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The Book Bazaar / The Other Me: William Stanek
« on: November 26, 2013, 10:03:16 AM »
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to create my first post as William Stanek. Most people know I write as William Stanek for technical works and Robert Stanek for everything else.

Having two pen names does not a sock puppet make. For those who don't understand pen names, a pen name is simply a useful tool for prolific authors. I have written over 100 William Stanek books and over 150 Robert Stanek books.

I also am the creator and writer of numerous Bugville Learning, Learning Essentials, Ruin Mist Publications, and other books. Those pen names help to keep the brands they represent separate.

My first William Stanek book was published in 1995. It was a little book called Electronic Publishing Unleashed that I wrote 800 of the 1050 pages. The book was written and published to a break-neck schedule. I started in December finished by May and the book was published in September. Before I had even finished, the publisher signed me to a second book, Web Publishing Unleashed—a 950-page monster. I wrote right through graduation and into the fall, finishing about 750 pages by late October. That book was published in March 1996. The books were huge bestsellers that established me as a leader in technology writing.

Something you might not know about technical writing: Technology books are very different from works of fiction. The average work of fiction is about 400 pages and about 90,000 words. The average tech book I write is about 650 pages and about 300,000 words. I’ve also written more than a few 1200- to 1500-page books, with the longest being about 654,000 words.

Thanks for reading!

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