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Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Actor John Mahoney
« on: October 17, 2017, 05:34:49 PM »
Two Paperwhites did you fill one up? If so, how many books can you fit on one?

No. I never have more than 20-30 books on the device. That's what the cloud's for. I have two because I had one and then got one as a gift so I alternate the two. Since they aren't fast charging it makes it really easy.

The Voyage sounded good and I ordered one with the Origami cover. I hated the Origami cover and found the Voyage awkward. For me it was too small and lightweight and I never found a case that worked for me. The only thing I really liked were the six LED lights instead of four. Since I'm old I always have the brightness on high so the adaptive light business didn't interest me. And the page buttons made about as much sense to me as a hand crank starter on my little pickup truck. My Voyage went to a student.

On the original Oasis I didn't like the marriage of case and Kindle so I passed. I'm going to give the new 7" Oasis a try.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: New Kindle Oasis!
« on: October 16, 2017, 05:35:43 PM »
My preferred Kindle is the Paperwhite in an Amazon Paperwhite case. I have two Paperwhites and a red case and a brown case. They fit in my pants pocket, the lower pocket on my Guayabera shirt. It usually travels in the most convenient pocket with a zipper in my daypack. i also carry a power bank in my daypack...just in case. I can top off both my Paperwhites and my phone if I need to.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Actor John Mahoney
« on: October 14, 2017, 03:00:43 AM »
When I was still working I always had a book with me. It was usually a non-fiction book related to my work. I carried it wherever I went so I could read while waiting on people who had no concept of what an appointment was.

When I quit working I moved to Oaxaca, Mexico. I live living here but for thirteen years I had to read what I could find and not necessarily what I wanted to read. Since I was retired--chronically unemployed--I reversed my reading preference and read almost all fiction now.

Then came Kindle. I didn't get the Kindle for the device but at the time, July 2010, Amazon was hands down the best source for my books. It's been amazing. Instead of carrying a book around I carry my Kindle and can access a little over 2,000 already purchased books.

It's great and my Kindle of choice is the Paperwhite. I tried a Voyage and didn't like it. I went back to my Paperwhite and now I have two Paperwhites.

That will be great for a lot of people!

Me! My eye doctor said my eyes were getting old and I pointed out they were the same age as my big toe...76 years. More sizes is great. I've always felt like the optimum size was between 3 and 4--from the right. During the day, four was fine but if I woke up at night I would go to three. Part of the reason for the change had to do with contrast--old eyes don't handle low contrast well--and the contrast control for all fonts is fantastic.

This almost make me want to reward Kindle and by the new Oasis. Almost but not quite. Buttons? Really? That's almost as useful as a hand crank for a starter on my pickup. My old Kndle Keyboard made it two weeks before one of the page buttons broke. I've never had a problem with the Paperwhite touch screen.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Has Kindle Been Abandoned?
« on: October 10, 2017, 05:41:58 AM »
I can't even imagine any realistic feature they could add that would attract me. I doubt they've abandoned Kindle, but I agree with Ann that updates will be slow unless they come up with some breakthrough feature.

I can. Waterproofing. USB C port for fast charging. Paperwhite, my favorite, with six LED lights instead of four. That didn't even take much imagination. Imagination brings me to a Kindle that will read audio books with a voice as human as the Android Assistant. Or, how about a Kindle that would navigate by voice commands. "Find......" Or, "Page" or, "settings" or, "Notation...." I don't imagine color or email or web browsing. For that I have my phone. My Kindle is simply for reading.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Has Kindle Been Abandoned?
« on: September 30, 2017, 03:15:19 AM »
I can't even imagine any realistic feature they could add that would attract me. I doubt they've abandoned Kindle, but I agree with Ann that updates will be slow unless they come up with some breakthrough feature.

I agree although I would like to see a Paperwhite 4, with six LED lights and a USB C port for fast charging.

I read about 99.99% on e-readers, rather than using the Kindle app on a phone or tablet.

I have to be desperate to use non e-ink devices, like 'I left my Kindle at home and I'm crazy bored and have nothing else to do right now but read' desperate.  :o

I'll skip to the chase since that is my position exactly. I usually have a Kindle in my little daypack but if I get stranded somewhere I'll read on the phone. For example, I was walking my dog a few weeks ago and was caught by a fierce thunderstorm. We took shelter and out came the phone so I could read. I do keep the current book I'm reading on my phone just for such emergencies. Normally, it's my Paperwhite all the time.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Dedication...
« on: September 12, 2017, 05:05:02 AM »
Now you know what to get her for Christmas. Either a backup Kindle or a power pack. I have a small power pack in my day pack. I have used it for both my phone and my Kindle. Now, if Kindle would just come out with a Paperwhite with a USB-C port I wouldn't have to carry a tiny little adapter.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Actor John Mahoney
« on: August 28, 2017, 12:46:44 PM »
Perhaps, like me, his relationship is being a customer.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Which Kindle is your favorite?
« on: August 17, 2017, 02:51:22 PM »
Ah, the nostalgia. I remember my first Kindle. It was the Kindle Keyboard. One of the wonderful page buttons...broke. Something snapped inside. It wiggled but it didn't change pages. Mechanical buttons are great...on devices that are twenty years old. Me? I like the touch screen on my Kindle and my phone. I also like e-ink. When I read a book I don't need color.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Dedication...
« on: July 17, 2017, 04:25:02 PM »
I don't wear suspenders and a belt but I am that kind of guy. I not only have a backup Kindle--two PW3--but I carry a power pack in my little daypack that I can use to charge my Kindle or my phone. I've never needed to charge my phone but I've charged my Kindle a few times when I left home with an almost empty battery. Of course, I can read on my Kindle app on my phone but I much prefer my Kindle.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Trying to read a paperback book
« on: July 17, 2017, 04:21:25 PM »
A few months after I got my first Kindle I had a stack of books ready to donate to the library. The older I get the more reading I get done in the bathroom and as I hurried to the bathroom without my Kindle I grabbed a paperback. When I opened the paperback my first thought was, "I need to increase the font a bit." Too bad for me.

Nothing transports you to another time or another place like the sense of smell. So, for those who love old paperbacks there is a cover for a Kindle that's made of rough, mildewed paper and smells must like cat pee. You'd swear you were in a used bookstore as you read.

crebel: "Wow it seems it's overwhelmingly in favor of the kindle device itself. I guess I'm one of the few who loves reading on his phone. I like the idea of the kindle very much. Had a paperwhite, had a regular kindle, had a bunch of kindles. I just never ever found a convenient way to carry them with me. These days, however, I do take a backpack to work, so I could actually put one in there. But the Kindle is not with me as much as my phone is with me."

I'm chronically unemployed now but when I was working I always had an attache case or a dispatch bag with me and that carried whatever book I was currently reading. When I had an appointment with people who thought keeping you waiting was a power play I'd get my book out. The wait was always shorter if you were reading rather than looking at your watch and getting irritated. Then the word would come that Mr. Nitwit is ready, I would hold up my hand, read to the end of the page, look up, smile, mark my page, slowly put the book in my case and go. Ah, the joy of trumping an incompetent power play.

Now, I don't do any work. My life is mine, sort of. I walk a lot, taking photos, having coffee, whatever and I carry a little daypack. In my pack are my first aid kit, my lollipops and books for kids, my doggie treats for dogs, my extra reading glasses and sunglasses, just in case, my knork, an expandable shopping bag, my beanbag and my Kindle. Always my Kindle. Oh, and my beanbag.

Whenever I wish to read I can read on the Kindle. Of course, I could also read most places on my phone. That's, most places. Not in the park in the sunlight. No in an outdoor cafe if the sunlight is bright. But, I could read using my phone...most places.

Given the choice, I prefer my kindle Paperwhite in it's Kindle case over the phone. It's more like holding a book--with automatic page turning--and it fits my hand well.

The fact that I'm not really a phone person makes a difference, too. I see people who don't seem to need a phone case because it never leaves their hand. I'm mostly deaf so I don't take phone calls. My cards have the cell phone number followed by "Text Only". I have no games, no Facebook, no Twitter, not a single "social media" app. And, no games. My only diversion on the phone is the Kindle App and an app for reading a bit of news which rarely gets used.

For me, it doesn't matter a lot whether you read on the Kindle, a phone, or a paper book. If you bother to read at all your one of the precious few and part of the group.

However you read, enjoy.

And, my beanbag. I use it as a stand to read on my Kindle when I'm eating. If it wasn't for splashing salsa from my huevos rancheros I'd probably never clean the screen of my Kindle. Sometimes I toss the beanbags with children I've met. Life's a hoot.

I read hours every day on my Kindle Paperwhite. I probably read 15 minutes a month on my phone. It's usually when I'm stuck waiting in a line. Of course, my phone isn't from Apple so perhaps it doesn't count.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: OMG! Forgot my Voyage at my in-laws!!!!
« on: July 09, 2017, 10:18:45 AM »
I am 76-years old and I sometimes forget where I put my glasses and i might forget my wallet but I never forget my Kindle. That would be a sure sign of a problem.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Which Kindle is your favorite?
« on: July 09, 2017, 01:57:25 AM »
Paperwhite for me. I got a Voyage and after hating it for a year I gave it to a friend who needed an e-reader. Now, I have two Paperwhites and am happy. Voyage? The Kindle case was, for me, a disaster. I didn't care for it opening like a tablet with an impotent front cover that folds into an unstable stand. I tried third-party cases and that was a disaster. The first had a plastic rim that covered the yellow/green light. A few of the others had the sleep/wake feature that didn't work. One had the sleep/wake that worked so well that when I folded the cover back the Voyage went to sleep. I had a couple that were pretty but the case was a hard plastic that slid like it was greased. As for the Voyage, a bit too small and lightweight and I like buttons on an e-reader about as much as I want buttons on the fly of my pants.

Oasis, I've never tried. I'd have to have someone bring me one in Mexico and there is nothing that attracts me to the Oasis, certainly not the price. All I do with my Kindle is read books. It's what I enjoy and my dog doesn't mind if I read all day.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: OMG! Forgot my Voyage at my in-laws!!!!
« on: July 08, 2017, 12:59:41 PM »
I have two Kindles and alternate them reading.  If something happened to one, I'd replace it. So far, Paperwhites are my favorite Kindle and I worry about what I'll do if they go away. I hope Kindle updates the Paperwhite and keeps the line alive.

I had a Voyage. Didn't like it.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Getting the Voyage
« on: June 15, 2017, 04:33:01 AM »
Don't enjoy the gizmo so much you forget to read. Pick a great book and enjoy.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Kindle Funny
« on: June 10, 2017, 02:40:09 PM »
I had one. It was called the DX. Of course, there is a little comic license.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: New 2017 Model?
« on: May 28, 2017, 02:24:35 AM »
"For example Paperwhite for some reason keeps getting updated, but almost none of the others do - which also means Paperwhite is starting to get bulky and huge compared to the rest... Bringing back the old Touch as the basic Kindle in a new disguise etc., instead of designing something new. Kindle 3 and Kindle DX were very old in the tooth by the time they got retired. Just to name some examples."

For me, the Paperwhite is the ultimate Kindle. I have two now that I alternate reading. I would like to see the Paperwhite updated further with better lighting and some other modest changes like changing the micro-USB port to a USB-c port. But, strange origami covers and built in batteries are, in my opinion, silly.

If the Oasis, Voyage, and Paperwhite were all the same price and I needed a Kindle tomorrow it would be the Paperwhite. I gave my Voyage to a student who wanted it, and could use it, and I never bought the Oasis.

Side note. Whenever I leave home a Kindle goes with me. My other Paperwhite is on my desk, fully charged, waiting. When the current Paperwhite tells me it's time to charge I swap to my second Paperwhite. But, what if I'm stuck in a government office waiting for a gap in the coffee breaks so I can take care of business and the battery warning comes on? Well, that's my my little daypack has a Power Pack. It is small, lightweight, and will recharge my Kindle fully fairly quickly. So, I just plug it in. One advantage of this system, instead of an Oasis, is that I can also recharge my Nexus 5x with the Power Bank. I assume the Oasis has a cable for recharging your cell phone off the Oasis power pack.

And, yes, I still use my Nexus 5x. I didn't not buy a Google Pixel XL for $1000. Call me crazy.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Kindle Voyage
« on: May 09, 2017, 09:43:40 AM »
A. If I bought something without doing basic research I would keep very, very quiet.

B. I've bought perhaps nine Kindles over the years and I've always gotten exactly what I wanted, exactly what I expected, and exactly what I paid for. Personally, my favorite is the Paperwhite. I think Kindle peaked there.

C. FWIW, a Kindle PW and a excellent tablet to use to play games would cost less than my first Kindle. But, I buy Kindles to read books.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Voyage question
« on: May 01, 2017, 11:15:28 AM »
You have an option of seeing "All" your books or "Downloaded" books on your home screen. If you choose "All" then downloaded books are marked.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Kindle getting light?
« on: April 24, 2017, 05:07:30 AM »
No. When I'm finishing a book I have around thirty books on my Paperwhite waiting to be read. And, I have two Paperwhite Kindles and the other one has a whole different thirty books waiting to be read.

I like Dorothy Sayer. I have two other preferences in my genre. One is British authors and the other is books written before 1980.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: New 2017 Model?
« on: April 18, 2017, 08:29:26 AM »
I'd like to see a USB C port with rapid charge on the Paperwhite 4. I'd also like to see the number of LEDs increased from 4 to 6 as in the Voyage.

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