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Introductions & Welcomes / Re: Hello I'm new
« on: April 22, 2014, 05:27:39 AM »
I found this board through another website. My name is Connie. I live in Long Island NY. I've been writing since I am 14 years old. I am a mom to 2 boys ages 25 and 19. I am married to the best man ever. I went to college for horticulture and also enjoy soap and candle making. I always go back to writing, and at 44 yrs old I figured it was time to finally publish a book.

I just published my first book on April 5th. I am nervous and excited at the same time. My first book is a collection of 28 poems and is about my experiences with child abuse, domestic violence and love. It's a journey of sorts to where I am today. I am new to this world of publishing. Even writing this post I have butterflies in my stomach. I hope to make some friends in this forum.

Right now my ebook is free until April 24th.

Sounds like it took a lot of courage.  I also just published my first book-length work. 

Although previously I brought out a small booklet of poems & also some short stories.

Best of luck with it. 


Hi thanks for your nice welcome. 
I'm very interested in the concept of hive mind.  (Believe it or not, there's even a glancing reference to the concept in my book.)  Did you ever see this article:

I knew someone quite obsessed with a sci-fi series called H.I.V.E.  Is that yours? 

Greetings, and welcome aboard.  Wishing you all the very best.

Dan --

Thanks Dan

Glad you found your way to the KB.
Hope you find friends here.

My friend Intinst used to post this info, hope it helps:
       Greetings and Welcome, all!! We are so glad you found KindleBoards, an independent resource for people who own or have interest in Kindle, so our forum is for both readers and writers. We have many areas that you probably will like. Have you been to The Book Corner yet?  That's the area for discussions about books (naturally :D ). That's also where you will find threads about books Recommended by our Members and a list of additional sites for Book Lovers.
     Then there is the Book Bazaar where our member/authors post about their books and the Writers' Cafe that has discussions about writing, publishing and many other topics. Here is a link to all the KindleBoards authors:Official master list of KindleBoards Authors. That is also where you will locate Bargain Books and even Free Books threads where you can get reading material at low or no cost!  If you have a question about your Kindle or it's usage, check out the FAQ or the forum about Tips, Tricks and Trouble Shooting . Or, just ask your question. We have many helpful and knowledgeable people here at KB  and we feel there is no such thing as a "dumb" question. Questions about KindleBoards may be answered at  Forum tips. If not, once again, ask away! To keep everything running smoothly, we ask that everyone read Forum decorum. There are a few points there particularly for authors.  Further questions from authors concerning KB may be answered here: Tips, FAQs and Useful Threads for Authors.
      Another popular place is Let's Talk Kindle, where all things in the Kindle world are posted about. Do you have a Kindle Fire? Join in the conversations or ask questions in the Fire Talk area. Be sure and check out the Photo Gallery, where pictures of members, pets, flowers, landscapes or just almost anything interesting can be found.
     Have you been to the Accessories area? There you will see information about covers, skins, lights, bags, stands and many other items to allow you to personalize your Kindle.
Looking to just kill some time while you are waiting for your Kindle or if you have your kindle, want to try something different? Try INFINITY Game - Word Association or The "INFINITY" Thread: KEEP POSTING...Ready, Set,... GO!!! or one of the other threads in the Not Quite Kindle area.
Sorry for the long post, but there is just so much to do, learn and like about KindleBoards that I just get carried away. :)

Very thoughtful of  you, Geoff.  Really appreciate that. 

nice to meet you, fellow cereal box reader! I love to stop by here now and again, but mostly i can be found on facebook, introducing my readers to other new author friends. I also organize promotions to help authors expand their reach. Feel free to friend me.

Hi Stephanie,
Lovely to hear from you.  In my spare time I also dabble in paranormal fiction.  Which I hope to devote more time to, if this non-fiction takes off. 

I could definitely use some promotional help. 
Is there anyplace beside Facebook I can reach you?  (I understand we're limited in how much we can talk about promoting our book outside of the Book Bazaar thread.  This is the Book Bazaar thread on my book:,183975.0.html

I thought of doing a Facebook page. But I hear that they get the copyright on anything you post.  So I didn't want to go there.  (I need to post excerpts from the book, & I'm not giving up any copyright on that. )

All the best

;) Hello ;)

Your titles look quite impressive! 
Your status is "Isaac Asimov".  My uncle used to brag that he once fired Isaac Asimov.  I don't think it was anything to brag about.  (Am I bragging about this?)


That looks grand now.   

OK, just one other question. 

The title of the book is displaying as:
"The Assassination of Michael Collins: What Happened at Béal na mBlath?"

The accented letters in the Irish place-name seem to have gotten skewed in the transmission.

Is there any way to fix this?  I'd be happy with just plain, unaccented letters.  I think that's the way it's written in the Amazon URLs. 

Thanks so much for that. 

OK, I entered some more data on the site & it now it works.  Yay!!

KBoards looks like a great place for insatiable readers. 

I am of the species voracious readus anythingus.  If I don't stop myself, I'll read all four sides of the cereal box while staring vacantly over my breakfast. 

All of this reading has born fruit at last.  After a lifetime of filling diaries, long love letters, and more arduous documents ... I have just produced my first book-length work of non-fiction. 
(I'm allowed to just mention the title here, right? It should be part of my introduction, yes? )
The Assassination of Michael Collins: What Happened at Béal na mBlath?

So this is a labour of love.  I'd be delighted to discuss this subject with you.,183975.0.html 

The Assassination of Michael Collins: What Happened at Béal na mBlath?

This book offers a startling new perspective on one of history's most notorious unsolved mysteries: the fatal shooting in 1922, of the Commander-in-Chief of newly-independent Ireland. Its controversial new reconstruction of events at Bal na mBlth may be shocking to some: yet demonstrably fits the known facts and eyewitness accounts.

This is the first book on this famous "cold case" in decades; carrying on where John Feehan's landmark study of 1981 left off. It presents the most complete overview of the evidence ever published; as well as an itemized catalogue of the various witnesses' mutual contradictions and corroborations. 

I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts, and wrestle with the conundrums of this enigma together; before, during &/or after you've read this book.

Kind regards,
S M Sigerson

When you mention a book in your posts to this forum, you can provide a link to Amazon's Kindle Store for that book. You can even insert a picture of the bookcover and make that a clickable link to the Kindle Store. It's convenient! And cool!

And we've developed a tool that makes it fairly painless. Better yet, the tool embeds our affiliate info, so that helps keep our site working for you.

Check out our Amazon Link Maker at

Thanks for using the Link Maker tool!

OK, I tried this too.  Typed in my title & got error message:
"API call did not execute successfully. "

I checked my title is there.  Its Amazon page is up & running, the book is available.

So ... What do I do now?

Psst - hey, author! Author! Yes, you. We like your book so much we created a profile page for it here on KBoards.

...   To see the Book Profile for your book, just use the following URL, and replace those X's with your book's ASIN.



When I try to view a book profile, I get an error message:

OK, this all sounds great. 
But when I tried it, I get this error message (a tad different from the ones you list:)

"Error retrieving content
There was an error retrieving the content for
this title or this content may no longer be available."

Any suggestions?  If the automated plan doesn't work, is there no way to enter the info manually?

Thanks for that,
S M Sigerson

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