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As a US copy editor, I've worked the traditional publishing arena as well as the Indie-pubbed side. As an Indie author myself, I have a real heart for making Indie authors' work outshine the trad-pubbed books. While I may have started in the romance genre when working with Harlequin, I have branched out to encompass so many other genres: sci-fi/fantasy, thriller/suspense, mystery, self-help nonfiction, memoir and more.

CURRENT AVAILABILITY: As of 06.30.2018 at 11:56 p.m. CST, I'm booked through 08.22.2018, with a backlog of at least four books hung up earlier in the production pipeline that may hit me all at once. Another twentysomething titled projects are sprinkled throughout the remainder of 2018, plus a couple unnamed series of an unknown number of books are expected sometime this year as well. HOWEVER, I do pad my deadlines on each and every project to allow for eventualities (internet outages, sickness, etc.). So, with each project I finish early, I can then move ahead to the next one and finish it early. Rinse and repeat until my queue is empty. Contact me directly at or at at any time for my current status, as any delays in ETAs of projects can lead to a week "off" for me a couple times a year.

As a copy editor ($0.012/WC as of June 2018), I'm the spelling and grammar police (with 17CMS, released September 2017, and Web11 as my US guidelines). But I am so much more. I've expanded my list of writing criteria to become the Nine Cs of Effective Writing, which include:


I'm also a proofreader ($0.01/WC as of June 2018), of MSWord docs (not PDFs), catching spelling and grammar issues, plus obvious snafus that present themselves without actively checking time lines or major plot points or fully activating the various copy editor duties listed above. However, once that copy editor mind-set is activated, I cannot turn off my hypersensitive attention to details.

I work on Microsoft Word docs only (no Mac docs), using Word's Track Changes program. I have never missed a deadline and turn in projects early in 99 percent of the cases. The remaining 1 percent are turned in on the due date. Prepayment in full via PayPal is required before my work begins. I'll share my PayPal business email address with interested parties as it does not match any of my currently used email addresses.

UPDATE as of September 8, 2017: Before this date I could always say that I would (and did) complete the projects in my queue within thirty to sixty days of receipt at the outer limits. But I'm busier now, so expect any new project to have outer limits of four months or more currently. HOWEVER, I am allowing for high activity which may not always be the case. Regardless, I can give a better estimate of a proposed deadline when an author emails me directly, and we can confirm what's already in my queue at that time and date, with the last project's deadline. Then I can add on the proposed length of time for the new project (based on a sample thereof). For instance, it may take me one week to do my line edits/copy edits in two complete read-throughs of a well-written 50K novel or perhaps ten days for a "clean" 90K novel. Just FYI to give you an example.

Two important things to share here: (1) I do two complete read-throughs for each manuscript to catch as many errors as humanly possible. (2) I reserve the right to refuse to take on any project if the dialogue punctuation is so massively wrong that it would entail a third read-through by me to fix it. The one time I ventured to change just the horrid, mangled dialogue punctuation within a manuscript took fifteen hours. I'm not doing that again. Not even if paid $1 million. Whether in cash or gold or bearer bonds. Ha!

For even more details about my copyediting process, see my blog post here: NOTE: My 2016 rates for KB authors listed herein are discounted and are the same for 2017. So the 2016/2017 rates published in my blog post mentioned above are higher than I give here. Be sure to mention you found me on the KB site.

Expect a nominal rate hike annually.

Thank you for considering me. Find me in the KB Yellow Pages and at Best wishes to all us Indies!

Denise Barker
US Editor/Copy Editor/Proofreader
DFW Metroplex, TX, USA

Denise Barker's debut short e-story is almost fifty pages long and combines romance with suspense, her seventh release among her other fiction and nonfiction works.

See also my other e-books:  (1) Good Ole Boys, a novel, (2) A Copyediting Checklist for Novelists, (3) Before-You-Indie-Publish Checklist, (4) Living the Dream Checklist:  How to Quit Your (Current) Day Job and (5) Words Rule the World ~ A Collection of Quotes, Volume One.

Within HOW TO INDIE-PUBLISH:  TIPS, INSTRUCTIONS AND INSPIRATION, here's help for the Indie-publishing author, should it be needed.

You can go the free route and read all the online information regarding uploading, like Amazon’s KDP and related Kindle Boards and Barnes & Noble’s PubIt! instructions and many other helpful internet websites and blogs--like mine (see—and learn by doing as you upload e-books for sale.

Or you can buy this quick digest of what I’ve read and learned and put together all in one spot within these 113 pages (when in MSWord version). I love the research, the doing, the sharing of my newfound wealth of info with others.

So if you are not going the traditional publishing route (via agents, editors, publishing house) and wish to be your own gatekeeper/clearinghouse, then this e-book may help you.

A caveat or five:

(1) My knowledge is by no means complete. I am still learning.
(2) I only use Amazon and B&N for selling my e-books. 
(3) This handbook does not replace reading all the free introductory materials within Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), the various Kindle Boards and B&N’s PubIt! instructions, but should help you get to the heart of the matter:  uploading.
(4) I have not used other programs, like Smashwords, or any other program to download e-books, so I do not discuss them herein.
(5) I am a one-woman shop, doing it all myself, with the exception of one cover where I sought out a professional artist. You may wish to hire more help than I did, and that is fine. My route is more self-contained.

PARTIAL Table of Contents

The following is what I have shared with some aspiring authors, and so thought would be of use to others.


Why I Love Being an Author
Seeking Wisdom
Persistency is Key
Take Just One Courageous Step
The Three Bullies
Midyear Resolution 2011
Sharing a Few Websites
Defining Wealth
Defining YOU
Defining Success
The New Math
Our Important Sixth Sense
Be Proud, Authors!
Live More by Your by Your Gut Feelings
Repeat: “I Am in Charge”
For Me, It’s Indie All the Way
My Final Edit Process
If You Could Choose, Who Would You Be?
Our Amazing, Creative, Wonderful, Unknowable Mind
Happy New Year 2012!
Generate Your 2012 Mission Statement (Goals)
My Version of Goal-Setting Is Like My Novel Creation


How to Indie-Publish (in a Nutshell)
No e-Reader? No Problem . . . .
Kindle Boards Book Profile Tips
Indie-Publishing Tips re Amazon and B&N e-Book Uploads
A Very Basic Tutorial on Uploading e-Books to Amazon and B&N
Just for PubIt!


And My Thanks Goes Out to . . .
Take Away at Least One Nugget
Recommended Reading for Authors
Repeat: “I Am in Charge”
Writing Books I Want to Read

NaNoWriMo (14pp)

Recommend NaNoWriMo Plus Reading For Authors
NaNoWriMo (aka NaNo)
NaNo Tips
My New Characters Woke Me Up Early This Morning
Magical NaNoWriMo
The Beauty of NaNo Lives On
Recap of 2011 NaNo Stats


About These Grammar Lessons . . .
What Do Readers Choose to Read?
My Final Edit Process
KDP’s New Lending Library

Hope this saves you time as you Indie-publish your e-books.

This is the debut novel of Denise Barker (see her four nonfiction e-books, too).

Holt Ian Seville was the fifth generation to run his family’s major manufacturing company, a favored bachelor within Dallas society, a hunting enthusiast, an avid inventor, having the time of his life.

Geneva “Neva” Tate was a workaholic, an entrepreneur, a fundraiser, a lover of animals, a yoga instructor, enjoying her freedom and privacy.

Who would have thought Holt was ready to settle down?  And that Neva would be the one to win him?  Especially when she was looking for something else.  Not him.  She had her list.  She would not settle.

Love comes in surprise packages . . . .

Good Ole Boys, a novel
WC ~56,000
19 chapters

This is the fourth nonfiction e-book released by author Denise Barker.

WORDS RULE THE WORLD ~~ A Collection of Quotations, Volume One, contains some of the great wisdom of man and God with approximately 700 sage sayings in eighty-seven Word document pages.

This e-book is directed to the building of the character of a man as well as to the building of the character of a business, including setting goals and keeping the right frame of mind. These quotations are capable of stirring the reader to action--positive action, purposeful action, productive action--replacing any perceived fears with confidence and hope.

These gems represent fundamental principles—useful in personal living along with making a living. They comprise whole disciplines of philosophical and ethical thought worthy of yearly resolutions and daily habits toward self-improvement. Plus thoughts on happiness and health and clear definitions of what constitutes love.

You will recognize some of the names credited herein: Aesop, Ben Franklin, James Allen, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mary Kay Ash, J.K. Rowling. Others will become familiar to you. As I love quotes (amassing them for decades), there will be more volumes to come.

Volume One Table of Contents:
- First Section = Overview (2pp) + Quotations (19pp)
- Middle Section = Favorite Bible Verses herein (13pp)
- Last Section = Preface (3pp) + Selected Bible Verses (50pp)

My most favorite Bible verses selected from this collection are those which resonate each time I read them. No matter your (non)religious preference, truisms appear throughout all such doctrines and are replicated here.

I hope this e-Volume finds and keeps you healthy, wealthy with blessings and wise.

I'm Denise Barker with three nonfiction offerings for novelists and/or entrepreneurs.  Here's the blurb for each:

A Copyediting Checklist for Novelists:  There is only One Rule to copyediting. However, there are more than two dozen tasks set forth on the Checklist herein to implement the One Rule.  For the hands-on author who either does it all or knows how to do it all--the research, the typing, finding or creating the cover, preparing front and back matter, jacket blurbs, etc.  My copyediting career began in 2008 freelancing for one of the well-known traditional publishing houses in New York City and I have loved copyediting the eighty-six manuscripts to date.

Before-You-Indie-Publish Checklist:  I am here to share my Indie-publishing route with you (as I traverse it) and my desire to save you time and research. My previous career as a legal assistant working with Patent & Trademark attorneys, Corporate lawyers and Estate Planners, among litigators of all sorts, has helped me in my new career as an Indie-published author.  I note vendors (and their respective links) that I am currently using and for which I received no remuneration. I provide the respective fees for the services listed as I have found them on the Internet as of this writing—all subject to change, of course. I am in Texas so if you reside elsewhere, you will have to do your own research for your State-level and Local-level registrations, etc. If living abroad, you will need to locate your own nationwide equivalents. This Checklist is just a stepping off point for you, to assist you.  May your trip be productive, efficient, successful, happy and fulfilling!

Living the Dream Checklist: How to Quit Your (Current) Day Job:  In thirty-five original document pages, I describe my trek into self-employment, becoming my own boss. If you choose to follow, do so at your own risk. You will probably quit the day job you may hate just to exchange it for something that pays less but you enjoy more—which still allows you to continue paying your bills. My route is riskier than the more conservative alternative of keeping that good-paying job and working your beloved career on the side until it is a money-maker. You decide what is best suited for you and your temperament, personal and financial situations, expenses and security level, consulting with your experts, your family, your CPA, your attorney. After reading my version, you may think of an even better way. Go for it! We should all be utilizing our unique gifts, doing what we love and enjoying the process.

Thanks to all!

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