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Day to day I use a Kindle Voyage as my main reader. That's the one I usually make or delete collections on and put individual books into collections. I have my account set to sync everything and although my last page read etc does sync, my collections do not, but each device / app is different.

Let me explain. I recently set up a new collection on my main Kindle. It now shows in my Kindle apps on my phone and tablet. It doesn't show on my second Voyage or PW2 (both are updated to the latest software). On those two, all the books in that collection show as uncollected at the end of my collection list.

Also, the number of books in each collection doesn't match exactly on all the devices / apps, even when listing 'All' as opposed to 'downloaded' so I'm just looking at what's in 'the cloud' not at what's been downloaded to each device. Also the same info in my account under 'manage your content and devices' differs.

Take my 'currently reading' collection. I have 2 books in that and amazingly at the moment all my Kindles and apps show the same info, but when I look on MYC&D online, it says there are 14 books in that collection. When I click on the collection to see which books it thinks are in there it says 'showing 14 items' but actually only shows 6 - the 2 correct ones and 4 others, some of which haven't been in that collection for years.

There are several collections in MYC&D where the number of items it says are in the list is different to the number of books it actually lists when you open the collection.

So, for me anyway, the whole system is completely FUBAR.  :o   :'(  I just don't know where to start to get it sorted out. Any ideas?

Not Quite Kindle / Words With Friends 2
« on: December 16, 2017, 05:52:53 AM »
I use Words Classic and periodically it keeps telling me there's an upgrade available.

Is this just an update to WWF, or is it going to change me to WWF2 - and if so, do I want it?

Anyone tried WWF2? Pros? Cons?

Let's Talk Kindle! / Voyage, Paperwhite & Audible
« on: December 14, 2017, 11:09:33 AM »
Every time I connect either my Voyage or PW2 to my PC, it keeps asking me if I want to activate my Kindle's internal storage and transfer my Audible content there.

Since neither of those models has speakers, why would I want to transfer my Audible content? Does it just mean - do you want to use the Kindle as a hard drive for storage? If so, why only Audible content?

Not Quite Kindle / Android ad-blockers
« on: November 19, 2017, 04:24:17 PM »
Does anyone know of a good ad-blocker I can use with Firefox on an android tablet?

Fire Talk / Fire HD 10 - help with Home Screen options please
« on: October 12, 2017, 11:30:45 AM »
I have a Fire HD 10 (5th Generation) running software version Fire OS

In the 'Help' section it tells me that to change the Home Screen settings, go to Settings -> Apps & Games -> Amazon Application Settings -> Home Screen Settings. There I should have four choices:-

Home Recommendations
Show New Items on The Home Page
Show Apps on the Recent Page
Change Home Page Navigation

What I actually have is:

Show New Items on The Home Page
Change Home Page Navigation

The third option option to change the settings regarding recently used apps which show up on the screen to the left of the home screen isn't there. So where do I change this setting and stop those recently used apps appearing there?

Incidentally, when the software updated a while ago the 'Recent' page changed and is now called 'For You' and has the weather displayed on it as well as those pesky recent apps I can't seem to get rid of. What's going on?  :-\

Edit: I just checked on my Fire HD 8 and it's exactly the same. :(

Not Quite Kindle / What's the best order to watch the Star Wars movies?
« on: August 20, 2017, 07:17:45 PM »
I watched the three original Star Wars movies (i.e. Episodes 4, 5 & 6) back in the '70s and '80s when they were first released but I've never bothered to watch any of the more recent ones.

I now have the opportunity to watch the whole lot of them and I wondered if I should watch them in the order they were all released, or if I should start with Episode1 and watch them in chronological order. And what about 'Rogue One' and 'The Force Awakens'? Where do they fit in?

Any Star Wars experts out there who can help?

Not Quite Kindle / 13th Doctor announced
« on: July 16, 2017, 09:00:59 AM »
The 13th Doctor has been announced and - as predicted - it's a woman.  :D

Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Doctor

Not Quite Kindle / 'Screen fatigue' sees UK ebook sales plunge 17%
« on: May 07, 2017, 06:11:32 AM »
Interesting article in The Guardian from last week. Personally I haven't read one paper book since I first got a Kindle back in 2009. The main suggestion seems to be that people are spending so much on smart phones and tablets, they don't want the added expense of a dedicated e-reader and that reading on non e-ink screens puts people off buying digital books.

Is this downward trend a worldwide phenomenon, or just in the UK?

'Screen fatigue' sees UK ebook sales plunge 17% -The Guardian - 27 Apr 17

Anything Else Amazon / Questions about Amazon 1-click ordering
« on: February 25, 2017, 08:51:15 AM »
Currently I have 1-click ordering switched off in my browser, but that doesn't affect digital orders, such as Kindle books or apps which don't go through the checkout process like physical goods do and are automatically 1-click purchases. Also, digital orders are always paid for automatically by gift card whenever there is an available balance.

So my questions are:

1. If I turn on 1-click ordering and choose my credit card as the default payment method, will my digital purchases still come off my gift card balance?

2. I have Prime so I get all Prime items delivered next day (I'm in the UK) but for non Prime items I would generally choose standard shipping, rather than pay extra for next day delivery. If I choose to have next day delivery as the default 1-click shipping method what happens if it's not a Prime item? Should I choose standard delivery or will this affect my Prime deliveries?

Amazon help files aren't too specific about any of this.  :-\

According to @qikipedia on Twitter today, I am a life long sufferer from a rather horrible sounding complaint - alogotransiphobia.

Apparently, it's a fear of being caught on public transport with nothing to read.  :o

I'm not convinced it's a real word, but it's certainly a real fear ....   ;D

I've been having problems today with downloading books to my Voyage. I thought at first it was just KU books, but it seems to be bought ones too.

When I borrow a KU book or buy a regular Kindle book, I always send it to my default device, my Voyage. When I did that earlier today, borrowing a KU book, it never appeared on the device, so I arranged the Home Screen by 'recent' and tapped on 'all' to see what was in the cloud and it wasn't even there. So I synced the Kindle and it appeared in the cloud, but still didn't download automatically, which it should have done as this was the device I'd specified it be sent to. I had to manually download it from the cloud.

I tried a couple more books and the same thing happened, so I restarted the device and tried again - same thing. Then I tried buying a book as opposed to borrowing one - same thing again.

So I tried sending the same books from MYC&D to my spare Voyage and once gain they never arrived. I had to do a manual sync to get them to appear on the 'all' list and then send them manually from there.

The problem doesn't seem to be affecting my older Kindles - it's working on my PW1, PW2 and even the my old KTouch. Downloading from MYC&D to my Fire works too.

I'm still on version 5.8.2 - I think there's a newer update isn't there? I might try downloading that and seeing if it makes a difference. It's weird because it's been fine up till today.  ???

Let's Talk Kindle! / UK E-Ink Kindles on sale
« on: June 13, 2016, 03:09:54 AM »
Apart from the Oasis, the whole range of e-ink Kindles is on sale in the UK at 20% off.

It's described as a 'summer sale' so not sure how long it will last.

Now I need to decide if I want to replace my pin-holed Voyage with a new one while the price is so good, or do I wait and see whether they bring out an updated Voyage.  :-\

I've just signed up for a 30 day trial of Kindle Unlimited and I want to take advantage of the cheaper audiobooks where available.

I can see that for some titles it says "read and listen for 0.00" so once you borrow the book you automatically get free access to the audio book and then when you return the e-book, presumably that access to the audio book also goes away.

But then there are some titles where you can only read for free, but it says on the drop down next to 'audible narration ready' that you can still buy the audio book at the cheaper price when you get the e-book as part of your KU membership, just as you can if you actually buy the e-book.

My question is, since in the second example you're buying the audio book, albeit at a reduced price, do you get to keep it when you return the borrowed Kindle book?

I've been spending so much on Kindle books just lately that I've been considering trying Kindle Unlimited. Generally, I prefer to buy rather than borrow, so I haven't really checked it out before.

So I started to go through my ever increasing wish list and found that in the first fifty or so books I checked, only three of them were available on KU.  :o  I thought I had a pretty eclectic taste in books and that I would find a good proportion of them were on KU, but apparently not so, especially not the more expensive books where the price is set by the publisher.

Maybe I should just do the free thirty day trial and read those three books and then cancel it!  :o

Are you finding enough books (that you would have wanted to read anyway) to make it worth your while?

QVC UK has the Fire HD 10 as their TSV for today only (Saturday).

The price is 149.88 for a 32Gb Fire + a 32Gb SD card. Direct from Amazon the cost would be 199.99 just for the device + 8.95 for the SD card - so it's a pretty good deal.

Let's Talk Kindle! / "Default Device" keeps changing
« on: March 01, 2016, 07:31:51 AM »
I keep changing my default Kindle device to my Voyage and it keeps on changing itself back to the Fire HD8 - which is the most recent device I bought.

This doesn't just happen occasionally, but constantly - and it seems to have started when I bought the Fire. Is it related to the Fire or does it always favour the last device purchased?

Am I the only one, or is this a common problem among multiple device owners? I'm beginning to find it irritating.  >:(

Let's Talk Kindle! / Goodreads on Kindle
« on: February 05, 2016, 05:46:49 AM »
Up to now I haven't done much with Goodreads but seeing that the icon was supposed to appear on the Kindle toolbar I thought I'd check it out on my Voyage.

According to Amazon US "Goodreads on Kindle is currently available to customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and to international customers registered to an account". So, not available to me in the UK then, registered to a UK account. However Amazon UK says "Goodreads on Kindle is currently available to customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland." The use of the word  'currently' made me wonder if there was a typo - should it say UNavailable?

So I checked my Kindle. No 'g' on the toolbar on my Voyage. I checked the others. Nothing on the PW2. But it IS on the PW1 toolbar and I can access Goodreads on there. All three devices are registered to the same UK account.

Perhaps it's just me ...  ???

Not Quite Kindle / Tian Tian the giant panda is loving all the snow ...
« on: January 28, 2016, 05:43:52 PM »
At least someone is having a good time in all the snow you guys are getting over there ...

Suggestions, Comments / What happened to the spell check button?
« on: January 21, 2016, 06:05:49 PM »
What happened to the spell check button that used to be alongside 'post' and 'preview' when posting a reply? ???

Is it an accidental casualty of the recent maintenance or is there a new way to spellcheck? Or alternatively have I just been hallucinating a spell check button that was never there ....  :o

Fire Talk / Fire HD 8 and Audible UPDATE
« on: December 30, 2015, 10:44:41 AM »
I just spent an extremely frustrating 1 hour and 40 minutes online to Audible customer service chat trying (and failing) to sort out a problem with Audible on my Fire HD8.

I finally gave in and upgraded (debatable) my three year old Fire to the new HD 8 model (OMG, how good is it not to have that *&%*ing carousel) and just as with the original Fire I'm having difficulties getting the Audible app to work. With Audible being an Amazon company and the two accounts joined at the hip, I would have expected it to work seamlessly.

When I go into Audiobooks I can see the store just fine. I can view my wishlist and see how many credits I have and I even purchased a book which I was able to download onto a different device. So it's clearly connected to my Audible account. BUT, when I tap on library, it just tells me my library is empty. There should be an option to tap on 'All' or 'Downloaded' (changed from 'Cloud' and 'Device' which was on previous OS versions) but these don't appear. So I can't list the books in my account to pick any to download.

I followed all the help suggestions on Audible and Amazon, syncing, restarting, clearing the cache, de-registering etc etc and then the customer services rep made me do them all again, but nothing helped. The one thing they didn't suggest was a factory reset.

I am now awaiting an email from a 'systems specialist' which will take 2-3 business days. Allowing for the New Year's Day holiday and the weekend that probably means next week.

So, do I bite the bullet and try a factory reset now, which may or may not work, or wait on the email and see if they can resolve it?  :-\

I'm not a happy bunny.  >:(

EDIT: Sorted ! See post Feb 2nd

Not Quite Kindle / Have Amazon and Firefox fallen out?
« on: December 28, 2015, 09:14:18 AM »
I switched from using IE to Firefox last year and I've been really pleased with it and glad I changed.

However, in the last few weeks I've noticed more and more that the Amazon website - both UK and US - is so slow and hangs so much as to be almost unusable. At first I thought the problem was with Amazon as it's the only website that seems to be affected, but when I try it in IE it works as speedily as all the other sites.

Is this the result of an update in the browser? Is there some setting I need to change in Firefox? Or do Amazon have a reason for wanting to discourage people from using Firefox?

I use Amazon all the time and it's getting very frustrating. Any ideas?

If you're in the UK and in the market for a 10" Fire, then the QVC UK's Today's Special Value could be for you.

A 32Gb 10" Fire (black only) with 32Gb SD card and a NuPro cover (choice of 3 colours) for 179.88 + p&p.

The same deal at Amazon will currently set you back 229.88 but QVC's offer is for TODAY ONLY and they're apparently selling out pretty fast.

British consumers have voted Amazon the No.1 retailer and as a thank you, for today only, Amazon UK are offering 10 off any order over 50. (Sadly Kindle books, amongst other things, are not included in the offer).

Details here.

Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting (Kindle) / Deleting highlights
« on: December 29, 2014, 06:40:54 AM »
Despite having Kindles for several years, I've never before had any use for the highlighting feature so I'm just learning how it works.

I've been making some highlights in a document I uploaded via the 'Send to Kindle' app. It duly created the 'My Clippings' text file which I know I can delete like any other book or document. I had thought that would delete the highlights from the book/document, but apparently not. It's just a note of the highlights you've made for reference, rather than the actual highlights themselves.

So then I worked out how to delete the highlights from inside the document itself - but (and finally I get to my question!) is there a way to delete them all in one go? This is a very (very) long document with a lot of highlights and it's tedious and time consuming to delete them all one at a time.

It occurs to me that I could delete the book from MYC&D and re-upload it, but what if it was a regular Kindle book I had purchased from Amazon?

Edit: I'm currently using a Kindle Voyage, but I have other models available if this is a feature that's changed.

Fire Talk / Fire Phone available for pre-order in the UK
« on: September 09, 2014, 03:42:59 AM »
Amazon have made the Fire Phone available for pre-order in the UK as from today. You can also ask to be emailed when it it's actually released - no date is given.

It's locked to the O2 network, but in the small print at the bottom of the specs table it does say to contact O2 if you want to unlock it. There are no details yet of the plans that O2 will be offering, but it does include a free year of Prime - and this even includes existing Prime members who will get a year added to their current subscription.

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