustrating, I imagine.
Sales also dropped btw. From hundreds per month to tens.

Edit to add: maybe KDP Select? That started in 2011, and I believe ramped up in 2012. Maybe in 2013 they gave preference to Select books? I was never in select with any of my titles, as they were available all over the place, including my own website.
Was there something that happened then?

I still have no idea. I didn't change anything. I just went to look at my historicals, and Aug 2013 was actually the month the whole thing tanked, not 2012. (From sept 2012 it just got cut in half.)

The only things I could think of were that Amazon started using a different ranking system for also-boughts, or there was a flood of people discovering perma-free, or it might have been around that time that (I think) trad pubs were allowed to set their own prices on amazon. May have been all three.

We're talking 3000-4000 free downloads per month at that stage, for 2 years straight, with occasional spikes of 15,000 plus. Then, after Sept then barely 200 per month. Whatever it was, it was absolutely massive and it's never recovered.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Marketing budget and sales ranking
« Last post by Dpock on Today at 10:25:23 AM »
any data or author experiences on how much daily marketing spend needs to be (FB/AMS/BB) to maintain a ranking of 10-20k?

I've held one book around 10k for last two months with a daily spend of $2-$3, and another around 5k spending $4-$5.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Currently with Mailchimp - Should I switch?
« Last post by TromboneAl on Today at 10:15:17 AM »
MailChimp is your best friend for email marketing. Email marketing is hard to keep up with. But MailChimp makes it easy to set up multiple campaigns targeting multiple audiences. It's very set and forget. Their reports are easy to read and understand. They make it very simple to see who is responding to your campaigns, who is unsubscribing and point to reasons why. They make it simple to set up multiple target audience groups and automate who gets what emails depending on certain actions.

Sure sounds like an advertisement!

Here's something else MailerLite has: Great tech support! Better than great. I ask a question with their chat window, which lets me paste screen shots, and I always get an answer. As when I received a subscriber signup email in what I thought was Spanish:

IIRC, MailChimp had zero support.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Young Adult Writers - Who did your cover design?
« Last post by SA_Soule on Today at 10:13:38 AM »
Clarrisa Yeo:  (You have to wait a couple of seconds for the book covers to load in)

These are her designs for my YA horror series:

- how do I make this smaller?

Love that cover! Nice work.
Writers' Cafe / Re: trad publishing called and I picked up the phone
« Last post by RTW on Today at 10:11:17 AM »
Congrats! That's fantastic news.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Blurb help please
« Last post by RedAlert on Today at 10:10:54 AM »
You've probably already published and moved on.  But, I would still offer, say a tag line something like, "Tested by battle, touched by love..."

You need to up the ante by replacing "affections" with something more passionate, if this is a gay love story.  The word "affections" is kinda antiquated, like some 1800s mention of a possible physical interest in somebody, but no more.  If this is meant to appeal to modern readers, I just think that you need some degree of heat in the blurb beyond simple interest.  Let's have some heat!  Not asking for porno, just something that doesn't make the love interest secondary.  I don't think you can lose by making the love interest a passionate element of your story.

Thank you for allowing me to participate.
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