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Writers' Cafe / Re: Advice for a good book that is not selling
« on: January 01, 2018, 09:44:11 AM »
I read books on spirituality and meditation regularly. I agree that KU is possibly not ideal for this genre. I would imagine that going wide would be a better choice. I would also look to advertise outside of the regular platforms. Magazines such as Spirituality and Health and Tricycle would be good places to start. I would pitch some articles to them or even excerpts from the book. I would also focus on getting interviews on podcasts that focus on spirituality - there are too many to list - but one of my favorites is Sounds True: Insights at the Edge. Other great places to find readers: websites and blogs that focus on meditation, yoga and self-help. I think this is a huge market, but it's also very specific. The readers devouring 20 romance books a month in KU are not necessarily the same readers looking for meditation help. Think about creating a youtube channel with some guided meditations and including excerpts or meditations from your books. I say this because I regularly use guided meditation videos and have found books and CDs in this way.  Lastly, stick with it. A connection to spirit is very much evolving in popular culture right now and you never know when your book will be discovered by someone who already has access to a wide audience. In the meantime, give your message away for free. The free book is great, but widen your avenues of distribution: articles, blogs, videos, interviews. Good luck!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Newsletter Swap
« on: November 15, 2017, 10:04:00 AM »
Thank you! Already emailed you back Devyn and just saw your follow-up. I saw your email as well Victoria and I'll post about the giveaway on social media :)

Writers' Cafe / Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Newsletter Swap
« on: November 14, 2017, 07:53:00 AM »
Hi Writers! I'm doing Kindle Free Days with the the first book in my urban fantasy series Born of Shadows this week. I plan to send a newsletter out to my subscribers in the next few days and wondered if anyone wanted to do a newsletter swap and share each-other's books? I'd prefer to do sale or freebie offers and my mailing list is not huge - around 800.  They would need to be in the urban fantasy or paranormal categories b/c that's where my readers tend to be. You can email me at Have a great day!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Blurb Feedback Please!
« on: November 09, 2017, 10:03:58 AM »
Awesome - thank you all for feedback! I will get working on the re-write.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Book review gives ending away
« on: November 08, 2017, 09:34:12 AM »
I wouldn't worry about it. I'm an avid reader and I hate spoilers - if I'm checking out Amazon reviews, I skip over the ones with any plot info whatsoever. Plus I'm not sure how thoroughly people read entire reviews. In my case - I basically read the first line - did they like it or not - that's all the info I read.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Responses to InstaFreebie Social Media Posts
« on: November 08, 2017, 09:21:50 AM »
So I'm pretty new to Twitter - only have 186 followers. I checked my last tweet with an instafreebie group giveaway and I had 43 impressions and 7 engagements. I checked the previous one and had 223 impressions and 5 engagements. All in all it seems pretty clear to me that it ranges a lot. I would play with the time of day that you tweet, the image you use and probably add an instafreebie hashtag. :)

Writers' Cafe / Blurb Feedback Please!
« on: November 08, 2017, 09:11:34 AM »
Hi writers! I published the first book in my urban fantasy series on October 24th. Sales were steady - not great - we're talking 2-3 per day for the first week with one spike during a Bargain Booksy ad and I'm starting to think my blurb might suck. Right now I have a reader's review at the top followed by the synopsis. Any feedback? I really hate writing blurbs - as I'm sure is the case for most of us - but I know I need to tweak this thing. I've also been running amazon ads - only around $1 a day. I haven't gotten a lot of clicks - maybe 60 total - but zero sales, which makes me think even more that my blurb is rotten. Thoughts?

The action is fast paced, the Vepars are truly frightening and the characters had me hooked from the first chapter. The story also presents a unique take on elemental magic which, at some points, gave me chills. - J. Anielia

Don't miss Ula, the captivating first book in J.R. Erickson's urban fantasy Born of Shadows Series. Murder, witches and, of course, love.

Abby Daniels has abandoned her life. As she grapples with the guilt of leaving her boyfriend, her family and her job, an enthralling stranger enters her small world. His name is Sebastian and his mysterious past and hypnotic blue eyes lull Abby from the fear of her hasty departure. However, her predictable life is truly flipped upside down when she stumbles upon the dead body of a young woman. As she uncovers the mysteries surrounding the woman's death, she unearths the previously invisible threads of her own secret identity. These threads, woven together with the aid of Sebastian, lead her to the Coven of Ula, a secret island in Lake Superior, inhabited by witches. Though their welcome is warm, the hidden island holds a truth that Abby cannot deny. She is a witch and her powers, whether she wants them or not, must be exercised. For Abby, the Coven of Ula represents an equally terrifying and exhilarating future. Alone, Abby faces the witches' most lethal enemy, the Vepar, whose demonic powers first enrapture and then destroy their victims.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Email List Building - Instafreebie
« on: September 29, 2017, 08:58:58 AM »
Great - thank you for the info! I've tried to join a couple of group giveaways and not been accepted - I believe because I'm only offering a preview, but I'll keep trying. I also have the subscriber option so I'll change that to mandatory.

Michelle - I'm using the free 30 day trial right now so I would try that to get an idea of whether you want to sign up for a $20 a month plan.

Writers' Cafe / Email List Building - Instafreebie
« on: September 29, 2017, 05:48:35 AM »
Hi Everyone-
I'm new to KBoards. I've been listening to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast and have heard them mention it so many times, I figured I needed to get on board (no pun intended).

In any case, my question is about creating an email list. I have the first 18 chapters of my urban fantasy novel available on Instafreebie, but I have not had many subscribers. I've read/hear about a lot of authors building large lists through Instafreebie so I'm wondering if you were doing anything in particular - such as offering a whole novel or complete story rather than a partial novel. Also, if you did offer a sample and have a large group of subscribers, did you do anything in particular to make it happen? Thanks for the info - it's hugely appreciated.

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