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The Book Corner / Books that got you started
« on: May 30, 2009, 12:44:27 AM »
I was reading several of the topics and something prompted me to remember The Forgotten Door, by Alexander Key.  It was the first SF book I ever read, back when I was just starting to read books without pictures, and it was one of those books that really set me on my course as a reader.  Along with the Danny Dunn books, Toby Tyler, Johny Tremain, and the Sherlock Holmes stories, this was one of the books that turned me into a lifelong reader.

I'm sure all of us who are readers have similar books that shaped us as readers.  I'd love to know what some of them were for others...

I'm really impressed with many of the recommendations here.  In particularl I'm a big fan of No Blade of Grass and I am Legend.  A couple more I'd recommend are:

The Postman by David Brin -- So much better than the tepid movie based on the book
The Ophiuchi Hotline by John Varley -- a different sort of post-appocolypse book

There's also The Man in the High Castle by Phillip K. Dick, which is not really post-appocolyptic but more of an alternate history where the Allies lost WWII.

Unfortunately, none of the three are available for Kindle...

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