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Hey I'm glad you got this one out so fast. I would say great cover, lol but I did the cover on this one. It really sounds interesting. I'll be sure and share. Do you plan on running this one free too?


Writers' Cafe / Re: Who reviews spiritual books?
« on: April 08, 2014, 09:48:22 PM »
Well we would hope that you could gain more over time :)

Writers' Cafe / Re: Who reviews spiritual books?
« on: April 08, 2014, 06:32:59 PM »
If your books is Christian then we have several groups on line. We have one that's a readers group that helps us get reviews. There is one catch you have to be willing to put our little add in the back of your novel, inviting all your fans to join our group. If your book is Christian look us up on facebook.

Here is a link to our portal group you can learn about our other Christian groups there.

Thanks for the shout out, the welcome, the reminder!!!

Today is the last free day.  Grab you a copy, her is a review I got yesterday!!

"Maid for Martin" is a sweet little story that shares positive values. It don't necessarily have to be Christian values but whatever you believe to be morally right and good. It's done in a nice way and doesn't feel preachy as some books do.

I read this story at a fast pace, as I was anxious to know what was going to happen next. Kind of like a good fairytale mixed with a bit of suspense. Good family values is something that gets overlooked these days but I think it really needs to be shared more often.

This is a well-written story that was engaging with a plot line that was an entertaining roller-coaster ride. It was easy to get absorbed into the story with all the ups and downs. I was entertained all the way through and crossing my fingers for a positive "fairytale" outcome.

Thanks Lisa! I really enjoy this one. Thanks to anyone that shares or gets a copy.  Happy late Valentines Day!

Writers' Cafe / Re: They're missing the picture...
« on: February 15, 2014, 04:04:33 PM »
I like your numbers Lisa, and I agree. I have four books out right now, and I'm selling about two a day of most of them. I know as I get more and more out there that the revenue's will keep growing. It just takes time. Can it be done sure it can. Will we all be write our own Wool? Maybe, maybe not. But I figure I'm going to be writing books why not make some money while doing so.


Free Book
Clean Christian Romance
Maid for Martin

Martin Taylor is having issues with his live-in-love, Celia Carson. She's not supporting his acting career and the upcoming Christmas party is stressing their relationship to a point of no return. On top of everything else he's falling for the maid, Randi Sanders. Martin's timing is always off, he never thinks things through, and to make matters worse, Randi has no idea he's really Martin Taylor. She thinks he's the limo driver. He hates to come forward with the truth because Randi's making him feel like he hasn't felt in years.

Here is an image of the cover Lisa and thanks I'm still a bit lost over here.  I write under two pen names Samantha Lovern for Romance it's a great little romance, good clean, read!!


Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon author pages like-fest!
« on: November 02, 2012, 07:27:07 PM »
Hey can everyone like me. I've went down the list and liked everyone's Author page.

The Book Bazaar / Re: Christian Fiction: Crime Drama Romance Series
« on: August 16, 2011, 08:01:24 AM »
Hey Sorry I've been MIA  I'm on a cool Blog today you should check it out Lisa takes Submissions look for the link on the side.

Be sure to check out the FIRST POST in July 2011 for details on how to feature your indie book here! For more information on me and my writing visit

I'm getting behind I haven't read the first one yet.  Are you going to use the word Mine on the cover for this series if so cool Idea..


Finally had time to read it all.  Makes  you want to grab the book and Angel.. LOL!!

Thanks for sharing.


The Book Bazaar / Re: Christian Fiction: Crime Drama Romance Series
« on: March 14, 2011, 10:57:02 AM »
Thanks girls for your kind comments. I do appreciate that.

Eli if I could go back again, with the knowledge that I know now I'd do it in a heart beat.  I'd find my husband  and go back and be his high school sweet heart.  I could go to his games and watch
him play football.  It would be great fun!

I do love my sweetheart.

Samantha Fury

I know how hard you worked on this cover and I think you picked the right one.  It looks really good and I know you will freak when you hold that book in your hand and see how good it really looks in person.

Good luck
Samantha Fury

The Book Bazaar / Re: Christian Fiction: Crime Drama Romance Series
« on: February 26, 2011, 11:41:20 AM »
Hey guys!  How is your weekend going.  Great I hope.  

Here is a small snippet from Chapter 31 take a peek.

Angel could feel Charlie slipping through his fingers, and he didn’t like it. How did he handle this? He sat rubbing his thumb across the back of her hand, trying to think of what to say.

Charlie spoke, not giving him much time. “Angel, why were you snooping in Rico’s papers? What were you looking for?”

Angel looked up quickly. “Who do you trust more, me or Rico?”

“You, of course. I don’t trust Rico at all.”

“Smart girl. Keep it that way.”

“I’ll try, but if there’s something going on, I need to know what it is.”

Angel nodded. “It’s complicated.”

“I’m sure it is, but I don’t want to say the wrong thing and get you in trouble. I’ve never seen Rico get angry, but I have a feeling he’s got an extreme temper.”

“He does, and I don’t want it directed at you.”

“Then tell me what’s going on.” Charlie pleaded.

Angel shook his head at the predicament in which he found himself. “You don’t know what you’re asking.”

“You may be right, but I don’t want to get in front of Rico or Jerry and say something I shouldn’t.”

Angel sighed. What should he do? Tell Charlie the truth so she would know exactly what she was dealing with, or should he leave her wondering and take a chance that she wouldn’t say the wrong thing?

“We don’t know each other well, but you can trust me.” Charlie’s tone was low, and Angel knew she wouldn’t lie.

“What would you do if I told you I was stealing from Rico, or spying on him for a competitor?” Angel noticed Charlie didn’t pull her hand away; instead she rested her hand over his.

“I would let you know I don’t approve, and that you should consider the danger you're putting yourself in.”

“You wouldn’t tell Jerry so he could protect his son?”

“No. Rico’s a big boy. He knows what he’s doing. Besides, Jerry’s facing some issues of his own. He’s thinking about taking the businesses back from Rico to take away some of his power.”

“When?” Angel straightened in the seat knowing this could cause him problems.

“I don’t know.”

“Great, that’s all I need, another roadblock.” Angel looked at Charlie, an idea coming to him. “Hey, Jerry listens to you. Do you think you could talk him out of doing anything to Rico for a couple of weeks?”

“Maybe. I’m not sure.”

“I don’t want you to say anything that would make him ask questions, but I need things to stay as they are.”

“Why? How can it hurt things if Rico loses some of his clubs or his money? Are you afraid you’ll lose your job?”

“No.” Angel sighed placing two fingers on his temple and then he nodded, thinking this was his only way out. Angel took Charlie’s hand in his, kissed it, then looked her straight in the eye, “You can not repeat what I’m about to say . . . to anyone. Not Jerry, not Rico, no one can know. This will be our secret.”

“I understand.”

“I’m not sure you do. We can only talk about this in private. If I ever shake my head no, or change the subject, you must do as I say.”

“I will

“Good, because if you don’t, my life could be in danger.”

“Angel?” Charlie closed her eyes but quickly opened them when he spoke.

“If the information I’m about to tell you gets to anyone, especially Rico, it could cost me my life.”

Thanks for reading..
Samantha Fury

The Book Bazaar / Re: "Spirit-Lit" Authors and Readers Meet Here
« on: February 23, 2011, 01:40:23 PM »
I'm kind of new at the kindle boards here.. Can I post my Christian fiction here.. it's spiritual in parts.  Charlie is not perfect and does stupid things, but she has a good heart..


The Book Bazaar / Re: Mystery Teasers
« on: February 23, 2011, 11:38:52 AM »
That's great it's always good to get one of those from someone that doesn't know us.. LOL!! My cousin gave me one and that kind of counts.. he was a guy so I was glad to have a guy say my work was good. 


The Book Bazaar / Re: Indie Romance novelists post here
« on: February 19, 2011, 03:00:25 PM »
Thanks Dana, and it's not hard to down load from Smashwords, if you like it be sure and check out the new forum I found for Smashwords.

The Book Bazaar / Re: "Ain't Love Grand?" BookList Review
« on: February 17, 2011, 10:29:04 AM »
I love the cover, I think it's a great time to have a cover with a heart on it, even if it is right after valentines day.  Lots of men out there looking to make their wives happy.. LOL!


I think It would be fun to be my character Charlie Anderson from My book Street Justice Charlie's Angel.

She's tough, and can take a beating and fight back.  She never gives up.  She manages to find the good in everyone, and keeps her head high even when things are not looking good.  Then there's Angel, her kind of boyfriend. who wouldn't want to hang out with him.  :)  His picture is down there at the bottom on the first book cover..

Thanks Linda cool question.

The Book Bazaar / Re: Christian Fiction: Crime Drama Romance Series
« on: February 11, 2011, 12:41:29 PM »

Thanks stacydan  for the link.. I hope you like the preview.  I'm just looking over the second book in the Series. I hope to have it ready for sale in the coming week..  I can not figure out how you did that.. Will you share your secret on the link..

thanks for the link :( but I can't figure out how to save it or re post it.

Thanks S.J. Harris, and *wave* Hey Jooleene..
Thanks Dana and Eli and Linda and everyone.. lol

Writers' Cafe / Re: My new cover thanks to Ronnell! =)
« on: February 10, 2011, 06:10:58 AM »
Have you started working on your second book yet.  I had my third cover made before
I'd written much.  I love making covers I get irritated at the layers at times, but it's fun.

Did you say that had this cover made? Did a friend do it?  Did you have to pay?

Just being nosy.. lol

The Book Bazaar / Re: Christian Fiction: Crime Drama Romance Series
« on: February 10, 2011, 06:03:49 AM »
Thanks Betsy & Ann for the warm welcome I sure do appreciate that.  I hope to learn people fast and
be a help where I can.  I think this site is very well managed and commend you girls on the
work that you do.

Thanks Again..

Samantha Fury

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