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The Greek Tycoon Box Set
by Kay Brody

Kindle Edition published 2016-05-27
Bestseller ranking: 4290

Product Description

LAUNCH SPECIAL: JUST 99 CENTS For A Limited Time! Get Yours Now Before It Increases To Its Regular Price Of $8.99! Also FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

ALSO COMING SOON in paperback & audiobook forms!

Includes ALL 10 BOOKS...PLUS...the previously unreleased, Prelude To The Greek Tycoon, a story of a young go-getter named Atreus Kostas before he was the powerful tycoon he is today!

Bonus: Prelude To The Greek Tycoon
Book 1: Left Holding His Baby
Book 2: Mending A Broken Heart
Book 3: The Ties That Bind
Book 4: Bringing His Baby Home
Book 5: Back In His Arms
Book 6: Fighting For His Life
Book 7: Building A New Life
Book 8: A Plot To Destroy
Book 9: Picking Up The Pieces

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