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The Sun God's Heir: Return (Book One)
by Elliott Baker

Kindle Edition published 2017-01-02
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For three thousand years a hatred burns. In seventeenth century Bordeaux two souls incarnate, one born the child of a prosperous merchant, the other, steals a life determined to continue a brutal incarnation begun long ago.

Under the guidance of Pharaoh, two brothers grew strong in knowledge and power, one a physician, the other a general. With the pharaoh’s untimely death, a deep hatred blossoms. One remembers, one does not.

The year is 1671. René Gilbert’s destiny glints from the blade of a slashing rapier. To protect those he loves he must regain the power and knowledge earned in an ancient lifetime. From Bordeaux to Spain to Morocco, René is tested and with each turn of fate he gathers enemies and allies as the memory and power of a lifetime as physician to Pharaoh returns.

Determined to continue a reign of terror that once caused the Nile to run red, Horemheb takes over the life of a young man mortally wo…

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Writers' Cafe / Re: Who has a killer author website?
« on: April 18, 2016, 09:48:11 AM »
Mine is. Literally. It has an image of a gun on it.

Lol okay. It's a crime/cop/action/thriller genre website mostly.

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Writers' Cafe / Re: What are the best sites to post your stories?
« on: January 21, 2016, 04:35:02 PM »

"Oh, okay. Do people just critique on that site, or can you also get genuine readers without critiques?"

You can't just post your work there and ask for crits, if that's what you're asking me here. You have to crit others' works too.

It's kind of a quid pro quo model. If they do you the favor of critiquing, you have to critique somebody else's work. A system I find to be very fair. Everybody helps everybody.

And yes, you can gain some readership there too. I'm not very active on Wattpad, so I don't know how the two would compare as far as numbers go, but that the potential conversion exists - absolutely.

Question answered. Thanks both of you.

Curious to see how this works out. I think for any newbie author, discoverability is a big problem, so I plan to go free and wide EVERYWHERE. :P That is why I took so long to wait to publish. I wrote a couple of short stories, nearly done with the second novel in the series and a novella first. I have not published a single one.

The places I hope to post my stories are
My blog (maybe, I'm not sure yet - anyone has any experience in this?)

At the same time I'm going to release the ebook version of the novel free on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and B&N and remind readers they can get it there too.

I will have a preorder button for Book2 at the same time.

I do worry about plagiarism, but I think if it happens, at least my work would be everywhere by then.

You have some plan in place there.

A copyright more or less equates to a hunting license. It doesn't stop a determined thief or plagiarist. People are still able to still your work and post it elsewhere; the copyright gives you power to prove you created the work first and tell them to cease and desist-- if you even discover that they've stolen it in the first place. It doesn't stop people from stealing, just like a restraining order doesn't necessarily stop a trespasser. There are authors struggling with blatant plagiarism of their published novels even now. Not to be a fear-monger (I'm not, I promise) but just putting it out there...

Well, at least you still have the power to prove you wrote it first. But yeah, I can see how hunting them down would be a pain in the ass.

The only place I can think of is Critters (critique.org) But that's for fantasy, science fiction and horror. If you have any of those elements in your stories you might want to give them a try. either that or create your own blog or website and start posting your stories there.

Critters? I don't think I have any stories that fit their criteria to be honest. If I make a blog\ website, do you get views through self promotion e.g. through signatures, mentions etc?

I'd say writing circles are of limited utility because everyone is crunched for time and some give better advice than others.

You could also feature it as flash fiction on sites that host FF and ask for feedback.  Those posts usually get lots of traffic.
Where do I find writing circles for my genre? Just all over the place?

If I write my story as flash fiction, can I post a link to the extended version of it at the end of my word count or is that cheating? Lol.

Writers' Cafe / Re: What are the best sites to post your stories?
« on: January 19, 2016, 12:54:04 PM »
I only have the first book of my trilogy published in Wattpad and overall it's a good experience. It's not that I have many sales because of this, although some people mentioned in their comments in Google Play and Apple that they first read my books in Wattpad, but I like the interaction with the readers. They can be funny and give you an idea about what they like or not.
I also had some wonderful readers who signed up in my list and leave reviews every time I publish. Most of them can't really buy by themselves, they are too young, but since my book was permafree I thought it couldn't harm to have it there also.
I will put the first book of my new series in Wattpad as well.

How long did it take you to build up some fans, and how much effort/advertisement did you need to do in order to get reads?
Your list? And yeah, interaction with people/readers is nice online.

Writers' Cafe / Re: What are the best sites to post your stories?
« on: January 19, 2016, 12:52:04 PM »
the Absolute Write forums are good ones to post on if you seek critiques but you need to make at least 50 posts before you can ask for feedback on any story.

Oh, okay. Do people just critique on that site, or can you also get genuine readers without critiques?

Writers' Cafe / Re: What are the best sites to post your stories?
« on: January 19, 2016, 12:50:53 PM »
I used to post my work on FictionPress and AO3, but plagiarism is becoming a real problem on those sites. I personally know a handful of writers who developed their novels on those sites, only to have their work lifted and self-published by someone else. It's just not worth the risk. Besides, an awful lot of the writers there are teenagers, and I found that my own categories were being overrun with One Direction "whumpage" stories. *shudder*

That's awful. Did they not copyright it though? I make sure I do that all the time.
And yes, One Direction Fanfics make me shudder also. Eugh.

Writers' Cafe / Re: What are the best sites to post your stories?
« on: January 19, 2016, 12:49:19 PM »
Personally, I publish on Amazon to build my audience. You know, the ones who will pay me money? I don't really understand Wattpad and other sites. Maybe if you're trying out a new genre and want to see what people think, but even then I think you'd be better off to study the genre and then just publish it. Or as Monique suggested, join an actual critique site.

Can't help with the Fire narrator issue, as I don't have one myself. Someone will probably drop in and help, though. Or, you might look into one of the other boards here and ask about it where all the device users are. Probably be quicker that way. :D

Is it not a massive risk to publish it without building up some sort of fan base of your novel first? To see if people will read it or not? I like the concept of publishing my story, but I want to make sure a few loyal people will buy it first, so I'm not doing it for no reason if that makes sense. I want to get something going in terms of publishing/writing things. I have a one-third complete novel on the rocks at the moment, as well as one which needs cleaning up.

Alright, thanks :) Which boards do you suggest I go and ask on?

Writers' Cafe / Re: What are the best sites to post your stories?
« on: January 19, 2016, 12:46:11 PM »
I got nothing. For critiquing, some use Critique Circle. I'm not up on the other Wattpads of the world. Most here, myself included, publish on Amazon and other retailers. Maybe someone else will be able to help.

Thanks anyway. Critique Circle? Do you personally use it/anyone else here? If so, what's it like?

Do you just write a story, and put it through an editor/publisher, and publish it through them, or do you guys independently publish your stories? Sorry, new to this, lol.

Writers' Cafe / Re: What are the best sites to post your stories?
« on: December 27, 2015, 05:22:08 PM »
Hello? Anyone out there?

Writers' Cafe / What are the best sites to post your stories?
« on: December 27, 2015, 01:30:04 PM »
Hello, I am from Wattpad and Figment, and I am wondering which websites overall are the best to post your stories and get the maximum interaction on them? I am an action/adventure/romance writer for the most part, and curious to know which website is the best for reading, critiquing, writing, publishing and commenting on stories overall. I know each website has a different focal point, but I want to know which one(s) I should be focusing on in order to build up a decent audience for my genre, and not be swamped by typical Teen Fiction/Romance stories which for the most part are awfully cliche, and boring, but still retain myself a good amount of support.

Is there a top ten list or something, or what would you guys recommend yourselves? I am interested to hear.

[Also, I have a Kindle Fire, and am wondering how to change the default narration on it. The narrator isn't very exciting].

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