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Writers' Cafe / Re: Opening lines
« on: May 23, 2018, 08:08:46 AM »
Third vote for The Gunslinger.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon going the way of B&N?
« on: May 22, 2018, 07:34:15 AM »
I think the biggest misconception many writers have is that Amazon is a bookstore, or an e-book store, when books and e-books are a very small segment of Amazon's business. Comparing Barnes and Noble, a business that focuses on selling books, with Amazon, a company that sells books but not as a primary concern, is like comparing AutoZone with Walmart, because both sell windshield wipers and spark plugs.

Amazon is interested in making the most profit. Not the most profit from books, not the most profit from item X, but the most profit overall. They are constantly changing their site to test for ways that increase profit. The changes noted will stay around if it makes Amazon more profit. The changes will not stay if it does not make Amazon more profit.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Kindle Worlds closing down?
« on: May 16, 2018, 10:05:16 AM »
Just got the official e-mail. Kindle Worlds is closing and that is a real shame. So much potential and yet so poorly managed and promoted.

No problems here.

Link removed

The Alabaster Throne. Just checked EMP, Bright Horizons, and Bible Stories for New Christians and they all have the option. Just set up a giveaway for The Alabaster Throne to make sure it wasn't blocked beyond the facing page.

I just checked on one of my books and the option is there.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Writing skills v Marketing skills
« on: May 07, 2018, 08:46:43 AM »
Writing is different from other arts. Sculptors love sculpting. Painters love painting. Writers love having written.

I write all my books under the same pen name. I have science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction and even Christian non-fiction as my genres. Never heard a peep from anyone that they were confused or irritated by the different genres.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Your best taglines
« on: May 02, 2018, 05:04:54 AM »
In a world-wide catastrophe, every struggle is personal

My novel EMP is set in Kenton, Missouri. There is no Kenton, Missouri. But it is set in a part of the State that I know very well and I have received a lot of praise from people from that area for knowing little details.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Writing skills v Marketing skills
« on: April 30, 2018, 09:21:50 AM »
My current life situations have slowed my writing considerably. I don't write well in small windows of time (30 minutes or less), but I can do some marketing. So, since I have 9 books out, and they sell well when there are paid promos, I have decided to devour books and training on copy writing to improve my abilities in the marketing field.

As my schedule starts to provide more time for writing, the things I am learning about copy writing and marketing will continue to help build my business.

In my less charitable moments, I think the call for more clarity in the KDP TOS from certain more... flexible elements in our community is to help them figure out the next loophole.

When it comes to rules, specificity often leads to nuance of semantics.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Sharing pain.. deleting large chunk of WIP
« on: April 25, 2018, 07:25:59 AM »
My current WIP has been delayed by major life events (getting my wife to the U.S., marrying her, and having our first child in the last two years) but even though there were plenty of reasons for not having it done, there was something wrong about the story and I knew it. Then I realized that the plot for my main secondary character did not mesh with my main plot at all. Still needed to get the secondary character to a specific place at a specific time, but the way he got there just did not work for the story. So all four chapters that focused on him had to be trashed, all references to him in the rest of the story had to be scrutinized, and a complete rewrite in now in the works.

But, I know this will make it a much better story, so I can't be too upset.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Need a name
« on: April 17, 2018, 02:08:13 PM »
I have a small kingdom called Argentia that consists of one walled city, outlying farms, and mines in the mountains. They are beset by an enemy, as yet unnamed. I imagine them like the Mongol Horde, nomads of the grasslands, who live by plundering the cities they come across.

I need a name for the nomad tribe. I'm lousy at naming things.

Anyone have any good ideas?

Since your kingdom is rooted in the Latin for silver, how about "Tarnijan", the Frankish word for tarnish?

Writers' Cafe / Re: After Bookbub, best promo sites?
« on: April 17, 2018, 09:35:33 AM »
Free Kindle Books and Tips has always done well for me.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Forbidden words
« on: April 16, 2018, 06:17:09 AM »
I just counted, and I've used "that" 1046 times so far in 65K words in the WIP. I also use adverbs plenty. I'm considered a fairly elegant writer, I believe, in my genre. I use whatever makes the prose flow better, whatever makes the meaning clearer. 

I do watch thought verbs, because I write in deep third person, and saying that somebody saw, heard, or thought something is distancing.

My "that" problem became so severe I began doing a "that" audit as the least step before sending to my editor. About half are removed outright, and many others are replaced with "which" and occasionally "who". Really improved my writing, but, because apparently I use the word so much in my daily speaking, hard to catch in my writing until I do my audit.

The 14 main books in The Wheel of Time range from around 225,000 words for Path of Daggers (the 8th book) to almost 400,000 words for The Shadow Rising (the 4th book). In terms of raw numbers, that is around a 175,000 word swing and in percentages, the shortest book is just over half the length of the longest.

Write a good series and enough people won't care about the variation in length.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon Files Suit Against Book Stuffers [MERGED]
« on: April 12, 2018, 09:48:32 AM »
And yet, you're still here whinging about the size of a book. You should be whinging about Amazon not being able to count a page ( still !!! ).

If you guys were complaining about botting, I'd be with you.

If you guys were complaining about click farms, I'd be with you.

If you guys were complaining about Amazon still not being able to count a page--OMG!--I'd be with you.

But you're not.

You're charging up the wrong hill, you're barking up the wrong tree, you' ve gone way off course.

So, no, I'm not with you.

Let me lay it out as plainly as language can allow.

If you have a 1000 page book that includes nothing that is replicated elsewhere in the Kindle Store, that is not the issue.

Let me repeat, the length of the book is NOT the issue.

If you have a 1000 page book where 800 pages are found elsewhere in the Kindle Store, then that IS the issue.

"Stuffing" is where books include repeated stories, short stories, blog posts, novels, novellas, poems, grocery lists, poorly translated copies of the Magna Carta, etc. which is already found elsewhere in the Kindle Store.

Giving someone 1000 pages of unique material is not what the issue is. Padding your books with repeated material that manipulates page reads is the issue.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon Files Suit Against Book Stuffers [MERGED]
« on: April 12, 2018, 07:05:10 AM »
It means STUFFING is not the problem.

Unless you read the legal filing presented by Amazon. But, really, who wants to deal in facts?

I find this rather tantalizing and am surprised it didn't get more responses.

Today I stumbled across Amazon's "Early Review Program." The website says this: "The Early Reviewer Program helps you get up to 5 reviews by offering customers who purchased your enrolled items a small reward ($3 Gift Card) in exchange for providing feedback on your product."

I searched the Kboards site for "Early Review" and got very few hits, none of them apparently speaking to this particular program. Is it new?

Thanks -- NJ

I found the following link and, within it, the following statement from SEAMod:

SEAmod                                                                                                  Nov '16
Hello Sellers,

I understand that some of you are interested in the Amazon Early Reviewer Program.

At this time, the program is available to only a few select sellers through a limited beta program.

We will notify you when the program is fully launched and available to the entire seller community. Please note that we are unable to provide any specific timelines or details about the full launch of the program.

I hope this helps!


Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon Files Suit Against Book Stuffers [MERGED]
« on: April 09, 2018, 03:00:57 PM »
That's a start, but most don't include the same single story on all of their titles, just some. You can extrapolate from this the idea that they don't want bonus content used more than once, I agree, but I'm attempting to get them to nail down the language and actually say that a piece of bonus content can only appear in one title, not two or more. If that's true, they should have no problem stating it or confirming it.

Also, that says short story. I'm asking about complete books, since that's the content everybody's up in arms about. I am almost desperate to have them say yes an entire book currently in KU is acceptable bonus content or no it is not. It can't be that hard to get a straight answer, can it? Let's find out.

If you want a straight answer, one they have no problem stating or confirming, then you are wasting time asking non-Amazon related people on threads on Kboards. You need to be directing this line of questioning towards the only entity that can give you this much desired information: Amazon.

If this information is of such importance that simple logical inferences from available verbiage provided by Amazon to others is not sufficient to satisfy your queries, it is not worthwhile soliciting advice or suppositions from those who cannot, by definition, provide the answers that will satisfy you. I would highly recommend questioning Amazon until you are content.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon Files Suit Against Book Stuffers [MERGED]
« on: April 09, 2018, 02:20:14 PM »
All four books still contain the exact same content, exactly as they did in David's example. I'm about to send an email to KDP providing very specific scenarios in which all books do not contain the exact same content, but contain the same BONUS content. This is a distinction I haven't seen anybody make yet, or if that email and reply have been posted, I missed it.

Then at least nobody can argue it (though some will).

Posted by: PhoenixS
on: Today at 11:47:55 AM

"Further, you may certainly include a short story as a bonus content in your book, however you may not include the same story on all the titles in your catalog as the customers who are purchasing different titles from the same publisher will have the same short story as a duplication."

From the article:

I'm a little confused; is it a violation of TOS to review a book that was set at $0.00? 

Most products you can get on Amazon aren't free. E-books are one of the only free things you can get on Amazon, and they account for less that .1% of all items available. This is a concern about people giving away, say, a pair of hedge clippers, to 50 people in exchange for a positive review to establish social proof. A few hundred dollars of product to garner 50 positive reviews is a better buy than advertising, so that is what companies do. The customers affected by this were likely not people who received an occasional free product from a subscription box or a sample giveaway, but those who have a tacit agreement to provide a positive review as payment for a product and have done so repeatedly.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Bookbub glitch on $1000 ad?
« on: April 06, 2018, 08:59:29 AM »
I've never seen a $1000 BB ad.

What was it for?

Cozy Mysteries, Historical Mysteries, and Crime Fiction are all over $1,000 for 99 ads. When you go above 99, you have a lot of categories that go over the $1,000 mark.

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