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After too many ads, people just start tuning them out.

I think it happens now. And it's the reason the ad stats are so bad. My gut tells me people are seeing anything up to a dozen repeats of your ad across a range of books, before they actually click the book to see it. And perhaps this is the thing for Amazon, when they do finally click the book, its on the also-bought slider, not the ad slider. But they only go there after seeing the ad a lot of times first.

I imagine location has something to do with it.  What happens on the US store may not happen elsewhere, etc.

Timothy, for Today's Spacemage, I'm seeing the also-boughts right under the reviews.  Here's a screenshot:


I'm also looking at the US store.

Nope, I just checked Spacemage and it goes, your book, your series, what customers did next, sponsored ads, and right down the bottom the AB's are with the AV's. Try incognito?

Looks exactly the same in Chrome, not logged in.

What are you viewing on?

Also wide screen. Just checked one of the books in your sig, and ABs are at the very bottom of the page.

Which book?

My most recent has also-boughts right under the series, followed by sponsored. There's a second sponsored further down, and an also-viewed near the bottom.

Well, it's gone and the also boughts are now down at the bottom of the page with the also viewed. Sponsored ads have now replaced the also boughts. That'll make also boughts irrelevant and AMS a must if we want readers to see our other books.

It looks like Amazon are going all out greed monger.

Everything looking normal for me. The button vanished the other day, but its back now. And there is no movement of anything else. This is on a wide screen monitor.

Phoenix recently hypothesized that the heavy losses in several new, underfed subgrenres might be due to contamination from incentivized readers' accounts rather than botting accounts. See her posts here and here.

I can see that. Anything done to incentivize people to read a specific book, resulting in KU reads, would be against TOS.

We're authors. We can make up our own games and characters. In any event, when you go into an MMORPG, you pick your own name, the type of character you'll play, etc. So, I could go in as a human, an elf, etc, and be a mage, a ranger, a warrior, etc, and call myself Hrrchrk if I want. And if I were writing a LitRPG, I wouldn't set my story in  "World Of Warcraft", but in "Quest for the Purple Apple", or something else that no one has used. By the way, MMORPG stands for Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game.

Ok, so here's my thing: anyone who can do that, can write fantasy already. Why bother organizing it to a game, and incurring the wrath of Amazon? Why not say litrpg is a death trap, and start writing normal fantasy?

I'd have taken the first read strip as a sign, and rewritten the current book to be normal fantasy. Take the ones being tripped out of litrpg, and rewrite them as pure fantasy. Problem solved. Bit of work, but why stay where the hammer is being flailed?

Readers of "Ready Player One" wanted more and couldn't find it. It was an untapped niche for quite a while. Even now, I'm not sure there have been any breakout successes though the potential is there with the right twist on the genre.

But why would Amazon be targeting authors there? Or are they basically fanfic writers who are ignoring all the rules? Has to be some reason why bots are targeting these books, and reads are getting removed.

I assume these authors have permission from the game owners to write about them, especially using in game characters?

I was a LitRPG writer hit twice.

I'd suggest to go Amazon exclusive, but maybe wait until next month to see if Amazon hits people again, and if they terminate people, then decide. But, if you are going to release before July 8th-10th, then maybe risk it? I mean, it will help your rank and even if they gut 50% of your pages, you will still make money off them. I have had 0 sales of my LITRPG wide in 5 weeks. The market for it is on Amazon, and the wide stores care less about you than Amazon does.

Can I ask a stupid question at this point?

What is the attraction of writing LitRPG? And can it be changed into something not being hit by Amazon? Seems to me the easiest thing would be to stop writing litrpg, and write something different using the same skill set. But then, I know nothing about it.

I must be using a way too big cover size then. All of mine are over 3mb.

First of all the file size is almost 3500 kb.
3.5mb. Quite normal, assuming the cover is about 1mb. It's odd how KDP turn less than a meg of text into several, but 3.5mb file size for a mobi is quite normal. 


I'm seeing it on your product pages right under your author photo.  *shrug*

I checked other books for authors I know I dont follow, and no button anywhere.

My Amazon glitchyness I guess.

Not for me. The follow button is just gone.

Here's some info from upthread on filing letters of protest:

Can you add that and any other appropriate links to the first post, so they can be found easily?

The first post is probably not read much anymore, but the top of it probably should be where all the pertinent info is put so it doesn't get lost. Only the OP or a mod can do this. But in this case, its worth doing. The more people who can find it easily, the better.

If they say no more collections/bundles/compilations/box sets in KU, I will gladly remove mine. If it will help to drain the swamp, no problem. If they're still allowing stuffed books, click farms and paid reviews, then I'll not be a happy camper. I suspect it will be the latter reaction. Prove me wrong, Amazon.


If you check twitter, there's an effort going on to get letters of protest in on all of these.

Moi, does not twit.  ;D

But glad to know something is happening.

Conan the Destroyer would not approve that TM application. Neither would the famous-in-his-day wrestler, The Destroyer.

That's true. Assuming they see it in time to counter it.

Agreed. I think we all need to share it.  : ;D

Shared and exhorted others to share it. This is something which needs to go viral. (not often I say that.)

I came across the book called 'The Destroyer' quite by accident yesterday, which is one of those on the Trademark application list.

The book appears to be fantasy, and the cover suggests the destroyer is a person.

But, the word destroyer is a class of ship, which is extensively used in naval warfare stories, of which I'd be surprised to find there isn't already a book written in the 50's or 60's called that. So right there, we now have fantasy and historical warfare conflicts. But destroyer is also a class of spaceship, so it is also used by military sci-fi and Space Opera. And a lot of this also bleeds over into fantasy as well.

But here's another one: Kali is a Hindu Deity, who happens to have a full name of Kali The Destroyer. And since Kali is supernatural, this is fantasy again. So if 'the destroyer' is trademarked, this disallows 'Kali the destroyer', when the latter goes back hundreds of years.

And again, 'the destroyer' is so generic, you can put almost anything on the front of it, or even after it (eg. the destroyer of worlds), and then in the middle of it (The Lost Destroyer is already a book name), that suddenly all usage is in doubt.

I dont think the Trademark office understands what is coming. If these dozen or so applications all succeed, they will be hit by tens of thousands of series name applications from every author with series names, and when those are successful, they will be followed by hundreds of thousands as authors put in a trademark application for every book 1, in order to be able to claim trademark pending when the disist notices start coming in.

They dont appear to be able to cope with the few they have now. They also have no idea 1000's of new books in 100's of series are uploaded every day, and this is accelerating. If this wasn't enough of a problem for their office, by the time it gets to this, every single person in their office will spend every day in court justifying why they granted it, resulting in no new applications ever being processed. The entire trademark system will grind to a complete halt.

I think one of you doing submissions needs to do some statistics on how many series names there are already, and present it in a way which tells them what is coming when the few they have now are all granted. Because if they are granted, then every author who is active will be putting in an application for every series name they have. We wont be able to afford not to.

This whole thing is insane.

in one century there won't be words left. No words.
It wont take that long. Less than 10 years.
And if the first dozen or so all succeed, it might only take a year.

The Destroyer

I just came across the audio of this book, and found its not even Space Opera.

The Destroyer is a ship class, widely using in war fiction, as well as Space Opera. A trademark on the word destroyer could end up preventing any SO or historical war author from being able to title a book or series using the word. Which is about as ridiculous as it gets.

So here's where we end up:
  • No book can be released until a registration authority approves the title and series name, in order for no conflicts to occur, at great cost to the author. Most likely imposed by government law to sort out the mess.
  • An author will need a lawyer to advise on any given book or series name, to avoid being sued.
  • Suing new authors who are unaware trademarks even exist will become the main game of established authors defending their trademarks.
  • In 10 years time, the entire eBook market will implode because no-one can actually put a title on a book without infringing someone's trademark.

Just find a thumbs up smilie in the board smilie archives, and add it to the list above.

Considering it's 2018, yeah, you almost have to be the last/only person on earth who still buys DVDs. Sorry.

Not the last. In the US perhaps.

In Australia, our internet is so bad, and so expensive, dvd's make a much better choice. Streaming works for those who watch something once, and not all that often. But for those like me who re-watch year after year, the download costs would be prohibitive. We dont get super fast cable. Even the new NBN is fiber optics grafted to copper wire, and a fraction of the speed it should be, not to mention it's taking forever to be completed.

I was in Miami last year, and the hotel wifi was about 100 times faster than our cable.

Until such time as the Australian cable system is taken out of the 19th century, its DVD's, Blue-rays, and 4K's which keep me entertained.

It seems anyone using 4GB and under are having issues.

With win10?  :o 4gb?  :o :o :o Graphics programs on win10 with only 4gb?  :o :o :o :o :o :o

With win8, I moved to a minimum of 8gb, but this is a tablet, and there wasn't a higher option. My only win10 system is a desktop for gaming, and has 16gb.

I wouldn't even try to run Photoshop on less than 8gb, especially in win10.

But how did you stop it? I can't find any way to stop it updating. I deleted the last update, then it told me I'd need to restart for my deletion to take effect. But, of course, when I restarted it automatically updated again!

You cant stop win 10

Microsoft in its infinite insanity got sick of people not doing the updates and then having huge problems. So they decided to make updates automatic.

The whole reason they gave win10 to everyone free, was to force everyone into auto-updating.

Not everyone took them up on it, but all new computers have it now.

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